Report: Dennis Allen fired by Raiders


Dennis Allen’s time as head coach of the Oakland Raiders appeared to be running short after the Raiders fell to 0-4 with a 38-14 loss in London against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Now that hourglass has run out of sand.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Raiders have informed Allen he has been terminated as head coach of the Raiders.

Terry Collins of the Associated Press initially reported Sunday evening that Allen had been fired before deleting the report and issuing an apology. Whether the wheels were already in motion then or if it took until Monday evening for a decision to be made is unclear.

Allen won just eight games in just over two seasons as head coach of the Raiders. It would seem likely that Tony Sparano would take over as head coach on an interim basis.

134 responses to “Report: Dennis Allen fired by Raiders

  1. Frustrating, but the right thing none-the-less. Back to the drawing board. I don’t know if anyone can write this ship over the next 12 games. We are starring at the real possibility of 0-16.

  2. Not claiming that Dennis Allen was a good coach, but who the hell COULD get that team competitive? As a Packers fan, the guy who I’m really surprised that didn’t pan out, and should be to blame here is Reggie McKenzie. That guy is the worst!

  3. They had to fire him with the bye coming up, gives Sparano the most time to prep and try to do something.

    The first coach to not make it back from a London game.

  4. Piratesofthecoliseum says:Sep 29, 2014 11:46 PM

    Here come all the Jon Gruden comments

    Are you kidding? Jon Gruden is still talking about tonight’s punters!!

  5. You could put in bill Walsh or jim harbaugh in there and the team would be 4-12. Look at their schedule and roster. Nothing good besides mack and maybe derek carr slightly. At least the jaguars can play the titans, the raiders have to go through hell.

  6. I cant help but feel sorry for the guy. Who exactly did he have to coach. For the life of me i cant think of anyone talented on the team thats still in their prime except maybe Khalil Mack. Its one thing to be in rebuilding mode, but its another to have been there for three years and are seemingly only getting older and worse.

  7. Finally we can bring back Tom Cable !

    Who hires our next long term head coach ? Doesn’t Reggie have to go at seasons end ?

    Not resigning Jennings and Veldeer was as bad as bringing in the over the hill linemen and tender elbow qbs .

  8. So sad to see one of the NFL’s cornerstone franchises stripped of all dignity. No future home, no coach, no hope, just faded memories.

    Sell the damn team Tommy Boy!

  9. McKinzie’s personal, draft choices, free agent moves, and trades have been very questionable. I really hope McKinze’s the guy to take over but he’s hasn’t showed anything

  10. Raiders and Jon Gruden reunion 2015!

    Super Bowl Bound.

    Raiders 2015 Super Bowl Champ’s

    Jon Gruden Coach of the Year 2015

    Khalil Mack NFL Defensive Player of the year 2015

    Believe it.

  11. Oh man this sucks!!! Another reboot?? Not again with this endless coaching merry go round, I mean… oh hold up, this isn’t about my Browns? Never mind, carry on.

  12. Well back to the drawing board. Guess all we can hope for is another 3 years until we are competitive. When I say competitive I mean not losing by 20+ points.

  13. While the Raiders desperately need continuity this move needed to be done, Dennis Allen was 8-28 but the most damning stat .. he lost his 28 games by an average of 14.1 points.

  14. I wonder if this Terry Collins guy can put out a premature tweet saying that Doug Marrone of the Bills got fired?

  15. I don’t know if anyone can write this ship over the next 12 games. We are starring at the real possibility of 0-16

    You know who can turn around the raider…it’s TEBOW TIME!!!

  16. Nice, now they need to get this line backer thing figured out asap (Roach with a month old concussion and no healthy back ups) and get a new OC with some creativity! Reggie needs to get slapped in the mug with a dose of reality. Mark needs to start having some conversations in regards to a new candidate to “stir things up” and bring some competition to the GM spot.

  17. The Steelers are Marching. 7 rings. SFL 2015: restoring the game we created. says:
    Sep 29, 2014 11:45 PM
    Again, why was he hired? Why is McKenzie still there?


    Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

    In other words, before you get all high and mighty, we are all asking the same question of why the Steelers are still employing some of the most ineffective coaches in the NFL. Yesterday’s game was awesome, btw.

  18. The Bread Gobbling Nation can’t afford a big name, that is why they recycle players and coaches.

    Next Hire:

    1. Coco The Chimp

    2. Baby Huey

    3. The Cable Guy

    4. Art Shell

    5. Mike White

  19. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Sep 29, 2014 11:52 PM
    So sad to see one of the NFL’s cornerstone franchises stripped of all dignity. No future home, no coach, no hope, just faded memories.

    Sell the damn team Tommy Boy!


    I couldn’t agree more! We need to be free of the Davis family.

  20. Bring in Singletary the best Interim Head Coach in league history. We can keep the systems in place this team just needs a attitude adjustment and a kick in the ass.

    It’ll break conventional thinking, but we’re the Raiders we can do that.

    It’ll most likely be Sparano though. Dennis Allen will most likely replace Rob Ryan in New Orleans.

  21. Needed to happen.. No creativity no passion no obvious coaching skill.. Hopefully a replacement can come in and at least get us fighting in games instead of looking lost in the field..

    As for Reggie, he’s on thin ice.. Can’t be completely at fault there he’s brought in some potential gems, sio Moore, Gabe jackson, Justin Ellis, Derek Carr kalil mack, I say one more off season to evaluate then cut him loose if he fails

  22. This joke of a franchise is a serious candidate for contraction. Start from scratch in an actual NFL city. And no more ownership by the worst people to ever grace the league.

    Go Chiefs!

  23. I’m firm believer the they will sing chucky, I think he knows he has a good young qb waiting for him obviously a high draft pick to build up depth and are going to have 60 plus in cap space after they cut some of these bums. People don’t forget he’s old oc is on the staff already he’s can side right in

  24. Good Allen is out,and hopefully grape ape(Mckenzie) will be next,that dude was good with the cap,but is behind bad when it came the knowing talent. Eat some crow and hire Hue back,with Wade Phillips as his DC Raider Nation would love that.

  25. About time Reggie did the grocery shopping and he did poor job he had 60 mill to spend and whiffed big time he should go too Alan never had a chance with the constant turn over on that rooster finally continuity at the GM and coach spot and Reggie turned over the rooster every year with 9 -14 new starters every year not the way to build Reggie dumped every Al Davis pick and watched 90 % of them get picked up and make other teams roosters and left the raiders roster void of tallent . His poor decessions and poor drafting are to blame this years draft shows some promise but he whiffed badly his first two drafts dj Hayden really traded the number two pick for Hayden and a number three should have ben fired then he got schooled way short on the trade value chart . Everybody blames Al Davis really all the so called experts said draft Russell McFadden gallery huff McClain he took heyward bey they all said poor pick take Crabtree lokat him. Just can’t stay healthy poor performer . Al Davis rocked for thirty years can’t rain forever bring back GRUDEN competent and excellent motivator and he knows football. Pay him what ever he wants five years yes five years of a competent coach working with a competent GM I’m not sur Reegie m is that let Gruden make that call ..raider nation will be back. He Brady nice game you are just a overrated QB you were so bad tonight 5-6 turn overs ha ha ha . No moss no walker no all pro o line you are average and we all saw that today . Tuck this

  26. It’s an NFL job, so how can anyone offered it really so no?

    I saw Charles Woodson out there yesterday and said, “no wonder they are garbage.”

  27. Hey Raiders, gather ’round
    Listen to what I’m putting down
    Hey Raiders, Tim Tebow is your handy man

    He’s not the kind to use a pencil or rule
    He’s handy with wins and he’s no fool
    He fixes broken teams, you know that he truly can

    If your broken team should need repair
    Then Tebow is the man to see
    He’ll whisper sweet things, you tell all your friends
    They’ll come runnin’ to him

    Here is the main thing I want to say
    Tim Tebow’s busy 24 hours a day
    He fixes broken teams, you know that he truly can

    Come, come, come, come, come, come, come
    win, win, win
    Come, come, come, come, come, come
    Oh now they’ll come runnin’ to him

    Here is the main thing I want to say
    Tim Tebow’s busy 24 hours a day
    He fixes broken teams baby Tebow’s your handy man

  28. I’m sure Lane Kiffin would like to be a head coach again, seems like a Raiders type of move….

  29. Man i seriously feel for these raider fans that have to do with this garbage all the time . I think raiders fans will be a lot happier when Davis Family starts actively looking to sell the team

  30. #32





    Rolando McClain Version 1.0 > Rolando McClain Version 2.0


  31. With as high as the Raiders have been picking in the draft these past few years, there must be some pretty good raw talent for a new coach to work with.

    I always feel bad for the guy drafted by that mess of a team.

  32. I would guess the GM will go at years end. Unlike Al Mark seems the type to want a situation like they have in new England where a coach has control and is the one looking for the GM. Key here is thier financial situation , what can they afford. To bring in a big name and give them total control would be costly but at this point it may be the only option if the team has any chance of staying put.

  33. Need superstar coach with immediate respect. Get Gruden. Have to give him GM powers also. But Reggie has already punched his ticket to Green Bay long time ago.

  34. Throw the baby out with the bath water there’s nothing of value in that franchise from top to bottom.

    Sell the team, move it to Los Angeles, new ownership, new GM, new head coach, clean house tossing everyone over 30 years of age and start anew with youth.

    Can’t be any worse!

  35. Sparano should do real well if they give him that chance. I’m a phin fan, he was not a bad coach, we were at times not too shabby, with him. Wish him well, kindest regards , mandich way for life ev1

  36. ok now we look forward to our 6th Super Bowl appearance but we will win our 4th Lombardi trophy ..thats alot better than most teams in the NFL and thats after over a decade of losing…RAIDER NATION BABY!!

  37. Allen was paid something like 1.5M/year to coach the Raiders, and he coached like Denver was paying him 4M under the table.

  38. We are not even a real team anymore.

    The Raiders, despite their wining history and many hall of famers are a joke.

    Our stadium is a dump and has a dirt diamond in the middle of if right now.

    A big personality is required to light a fire under this team.

    If only John Madden were 40 years younger.

  39. what were we suppose to do haters, wait until we were 0-16, and coach allen was 8-40……..time will tell, but for now no other choice……and as far as some of those guys just showing up to get a check every sunday….all your butts should be next….bottom line you don’t deserve to wear silver and black…….unless you want actually show up and do you JOB!

    Go Raiders!

  40. There is not one single Champion of a Fantasy Football League that is not more qualified to run an NFL team than Reggie Mac. I understand it is hard to fire a GM midseason, but in this case he should be fired and replaced with almost any assistant GM in the league. The entire staff will be replaced by any new coach anyways. There is no coach on the planet that will work with Reggie. At least none that are not looking to cash their final check.

  41. Al Davis would be looking down from heaven with great pride that his son Mark is blessed with the instinct of when to fire.
    Well done, Mark. Dennis Allen failed and Raider Nation deserves better.

  42. The only person sane enough to take this job would be Hue Jackson. Did you see him cry on the field for God sakes. We need passion and all those reverses he use to do… And what about punch me silly Tom Cable?? The only emotion DA gave us is the lousy one finger when we do score. It was time…

  43. So, do they find some stiff cooling his heels out there or wait until the post-season is done to try and pilfer another coordinator. Best bet, find a guy like the Browns did, somebody that makes you go “who?”, those guys seem to be putting up some effort for Pettine. Admit you’re still building and go from there.

  44. Why did they ever get rid of Tom Cable? (And yes I know about his issues, but he was a tough guy, a leader and provided some level of inspiration and excitement). A hell of a lot better than the crap they have had since.

  45. Either Darrell Bevell or Dan Quinn would be a godsend and turn that team around quickly. I have a lot of respect for that Seattle. Any players the Seahawk’s cut would go directly to Oakland or Jacksonville and make those teams a lot better. As a 49ers fan I’d love for Oakland to take Greg Roman off the Niner’s hands but I don’t think they’re that uninformed.

  46. I love these comments about the revolving door. Seriously 3 years … Allen can only win 8 games and ZERO wins against teamw with a winning record and you think he sure still be coaching.
    LOL the 2 previous coaches won 8 games and were fired.

  47. “The Autumn Wind is a raider,
    Pillaging just for fun.
    He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
    And laugh when he’s conquered and won.”

    Man it’s sad to see such a story franchise be so crappy for so long. Another fired coach, another couple years rebuilding…

  48. Look you can blame Allen if you want but Reggie is the one that set this up. Reggie needs to go as much if not more than Allen!!!

    “mauiraider” – ??? We do NOT need Tony Dingy either.

  49. Raiders front office apologizes to Terry Collins for having to apologize to the Raider front office…

  50. Well, I see it’s time to update the following Raiders stat…

    In the past 10 NFL seasons the Raiders have the most losses and fewest wins of any NFL team.

    Let’s just go ahead and update this to the past 11 NFL seasons right now…

  51. trollingpatsfan says:
    Sep 29, 2014 11:43 PM
    What about Reggie McKenzie? He’s the one responsible for assembling that train wreck. Blowing 60M on free agents over 30? Wow.


    Agreed. This team should’ve been about developing young talent, not trying to save your job.

    Drafting has also been very spotty.

  52. Why do you fire a coach 4 games into a season.? The teams going to suck anyway so wait until the end of the season to fire the guy.

  53. “Raiders and Jon Gruden reunion 2015!

    Super Bowl Bound.

    Raiders 2015 Super Bowl Champ’s

    Jon Gruden Coach of the Year 2015

    Khalil Mack NFL Defensive Player of the year 2015

    Believe it.”


    I have some awesome beachfront property in Kansas I’m selling that i’m sure will interest you.

  54. If the raiders really wanted to take the next step and actually be a game above .500 for the season, they should bring in a hot hand vet. Just as the Vikings did with Favre (NFC Championship game). Just as the Broncos did with Manning, 2 AFC Championship games and a superbowl). Who knows Brady could be next. I’d highly suggest to bring in a big name QB who you know will win you games and you could deffinetly tell your potential from there. Just an idea is all.

  55. People who point to McKenzie really don’t get what he inherited when he took over. Has he had some bad moves YES. All GMS do!!!!! Look to his last draft the first full draft he had. It a early but looks good. Then pointing to his free agent signings. Who do you think wanted to sight with the Raiders be real. Those contract are genius. They can be terminated at any time. As long as they don’t fire him he will build this team up properly through the draft

  56. Looks like the AP initial reporting was far more accurate than originally thought. I’m so glad we got rid of that worthless piece of garbage that failed at being a winning coach.

    Now we need to get rid of that General Moron reggie mckenzie! He’s the ignorant moron who hired denise allen and he’s the fool who wasted so much money on such worthless talent, like staub. Maybe we could get Hue Jackson back.

    We also need new ownership! Time for snark davis to sell the raiders to a good owner who will bring our beloved raiders back to their historic winning ways. Look at how the Dodgers have prospered with new ownership.

  57. “What about Reggie McKenzie? He’s the one responsible for assembling that train wreck. Blowing 60M on free agents over 30? Wow.”
    I bet Reggie regrets leaving the Packers where he was so very valued by a winning orgnization to take a job that offered him more power and money,hey Reg,it aint always greener on the other side of the NFL hill is worry,as soon as you lose your job in Oakland the Packers still remember your fine work there and will probably call.

  58. It’s easy to crack jokes and most of the haters will.. fine, be childish. That said, I believe the fact that Dennis Allen was the first defensive minded coach the Raiders hired since John Madden and the defense failed to improve.. even slightly, was the straw that finally broke the camels back. You can all look at the talent and say the man had nothing to work with. And in a sense that’s true.. but overall, even the worst in the NFL should at least be competent to occasionally put up a fight. So far the only true fight this team put up this year was against a NE team that is showing it’s flaws against the rest of the NFL. Everyone thought the Raiders played up to the level of NE, but in truth, NE is now playing down to the level of the Raiders. Are the Raiders a worse team than NE? Yes, but not by much… NE may very well be looking at a 4-12 season…..

  59. Had to be done but who’s gonna walk into that house of horrors with matt Millen 2.0 at gm they need a total overhaul.

  60. It’s funny, but Dennis Allen only got that gig because of Tim Tebow. The 2011 Broncos were 1-4, destined for another 4-12 season. After going to the second round of the playoffs, John Fox was promoted as a Coach of the Year candidate, the defense was touted as phenomenal, and Allen got a spate of head coaching interviews. Mike McCoy’s profile was greatly raised, and Matt Prater was elevated to legendary status. The Broncos, now a contender, attracted the suddenly available Peyton Manning. Everyone said “it was in spite of Tebow, not because of him.”

    Yes, the defense and Prater DO deserve much credit, but against the Dolphins, Jets, Chargers, Vikings, and Bears, Tebow’s fourth quarter heroics cannot be objectively denied. Neither Kyle Orton nor 90% of other NFL quarterbacks have that “shine under pressure” gene. Timmy does.

  61. They should try to get Mike Tomlin away from Pittsburgh, and then continue to wander aimlessly.

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