Josh McCown expected to test thumb on Monday

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Mike Glennon led a game-winning drive in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon to give the Buccaneers their first win of the season behind their best quarterback play of the young season.

Glennon got the nod because Josh McCown injured his thumb during Tampa’s humiliating Week Three loss to the Falcons and, based on Sunday’s play, the switch could become permanent if McCown is out for an extended period of time. McCown will try to find out how things look on that front on Monday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McCown will throw the ball to see how well he can sling it and if the pain from his torn ligament is tolerable. If it isn’t, McCown will head for surgery that would keep him out of the lineup for six weeks.

There’s been no public discussion of the quarterback plans moving forward in Tampa, but Lovie Smith may have given a hint while discussing how one win can change things after a rough start to the season.

“I definitely believe in momentum,” Smith said, via “Sometimes nothing good happens until you just keep going. Once you get that momentum, you find a way to win. You have to experience it first. We didn’t know how to win.”

Belief in momentum would suggest sticking with Glennon after a 302-yard performance that ended with a celebration regardless of what McCown’s status is come Monday evening.

21 responses to “Josh McCown expected to test thumb on Monday

  1. I’m a Panther Fan and unfortunately a UNC Fan,this kid played very well in college and against the Panthers last year.I was shocked when he was not named the starter this year.Tampa is dangerous as long as he starts.

  2. For the good of the Bucs, and because we all know Lovie doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, Gerald McCoy should hold him down while LaVonte David breaks McCown’s thumb off his hand, that’ll keep him where he belongs, on the sidelines…

  3. I think I speak for Buc’s fans everywhere.

    Josh, don’t hurt that thumb. Let it heal so you can hold that coaches clipboard better. You did a great job as QB coach yesterday.

  4. We are talking about Lovie Smith here, who values experience. There is no guarantee that Glennon starts next week until McCown is declared out. McCown would not even be on the roster if it were not for Smith. This means Smith has to admit he was wrong about McCown. It takes a good coach to admit when he is wrong, we will have to see if he can do it this week if McCown is available.

  5. They’d have been fine all along with Glennon. He showed plenty of potential last season. Signing McCown as a starter (when he’s obviously a journeyman backup) was dumb from the get-go. That’s Lovie Smith. This team will only go as far as he doesn’t hold them back (I know that’s an awkward sentence but I’m only halfway through my coffee).

  6. I found it difficult to believe that McCown got the nod over Glennon in the first place. If he gets the starting job back, he must have pictures of Lovie in a compromising position.

  7. It was refreshing to see shots being taken down field. Completion % wasn’t where it needs to be, but it’s nice to have big-play potential – which was lacking with McCown under center. Nice to see ASJ getting involved – hopefully nothing too serious with Evans’ groin injury. He will be greatly missed if he can’t suit up at New Orleans next week.

  8. I have a lot of respect for a quarterback who has lasted 13 years in the NFL. I also liked his brother Luke when he played here. If his role is to be the back-up QB and help out Glennon I’m fine with it.

  9. Glennon did a great job last yr. Lovie needs to step back and think hard about who delivered this win. Mike Glennon. McCown’s time has come and gone on the arm of Glennon,,,period

  10. I’m in the minority (not a Bucs fan though) but I think McCown should be the starter. Josh McCown hadn’t been getting that much help from his receivers and from what I saw from Glennon on Sunday, it looked like a very weak Steelers defense, Glennon had a lot of easy throws. McCown is experienced and has some arm talent.

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