Deion says Niners players want Harbaugh out

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Sunday marked the first regular-season win for the 49ers at the so-called Field of Jeans.  Leave it to Deion Sanders to dump a bucket of ice water on the victory parade.

Via, Sanders dropped a bombshell about the future of coach Jim Harbaugh on NFL GameDay Final.

They want him out,” Sanders said of 49ers players and Harbaugh.  “They’re not on the same page.  I really want to know if they’re really playing for the head coach.  I got a question with that.  Are you really down with your head coach, San Francisco 49ers?  Because the way it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down for your head coach.  And that’s a problem.

“They really got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.”

That last comment has prompted Deion to insist on Twitter that his source isn’t receiver Michael Crabtree, who several years ago drew Sanders into controversy by lying to the NCAA about having lunch with Deion while at Texas Tech.  Some also believed that Sanders helped deliver Crabtree to agent Eugene Parker, and that Sanders had a voice in Crabtree’s extended rookie holdout.

“My sources wears uniforms, suits and ties,” Sanders said of this latest imbroglio.

Whoever his sources are, it’ll be interesting to see whether NFL Network delivers to Sanders the same message once given to Warren Sapp, who insisted that former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was the “snitch” in the bounty case.  At that time, the league-owned media conglomerate told Sapp that he’s not a reporter.

Sanders is currently behaving like a reporter.  And he’s creating a real issue for one of the 32 teams that owns NFL Network.  And he played for the 49ers the last time they won a Super Bowl.

So, basically, this one could get interesting.

133 responses to “Deion says Niners players want Harbaugh out

  1. I think his personality would wear on you over time. He’s constantly on the edge of losing it. Unpredictable. Not a recipe for a long tenure anywhere.

  2. Deion loves to be in the spotlight. Hang it up neon. You are neither a reporter nor a decent analyst.

  3. Jim Harbaugh is a drama queen, and , granted he is being true to his personality, but if any of you have ever had a boss like this you know what a nightmare it is.

  4. Is that the same fool who declared, “Johnny Fan-ziel has a little GHETTO in him”? Trying to remain relevant.

    I always listen to him.

  5. I dontcwTch the NFL network much because of Deion. I don’t like him at all. So, anything he has to say is irrelevant to me.

  6. Mike, do you really think Deion needs a source? He just looks in the mirror and answers his own questions. He’s his source.

  7. Harbaugh is just plain weird. You ever catch one of his press conferences? with that said, I would take him over Dennis Allen in a split second.

  8. when you start calling out info from sources, you move from analysis to reporting.

    that being said, deion just likes hearing himself talk. and he always seems to give a lot more leeway to african-american players and coaches.


    Take a hike old man. You are retired. The NFL isn’t all about you anymore.

    I assume the NFL Network won’t be telling Deion to shut up since they feed into his attention seeking ways. Letting him be a captain in the pro bowl even though he couldn’t touch Jerry Rice. That plus his shenanigans at media day for the super bowl.

  10. Attention grab. Pathetic really. Harbaugh is welcome to take a drive across the Bay Bridge and take over in Oaktown any day he wishes.

  11. LOL. Crabtree whining to his boy Deion that Harb’s wants the team to concentrate on football rather than blackjack on the team plane.

    Do the players what Dennis Erickson back?

    Winning football is all about sacrifice for the greater good.

  12. Awesome news…but front office and owner have to go too….they poor way they are handling the felons on the team is beyond reproach.

    Worst run franchise. And that says a lot given the team across the bay is winless, but has far more character.

  13. Dear Deion Sanders,

    Your failure as a journalist runs parallel with your failure as the founder of that disaster you called “Prime Prep” charter school. You imbezzled, plagiarized applications, your partner paid his rent from the schools money, your students couldnt even get into college!

    How the NFL network knowing what they know would even let you on tv is beyond me. Florio, Terry Bradshaw Lives!!!

  14. Doesnt pass the BS test. Boldin just re-signed there, doesnt make sense if he was unhappy. Crabtree said he wants to be back, as does Iupati.. they can get money anywhere on the open market, why stay if you hate it? Justin Smith said it best, all this locker room stuff is only in the media.. he says the players are all in for Harbaugh, if Cowboy says it.. I believe it, and that’s enough for me.

  15. oh sure the players want the coach who has turned around the franchise and has had nothing but success, erased the memories of Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary from the minds of the fans. If the players can’t take the heat then they should grow a pair and leave. Jim is the best coach my Niners have had since Walsh or Seifert. Get on board or abandon ship, its up to the players. The Faithful love Jim and the success his system has brung to the Niners. Dr. John York made horrible choices in his time as owner, his son Jed has a passion not seen since Eddy D. theres a reason Eddy gets standing ovations and Dr. John York gets booed

  16. I have no idea if there is any truth to this, but just listening to Deion on Sunday’s is absolutely BRUTAL. He makes no sense at all. Ever.

  17. Okay, say the more important questions are: Does Crab speak for the locker room and if so, Does that mean the 49ers are willing to sabotage a season or two to get rid of Harbough?

    Crab may have his finger on the pulse of the locker room, and the locker room may indeed not be behind their coach, but I can’t imagine these 49ers doing anything but trying hard for a win each game. I can’t imagine the 49ers losing on purpose. And I dislike the 49ers very much. But I respect them a heck of a lot as a football team.

  18. This sounds a little bit like the time Tom Jackson said that Belichick’s players hated him. Ya right they hated him all the way to a Super Bowl Championship!

  19. I hope the report is untrue but who knows. I will say that the players who are unhappy should watch a replay of Jim’s reaction to Kaepernick’s calling time out instead of taking the 5 yard penalty as was the plan. Didn’t yell or scream at him.

    He sticks up for players even under pressure. Got to give him credit for that.

  20. “Sanders is currently behaving like a reporter. And he’s creating a real issue for one of the 32 teams that owns NFL Network.”

    He hasn’t said anything different than “real” NFLN reporters. Stories like this have been hitting the page for over a year.

    Ian Rapoport reported on the players’ conflict with Harbaugh yesterday morning on the pregame show, but when Sanders does the same thing on the postgame show it’s suddenly a real issue?

    This smells like you have a personal axe to grind with Sanders.

  21. For some reason, networks keep hiring players who can’t get over the fact that they are no longer the story. Sanders, R Lewis, E Reed among others who just can’t let go of the limelight. It’s like listening to Joe Namath telling the Jets what to do while being clueless. What some player exaggerates over getting drunk isn’t exactly newsworthy but Deion seems to need to be relevant. From Peter King to Adam Schefter and Deion they all want to be the insider with the big scoop, but to get those scoops they have to ass kiss and they don’t exactly report the whole truth because if they did, they wouldn’t get anymore of that good insider info. Sports reporting is a joke anymore and no one has the cajunas to really tell the truth cause if they did they’d never get another interview and would be fired. Sports reporting is a cycle of stories that consist of what insiders want to report on not what the news actually dictates.

  22. I’d just like to point out that the 49ers were just sooo much better off before Harbaugh. Mike Nolan publicly trading insults with Alex Smith. Mike Singletary mooning his players for practically no reason. The constant losing. These are things 49ers fans miss right?

  23. Don’t go Jimmy, don’t go. No one can make that funny, jive turkey, gobble face like you when your team is getting lambasted!!!

    We love you and your unforgettable media interviews!

  24. Ditching Harbaugh will be SF’s shortcut to the bottom of the division for years to come (well, maybe they’ll still be ahead of the Rams, maybe).

  25. Local media in the Bay area have a strong desire to go after Harbaugh. They don’t like him because he refuses to answer their idiotic questions. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it wasn’t Tim Kawakami or Lowell Cohn going after Harbaugh through Sanders.

  26. Does he really believe that these players that went through a lot with Nolan and Singletary and Harbaugh is the one that has made them relevant want him out? let me guess who wants him out… L’machael James? oh wait… he is not there anymore haha.

    Players that call the shots on this team (willis, boldin, kaep, bowman, J Smith, Gore) they all know what is to have a bad coach and if there are players that do not listen to the players listen above, they wil not last in this team and they or he will be cut before habaugh is ..

  27. “a lot of niner fans want him gone too”

    I believe Mike Singleterry, Mike Nolan, and Dennis Erickson are all available…..

    49ers fans should be careful what they wish for

  28. I’m not often one to get to worked up about the histrionics of a coach on the sidelines, but I gotta tell you that Harbaugh’s act makes a 49ers game damn near unwatchable.

  29. When that happens you simply get rid of the old vets that’s are stuck I their ways and replace them with rookies fresh out of college. It’s what Tampa should have down when the old vets were mad at Schiano for challenging them to their core.

    Hey…fire him. Let Harbaugh come back to Raider Nation where he started his pro coaching career, and Mark Davis back up the money truck for him.

  30. LOL…. you people are funny. Do ANY of you have friends on that team? Is there a single commenter on here with friends in the 49ers locker room?

    You can think Deion is annoying. You can find him miserable to bear on NFLN. You can award him the “just shutup award” for this week.

    But… And I do mean but…. I guarantee you that Deion has MULTIPLE peeps in that locker room programmed in his phone. Deion is an icon to NFL players. If he says something is going on in the locker room, it’s foolish to outright dismiss it.

    That being said…. I think Harbaugh should go to Michigan anyways. He is a great coach. He will do well back in college and he would run Ann Arbor, with full control. Plus, college kids who are there for 3 or 4 years are a lot more likely to put up with the overbearing personality than million dollar pros.

  31. I’ll agree with whiner fans that Deion’s a bad analyst. I mean this isnt breaking news. Harbaugh is a unlikable person with an overrated choke artist QB. They play in front of a terrible fan base and have incompetent ownership. San Fran will wait another 20 years for a championship. Yeah it’s been since 95 niner trolls. I was still in high school!!

  32. You 49’s fans/players don’t know when you got it good. I would take “Baugh” for my Bills coach in a heartbeat and if he was my Bills coach right now we’d be 4-0…..

  33. Just because Harbaugh don’t like reveal too much with news reporters which the media gets irrated a lot, the media (including Dieon) wants to make up story now. Liar!

  34. What a distraction. Harbaugh lands in Michigan. Offer is already on the table for end of the season.

  35. As a Niners fan, this is rather distressing to hear if true. As all teams know, the most important members of an oranization are the GM, head coach, and QB. They make the team go and are hardest to replace. It took the Niners a long time to find suitable replacements after Seifert left.

    No one cares what the trashy Seahag fans say. People from Seattle have this Napoleonic inferiority complex when it comes to the Bay Area, and SF in particular. They can’t stand it that SF is a world class city and a tourist destination. Seattle is a fine city, but no where in the class of SF. People in the Bay Area have nothing bad to say about Seattle and aren’t even aware there’s this alleged animosity or rivalry with Seattle. This is a one way street with Seattleans irrationally jealous about SF and the Bay Area.

    Seahawk fans are like new money. They grew up in trailer parks and somehow hit the lottery. They may be richer now, but they still act like the low class hicks they used to be.

  36. Sep 29, 2014 1:34 PM
    I hope the report is untrue but who knows. I will say that the players who are unhappy should watch a replay of Jim’s reaction to Kaepernick’s calling time out instead of taking the 5 yard penalty as was the plan. Didn’t yell or scream at him.

    He sticks up for players even under pressure. Got to give him credit for that.

    Not only didn’t he yell or scream at him, he completely ignored him. Kaepenick looked like he wanted to talk about if but Harbaugh stonewalled him and Kaepernick didn’t look any too pleased with that.

  37. I don’t think Deion is saying anything that most of us don’t assume to be true with or without his “reporting”.

    Coaches with Harbaugh’s intense, type-A personality wear on people. The whole “Cleveland” episode, the feuding with the front office, the Alex Smith fiasco, the Michigan rumors, and the odd loyalty to Greg Roman all point to coach who probably isn’t long for this job regardless of on-field wins and losses.

    As it stands, the 4 years in San Fran now represents the longest stop at any point in his career.

  38. This means nothing. The last time an ex-player turned analyst (Tom Jackson on ESPN) made a proclamation like this, “The Patriots hate their coach,” the team went on to win consecutive Super Bowls.

  39. Harbaugh is a great Coach and the 9ers are lucky to have him…. Period… Some players just whine when they are called out..
    My best impression of Sanders
    “The Older I get,
    The Better I WAS”
    Lets stir the pot a little.

  40. It was a sad day when the media replaced “news” with “rumor”. Now when there isn’t any news they try and create it themselves. Dangerous territory.

  41. I have no doubts that Harbaugh would wear on you. But I have major doubts that Deion has any insider knowledge regarding the Niners. He’s been retired for a while now and everybody knows Deion’s only concerned about Deion.

  42. Florio, is it possible for you to right something that is not negative about the Niners? You have such a biased view on them. You never have anything good to say, even when they win. The other writers will write good things, but all you write about is Harbaugh leaving, or players wanting out, or anything that will make the team look bad. If you’re going to run a blog, don’t be so biased.

  43. In other words– the front office is doing the leaking and the bad blood between Harbaugh and a couple guys in the front office is not over.

    Man oh man they will be sorry they let this guy go. Like him or not, Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in all of football.

  44. Its so sad that some of you (Florio included) hate Coach Harbaugh so much that you’re willing to believe anything that Deion Sanders says. Dieon freaking Sanders! C’mon people! Move on.

    Niners fans love Harbaugh and that’s what matters. What you think doesnt matter in the least.

  45. There’s plenty of players in any given locker room who grumble about the coaches or HC.

    If I was a Niner fan I’d rather see any player or players go if they don’t like it there.

    Who the hell would want to get rid of Harbaugh after the seasons they’ve had under him compared to the seasons they had pre Harbaugh?

  46. The NFL Network Sunday pre-game show is unwatchable. Same with ESPN. Just can’t stomach either one.

    Not that they are that much better but I have to wait to watch the CBS or Fox pre-game show.

  47. It’s obvious there are some locker room issues in SF, and Deion “reporting” it is silly.
    He’s a male Bimbo, some aging physical attributes but an airhead.
    Loves the attention, best to tell him to shut up or he’ll wind up in permanent exile like Warren Sapp, another Bimbo.

  48. Michigan bound…. Stupid whiners will miss him when he’s gone and they are 7-9 in that division with no playoff hopes… Haha

  49. They probably want him out because his intensity is more suited to motivating younger college players, but gets old with mature guys trying to stay healthy, make a living, and expecting to be treated like adults.

  50. Chrystal ball says Harbaugh leaves for Michigan and the 49ers hire Kevin Sumlin as the next Superbowl winning coach.

  51. Well it’s the first time I’ve seen a team who retained all of its stars and was a playoff team the previous year already having grumblings after only a 1-2 start.

    Something stinks in Ninerland, and it’s not a dirty pair of Levi’s.

    What I found funny was the reports that Michigan would rather have his brother John as a coach.

  52. He has the same two sources many sports analysts and reporters share. Mr. Figment and Mr. Imagination. Those two guys are always producing some sort of revenue generating controversy.

  53. That whole Crabtree passage of this blurb is wrong. That was Dez Bryant, you know, other wide receiver on high profile team that Deion used to play for, lol. Good job PFT. I know the retraction will be forthcoming.

  54. There’s so much garbage coming out of , you’d think that the NFL is not going through ACTUAL turmoil like deceit and lies to the general public.

  55. So Crabtree is now the official #2 and with Stevie Johnson starting to get chemistry with Kap, could be sliding to #3 but isn’t Prime’s supposed “source”? Hmmm doesn’t pass the sniff test. IF anyone said it, it’s most definitely Crabs.

  56. Every locker room has malcontents. You think players like Jon Gruden, or Tom Coughlin, a lot of players hated Bill Parcels, why is this news?

  57. His worst mistake was giving Kaepernick the horns. Watching that guy act like a leader on the sidelines is painful, it was like his offensive lineman were ready to Jared Cook him.

  58. Harbaugh is a loon…His obsession with Pete Carroll and winning the Super Bowl are a thing of the past…It’s time for him to move on…Nothing left to fight for…

  59. Yeah what would Deion know, its not like he played for the 9ers, won a championship with them, and is friends with some of their most prominent players.

    So to recap this page

    Deion makes statement about his former team

    PFT crybabies call out him for being a sleazy self promoting has been and for Florio for running a story about Jim Harbaugh

    best comment so far is from “dexterismyhero” (obviously about 13 years old) calling out Deion’s tackling…. because you know that’s what I remember from watch Deion play, guy just was a bad tackler, probably the reason he was first ballot hall of fame

  60. That’s ironic because they don’t look like a team that has quit on him.

    Chemistry = overrated.

    Just win baby!

    Hey, maybe Harbaugh can go to his former employer the Oakland Raiders and bring the “just win baby!” mantra back. Derek Carr is a better player than his brother and the pre-Jim Harbaugh version of Alex Smith and Harbaugh could improve him.

  61. His sources wear uniforms, suits and ties.
    What does the guy who shoots tee shirts into crowd and the stadium security guard tasked with walking Harbough’s labordoodle have against him?

  62. Dion may have a source but we know from history how reliable his sources are. Dion’s a has been that wants to grab the limelight. Maybe he dreams of coaching the 49ers. Any case he needs to just shut up and do what is in his job description.

  63. FinFan68 says:
    Sep 29, 2014 3:06 PM
    He has the same two sources many sports analysts and reporters share. Mr. Figment and Mr. Imagination. Those two guys are always producing some sort of revenue generating controversy.

    Oh, like Ian Rapoport did, too. Seriously?? You people…

  64. Last season Nancy Killion of csnbayarea reported the same thing and she covers the bayarea teams we hear same exact story a year later from Dion Sanders..both times niners denied it…

  65. I like the NFL network dont get me wrong but for some reason Dion Sanders and Michal Irving both act like there experts with all 32 teams ..its just hard for me to sit and watch those 2 clowns break down the X’s and O”s when they talk about the games coming up…and im not a niners fan obviously but i dont know why this story keeps coming up for 2 years now

  66. As a Hawks fan all I know is the Niners beat the tar out of the Eagles. Now the Raiders played like a team with coaching issues. Under Harbaugh SF has been to 3 Title games in a row so I think Dion is simply being Dion and pushing it. Does every player love thier coach, is everything always perfect for any of us at work. Respect is the main thing and Jim has the respect of his players or they would be playing like the Raiders. Niners will be there at the end no doubt.

  67. Everyone knows Deon’s source is Crabtree. Guess who won’t be a 9er next season. Crabtree and thank the good lord.

    Didn’t push off in superbowl, didn’t push off in championship game. Enjoy your next team.

    With that said, nothing destroys a locker room faster than gambling debts. Pretty sure this isn’t the only NFL team with a no cards ruling.

    Is Harbaugh folksy, yep. Corny. Yep. But did he turn the 9ers around. Yep.

    That said, if Jed doesn’t like him (seems like he’s annoyed at Harbaugh contract talks when he hadn’t won a superbowl) David Shaw is right down the road and fits the 49ers build to a tee. Harbaugh leverage isn’t as much as he thinks.

  68. Hey Deion — Great scoop – keep us informed of any other breaking stories you happen upon, or not!

  69. I don’t doubt one or 5 players have said that. But that doesn’t speak for the whole of the team. I’m curious as to exactly how many have said that. I think it’s 3 or less.

  70. after some thought i have feeling Harbaugh likes the us against the world mentality…he starts these rumors because we heard these for 2 years now and we know hes not well liked by everyone..just like Parcells Belicheck Landry ..he wants to be the underdog to gather the troops together..thats a smart coach

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