Jim Harbaugh: Deion Sanders comments “a bunch of crap”


NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders did a cannonball into the media pool yesterday, claiming that 49ers players want coach Jim Harbaugh out.

Harbaugh responded today by saying that pool is full of something other than water.

Personally I think that’s a bunch of crap,” Harbaugh said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

That’s pretty much how you’d expect Harbaugh to react to criticism from outside his building, which he was careful to point out Sanders (and fellow critic Trent Dilfer) hadn’t been around much.

And he went back to the tried-and-true blanket indictment of unnamed sources.

“If I’ve got a good story to tell I’d want to put my name to it,” he said. “So I don’t put a whole lot of credibility to the ‘unnamed source.’

That doesn’t mean it’s not true. Yesterday’s performance will buy him a bit of time, given that the business is results-oriented, and they like you as long as you’re winning.

79 responses to “Jim Harbaugh: Deion Sanders comments “a bunch of crap”

  1. Generally speaking, most of what Deion Sanders has said since he became a member of the media has been dreck. Why would this surprise anyone?

  2. Not allowing the 49ers players to play cards while on the plane is Crap….

    sorry Jim…you are running a dictatorship over there and your players don’t like it

  3. At this point, I’d say the chances of him being in Michigan or Miami next year at this time outweigh the chances of him being the coach of the Santa Clara 49ers.

  4. Jim is trying to coach up a bunch of immature duds while deon is busy crying with devon hester

  5. They like you as long as you’re winning.. Harbaugh hasn’t done anything but win since getting to San Francisco. 3 straight conference championship game appearances in his first 3 seasons.. no coach in NFL history has done that.

  6. Harbaugh says Sanders comments “a bunch of crap…”. Harbaugh will need to be more specific. Almost all of Deion’s comments fall into that category.

  7. Sorry Niner fans…Harbaugh or not…the ship is sinking. This whole “SF is back!” after beating the Eagles at home, by five points, when the Eagles had about five chances to win the game but didn’t, due to mistakes by NICK FOLES (not due to great defense – see the missed bomb to Maclin, who had beaten his CB by about three yards and was wide open. Also see the missed 4th and goal throw whereby Foles sailed the throw, all on his own.), is a joke.

    Your QB is still awful throwing the football. You MUST have a reliable QB to win it all. Period. Once you’ve solved that issue, you may have a chance. But by then Willis and J. Smith will be gone or too old, and your pass-rush simply won’t work like it has the last three years.

  8. Who’d believe anything coming out of Deion Sanders’ mouth? Good Lord, talk about a tainted source.

    And Darin, nice twist of an unsourced rumor… I guess you’re trying to grow some legs under it, though I really don’t understand why, given it comes from a known liar and self-aggrandizing fool like Deion Sanders.

    Why do so many sports writers feel that they need to stir up crap all the time. It seems to me there are plenty of interesting and legitimate non-rumor based stories to be had out there with a little bit of actual work.

    Of course, I guess stirring the pot of controversy by quoting unnamed sources and idiots like Deion Sanders beats the tar out of actually working to track down and nail down a real story with real truth in it. That’s modern day America… do it the easy way whenever possible and to hell with actually doing the work to track down the real truth.

  9. Between Deion, Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, and many similar others I have avoided watching the pre/post/half time drivel for some time. Its is inane and annoying. These guys are more of a threat to the NFL than Roger G will ever be

  10. davikes says:
    Sep 29, 2014 3:37 PM
    And then Harbaugh said “I’ve heard a bunch of teachers at Primetime Academy want to fire Deion.”
    Teachers is code for coach, trainer or agent, right?

  11. Yes, I just checked with European Fecal Standards and Measurements Office in Zurich. Deion Sanders does weigh 77 Courics. However, I noticed Jim Harbaugh weighs nearly 70 Courics himself. So, I’m not sure who to believe…

  12. 1) While Deon might have been an electric player back in his time, he’s certainly one of the least compelling TV analysts, and that’s saying a lot.

    2) Before Harbaugh got to SF, they were one of the worst teams in the league, for ages. He has transformed them (overnight) into a true SuperBowl contender.

    I’m NOT a fan of the 49ers. In fact, I don’t even much care for anything about the town. But holly hell, these people better realize they have “better than anyone” right now.

  13. Hey Deion, either name your source or shutup. Your story carries no weight. Nothing but bs just create controversy. I’m with Jim all the way.

  14. Righttttttttt. So a team that underperformed under every head coach and finally makes it to the Super Bowl is now crying about the fact that maybe they have to work a little harder, want it a bit more, to continue to have success. So much BS spews out of DS’s mouth, but hey, PFT HAS to report it so it must be true. By their standards.

  15. Really don’t undestand all the Hate on harbaugh he is a great coach and loves his players and tries hard to win. If you think not allowing your players to play cards on the plane ride up there isn’t a standard you’re wrong. Bill belicheck won’t allow his players to even talk, regardless of all the hogwash and propagana harbaugh is an excellent coach and is doing a fine job.

  16. Get a QB, Niners. You won’t win with a strong-armed athlete who can’t read defenses and bails too early.

  17. Jim Harbaugh (a consummate professional whiner who has a firm policy against abuse but only applies it when the US Supreme Court says its OK) and Pete Carroll, (my coaching style is just to jump up and down and cheerlead as much as possible to cover up my cheating ways) – the two least likable NFL coaches by far.

    But either one is more likable than Deion – I’ll give um that

  18. I don’t think that Colin Halfagimmick is the answer and Harbs will go down in flames because of it.

  19. “Yesterday’s performance will buy him a bit of time, given that the business is results-oriented, and they like you as long as you’re winning.”

    A bit of time? Are you serious? The man has taken his team to the NFCCG 3 seasons in a row. Do you really think the 9er organization wants to return to the days of Mike Singletary or Mike Nolan or Dennis Erickson? Harbaugh has all the time he needs.

  20. dougydougdoug says:
    Sep 29, 2014 3:46 PM

    2) Before Harbaugh got to SF, they were one of the worst teams in the league, for ages. He has transformed them (overnight) into a true SuperBowl contender.
    Actually what transformed SF into a contender was about 10 years worth of high draft picks because they were so bad for so long

  21. I don’t like Deion Sanders. I repeat, I don’t like Deion Sanders. But remember, the 49ers did try to trade Harbaugh to Cleveland this offseason.

    IMO the biggest problem on the 49ers is Greg Roman and his Pop Warner offense.

  22. “2) Before Harbaugh got to SF, they were one of the worst teams in the league, for ages. He has transformed them (overnight) into a true SuperBowl contender.”

    Harbaugh is only a miracle worker if you assume Singletary was competent. SF drafted very well, but their head coach was insane. They brought in a good coach and the team turned around. But they would’ve turned around for just about any competent football coach.

  23. Jeez with all the backlash, you’d think they were 0-4. They are 2-2 and have 7 division games left. Yes, they have played well below expectations with basically no discipline but it is not like most of their errors are not correctable and they’ll be getting back a lot of talent in the coming weeks. They could just as easily be 4-0 without the mental mistakes and dumb penalties.

    The 49ers are not letting a talented coach like Harbaugh go and he’s not going to go coach some middle of the road Big10 team when he has a chance to win the biggest prize in coaching A Super Bowl trophy.

    The team is run very well from an Executive standpoint and with the new stadium there is going to be more than enough $$ to pay him an extension next year.

    R-E-L-A-X Neon Deion, put your feet up in those ugly sox you give out on MNF and watch this team tighten up for a playoff run.

  24. The ex-hoods club (or are they really ex?).

    Between the talking with marbles in their mouth, yuking it up over each others stupidity, and expressing opinions they know zero about, they are the definition of nail screeching annoying

  25. Never liked Dion as a player and now way less as a commentator. Coaching is tough …taking cheap shots …is cheap.

  26. They always put some hanger and the end “it doesn’t mean its not true….” some shock jock radio nut said Obama is an alien from the 4th dimension…but, it doesn’t mean its not true. Why, oh why won’t Deion go away. Who is buying this man’s crappy brand of everything? I really don’t get it. He was the most overrated player ever, and would not have lasted 5 minutes playing football in the 70s. He is a joke that’s not funny to those who built this shield into what it is–yet it seems the buying public cannot get enough of his clown act. Makes no sense at all.

  27. Harbaugh has done things in his tenure with the Niners that no other coach has done. 3 NFC championship games in 3 years – if I were the owner and my players had a beef with his approach they’d be shown the door. There may be a chink in the armor in Santa Clara but none of it has to do with the HC.

  28. It might be true … I think he wants to bench Kaepernick but he’s liked by the players so if benching Kaepernick or riding him hard means Jim has to go … Deion might have a story.
    I’m sure the Raiders will glading take him since Al wanted Harbaugh in the first place.

  29. They should think twice about letting Harbaugh go; he’s really turned this team around in the past few years. Although if they are going to cut him, now might be a good time–Dennis Allen might be available pretty soon!

  30. The “not allowed to play cards on the plane” is a bunch of carp. Harbaugh just doesn’t want them to bet. They can play cards.

  31. I could see Harbaugh calling the team in for a 3 hour meeting in which he yells at them until they admit they love him.

  32. York and Baalke should be ashamed of themselves for doing this sort of “leak” at this point in the season.

    It’s clear they want to push Harbaugh out. Seems to me they will pay for this shortsightedness. Great coaches are hard to come by.

  33. socal9er says: Sep 29, 2014 4:15 PM

    Jeez with all the backlash, you’d think they were 0-4. They are 2-2 and have 7 division games left.
    7 division games left? Do they play themselves twice?

  34. I don’t understand the haste to run this guy out of town.

    Careful what you wish for, those playoff runs aren’t automatic.

  35. Niner fans are funny. They act like 3 straight NFC championship games are good enough. I hate the 2005 Seahawks. They were soft and had no defense and they lost the Super Bowl. I liked some of the players on that team but I don’t want a pretty good team I want a championship. Harbaugh inherited a good team and he’s done OK. You can’t in your right mind think a Super Bowl is in his or your future. The team is getting old and the only young player is Kaperchoke. So you think Kaperchoke can carry a team worse than what you’ve had the last 3 years. You think Harbaugh is gonna take a team worse than the ones he lost with any farther?? Have fun watching perpetual mediocrity. I guess that’s good enough for you.

  36. I can’t imagine a team that was horrible before his arrival wants him out. As a Packer fan I support the move. Fire this guy. All he has done is won for you. Hire Mike Singletary again or give another ex-player with no experience the job. Any change right now would make me happy which should let you know how dumb of a move it would be.

  37. 1992 after Jimmy Johnson cussed out a few players after a loss.

    Jimmy Johnson: how are the guys(players)

    Veteran Player/Ray Horton: I don’t know coach they’re really pissed at you.

    Jimmy Johnson: that’s fine..As long as they play for me.

  38. This team is awful…

    3 straight NFC Championship games

    1 Super Bowl appearance

    1 Score away from another Super Bowl appearance last year.

    Definitely time to fire the coach and clear the roster for a rebuild.

  39. Its true. That’s why Harbaugh wasn’t extended, and Balke likely goes with Jim Tomasula or Greg Roman next year, with Harbaugh moving on to the big house in Michigan.

  40. Fact of the matter is Jim Harbaugh has done the same thing himself. He stated to the media in 2007 that Pete Carroll would only be at USC for one more year, he remained there for three more. One last thing, I’m not sure who the chuckle head was that thought Harbaugh was the only coach in NFL history to take his team to three consecutive conference title games. Philly lost their first three but won the fourth in 04-05.

  41. I have avoided watching the pre/post/half time drivel for some time

    Agreed – 25 years ago I used to soak it all up, now it’s impossible to watch.

    A few years ago on one of the 4-letters, some woman used to break down games on Sundays with Jim Mora Sr. That’s the last football show I could tolerate for any length of time.

  42. Not a Harbaugh fan…either one of them. But I’m less a fan of media rep out there talking about his “sources.” Retired military…and the LAST guys I ever trusted was someone from the media.

  43. This Harbaugh situation boggles my mind. As soon as he showed up the 9ers made a dramatic turn-around, and became Superbowl contenders. They were a couple yards away from winning the Superbowl, in fact. Tom Coughlin isn’t poular with his players and look what he did in New York.

  44. So people don’t like Sanders and therefore his comment is invalid even if true. Isn’t it true that Harbough has been having it tough with ownership and isn’t it possible that his tactics are wearing thin on the players. The silence from the 49ers players is deafening. I say Deon has a twitty bird inside that locker room but we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to find out the real story.

  45. There are many fans of many teams on these boards that would love to have Harbaugh and his staff as the coach of their team, all you have to do is read their comments, the truth is in there.

  46. What Deion actually said was players he’s spoken to said they want their coach gone he just didn’t give specific names so there is some truth to it. Funny all the hate for Deion coming from niner fans. Seems they forgot SF bought the Cowboys D and Deion to win their last Super Bowl.

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