Lovie Smith won’t commit to Mike Glennon for this week


Quarterback Mike Glennon led the Buccaneers to their first win of the season on Sunday, but coach Lovie Smith wasn’t willing to name him the starter for Tampa’s trip to New Orleans in Week Five.

Smith was asked whether Glennon would start against the Saints if Josh McCown’s thumb got a clean bill of health this week. Smith declined to answer, saying that he makes his decisions at every position based on who is available and who would give the team the best chance to win. He also referred to Glennon as the team’s quarterback of the future when discussing Glennon’s performance.

“When you’re labeled ‘quarterback of the future,’ that’s what you’re supposed to do when you come out,” Smith said, via JoeBucFan.com.

McCown was expected to test his thumb on Monday as part of the process of determining whether or not he’ll need surgery, so a bad result on that front could make the decision easy for the Bucs. It would also keep Smith from having to make any longer commitment to Glennon based on one game, something that seems to appeal to the coach.

If things go the other way, things are a bit more difficult but Glennon did enough on Sunday to merit another look. The second half saw the team move the ball better than it had in McCown’s two-plus games, which makes it tempting to find out whether or not the quarterback of the future should also be the quarterback of the present.

37 responses to “Lovie Smith won’t commit to Mike Glennon for this week

  1. That’s funny, I have a book resting near the sideline of my coffee table right now labeled “Quarterback of the Future” that I need to commit to. Let’s see who finishes finding one first, me or the Bucs HC!

  2. Ha ha. Lovie will never EVER come out in favor of a young guy over a veteran, even if the young guy is clearly better. EVER. This is why veterans love him so much — and also why his teams always tank as soon as the veterans age out.

    He is absolutely the worst HC a talented young player could ever be stuck with, and even more so if that player is a QB.

  3. Lovie is two things that could make him do the utterly idiotic thing of choosing McCown

    1: Prideful: He doesn’t want to admit he was wrong 3 games in, particularly when everyone predicted he’d be wrong

    2. Loyal: Josh McCown is his “guy” (that he once cut to keep Jason Campbell…), so he can’t cut him. He kept trotting Urlacher out there when he was clearly not a starter anymore. Lovie is very stubborn going to young guys.

  4. As a Packer fan who’s seen plenty of Lovie over the years I can tell you first hand he has absolutely no idea when it comes to QB’s or offense in general. He’s a DC at best and no surprise he can’t figure out the better QB.

  5. The Buccaneers shouldn’t commit to Lovie Smith this week if he benches Glennon and puts McCown back in. There’s a reason why the guy is a career back up. Lovie come on man, you’re smarter than that.

  6. Well, if there’s ever one thing you can consistently count on Lovie to provide, it’s that:

    On the one hand, the wishy-washy flim-flamming namby-pamby noncommittal emotionless milktoast monotone: “Oh, I don’t know, we’ll just have to see” Droopy-dog indecision (and always on the occasions where a clear commitment is most obviously called for)…

    …and yet, on the other hand, an unwavering muleheaded stubborn certitude on the occasions where a change should clearly have already taken place.

    Good old Droopy Smith, doing what he does.

  7. Lovie is just being a good coach.

    Does not want to tip his hand.

    Teams will be overwhelmed either preparing for the career backup who can’t throw or run. Or the rookie QB who can’t run.

    Fire lovie.

  8. Lol@Lovie .. Die hard bucs fan here. Was at Carolina Thursday night game last season when the “Fire Schiano” chants started. One of my close friends stood up jokingly and said “give Schiano one more chance” Starting to wonder if his joke was actually fact! Lovie is disaster of a coach if he puts Josh back in.

  9. Im not a Bucs fan, but if I was I’d be pissed. Glennon looks like he has a bright future; the other guy, not so much. I can’t help it, I just think Lovie is dumb.

  10. Lovie…take a deep breath, admit that you have a problem which is the first step toward recovery…pick up that white chip at QB anonymous and let Glennon start…if at the end of the season you’re still is discontent, your misery will be gladly refunded to you…

  11. blacknole08 says:
    Sep 29, 2014 4:44 PM
    Unbelievable! What does Glennon have to do to earn respect?


    He’ll have to finish out his rookie contract, then sign with a team that has a coaching staff that has a clue.

  12. Glennon looked like a legitimate NFL Quarterback on that pressure cooker of a game winning drive, on the road, in Pittsburg.

    You HAVE to play the kid. He may not be incredibly accurate but he’s not afraid to take shots, when considering his top 3 receiving options can pretty much dominate almost any 50/50 ball? What the heck more do you want??

  13. Bears fans tried to warn you this would happen but you would not listen. we tried telling you it was stupid to start a career backup over a young kid but you said Lovie knows remember? stop whining you get no sympathy from us!

  14. Yes we know glennon is skinny and doesnt look as Preppy as Josh McCown.. the thing is though Lovie, the kid knows how to throw a football and read defenses, oh and hes innately accurate with football… but lets just make him our backup..

  15. I understand the fans rioting bc Glennon hasnt been named the starter yet…

    But from a coaching stand point, why would Lovie name Glennon the starter when he could keep the Saints guessing until the night before? This is what every other NFL team does with injuries.

    I am sure that Lovie has given the nod behind close doors. And as a Tampa fan, McCown better be on the bench from here on out.

    Glennon took the shots down field that I (and everybody else) have expected since day one. He isnt scared. He stands tall. He is pretty darn accurate and doesnt make stupid decision. His interception came on the Evans injury play which wouldnt have happened otherwise. Good win for the team moving forward.

  16. Why? This has to be the most obvious decision there has ever been in football.

    I’m starting to think we could have Rodgers and Manning on the roster and he’d still want to start McCown.

  17. Relax people…Glennon is going to start. Lovie is just playing the hand he has been dealt to the best of his ability. By not committing publicly, he is forcing New Orleans to at least spend some time looking a film on McCown. The Saints probably also know Glennon will start, but in order to dot their i’s and cross their t’s they will have to spend some time on McCown. And, every minute/hour the Saints spend looking at McCown and finding out how to attack his weaknesses, is a few precious minutes/hours they won’t be spending on Glennon. It may only be the slightest of advantages, but it’s something; and Lovie is absolutely doing the right thing by not making his plan public. If Bill Belicheck was coaching the Bucs this week, do you think he would name a starting QB early in the week…Of course he wouldn’t. Glennon is very aware that he is starting, and if asked by the media, he won’t show his hand either.

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