Brady snubs Garoppolo after touchdown drive

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Tom is getting upset.

The man who said he’ll retire when he sucks but who didn’t retire immediately after Monday night’s suck-filled loss to the Chiefs wasn’t ready to embrace the man who replaced Brady following a pick-six that pushed the score of last night’s game to 41-7.

Via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Brady passed out plenty of high fives and other congratulations to offensive players following the seven-play, 81-yard scoring drive engineered by rookie Jimmy Garoppolo.  But Brady steered clear of Garoppolo.

It’s probably nothing personal against Garoppolo, even though he managed to immediately do something with the same offense that Brady has had a hard time doing anything with all year long.  A broader sense of frustration likely lingers for Brady given the decision to not use the second-round pick that landed Garoppolo on, say, an offensive lineman or a tight end.

Still, Brady isn’t playing well.  He has a career-low 79.4 passer rating and a career-low yards-per-attempt of 5.8.  While the situation can be blamed on any of the other 10 offensive players, franchise quarterbacks usually find a way to play well despite flaws in those around them.  Brady isn’t.

“Everything should be on the table now with Brady and the Patriots,” Volin writes, “if [coach Bill] Belichick truly wants to do what’s best for the team, as he constantly stresses.”

For Belichick, the real question becomes whether Brady gets special treatment given those 10, 11, and 13-year-old Super Bowl rings, or whether the head coach will rip the name off the back of the jersey and make a cold, dispassionate assessment of whether the current starter at the quarterback position should continue to be the starter, for the balance of 2014 and beyond.

Or maybe Belichick is just biding his time for another Mo Lewis moment.

207 responses to “Brady snubs Garoppolo after touchdown drive

  1. Belicheat is proving how much of a medicore coach he truly is. Can’t draft. Can’t coach. Can’t sign free agents. Can’t manage the cap properly. 40% win rate as a head coach without Brady.

    He would have been turfed in three years if he didn’t luck into Brady late in the draft. Look at that roster, the offensive line is a joke, the receivers are a joke, the linebackers are big and slow, the secondary is awful, the defensive line can’t stop anyone running the football.

    But hey “greatest coach of all time” “first ballot HoF coach” Sorry, maybe he’s deserving of an academy award for filming.

  2. Tom Brady sulking on the sidelines after playing another terrible game. What else is new? Sounds like Alex Smith didn’t feel bad for you either BRADY! You stole 3 rings so it looks good on you. Here some food for thought pats fans.@ Flash1287
    Tom Brady’s Stat line this year

    -Completion % 59.1 good for 27th in the league, and not much better than Tim Tebow’s career rating I might add.
    -Yards a game average is 198 good for 30th in the league.
    -Average per pass attempt is 5.77 which is second last in the league and just barely above rookie QB Derek Carr in Oakland LoL!
    -Touchdown Passes he has 4 which is good for 21st in the league EJ Manual has more and was just benched I might add, Ryan Fitzpatrick has more and even Ryan Tannehill has more Bwwahahahahaahahah.
    -Interceptions 2 is good for 21st in the league which is one stat you want to be low. With the multiple dropped picks against Oakland he really should be leading the league with 4 or 5.
    -Sacs 9 which is good for 7th in the league (this isn’t a good thing pats nation)
    -QB rating 79.1 which determines how well your playing the position there are only 3 QB playing worse at present moment and that’s Derek Carr, Geno Smith, and Jake Locker.
    -Fumbles he leads the league with 5 and also leads the league in fumbles lost with 3. Tom stop eating that popcorn bro! Them fingers are greasy!
    -3rd down % is 21 for 58 with a whopping 36% conversion rate. Which ranks 27th in the league and is absolutely pathetic.
    -This guy doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation as the best ever. He has a hard enough time winning an argument that he’s better than his back up. Tom Brady is Over rated and since being exposed as a fraud he proves game in and game out he’s a bottom 3rd of the league caliber QB. THIS GUY SUCKS!

  3. Belichick is the reason for Brady’s decline though.

    He’s taken away his weapons, depleted his O-line and surrounded him with mediocre defenses for the last 5 years.

    It’s too late for Brady now, he’s been hit so many times that he probably thinks he’s David Carr these days.

    But, ultimately, BB is responsible for wasting the prime years of Brady’s career by surrounding him with mediocrity.

    Both of them need to ride off into the sunset at the end of this season. Sadly, only one of them probably will. If he doesn’t get traded for a 7th rounder first.

  4. Yes, Garopollo put together a respectable drive in garbage time. However, the Chiefs were playing 10 yards off each receiver at that point and Andy Reid had dialed back all the exotic defensive schemes to go to a vanilla prevent defense.

    Great investigative reporting by Ben Volin, as who was getting high fives in a 41 – 14 loss is so telling.

  5. kc’s defense was playing to not get hurt, lets not read too much into that td drive. brady deserves to get an entire season before being put out to pasture. that team will go nowhere without him at the helm. with him, because of the tomato can division they play in, you can bet they’ll be hosting a playoff game.

  6. Obviously what Belichick is going to do is hire somebody to start flying drones above the practice field for the teams they are playing this year.

  7. Brady is a spoiled brat who only cares about himself. But even a Brady hater like myself is surprised by how shallow he really is. How do you not congratulate a teammate for scoring a TD? Brady needs to go.

  8. That’s how you want the leader of your team and the face of your franchise to act…

    Of 34 QB’s so far this season

    Tom is 29th in QB rating

    Tom is 27th in completion %

    Tom is 33rd in yards per attempt

    Tom is 30th in pass yards per game

  9. The most interesting thing in the game that happened after halftime. I’m surprised Arrowhead didn’t run out of beer the celebration lasted so long.

  10. Garoppolo looked good, but that was garbage time.

    Brady definitely needs to play way better. He looked sharp in the preseason, so I don’t know what changed. maybe he’s playing through an injury. In any case, the press can start a controversy, but Belichick won’t be taking Brady out quite yet. Brady will get a few more chances. They are 2-2. If they go 2-4 and Brady looks bad it might be hard not to do something.

    The defense was horrible last night too, which is an equally big concern.

    Brady now has his work cut out for him. The Bengals coming off a bye week while he is on a short week. They are arguably the best team in the league right now. If Brady rights the ship and gets a win after a loss as he normally does against a tough opponent at home, then he won’t be going anywhere. If he is bad again then Belichick will have his hands full. The Patriots can lose this one even if they play their best, so we’ll see what happens.

  11. It might just be the ime for the Diva Brady to “embrace the suck” and bow out gracefully…..

    Watch for Brady to have a “season ending injury” within the next 3 weeks if his horrid play continues against teams they should easily beat.

  12. I just want to make sure I’m understanding the point of this article. You want the pats to bench Brady for a rookie qb who played at the fcs level? And your justification is he scored a td in garbage time against the Chiefs.

    Can you become the packers gm? Please? Pretty please?

  13. Holy crap with all of the over reaction! Brady had the Pats in the AFCCG last year…AGAIN. Has he had a rough first four games this season? Absolutely. But to start talking about getting rid of him or benching him in favor of Jimmy is just ridiculous. I can’t even REMEMBER how many times over the last five years or so everyone has written Brady off, said he’s finished, he’s got nothing left, etc. And all he does is keep on putting up double digit win seasons, going to the playoffs, and/or going to the Super Bowl. I blame the Patriots management WAY more than Brady for these losses and subpar performances. People say us Pats fans are whining, but they really don’t give him any decent weapons to compete with. Like first and foremost, how about a true number one receiver for once. Look at what Brady did during the years that he had Randy Moss if you think I’m wrong. And the Pats have six days to fix that crappy offensive line (ironic since it was one of their main strengths for the last decade) or Brady and the Pats, but specifically Brady, are in BIG trouble this week when they play the Bengals.

  14. As a Dolphins fan who isn’t losing any sleep watching the NE ship slowly sink, Belichick should be getting the blame, not Brady. For years and years and years, he has gotten credit for trading back and stockpiling draft picks… But in reality his draft picks have been mostly terrible busts. He brings in past their prime free agents and players with troubled pasts. The second you choose not to agree to a crap deal to remain a Patriot, you get cut or traded.

    This coach is for some reason recognized as a “mastermind genius” but in reality Tom Brady is the only reason this team has been on top of the mountain for so long. Now that the talent well is almost completely dry and Tommy terrific has no time to throw and no one to throw to, you guys pile on Brady.

    It’s really time to start calling out the real problem in NE. Belichick is the most overrated coach in NFL history and his time riding Brady’s coat tail is coming to an end.

  15. No way he sits Brady. He only did last night because he knew the game was out of reach and didn’t want Brady to get hurt in garbage time. I’d be shocked if he benched Brady.

  16. The beginning of the end. Don’t worry Tom, all the great ones went through it. You’re just the next one in line.

  17. Brady is finding that the game is not that easy when you don’t consistently have the best o-line in the league.

    He looked like a rookie last night.

  18. Right. Because leading a garbage-time touchdown drive is totally indicative of skill level…

  19. I also keep thinking about Brady’s comment about playing until he sucks. He is not letting us down, as of now.

    However, you praise Garoppolo for doing something with the same offense Brady struggled with. By the time Garoppolo came in, wouldn’t it be possible that the defense was already easing off the pedal, which would explain his huge success?

    I can’t help but feel Brady needs to figure things out quickly before he finds himself traded for a 7th rd pick in 2023 and a box of Fig Newtons. Or, the equivalent of what the Pats received for Mankins.

  20. It’s the horrible coaching, horrible play-calling, and horrible roster management that is killing this team. They should have come out running last night on the road in a loud stadium. They should have gotten Brady a few decent receivers in the offseason. They shouldn’t have trade Logan Mankins. And the defense plays as 11 individuals, not a unit.

  21. “Via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Brady passed out plenty of high fives and other congratulations to offensive players following the seven-play, 81-yard scoring drive engineered by rookie Jimmy Garoppolo. But Brady steered clear of Garopolo.”

    So, after reading and writing he passed on plenty of high fives, you write “he steered cleared” of Jimmy? CMON man, the guy is a fierce competitor, full of fire, and knows he screwed up and how bad the game was. He was upset, visibly and rightfully so. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. We’re four games in, 2-2, and have a long way to go. Brady is fine, stop disrespecting the guy, and actually write an article about the Pats problems are more than just Brady. You know, like the coordinators and stuff

  22. Oh please, I’m not a Pats fan but Brady has been carrying that team for the last 4 years, he has a bad start to this season and we’re talking about how he needs to retire? Whatever, I’d still take that dude over 30 of the other QB’s in the league right now. Why don’t you give the guy, I don’t know, an O-line and see if things change a wee bit.

  23. One touchdown drive does not put Garoppolo on the same level as Brady. Tom has put this team on his back with little help for too long. Defense gave up a lot of points too last nite and expecting Tom to put up 40 -50 points with what he has to work with asking too much.

  24. Brady isn’t playing well, but a lot of that has to do with his line sucking and lack of reliable targets. The O-Line is EVERYTHING for a QB. When the Patriots line doesn’t protect him, he doesn’t play well. Same for Manning. Same for Rodgers. The only QB that played well through a bad O-Line, I hate to say, is Big Ben. When the Ravens were 8-8 last year, a lot of the finger pointing went to Flacco. Our line was terrible last year. This year it’s better and he’s having a great start to the season, as Steve Smith is going off for a lot of yards. That’s not a coincidence. Get Tom Brady a better line if you want him to be Tom Brady.

  25. Nothing better then watching Belicheat and Tammy get humiliated on national tv…

    Hey Tammy, remember what you said earlier this season, when you suck you’ll retire, well…tick tock

  26. As a Dolphin fan I’m sure I could speak for the rest of the AFC East fanbase, It’s about freaking time!!!!!!

  27. The rookie led a TD drive while his team was down 41-7..i am going to guess the chiefs starting defense was on the bench..

  28. I’ve seen Bill bench a QB for “diminishing skills”. I don’t think Brady is there yet, bit I sure wouldn’t rule it out or be surprised when it happens.

  29. Bill is gonna trade him just like he did Bledsoe… that’s always been his plan. You can get a lot out of a vet like Brady and if Garoppolo is good enough to take the helm then you might as well get what you can. Garoppolo is the future and Bill knows it well. Trade Brady, acquire new OLinemen, move into the future.

  30. That’s cold Tom!

    Remember, Mr Hoodie told Bernie in Cleveland he had “Diminishing Skills” and then was cut.

  31. With Mike Dumbturdi on board to help with personnel decisions it is difficult to believe that he will make the right choice, whatever it is!

  32. It’s amazing how so many of these quarterbacks, even seemingly very standup guys, are so competitive that they refuse to encourage their likely successors. When guys like Chris Chandler and Brett Farve acted like jerks to the young stars behind them, that was more expected.

    However, the most “out of character” to me was Steve McNair. Here his team was eyeing Vince Young, who was supposedly like a son to McNair and had been for years. True, the Titans’ owner was falling all over himself behind the scenes to draft the kid. Mac no doubt picked up on that. But then for Steve to come out in 2006 and publicly say he refused to mentor his future replacement? What in the world? … Of course, then the Titans overreacted and literally locked McNair out of the team’s facility “out of concern for injury obligations.”

  33. If I were a Pats fan, I’d say it’s time for a change of scenery…..Belichick(especially) and Brady have both gotten stale and maybe it’s time for something new.

    It was brutal(trying) to watch both of them after the game last night and the reporters asking the questions just seemed to be going through the motions…..

  34. Patriot obliteration. KC is much improved they have the ship righted now, and RB’s are punishing. No big secret that the Pats D line is awful and we all knew it before season began. How much difference did Revis make last night – uh zero, but hey you go ahead and pay him $12 mil.

    Jets will do the same in 2 weeks on Thurs night running the ball down the Pats throats, you can make book on that missy.

  35. Tom Brady is playing the worst football of his career right now. He has every reason to be upset. I am sure looking over his shoulder at a young and talented player who is being groomed as his replacement only adds to his bad feelings towards his current situation. But such is the nature of the NFL. Nothing lasts forever and the game is unforgiving. If the Patriots have proven anything over the past decade it’s that they are not afraid to move on from an aging player when the time is right regardless of what they have accomplished in the league. I don’t think Brady is done just yet but it will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of years.

  36. You guys are talking out of both sides of your mouth. TB is not the problem. All this talk of the New England’s run being over is just stupid. Look at their division. The problem is not the QB. I do think it is interesting for a player in the twilight of his playing days, to make predictions of length of playing days, and then not winning. Just four games folks, everyone calm down!

  37. I don’t think it has to do specifically with being benched; Brady always turns into a pouty crybaby when he loses. He’ll gloat for 45 minutes at the podium after a win, but walk off after two after a loss.

  38. The Pats were given their titles if you recall. Tuck rule, cheating and a lukcy kicker. Brady is over-rated and a complete sissy on the field. Jimmy G will be the man.

  39. i would love to write the Pats off as not making the playoffs…. BUT, when ur competition is Tannehill, Orton, and Geno… they are still the Favorite, smh

    8-8 Wins that division

  40. QBs like Brady fall off a cliff at some point. Happened to Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Jim Kelly too. I’m not ready to pull the plug on him yet by any means, and this season is FAR from lost, but it can’t be dismissed that he might be done.

    -Pats fan

  41. Brady has done this b4 to young qb’s who beat him ie: Dalton. How he handles a loss is not his best quality.

  42. Brady has always had poor sportsmanship. It was visible when he was a winner, and it really stands out now that he is a loser.

  43. “Biggest cry baby ever!! Your time is over New England!!! Get use to it. Get use to the losing.”

    The Patriots were terrible last night but they are 2-2, As for Brady, he has the best winning percentage of any QB in NFL history (except for Otto Graham who had a short career that ended 60 years ago). He’s undefeated against seven teams, but most dominant against the Buffalo Bills – he’s 21-2 against them.

  44. Brady is loosing the game, isolates himself on bench doesn’t support backup qb.
    Cam Newton puts a towel over his head if he’s winning or loosing and celebrates like a kid when anyone does good….. he’s either a immature baby or he’s trying to draw attention to himself by celebrating too exuberantly~just sayin~

  45. What goes around comes around. Just like Drew Bledsoe getting passed over for Brady when his days were over, Brady’s time has come too.

    Stop whining like a child and be thankful you have a smoking hot wife and millions of dollars.

  46. Patriots trolls are loving this. But, in reality all Pats fans knew that this time would come. Brady is human, and when your skill set starts to deteriorate, you need receivers that will compliment that.

    Some of the routes that the Pats receivers ran yesterday were bad. Lafell looked like the only guy out there who was hungry for the ball. I am sure we have all watched Patriots games where Brady has played much better, and has been way more frustrated. To me, it was almost as if Brady was expecting this from the receivers.

    On top of that, I truly feel that Mankins deal is killing their offense. Solder looks putrid out there. He almost had Brady killed several times yesterday.

    Its 4 games so far, and people are writing off Brady, which IMO makes me laugh.

  47. As a Bengals fan I’m a little concerned that they come out Sunday night and start to turn things around. I’ve seen the Patriots win too many games to count them out already. Hope I’m wrong and the Bengals finally show up in prime time games.

  48. In this Broncos fan perfect world,Denver wins the Super Bowl P.M retires and the Pats continue to struggle and decide to make way for a new Q.B and Elway aka the Q.B whisperer brings Brady to Denver.Hey a fan can Dream!

  49. Pats fans your math is off. The real question is, what was Brady’s career winning percentage when they didn’t tape the other teams practices and know their signals. #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #wilsoniselite

  50. This is reminiscent of the way Bret Favre treated Aaron Rodgers by refusing to even say hello to the young rookie and then refusing to mentor him at all for the next three years

  51. The gallery sounds pretty excited. We’ll see where things stand around week 12 or so before burying the Patriots.

    Me personally, I think they should start Jimmy for a game. Brady needs to pick it up or sit, not that last night’s result was on his shoulders. The whole team sucked equally except Slater on special teams.

  52. Brady understands that his days are numbered. He did celebrate the TD with anyone who came by…but Grappolo didn’t happen by. for the most part…no one was within 20 feet of Brady.

    Good play by KC……totally outplayed the Patriots. The Patriots would have looked a little better if they had been wearing clown suits.

    Now to all the haters (and we know you would be out in force after that awful display) don’t count the Patriots out just yet. They will right this ship.

  53. Brady is the least of their problems. Don’t worry Tom. Elway will come and get you when Manning is done.

  54. @tigerlilac… don’t even try to discredit Otto Graham. In ten seasons, he got his team to the championship game all ten times and won seven of them.


    Brady is a legend, but I can’t stand when guys like him refuse to help the young guys coming in. This sounds like the story where Brett Favre went on record saying he wouldn’t help Aaron Rodgers learn the ropes in the NFL. I’m all for competitive spirit, but that kind of attitude is just selfish and detrimental to the team.

  55. Painful game, but he wasn’t the only bad player out there. It’s hard to win or even tackle when your DBs can’t turn around without falling on their asses.

  56. Too soon to count Brady or the Pats out.
    He and they may be, but let’s give it a few more games before scheduling the funeral, or not.

  57. Brady can no longer carry no name WR’s on his back and make the offense click to make his garbage OC (McDaniels) look good.

    The Patriots dressed only three WR’s last night Edelman, Amendola and Lafell. That is a horrible decision that needs more scrutiny. I like Edelman, and think he’s a fine player, but if he’s your best offensive weapon, your in trouble.

    The Patriots drafted an athletic 6’3″ WR Aaron Dobson in the second round in 2013. He’s a promising young WR that they need to play and develop. Yet he’s been a healthy scratch for 3 of 4 weeks. HOW DO THEY JUSTIFY THAT?!?! Same goes for Thompkins, they stuck by these guys through growing pains last season, so how about letting the make the next step and develop?

    The reason is McDaniels would rather trot out one of “his” guys, Amendola, who has sucked since day 1. Amendola is a McDaniels guy and I blame McDaniels for convincing Belichick that Amendola could just step in and be the new Wes Welker.

    McDaniels has been a total failure anytime he hasn’t had Brady in his prime. Here’s any idea Josh, your O line is a joke, you have no WR’s, how about dumbing it down and getting back to basics by establishing the run and letting the pass and play action develop from there. That’s all this offense can handle right now. They need to scale everything back until the O line can prove they can block and they let there true WR’s play.

    Next week’s WR’s should be Dobson, Thompkins, Lafell, Edelman.

    If I see them try to throw one more bomb up the sideline to Edelman, I’m going to dropkick my TV.

  58. Tom Brady is trade bait now.

    The Bills will give you there 2016 first and second round picks before Pegula takes control.

    Of course that deal means the Bills are still on the losing end of a trade, again.

  59. As Pats fans know deep down….Brady was nothing more than a system qb, not elite. Even Cassle came in for a year and played just as well. Fact.

    Bill was a genius but hubris got in the way, and the cheating paved wins. Owner and Goodell covered it up, should both have been banned.

    You see why everyone outside of beantown doesn’t like the Pats. *

  60. No offensive line no receivers and a mediocre defense. yeah it’s Brady’s fault.

    Im a KC fan by the way and loved the beat down.

  61. I agree. Brady sucks, but everyone saying this is the end for the Patriots got it wrong. This is another beginning. Jimmy can spin it. He’ll will win us a superbowl.

  62. We’ve all know Lord Manning is the greatest of all time.

    Brady has had 3 All Pro years and a bunch of solid years.

    He is a whiner.

    He is half as talented as Lord Manning.

    He has been truly bad for a season and a quarter.

  63. Seeing Brady sulking on the sidelines while the Pats were getting thumped by the Chiefs makes me feel warm all over.

  64. It started last year. Brady has lost a couple of steps. He won’t be replaced immediately, but the end is near. Garrapalo taking over with this team won’t get them any closer to their goal, which is the Super Bowl. It’s simply a bad team on both sides of the ball. Brady covered that up for about 5 years and no longer can. Garrapalo won’t be able to do that right now, and it would be unfair to ask him to.

  65. I’m not a Patriots fan and not one who worships at the Brady alter. Two things, though. First, if anyone believes for a second that right now Garopolo gives the Pats a better chance of winning games than Brady does, you are basing that opinion on one drive, which is crazy. Second, if anyone has earned a little bit of latitude and the opportunity to atone for a slow start to the season, it is Brady.

  66. Pats fan here…actually enjoying all the comments. So much hate! Can’t blame anybody. It’s been a while since we’ve seen our team in this kind of shape, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle it.

    Psyched to get Brandon Browner on the field next week, and I have a hard time believing that THIS is what the offense is going to be for the entirety of the next three months.

    Maybe this is the entitled Pats fan in me, but I still can’t help but think they’ll find a way into the playoffs and past wild card weekend…

    …though for now it is LAUGHABLE they they’re GIVING the Bengals 3 points next Sunday.

  67. Here’s an idea… Let’s take away all his weapons & then blame Brady… Put him on the Redskins & we will score 35 ppg… It’s not Brady’s fault that the only household names on his team are at TE & a slot receiver… He has nobody to stretch the field & hasn’t since Moss left. Not to mention the only other major mismatch they had is in a prison cell.

  68. Trading back and acquiring picks when you always pick at the end of a round is a solid strategy. But, there comes a time when you have to then bundle those picks and move up for an impact player or two.

    Quantity is not always better than quality.

  69. The Patriots are playing at home this week against Cincinnati. They may be 3.5 favorite, but the 3 point line for the home team is basically a pic’um line. Win or lose, let’s see how Brady does. They are rated 30th in passing yards. That has to make you wonder.

  70. On the serious note… Like I stated earlier the Patriots made a lot of Lateral moves while everyone else around them were getting better and taking forward steps… but expect Bill to adjust and for the Patriots to right the ship if not this year than the next…Indeed…

  71. Why are all the NE fans saying “it’s only one game”? Didn’t they suck against the Fins four weeks ago? Didn’t they almost lose to the Raiders if not for an 300-lb D-Lineman getting a pick 6 last week?

    Seems to me that’s three games they looked pretty bad in.

  72. 10 years ago? That’s nothing. Skins fans still think of themselves as being an elite team based on 20-year old seasons.

  73. That’s the biggest endorsement Garoppolo could have ever asked for. If Tom were all buddy buddy with him, he’d know he wasn’t a threat.

  74. He has no weapons…..seems to be the theme here. So, be smart and recognize that Bill needs to go. He failed to build a team, 10 straight years now. Wake up pats fans, this is the real problem and it gets ignored.
    Bill is well past his prime. *

  75. I’m not a patriots fan at all, but I will say this that dude has zero talent around him Gronk is still coming back from a blown knee and amendola and edleman are slot receivers at best but they don’t have any one to stretch the field. Pats traded away there best lineman for a young tight end they don’t use. Roster decisions on that team are sketch as of late.

    From a Colts fan.

  76. Reflects why everyone outside of NE fans dislike the guy. I wonder if Teddy Bruschi is still calling them the “Odds on favorites to win the Superbowl!”. Those SB rings are getting tarnished Belecheat!

  77. ben volin is terrible. He is in the long list of media members who revel in the patriots misery because the team doesnt give them stories. A unique trait of the boston media. They are most gleeful when their teams lose.

  78. I love it how they mention how time won super bowl rings 10, 11 and 13 years ago. It would of been better if they mentioned that they haven’t won since that got busted on cheating.

  79. brady is washed up , revis is washed up, the coaching and gm are washed up, your draft picks over the years is horrible. all your superbowls are tainted with asterisks. the refs helped the patriots beat the raiders because of 9/11 plus their the ”patriots”, everybody unite and be patriotic, rams and eagles superbowl they got away with their cheating ways because the country was still recovering from 9/11. no respect for the patriots. cheaters and frauds.

  80. Sadly, the Brees/Manning/Brady era seems to be coming to a close.

    Manning has always been an overrated sack of garbage, and Brady never won a Super Bowl without Spygate. Brees has been playing well in the second halves of games, but it’s too little, too late.

  81. Brady is his prime never liked getting hit. He’s a rythym passer. Shame on the Pats for not investing in their O line. Their recent drafts have been sub par.

  82. Brady did suck last night. That’s obvious,but you have to consider that the o-line stinks,they traded away Mankins,they let Welker get away,and they haven’t got any real receiving weapons except for Gronk and Edelman. You can’t throw a pass if you’re on your butt and there’s not many guys to throw to. The snub of Garappolo sucked too. Bad night all around,but we as Pats fans are spoiled.

  83. Truth is when Brady had those great years with little or no known receivers he had a great O-line. Brady is no less a qb than he was then but even the lowliest qb can find a receiver when given 5-8 seconds. For some reason instead of replacing aging vets, they retire or get traded away for draft picks that just sit accumulating year after year. Time to lose the 14 draft picks every year and start acquiring people to protect whoever they put back there. Fact is, when Brady is rushed, like the Ravens did to defeat him, he is just average Tom and marries some girl from West Virginia, give him protection, he’s great and marries a supermodel. (Had to work her in somehow).

  84. Breaking news…Tom Brady is a jerk. Now that his SB rings have hit puberty, perhaps it’s time to stop acting like he can do no wrong.

  85. I’m starting to wonder if Brady ran into the same brick wall that McNabb hit a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve seen him play much worse, from a physical or mental standpoint. The decisions weren’t even good, like trying to squeeze a short pass into traffic that could have been intercepted on 3rd & 3, when there was 5 yards of open space to run and slide. Poor read- take what they give you.

  86. I hate the Pats as much as the next guy but this is a little crazy. Garoppolo got that TD in garbage time– he looked good, sure, but he wasn’t getting plastered all game and it is clear the Pats have nothing around Brady. Give him a half-Calvin Johnson and a halfway decent line and he’d be great again. Edelman and Amendola are slot guys at best. Like noted football expert Giselle said, Tom cannot throw the ball and catch the ball.

    I also have to agree that the Pats’ personnel moves have been deeply suspect across the board.

  87. I’m a Jets fan and I have to say this is ridiculous.

    Tom Brady is one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. It makes me physically sick to say that, but it’s true. He has had a slow start to the season and now we’re ready to start considering benching him?

    Tom Brady who led the Pats to a 12-4 record the past two seasons?

    Tom Brady who will likely be 5th All-Time in passing yards by the time this season is done?

    Tom Brady who, in 12 full seasons, has only had ONE season with fewer than 10 wins (2002)?

    There’s a mini QB controversy….because of four unBrady-like games (in which he still has 4TDs to 2 Ints)??? Why? Because a rookie came in and had good stats in garbage time when the Chiefs were not playing not to get injured?

    When will we learn patience?

    Anyway, as a Jets fan (*tears*) I would love for the Pats to do something idiotic like benching the best player in franchise history four games into the season.

  88. What Garoppolo managed to do in the waning moments of a blowout was score a mop-up TD. Those of us who’ve been watching football more than five minutes have seen hundreds of backups score thousands of mop-up TDs in the closing minutes when their teams had no chance of winning. It’s extremely common in college ball.

    Sure, Brady should have retired after this one bad Monday night game. And Peyton should have retired after that sucky Super Bowl. Heaven knows, one bad game is the end of the line.

  89. No one addresses the elephant in the room. Brady is a great QB with one huge requirement. He must have a great Left Tackle. Matt Light was the best. Nate Solder, #77, is a complete bust as a pass blocker.

    Brady will not be great, again, as long as #77 is there.

  90. What a great day it is. I have been waiting for this moment ever since these guys won their first Superbowl with the aid of bad officiating. The demise of the Patriot “Dynasty” is OFFICIALLY underway and I hope it’s a long, slow burn too. couldn’t happen to a better bunch of guys.. Tom Brady is completely done. He looks awful, his arm is shot. The way he looks Garappolo will have his job by mid season. Cause you know Belichick has ZERO loyalty to his players… is the PATRIOT WAY after all. He will cast tom Brady to the curb just like he did the other pro bowl/HOF players he coached.

    What a beautiful day.

  91. Yea go ahead and put the kid in there and I guarantee he will be in a body cast before the end of the season… the kid throws a TD pass when the Chiefs are in prevent nothing defense up 41-7 and this clown wants to bench Brady lol….

  92. Before they play the Vikings game I’ve already said the Patriots are a declining team and Vikings would have won the game if not for Cassel’s ints+if Vikes had AP, he would have run all over those Pats D.

  93. Long live Tom Brady. Flacco has owned him for several years. I want the party to continue.

    In other news..The rest of the AFC East has a contender in the irrelevant category.

  94. Aaah, the bitter decline of an aging star. How sad. Not really. The time has come for old Tommy Boy to fade away on the sidelines and hold a clip-board for his replacement, just like Drew Bledsoe once did for him.

  95. Wow…The emperor has no shoes.

    Actually he has no arm to make a deep pass, no mobility, no Offensive Line to open up passing lanes to throw short passes over the middle, and no Wes Welker to cover up the inadequacies.

  96. Fact is, moves Belecheck used to make and worked so well, have turned on him. The loss of Welker, Morehead and Mankins ripped out some heart and soul. Plus at age 37, Brady is getting old. Just like life, everything is a big circle. I remember when the Pats were horrible, I watched them when they got real good and now they are on the edge of going back down.

  97. Belicheck already knew what I knew, but most Patriot fans wouldn’t admit. Tom Brady hasn’t been good for the last two years. Belichek needed to speed up the cleansing process, so he got rid of Mankins.

    He should have been more direct and had Brady break up the wedge on kickoffs.

  98. I had a hard time finding Garagedoor in the huddle. He looked like a running back. That is likely a good thing for the Patriots during this QB controversy stage.

  99. Classic Tom. He’s been this way for many years yet the media just chooses to ignore his immature ways because he helped win a few superbowls a decade+ ago.

    It’s also getting tiresome how most of the media just blames everyone else for his poor play so far this season and most of last season. When he does well you never see the media giving credit to those around him so why do they get the blame for him sucking? It’s idiotic to imply that when one guy does well it is all him and when he does poorly it is everyone else. NO other player in the NFL gets this biased treatment.

  100. What a total whine-ass! I mean I knew the guys was a complete panty-waist anyway but you can’t show your young QB, who you’re supposed to be mentoring, a little love with being able to make SOMETHING out of nothing, with the same squad that you played with all day!?! Someone needs his diaper changed!

    By the way Tom, you said you’d play until you suck! So when the press conference dude?

  101. AMAZING to read the envy, jealousy and simple vitrol about a three time SB winning QB, and his HC and team.
    Lot of small minds with poor memories out there.
    TB and the Pats have played amazing football for years, after Spygate. Give credit where credit is due.

  102. Once upon a time BB cut then franchise qb Bernie Kosar mid-season and stated at a press conference it was” due to his production and diminishing physical skills”. And then of course, there was Bledsoe.

    I get where the speculation is coming from, but the only way that happens here is if Brady pulls a Moss and gives up on the team, and I can’t imagine him doing that.

    As long as he is healthy he CLEARLY is the best qb on the roster. The Pats have a lot of issues, but outside of the first half of the Raider game, qb play isn’t one of them.

  103. It isn’t about being a cry baby, Tom is a competitor and I’m sure he’s more frustrated with his own play than anyone else’s. It’s real easy to talk smack behind a screen though, good on you guys.

  104. Brady’s in decline but its not all his fault. He has a mediocre o-line, no solid every down back, no outside WR’s, and an oft injured TE. The only reliable every week weapon he has is a slot receiver who is good for catching short passes but can’t go downfield. Gronk is a hell of a talent but he is often hurt and even when he is healthy, teams double team him since they have no other weapons. Dobson, Amendola, LaFell, & Thompkins all disappear. Vereen is a pretty good receiving back and 3rd down back but he is not an every down guy. Ridley is so unpredictable you can’t trust him to be an every down guy.

    It lands on the Pats for not gettting him any weapons. He should be raising hell since they have brought no star WR in since Randy Moss.

    On another note, Brady is just going through what all aging QB’s go through. A few down years and then he will bust out with a great year and that will be it.

  105. For years all we heard that Tom made everybody better especially the recievers. Now we here how Tom has no one to throw to no running game and no defense. Ok Tom I have the secret for your game and here it is. Go watch tape of Dan Marino because he never had a Randy Moss he never had a running game and he never had a defense and he never had an excuse!!! Now that you don’t either all you do is play terrible and sulk all Marino did was throw record numbers in a much harder environment. Watch his tapes and talk with him he will teach you how to be a real quarterback!!!

  106. Very enjoyable game last night.
    Still laughing about it.
    Hopefully this is the way the Pats are going to stay for a long time.

  107. RIP to whoever gave up their soul for Boston Sports.

    You think it’s over in Beantown? Please.

    Bruins still at the top of their game. Cup favorites already.
    Pats having one bad 12 don’t think if this turns into a completely bad one that the Pats retool again…like 2007?
    Sox will be contenders next year.
    Celtics will suck for a while.

  108. I’m no Pats fan but they’re not helping Brady. Tearing his o-line apart, trading one of the best players. Neutral fans would have a tough time naming two Pat receivers.

    When Moss was there Brady was on Fire, since then its like Bellichik wants to prove he can win with unknown young WR’s or something. Brady’s in the final few years of his career, sign a decent receiver for him.

    Remember what Bellichik did with Bernie Kosar at Cleveland ? I wouldnt be surprised if the Pats cut ties with Brady in the next year so Bill can ‘prove’ he can win without him. He has a history of cutting/trading big name players before they decline, be interesting to see if Brady is next. I presume due to his contract it would be difficult though

  109. What a bunch of pansies you people seem to be. Big deal he didn’t hug him. boo frickin hoo. Someone said something about him being the next coach at the UofM. Why would he want to be coach at THE University of Minnesota? Besides we have Kill, we like him. Some ridiculous things said on here in other places as well. Marino didn’t have great receivers? Maybe donschmidt needs to go “look at the tape” some more. No tape needed for me. I actually have a memory, believe it or not. He had some great ones.

  110. While it’s still a QB-driven league, the era of elite-QB, but not much else teams being dominant is coming to an end. NE, GB, NO come immediately to mind.

    Over several years, defenses have adjusted in a couple ways. Schematically, they are playing less cover-2, which top QBs can pick apart easily, and more press-man coverage and hybrid schemes that make reads more difficult, get receivers off their routes, and force the QB to hold the ball a little longer, increasing the likelihood of pressure/sacks. It also puts more emphasis on having receivers that can get open, rather than a QB who can read a defense and make a quick decision and throw.

    Secondly, the skill-sets of defensive pass personnel are catching-up to the passing offenses. Better pass defending DBs, quicker, more athletic LBs, and DEs, and even DTs that are better in pressuring the pocket.

    All of that puts more emphasis on having a more complete team, and not just a top QB with a serviceable supporting cast. You can’t be one-dimensional on offense and weak on defense and expect to get too far anymore.

  111. I look forward to Tommy proving you all wrong… This ain’t the first time he had a bad game… He always seems to bounce back …

    Although he killed me the last four weeks … my fantasy team is 3-1 with him as my starter… go figure. (BTW I did cut him yesterday)

    I have witnessed one of the great runs in the history of the NFL … up there with the 60′ packers, 70’s Steelers, 80’s Niners, 90′ cowboys…

    Tom Brady and 00’s Pats … !!! Greatest 10Plus years in NFL history… Long long one of the greatest to ever to play the game.

  112. Nobody plays well behind a porous O-line, not even Tom-Terrific.
    They better win the rest of their divisional games though because I don’t see any non-division games where they will be favored.

  113. It’s not surprising that the Patriots won’t admit that they are a team in decline…
    But you would hope that their fans could be objective enough to be able to admit it.

  114. Brady is a super model of inflated ego, diminished medicore play. Pats won SB 36 on FG at the gun following Rams prevent-nothing “defense.” Kurt Warner goes into HOF when Brady retires, then sucks more!

  115. Belicheat is way over rated as a head coach i wont say anything bad only because he has family but wow all i do is shake my head whenever he talks and the credit he gets just for being lucky Brady let him tag along for super bowls …If he goes to hall of fame its real shame other people who are more deserving aint in..

  116. Trade him and a late round pick to the Bears for Cutler. I think Tom can do something with Marshall, Jeffrey, Forte and Bennett.

  117. The secret is out. The New England front office is not good at selecting talent in the NFL draft. Sure they accumulate picks well, but how many stars do they draft? They’ve been trying to fix the defense and WR corps through the draft for double digit years now. The front office ruined a large chunk of Brady’s prime.

  118. I think most teams would kill for doing things the ‘Patriot Way’. 3 Superbowls and 2 more should have been Super Bowl victories speaks for itself. Nuff said.

  119. rob471773 says: Sep 30, 2014 9:29 AM

    Brady can no longer carry no name WR’s on his back and make the offense click to make his garbage OC (McDaniels) look good.

    The Patriots dressed only three WR’s last night Edelman, Amendola and Lafell. That is a horrible decision that needs more scrutiny. I like Edelman, and think he’s a fine player, but if he’s your best offensive weapon, your in trouble.

    The Patriots drafted an athletic 6’3″ WR Aaron Dobson in the second round in 2013. He’s a promising young WR that they need to play and develop. Yet he’s been a healthy scratch for 3 of 4 weeks. HOW DO THEY JUSTIFY THAT?!?! Same goes for Thompkins, they stuck by these guys through growing pains last season, so how about letting the make the next step and develop?

    The reason is McDaniels would rather trot out one of “his” guys, Amendola, who has sucked since day 1. Amendola is a McDaniels guy and I blame McDaniels for convincing Belichick that Amendola could just step in and be the new Wes Welker.

    McDaniels has been a total failure anytime he hasn’t had Brady in his prime. Here’s any idea Josh, your O line is a joke, you have no WR’s, how about dumbing it down and getting back to basics by establishing the run and letting the pass and play action develop from there. That’s all this offense can handle right now. They need to scale everything back until the O line can prove they can block and they let there true WR’s play.

    Next week’s WR’s should be Dobson, Thompkins, Lafell, Edelman.

    If I see them try to throw one more bomb up the sideline to Edelman, I’m going to dropkick my TV.
    You are now witnessing before your eyes what happened to Sam Bradford when McDaniels was his OC.

  120. This article is about a high five that never happened?

    Give me a break. Brady was moping pretty hard, but it’s not his job to be a cheerleader.

    I’m the last thing from a Patriots fan, but I will acknowledge that they have completely tied Brady’s hands from letting Wes Welker walk to letting Mankins go, the organization has inadvertently sabatoged him for the sake of “preparing for life without him”. It’s not a good place to be for Tom Brady.

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