Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith lead Chiefs to 41-14 rout of Patriots

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The Kansas City Chiefs steamrolled to a 41-14 victory over the New England Patriots on Monday night.

The Patriots defense could do nothing to slow the Chiefs offense and Tom Brady posted one of the worst starts of his stellar career.

Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis led the Chiefs to 207 rushing yards and Alex Smith passed for 248 yards and three touchdowns as the Chiefs (2-2) posted a dominant showing against New England.

After missing last week due to an ankle sprain, Charles return to the lineup was a boost for the Kansas City offense. Charles scored a rushing touchdown and two receiving touchdowns for the Chiefs.

Smith tossed two scores to Charles and a third to Travis Kelce in posting a 144.4 passer rating on the night.

Meanwhile, the Patriots (2-2) looked disjointed all night. New England’s offense line couldn’t open holes in the running game and Brady was hurried frequently by a strong Kansas City pass rush.

Brady completed 14 of 23 passes for 159 yards with one touchdown with two interceptions – one returned 39 yards for a touchdown by Husain Abdullah. He also fumbled possession to Kansas City following a sack by Tamba Hali. Brady posted a passer rating of just 59.9 Monday night. It was just the 18th time in 195 regular season starts that Brady was held to a passer rating under 60.

The 27 point defeat was the second largest of Brady’s career, behind only a 31-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 7, 2003.

Brady was lifted following his second interception for rookie Jimmy Garappolo.

Garoppolo led one touchdown drive that culminated with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. Garoppolo finished 6 of 7 for 70 yards and a touchdown.

Brandon LaFell was one of the few strong performers for the Patriots. He finished with six catches for 119 yards and a 44-yard touchdown reception.

137 responses to “Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith lead Chiefs to 41-14 rout of Patriots

  1. The 2nd worst team in the nfl besides jokeland and yes the jags would beat the patriots.time for the patriots to be trash again just like they were before your spy gate superbowls.#myredskinsdontcheatforSBwins

  2. Pick-6 update:

    Favre – 35 (all-time leader)
    Peyton – 26
    Brees – 19
    Ben – 17
    Eli – 16
    Brady – 9
    Rodgers – 1

  3. Man the pats are awful. Talk about overrated. Sadly they will still make the playoffs just because their division is so bad. No receivers + no defense + old washed up qb = no chance…..
    #dynastybeforeyoureyes #dontneedcamerastowintheSB

  4. The AFC East is the new NFC East.

    Also, apparently it’s unsportsmanlike conduct to pray to Mecca after scoring a touchdown.

  5. I know people will say Brady has lost it, but if you pay attention, he still has a cannon for an arm and when given time can make all the throws. This one was on the Oline and defense.

  6. It’s time for Tom Brady to retire he sucks now. This defense is overhyped. They would be lucky to win 8 games this year the dynasty is over. It’s time to start Jimmy Garoppolo he can’t do any worse than garbage Brady.

  7. Wow The backup threw as many TDs as the great Brady? Who’s longest pass was to Sean Smith? The Decline is in full swing, enjoy the cellar NE fans no one has earned it more than you!

  8. They played a second half? Won’t know it from PFT. Your last article was from half time. That;s right, PFT hates it when their favorites are losing. Maybe that why it took 1 hour and 9 minutes into your show today to discuss Pittsburg losing. Sorry New England. Dynasty is done.

  9. The Patriots are a bad football team right now. It’s just that simple.

    Tip of the hat to Justin Houston on the late pick 6. I felt as though he could of destroyed Brady on the play but appeared to pull up. Class move in my opinion.

  10. Did brady complete a pass longer than 10 yards in the air? I dont think he did maybe its because the great job of billichick shuffling offensive linemen constantly. Any other coach would do this the media would be bashing him.

  11. It is quite evident that Brady is no longer a top 15 qb in the league. He should just retire and come to Seattle. He would make a great qb coach for Wilson. Besides he will get to win another SB ring, although this time it will be without cheating. #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #greatestcoach,greatestqb,greatestcb

  12. That was the worst performance of any team in at least the last decade. Everyone sucked except Slater.

    Props to KC for playing a very good game. But we played awful even more than KC played good.

  13. Does this mean the pats might drop down a spot in the power rankings? Even the Dolphins did better against KC. Revis was awesome took away half the field, and Brady was his usual “elite” self. Good luck with the Bengals next week pats. hehehhehee.

  14. This is what happens when you are cheap Bill, Tom can only carry them for so long, Elway treated manning well because he has been there,give your aging HOF QB help. The pats can’t keep being cheap on offense sign somebody! Draft guys that are healthy for week one like come on

  15. I was at the Titans game, everyone was saying the Chiefs are a fluke. The next game KC scared the crap out of Denver in their home opener. That game came down to 4th and goal at the 2 with a few seconds left on the clock and Charles had been out since the first quarter. The next week KC dominates the dolphins and now a 41-14 win over the Pats. Anyone who isn’t a KC fan is penciling in a W next to that spot. Think again, Einstein. These Chiefs aren’t going away and are gonna make things difficult for every team on the schedule. Tonight was complete dominance in ever factor or the game.

  16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again without the spy cameras in Foxboro TB is not even as good as his back up.

    It’s not by accident after being benched TB’s back up moved the offense down the field and scored. How long is Pats nation going to watch Tom Brady hurt this team over and over again.

    2 Int, 2 fumbles, who is to blame other than yourself this week Tom?

    The short 2 Yrd passes to Edleman and Vareen are getting old. People arn’t scared of your run game and they are defiantly not scared of your 2 Yrd passes expecially when your down by more than 20 points and continue to do it.

    Why Terrible Tom Turnover continues to get talk as one of the best of all time is beyond me! I can make an argument how he’s problem not even the best QB on this team!


  17. The Patriots have had a roughly 20 year run between Brady and Bledsoe…..where alot of their fans who might not have even been born yet….have yet to experience sticking for a team with an aging qb trying to hold onto to his past glory…guess what guys finally welcome to the club it is a very painful transition

  18. This is the expected result anytime, and every time that Mike Dumturdi joins any organization in a personnel relates capacity.


  19. Poor Tommy Terrific had a bad night and the Chiefs were on a path that couldn’t be slowed by that early form of a Patriots team. But it’s week 4, so please save all the doom and gloom chatter (and the lame SeaFraud inserts) for a couple months down the road.


  20. This is turning into one crazy season! And what is with penalizing a player for quietly dropping to his knees after a touchdown? So does that mean Steeler Antonio Brown wasn’t flagged for obnoxiously spinning the ball and dancing around it, but just for falling to the ground?? The league gets it wrong again.

  21. Alot of the blame needs to goto Tom Brady – Amendola was playing with heart getting downfield quickly to lay out blocks and was wide open several times but Brady just never looked his way at all

    Garopollo, even though he was playing against prevent D was making better throws with better velocity and confidence than Brady was – there’s no question at this point that Brady’s arm isn’t what it used to be

    Brady always gets credit for being a great leader, and yet this offense looks completely disorganized – it’s hard to imagine Peyton Manning ever letting his offense look like this week to week

  22. Belichick should be kicking himself for hoarding draft picks while wasting Brady’s prime. I wonder if the Patriots will let Brady play his way into retirement or if Jimmy is going to get a chance to take over the reigns.

  23. Pats lost this game on their own. That said, anyone who says refs give games to the Pats better shut their pie holes after tonight.

    Uncalled face mask on Chandler Jones.
    Uncalled PI against Edelman on long downfield pass.
    Uncalled offsides on Hali leading to strip sack in red zone.

    Refs didn’t give the Chiefs the game, by a long shot. But they sure have them points.

  24. You guys have got to start banning all comments that contain hashtags. Morons, hashtags do not work on PFT or even WordPress. Even if they did, no one on the globe is stumbling upon your posts with the comically lame and long hashtags you all create.

  25. I thought tha you could go to your knees after a touchdown as long as it was for prayer. Abdullah is Muslim. So can you only kneel to pray Christian?

    Fwiw I’m a Christian.

  26. I think the “Patriot Way” has finally caught up with them. Do you think they could still use Logan Mankins?

    Too early to write them off, but they looked terrible tonight.

  27. Belichick (the genius) alway’s trading draft picks for more players in later rounds. And that’s what N.E. looks like. A team of 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks. It finally caught up with them.

  28. trollingpatsfan, are you kidding me? Brady has a “cannon for an arm”. He has lost all accuracy on his deep throws. Defenses are basically giving him the deep throws because they know he won’t hit his receiver. He’s Alex Smith now, but slower and older.

  29. BURN THE TAPES!!!!




  30. Abdullah should not have been flagged for prayer, which is the only time a player is allowed to go to the ground celebrating a TD.

  31. Tom Brady is the most over rated QB of all time. He isn’t even close when it comes to the best all time. I could argue he isn’t even the best QB on his football club.

    Numbers don’t lie so here are some to consider.
    Pre SPYGATE TB playoff record was 12-2 and won all 3 SB he was in.
    After being exposed as a fraud post SPYGATE TB is a lowly 6-6 and 0-6 in away games.

    Look at Tom Brady’s numbers and there all at the bottom of the league again this year. This is not because TB skills have declined, or he’s lost his talent. It’s because in away games he doesn’t have the luxury of knowing the Defense your up against pre snap like he did in his SPYGATE glory years.

    I would argue that away from Foxboro he isn’t even as good as an average QB. Bottom line is this guy SUCKS!!! Pats fans are FINALLY starting to realize it.

  32. Brady would not fit in well with the seasterick cheathawks, he is not on their level of cheating.


    Seastericks team modo: there is no I in CHEAT, its a team effort.

  33. Looks like Tom’s ready for the glue factory. A first ballot hall of fame career. We’ll see what Jimmy G’s made of soon.

  34. Pats wish they had an athletic, rocket armed, natural born leader for a qb like the hawks. Sorry pats you guys draft scrubs, while Seattle drafts legends. #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #wilsoniselite

  35. dlbpatsfan says:
    Sep 29, 2014 11:35 PM

    Look at the bright side my fellow Pat fans, if (when) this continues, at least we get a good pick in the draft.

    Good draft pick is useless if Belichick is still making draft picks next May.

  36. All the birds are out in full force tonight!!!

    That being said, I can never remember the Patriots being this bad in the Brady era. I don’t think it’s time to write them off just yet, but it is time to worry a lot.

    To everyone bashing the Pats fans, grow up. You may never see a stretch of dominance like this again. Pats have been the class of the NFL for the last 12 years. All good things come to an end, if this is the end… It was one hell of a ride 🙂

  37. The Patriots have come back to the rest of the AFC East. The winner of that division will likely be 6 and 10.

    Revis Island didn’t look so deserted either.

  38. To be fair this is a front office that seems take a little more away from the team every year just to see how little (expensive) talent they need to keep winning. I’m thinking they found out many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. CRUNCH! Seriously, the Mankins loss might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. That OL is looking like crapOLa.

  39. Will some take the time to get TB’s stats this season and the NFL ranking for them to remind pats fans why this guy sucks so badly?

  40. What if the Pats hadn’t traded Logan Mankins ? What if they drafted or signed WRs taller than 5’9? What if they drafted or signed the best RB possible & kept him? What if instead of trading away their best players a year or 2 early, they kept their best players And Paid Them ? You know what they might have? A much better team around Brady.

  41. Belichick will trade next years first round pick (#12 overall) for two second round picks. He will use them to draft two un-athletic but hard-working white guys from Rutgers.

  42. Is it just me or is everyone’s favourite team (insert your team here) and whoevers playing the Pats? I know it is for me. As a Denver fan I really should of wanted KC to lose tonight because they’re a great team and in the division. I thoughougly enjoyed watch KC spank the pats tonight. Tip of the hat to KC nation.

  43. Can we also please put the Spygate crap to bed? The Patriots have the best record in the NFL since Spygate. The Patriots have a better record after Spygate than they did before. Brady has been statistically superior post Spygate.

    I’ll save my favorite for last… Number of teams who haven’t won a SB since Spygate is 26. It is extremely difficult to win a Super Bowl period. You people really sound ignorant when you are chiming in with Spygate still lol.

  44. At the end of the day, both teams have the same record. The knee jerk reactions are over the top. It’s still their division to take.

    Just like the Eagles & Bears, relax on the doomsday nonsense.


    A logical Vikings fan

  45. Brutal loss for the Pats.

    As a fan since 1994, this was one of the worst Brady games I’ve seen.

    He just can’t seem to get a good connection with younger WR’s unless they are slot receivers.

    Honestly don’t think they have the tools this year.

    Brady may play until 40, but I wonder if it will be in NE.

  46. Has anybody seen Danny Amendola? He must’ve gotten in deep with loan sharks or something but regardless of the reason for his disappearance and given how impressed I am with the recent under armour commercial, I say it won’t be too long before Gisele Bundchen surpasses him on the depth chart.

  47. Without a doubt the most helpless beatdown of the Brady/Belichick era…but still a lot of talent on this roster. If they stay healthy and have enough time to figure it out they could still be a dangerous team come playoff time. If looking good in September was a prerequisite for winning the Super Bowl than a lot of the winners of the past 4-5 Super Bowls wouldn’t have qualified.

  48. Besides ‘Brady to Gronk’ (which will only last 3 more weeks or so before Gronk is hurt and out for the year) the Pats offense has nothing – no running game, no receivers for Brady to throw to, no o-line to protect Brady. He’s not washed up yet, he just has literally nothing to work with. This can all be laid on the front office, not Brady.

  49. Chiefs Dominate and ESPN still only shows Patriots press conference. Patriots looked lost in all phases, except punting the punter looked decent

  50. Not sure why Belichick thought that taking away Brady’s lineman would somehow help last season’s gaping hole at WR. In other news with the Offense looking awful, the money invested in the defense responded with getting pushed around, getting no pressure and missing almost every tackle. Don’t put this on Tom, Bill thinks its a good idea to take away the more he declines. It’s so stupid, and it’s finally biting him because Tom can only do so much with so little. Too bad he doesn’t have so little, he just has nothing! Besides a Hobbled TE and a good slot receiver . Oh man Cincy is going to be brutal next week.

  51. we deserve the ridicule.
    our best players, edelman and slater.
    think about that..chandler jones too i guess. everyone else? garbage. line can’t block, and whenever they do brady overthrows someone, or, the receiver runs the wrong route.

    can it get worse???

  52. Not sure why they dont run more considering that Brady’s accuracy is all but gone. At least establish some semblance of a run game with Ridley who is a couple of seasons removed from some good stats. I know he fumbles, but give him a chance. It seems like BB hasnt forgiven him. And please stop trying to run Vereen between the tackles, that play call is garbage.

  53. In the immortal words of Tom Jackson as he picked off Ken Stabler and raced down the sideline in front of the Raiders bench, he yelled at Madden “It’s all over fatman!”

  54. herlies says:
    Sep 29, 2014 11:28 PM
    Pick-6 update:

    Favre – 35 (all-time leader)
    Peyton – 26
    Brees – 19
    Ben – 17
    Eli – 16
    Brady – 9
    Rodgers – 1
    In Fairness – Rodgers goes on a warpath whenever he throws a pick – so if the DB tries to run it back, it’s a chance to take out his rage on the guy messing with his stats.

  55. 7-9 is probably enough to win their division. So the Patriots are going to be fine again this season. But it is getting near time for Brady to go home to his wife, and start his broadcasting career.

  56. Memo to Tom Brady’s Dad – It’s time to tap Tom on the shoulder. He goes down as possibly the greatest of all time, but game 1 (Miami) and game 4 (KC) were frankly embarassing. Tom should not be like an aged heavyweight boxer who refuses to walk away from the game. His reputation will only be tarnished by continuing to play.
    He has had a very great career but it’s done.

  57. I love this. The Pats play horrible football and all the Pat haters come out to do what they do best, hate. Its ok, though. They did play like a bunch of scrubs.. But I’m not losing faith in the Pats for one second because they haven’t given me reason to lose faith. The Pats have been the crème de la crème since 2001; I’m not going to doubt them after one horrible loss in week 4. We’ll see who’s standing tall in the AFC East come January.

  58. The day has come where the Pats go back to where they were for decades.

    Yes, some of us remember just how bad they were.

    The time has come.

  59. Chiefs and Pats fan here..

    Brady has no time in the pocket, offensive line is young and raw, WRs can’t get any seperation from DBs, RBs have no holes to speak of. Very young football team as a whole.

    The Chiefs have found something with 2 RB, 3 TE sets and it’s producing results. I just hope they can keep the injury bug away and keep up this level of play.

  60. Has Father Time caught Tom Brady?

    Quarter Pole update through first 4 games.

    Brady is 28th (of 34 QB’s) in QB rating at 79.1
    Brady is 27th (of 34 QB’s) in completion %
    Brady is 33rd (of 34 QB’s) in yards per attempt
    Brady is 30th (of 34 QB’s) in yards per game

    At halftime last night, the Pats only had 90 something total yards and the Chiefs had gone over 300 total yards.

  61. what do the patriots expect, Tom brady has spent half of his career with 0 targets..except the 3-4 years he had randy moss and we all seen what he did with that opp..

    bellichick always takes his picks and trades them away not taking any 1st rounders.. brady needs some help. brady is the best Qb at turning nobodys into somebodies.

  62. My question is which chiefs team is the real one. Week 1 chiefs who got blown away in arrowhead by Tennessee or this team that steamrolled the pats.

  63. Realizing his limitations in evaluating talent, Belichek hired Mike Dumturdi. The former Cleveland GM is well known for his ability to select players; that’s the reason he’s been fired from his previous NFL jobs six times!


  64. I am convinced the rules today cause more boring blowouts. The rules are all designed to favor the passing game. More and more teams build there offenses to pass more to take advantage of the rules. At home the offense can adjust the play until the final second of play clock and the home o-line gets an extra half a second head start then the road o-line bc of the crowd noise. These combined with the rules already making it easier to pass and tuffer to stop the pass and increase the importance of home field advantage. There are exceptions of course but Think about all of these blowouts in prime time games.

  65. I’ll need to see more, but the Chiefs looked great.

    That said, they might be playing in the hardest division in football (sorry, NFC West). Chargers are the sleeper team, and Denver is well, Denver.

    Davis is a great addition and Kelce looks like the real deal at tight end.

    D is stout and Houston is a beast.

    That said, it’s all going to come down to Alex Smith (sound familiar). Can he do enough to take them to the next level in a QB dominated league?

    Time will tell. That said, I just don’t get the NFL. Toss a coin in the air to pick a winner of any game each week.

  66. I just want to see Hoodie and Pretty Boy go through weekly pressers as they amass a 5-11 record.

    The Pats have been living the good life for a long, long time. Hey, good for them – they’ve earned the right to smile by being so dominant for so long (cheating or not). But now, it looks like the party is over.

    Let’s see how they react to the fans and media under dark skies. Adversity is the time when your true character comes through.

  67. The Pats looked like the Saints – out of their league.

    Strange season. Methinks some teams are resting on their laurels.

  68. Loved how Brady begged out of the game. I was waiting for one of his classic sideline meltdowns.



    Just remember

    1) It’s a long season

    2) Most of us Pats lovers will ignore you

    give it your best shot

  70. The Nigerian Nightmare was in the house!

    Arrowhead is just freaking awesome…

    Now lets stumble across the parking lot and switch to our blues.

  71. The Chiefs kicked the Pats Ass from the word Go last night. Reid painted a clown suit on Tom Brady and Belichick. I LOVE IT. The Chiefs Fans and Team Delivered HUGE. Go Chiefs.

  72. Ummmm, What was that you said after week 1 Rodney Harrison? The Chiefs were going down the tubes. Well Take That Bro. We just Pasted your Patriots. Go Chiefs.

  73. Remember a few years ago when Belichick was running up the score on everybody? Old Belicheat was passing in the 4th quarter when the Pats were up by 40. Now the tables have turned. It is a lot harder to win when you don’t know the other teams signals or plays. Ask the famous Offensive Coordinator Weiss from the Spygate days, who just got canned by Kansas. Belicheat thought he could always win as long as he had Brady and 10 other guys because he was a football genius. I guess he slipped a few IQ points!

  74. kingkreg12 says:
    You may never see a stretch of dominance like this again. Pats have been the class of the NFL for the last 12 years. All good things come to an end, if this is the end… It was one hell of a ride 🙂
    Already seen better. The Shula era. Just the 25 years in Miami, 12 AFCE titles, and 4 wildcards. That was a hell of a ride.

  75. How is that more dominant than 11 AFC East titles- 7 AFC Championship appearances- 5 SB appearances- and 3 Rings??? All in 13 years… Let’s not forget the only perfect regular season during the 16 game era.

    Not saying it wasn’t a great run Venerable, but not in the same league.

  76. Really.

    13 AFC Championship appearances
    16 Playoff appearances
    12 AFC East titles
    5 SB appearances

    The only true perfect season.

    And Shula did it with 3 different QB’s (if you consider WoodStrock one) you may be to young to remember WoodStrock though.

    No it wasn’t in 13 years, he maintained that level for the most part of 25 years.

    For 25 years, for the most part the Dolphins were top contenders in the league.

    Yeah, that was a while back, but it does feel like that tide has begun to return.

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