Mark Davis fires the guy who really wasn’t to blame

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The worst-kept, stutter-stepped secret in the NFL came to fruition last night, with Raiders owner Mark Davis reacting to an ugly London loss by dumping his third-year head coach, Dennis Allen.

But how much of the team’s horrific performances over the past two-plus seasons can be pinned on Allen?  Was it Allen who threw away $6.5 million guaranteed on Matt Flynn?  Was it Allen who wasted another $8 million on Matt Schaub?

Was it Allen who presided over the gradual deterioration of the roster and, in many respects, the entire franchise over the last decade?

If Allen deserves to go, so does G.M. Reggie McKenzie.  And if they bear blame for the current mess, so does the late Al Davis, who stubbornly refused to step aside from running the football operation in the latter years of his life.  While the elder Davis earned with decades of excellence the privilege to continue in the captain’s chair for as long as he wanted, the younger Davis needs to realize that the problems run far deeper than a head coach who made the best batch of chicken salad he possibly could, given a list of ingredients that includes wasted draft picks and overpriced free agents whom no one else wanted.

So go ahead, Mark, and pursue Jon Gruden.  Hell, try to hire Tom Flores or John Madden.  Maybe Art Shell would come back for a third tour of duty.  Without major changes to the football operations and a dramatic infusion of talent, it won’t matter.

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  1. I would seem to agree but these are the people allen wanted also. I agree allen was only a small part of the problem reggie is the biggest problem. It does help Allen wasnt getting the best out of his players and to be a defensive mind the defense didnt get any better.

  2. Just wait until they make Tony Sparano interim coach. Get ready for field goals, and a lot of ra ra like the Dolphins had to put up with. 8/28 he deserved firing sooner, that’s a terrible record for 3 years.

  3. Why would Jon Gruden sacrifice the safety of the media booth for an “absolutely no-chance for success in Oakland head coaching job”? Why would anyone take it?

  4. I’ll take Tom Cable. He wasn’t ready before as he hadn’t been around a winning program before so he didn’t have a winning formula. He’s ready now though.

    Dennis Allen’s problem is that he doesn’t know how to hire a coaching staff. Greg Knapp and Olsen have gotten Head Coaches fired everywhere they’ve been. What did he think would happen to him. He had a chance to hire a OC like Norv Turner..that should have been the hire. Norv Turner made my boy Jimmy Johnson look good, he made Mike Nolan look good, he even made that Browns offense look good last year..he would have made Dennis Allen look good.

    Oh well. Tables turned, lessons learned. See you in New Orleans next year D Allen. Get that Saints defense straight.

  5. I am pretty disappointed that they gave up on this coach with so much contract time left instead of putting the onus on the GM who built this team to work with this coach and help him wherever he feels he needed the help, and if he can’t succeed in that then he’s not the right GM for the team.

    Answers to this test:

    1) Not much
    2) No
    3) No
    4) No

    And I think Jon Gruden would be a good replacement hire. He would be exciting and inspirational for the limited time before he gets wrecked in the same way Dennis Allen did. If not Gruden, then my second choice would be to hire Dennis Allen back.

  6. Sure DA wasn’t the only one to blame. But he sure proved he could not make basic coaching adjustments or even be competitive. He definitely needed to go.

  7. I’ve said this time and time again. Reggie McKenzie put this sorry team together, he should be the first one to go. We had $60 million to spend…and we got who!?!?!?

  8. You’re blind if you don’t think they have talent on the roster. They need someone to guide that talent. DA was not that someone.

  9. Well duh. Allen took on a tough job but no excuses. Did he ever get the team to beat a team with a winning record (yes, once)? Did he ever rally the team to play over their heads? Did he put his stamp in the D, his specialty? If one wants to be a successful coach, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? He didn’t have it.

    I don’t put all the blame on him of course but he was the best they could do with a cap-strapped, aging team entering the 2012 season. Say what you will but this team is in great cap shape going forward, they have some young pieces at QB, LB, and OL, they may even have a new stadium deal soon. And Al is no longer micromanging the coach, which has always been stated as the biggest reason guys like Sean Payton didn’t want to coach here. The bar has been raised and they should be able to attract a better candidate this time around.

    Best of luck to Allen…

  10. Regardless of McKenzie’s spending on washed up QB’s it was the lack of production from the team that ultimately got Dennis Allen fired. He also lacked presence as a HC.

    That said I wouldn’t mind seeing McKenzie getting the ax either. It may signify getting a respectable HC soon, hopefully that HC is Jon Gruden who can bring in players that will want to play in Oakland.

  11. Better tarp off the rest of those seats because nobody is coming to watch those clowns the rest of the year

  12. So when the team looks like they have almost no clue what they are doing in nearly every facet, how is that not on the coach? If u are a teacher and nearly all your kids are failing, who gets the blame? If u want McKenzie fired, fine, but don’t get on your keyboard and spit a bunch of Raider hating garbage, because Allen did have to go. Was there a lot for him to work with? Heck No, but to see absolutely no signs of improvement and not look, immediately, at the man helming the team at practices and on game days, give me a break. Articles like this make u look like u have no idea what the heck u are doing… and that’s embarrassing.

  13. Fire McKenzie from GM and hire Grudan to Coach? that has win – win written all over it. The Raiders might get a GM that knows what he is doing and my Monday Night games can be watched without mute on….

  14. That franchise is a mess. Of course, the Steeler operation hasn’t been a model of excellence and consistency lately, either…

  15. Yes, Dennis Allen was a nice guy, but just a defensive coach who can design plays. He lacked some personality and motivation. I have found most defensive coaches to be more intense and confrontational. I did not see that from Allen. But he was the sacrificial lamb for now, and McKenzie must also go.

  16. It looks like another former Packer employee who parlayed Aaron Rodger’s success into a GM job.

  17. What’s the point of firing Allen now? Does Mark Davis really think an interim coach will take this team to the playoffs this year?

    I never understood this philosophy.

  18. Al Davis had the team poised to make significant steps forward. Hue Jackson was doing a fine job and guided the team to a ‘Dallas Cowboys respectable’ 8-8. Starting over from what Al & Hue had put together resulted in the current decline.

    Hell… If not for an easy missed kick in Arizona, Tom Cable would have given the team a winning season at 9-7.

    RIP Al.

  19. How can you say the coaching won’t matter. It sounds like you are uneducated. Jim Harbaugh came in to San Francisco when they currently posting a 5–11 record and went 13–3 with the same talent on the team. Andy Reid basically did the same thing for the Kansas City Chiefs. It is the coaching 1000% buddy. Greg Olsen needs to be fired and so does Jason Tarver , they need to revamp this entire coaching staff yet again because the play calling is horrendous and at the end of the day the head coach is responsible

  20. “You’re blind if you think there is no talent on the roster…”

    Technically, true. But you’re also blind if you think that the overall talent level of the team is even remotely close to that of a winning NFL roster.

    Only so many guys can only be coached up so far. There just aren’t enough hours in a day or coaches on the staff to make that Raiders squad truly competitive.

  21. Reggie McKenzie blamed Al Davis his first 2 years(which shows a lack of character).
    Then he proceeded in an assembling some of the worst drafts and free agent signings ever seen.
    Fire Mckenzie!

  22. Fire the GM too and at least clean house and start fresh.
    If he was smart he would bundle up a ton on money and bring in Spielman from the Vikes, the best mind in football but Spielman won’t leave. He has put together a Super Bowl contending team and will stick around now to watch his work unfold.

    Hey steal Ted Thompson from the Pack. Please steal Ted Thompson, please…………………

  23. Who are they going to get as a head coach? Seriously no one wants to take the position so they had to hire Dennis Allen. The Offense stinks, the Defense stinks, and you keep wasting picks. I mean McKenzie traded for Flynn, traded for Schaub, and these were QBs no one wants. Why keep trading for garbage when you can draft potential impact makers? There is no way to get this team better unless you improve the entire team.

  24. RM gets some blame here for the team thats out there. But lets be honest, the team has enough talent to at least compete, win or lose. The team under DA has not competed one bit. You can’t pretend like they should have kept DA and fired RM. And maybe that firing is coming too.

    The coach is responsible for putting systems in place to hide weaknesses and show strength. The DA era was marked by teams that looked ill prepared week after week. Almost every week the offense goes 3 and out on first drive, every week the D gives up points on first drive.

    No emotion, vanilla and conservative play calling, no adjustments (ever), error upon error that seemed like no one learned from…this is all coaching.

  25. And I thought that my beloved New York Jets have “issues”!! Good Luck Raider Fans, you will need it.

  26. I have to agree with Florio. Above all else, the Raiders need a GM who knows what he’s doing.

    They didn’t have that when Al Davis became senile and Reggie McKenzie looks as bad as Matt Millen was for the Lions.

  27. Raiders should start with hiring Polian to replace McKenzie. Then let Polian help pick the right coach.

  28. R.McKenzie fired D.Allen not mark davis! Y does everyone not know this! Yes I’m sure mark was not happy but the call was McKenzies to make and I’m glad he did! GMs usually get more than 1 headcoach hire b4 getting the ax so all u idiots calling for his head keep dreaming!! Yes the drafts r on him, yes the aging qbs he tried out r on him but damn man give the guy a chance to build thru the draft! What got Allen fired was his total inability to make the most out of the talent on the team! His specialty is defense and he couldn’t put his stamp on that at all! He was horrid at clock management and he and his staff never made a single adjustment in the 3 plus seasons or if they did it didn’t show! And I’m spent…Go Raiders!!!

  29. Bring back mike white! Bring back Joe Bugel! Bring back Donald Hollas! Bring back Billy Joe Hobert! Bring back Art Shell! Bring back Vince Evans! Bring back anyone who was average or sucked! Yeah! Commitment to Pestilence!!!!

  30. Raider fans who think any decent coach will work with Mckenzie are sadly mistaken.
    All quality coaches will not want to work with a incompetent GM.
    McKenzie’s only real work has been cashing his paycheck.

  31. I don’t know why they stepped away from Terrell Pryor. He wasn’t the greatest but hes definately better and further along than Carr. He also has wheels so that keeps another defender on a spy or in the box.

    Poor raiders.. please someone save this franchise!

  32. Who do you replace McKenzie with ? Nobody will take the job until alot of the current problems are resolved the same can be said for the head coach who will take the job ? I dont know if you guys read any of the other articles about McKenzie this morning but one of them I read was talking about how he called his wife and was super excited about hiring Dennis Allen now why would that be ? he was a nobody at the time, i’ll tell you why he was happy some one took the job because no one else was interested and he fired the one guy who was the perfect head coach for the Raiders and soon after realized what a mistake it was.but you have to move forward cause you cant look back Hue is not coming back and neither is Gruden so who do we get an up and coming college coach how often does that work out for us never so will someone that is more informed please help me out and make a list of potential coaching canidates

  33. So what is this article suggesting? Should Mark Davis fire his father posthumously? Should he fire RM now leaving no one to run the team for the rest of the season? Davis made a poor GM hire. It happens and at the end of this season RM should be let go as well, but firing Dennis Allen was the only sensible move right now. This team is a joke and getting blown out by the Dolphins is proof that even with a sub par roster Allen is not a legitimate NFL head coach. There is no good decision to be made from this situation. Its a lose lose proposition. Firing Allen now as opposed to letting him play out the year is just the best of 2 bad scenarios.

  34. This was the first year in many that the Raiders had nearly a full-complement of draft picks, and McKenzie did well with them. Added Kalil Mack, Carr, OG Jackson, DT Ellis & CB McGill. There’s young talent on this team, but they need to be coached and led. Everyone knew it would take McKenzie a minimum of 3 years to build-up the talent on this team… hire a young, hungry coach with something to prove (Bevel!).

  35. immafubared says: Sep 30, 2014 9:47 AM

    Fire the GM too and at least clean house and start fresh.
    If he was smart he would bundle up a ton on money and bring in Spielman from the Vikes, the best mind in football but Spielman won’t leave. He has put together a Super Bowl contending team and will stick around now to watch his work unfold.

    I had to read this twice as I couldn’t believe someone referred to Spielman as “the best mind in football.” He seems to have the team on the right track, but it has taken a long time to get on that path…

  36. Also, the Al Davis blame 4 years later is getting tired. He didn’t come in and completely trash the young promising offense this team had working for it when McKenzie and Allen took over.

  37. Grudens definitely not coming back. You think hes gonna leave his cushy MNF job to work for the team that let him go and try to make something happen with the unstable front office of the Raiders? Please…

  38. Dennis Allen deserves what he got. I have seen worse teams at the very least put up a fight and punch someone in the mouth on the way down. Allen’s squads during his tenure, devoid of talent or not, show up and gets their heads kicked in and react like they are sedated. Look no further than how the staff and players react to Derek Carr limping off of the field. No one is pulling for each other. That is not Mark, Al or Reggie’s fault. It is the fault of a flat lining coach who is going through the motions and has no motivational skills. Where is the fight and spirit of competition Lazy analysis, quit blaming Al too, dude is no longer on earth.

  39. Al Davis and Hue Jackson destroyed this teams future in their final days. RM and DA were in a no-win situation. When they were hired they had no talent, no draft picks, and insanely bad contracts.

  40. The Raiders have been picking high in the draft for several years now. So there must be talent there buried by a handful of crazy FA acquisitions.

    OLB Khalil Mack this year, someone with Number 1 overall pick level of talent, had a look of sinking dread on his face when he was announced–the number 5 overall to the Raiders. I’ve always felt sorry for the draftees who got that call from Oakland.

  41. Another idiot owner with a knee jerk reaction to the prospect of falling ticket sales (revenue) as the armchair experts “manage” from their living rooms and demand someone’s head on a stick.
    The NFL is the only business in existence that doesn’t require a working knowledge of the product, and accepts nepotism rather than bonafide credentials for the man in charge.
    While the Raider’s past two seasons have been dismal, they showed some early promise and it’s kinda late to be changing horses in the middle of the stream.

  42. So I guess the Raiders had nothing to build with after going 8-8 for two years after he got there. Allen is not the blame for what hppened before him, but he is surely to blame for losing 10 games in a row and his players playing uninspired football. Get a real coach and see the team play btter. Remember the Chiefs went 2-14 and were turned around real quick with pretty much the same team Pioli put together. Happens all the time. There is some young talnt on the roster, Reggie just keeps thinking like a scout and not a GM. There is a big difference.

  43. perennial bad teams reflect bad organizations. If Mark wants to own a good franchise, start over with new people from the top down and start lining up those replacement pieces as early as possible. Maybe a 3-5 year project?

  44. Allen should have been fired the second he hired Greg Knapp, since then it’s been tons of bad decisions. He’s got no passion or fire and they’ve gotten their butts handed to them week after week.
    How about the Cable Guy, can we get him back. We were moving in the right direction then, you know we’d all take 8-8.

  45. Allen is at heart a DB coach and in 3 years didn’t draft, sign a decent free agent DB or develop one that was on the roster.

    I think that and the initial hiring of Greg Knapp tells you enough about this guy.


  46. A POX upon the “Davis” family; they’re not the “Rooneys!”

    Mark Davis is an incompetent owner & should sell the team before it’s worth nothing.

    Section 212 Row 3 Seat 14 until “Daddy” took the team south; then destroyed it when they built “Mt. Davis & the suites!”

    Not a big fan of the “Davis Dynasty.”

  47. This train wreck was set in motion the day they fired Hue. Get Reggie out next. Al Davis has been dead for three years. That excuse is long past it’s expiration date. This is Reggie’s mess.

  48. When you assess the talent McKenzie allowed to leave (often as free agents with nothing in return) and the players with no talent or whose skill sets clashed with the offensive and defensive systems, it makes no sense to blame he HC.

    How could a weak-armed Matt Flynn possibly excel and fit into a long, down the field passing attack? Why keep offensive linemen who cannot pass block a lick or even run block to create some semblance of seams for a back to squeeze through? How can you let a NFL franchise left tackle walk and keep college level linemen?

    A HC can only manage and inspire so much, but decent talent cannot be made with smoke and mirrors as the Raiders try, try, and try again to prove smoke & mirrors work and keep failing. That’s the definition of insanity and any day now Wiki will add the Raiders to that definition.

    In the long gone glory days of the Raiders, they had talent coming out of the Kazoo, now it seems the water boys have more athletic talent than the roster. Shame on McKenzie for making the Raiders into the bumbling-est NFL franchise since old man Bidwill ran the clown Cardinals.

  49. I semi agree with Florio on this one. But to be fair with McKenzie, most of his blunders came because he didn’t have a QB and tried to get some stop-gaps. DA had no business being the HC. He and his coordinators were continually out coached and looked lost. how hard is it to
    teach a WR to run routs? the DL is continually out of position, and whose Idea was it to keep Checkwa? Pitifull. hire Gruden, give him control and watch the improvement. He improved the Raiders when he was here under Al Davis. Imagine what he can do with total control. And if McKenzie cant work with him, too bad.

  50. Wait a minute. I thought McKenzie was supposed to clean up “senile” old Al Davis’ mess? All I heard about was how the Oakland Raiders finally have a GM. Well guess what, the Raiders have lost their last 10 games. The “senile” old Al Davis put together back to back 8-8 teams that were a few plays away from the postseason in consecutive years. They were young, they were fast, they were exciting. This present team is shadow of what Al Davis put together and for you to infer that he somehow bears responsibility for the incompetence of his successor is both delusional and foolish. You’re covering yourself because you, like so many others, claimed the Raiders would excel when they had a “real” GM in place. You were wrong. Why don’t you just own up to it?

  51. The Jon Gruden rumour was probably started by Jon Gruden. Good for his ego if everyone thinks he is a candidate for every head coaching job that opens up.

  52. It’s funny how everyone just happens to forget that it was hardly Reggies favorite choice to blow everything up and start over….it was the only choice. The contracts were so bad and so out of whack that we were going to keep losing decent to solid players and keep replacing them with league minimum players and more dead money.

    This year Reggie brought in Mack, Carr, Jackson, Jelly and McGill along with young solid DB’s in Carrie and Dowling. All contributing.

    Hayden and Watson aren’t producing due to injury which is absured to place on RM. Hayden hurt his heart, RM was supposed to know he’d have soft tissue injuries to start his career? Come on. Beyond them he got 100+ tackle OLB Sio Moore, Murray who everyone but Allen could tell needs to get a shot, Brice Butler (see Murray) and Stacey McGee who’s solid in rotation.

    Free agents? He HAD to spend the money. Period, rules state it. Who was he supposed to spend on? Veldheer who wanted way more than his worth? Penn has hardly been an issue…the QB’s? Boo hoo…he made poor choices on them. Again, what was the other answer? When he brought in Flynn he had an untested but athletic Pryor and NOTHING ELSE. Apparently franchise QB’s are hanging on trees…this year we knew we wanted to move on from that style of QB and how was Reggie to know Carr would be there in the 2nd? Was he supposed to do nothing? Bet you guys would let him get away with that. Picked up Schaub.

    Tuck and Woodley haven’t been great but unfortunately sometimes free agents act excited to get to the first check and then mail it in. Hard truth.

    I just don’t get why RM needed to hit on every single selection and FA signing to be considered successful? Not one GM in history not facing the uphill financial battle RM faced has hit on everything but RM should have…Ok? I’m not saying we have superbowl talent but if that’s what you expected from this team in Reggies 3rd year that’s on you. This team has the talent to go out, care a little and not get stepped on like they aren’t there. Not win em all but at least let the other team know they give a damn. That’s the head coach…the one Reggie picked as about his 10th choice because of the state of the team he inherited.

  53. Don’t worry, if the interim coach doesn’t get anything better out of McKenzie’s players down the stretch, he might be gone, too. Although the cap situation has been so bad that combined with the promise of the 2014 picks, I’d lean towards giving him a 4th year to turn this around. However, I would only give him limited authority to hire a new coach, since McKenzie himself hired the sadly overmatched Dennis Allen.

  54. It’s still hilarious listening to fade fan blather on about the “talent” on this team.

    This franchise is totally void of NFL talent. Perhaps the worst roster in history.

  55. Hate to say it but years of mismanagement will cost the Raiders years more of slow rebuilding. Most likely the Raiders are going to have a hard time finding a top notch NFL ready management team, but that’s where they need to start. If they have that in place and then show they can make some good drafts and prudent free agent pickups, they may actually have some interest from capable head coaching candidates. Right now nobody who’s any good will want a coaching job with the Raiders unless their unemployed (probably for a reason) or a “third string” ESPN analyst. Davis also needs to hire a manager for the financial side so that they don’t continue having problems with inflated contracts, dead money and cap issues.

  56. Usually a GM gets two head coach appointees before they get the axe. I am not a Raiders fan, but their situation is dismal. McKenzie certainly has not subscribed to the Ted Thompson methodology of building a team primarily through the draft…and instead opting for a bunch of free agent signings to presumably “win right away”. We have seen that many times in the past with no good results (Philly’s “Dream Team” and Washington over the years).

    I think one factor in McKenzie’s favor…is that he did not have much to work with when he started and future draft picks were already scurried do to ill advised acquisitions.

  57. the only way this outfit will get a decent head coach to come there is to allow whatever candidate they hire a 5 year deal for top dollar and the ability to run the entire show.

    that will necessitate the departure of the current g.m. so it would appear a done deal.

  58. lets get to the fact….Dennis Allen had a worse record than Lame Kiffin…enough said there.

    Reggie is in the hot seat now.

  59. Absolutely correct here, Florio. Felt bad for Allen watching that game online on NFL Network because I really don’t think Raiders are that bad (and score shoulda been like 45-14 with that idiot Lamar Miller fumbling an easy TD or Daniel Thomas’s TD called back on penalty)…yep it is mostly on management here, as it usually is (so glad Dolphins dumped Ireland, but it took them too many years to do so)…that said, I bet you were wishing it was Philbin…What did Philbin ever do to you besides look like my dad did at age 50-ish?

  60. Just to toss a name out there for all the td’s that will come.
    How about a guy who coached one year for the raiders, has won a couple super bowls. Is available, wants all the power (gm/coach), has coached for the best and worst owners in the league? Mike Shanahan.
    not to advocate, just to mention

  61. I thought it was a package deal–I thought McKenzie was getting the boot with Allen. McKenzie should be gone too, he’s made some mind-numbingly bad decisions the last few years. Glad to have Allen gone though; he doesn’t have the respect of this team or the fans.

  62. Stop blaming Al Davis for what happened to this team.. When Al davis brought in Rod Woodson, Jerry Rice, Romanoski and they beat up on everyone in the AFC to go to the Super Bowl in 2002 I did not here this…. Yeah I know he traded John Gruden for draft picks but if this guy was attempting to back door Al by leaving for another team,,, I might have done the same… Hue Jackson brought in Palmer when Jason C went down along with DMC glass. What was he supposed to do and YET he still was 8-8 with the talent that he had which was not what we supposedly have now… What is not realized in this conversation is that Al Davis had to pay for prime time players because how else would you get players of this calibre to come to Oakland with the poor facilities that they have. It used to be a time when every player, I mean every player wanted to wear that SILVER AND BLACK BEFORE THE RETIRE BECAUSE IT LOOKS GOODDDDD…. Now because of the bufoonery that has taken place with this group, you can forget it… NO ONE will come to Oakland to include Coaches unless the wallet is OPEN…… GET A REAL COACH, PAY HIM, KEEP YOUR CORE PLAYERS, PAY THEM AND EVERYONE MAY TAKE NOTICE AND WANT TO COME TO OAKLAND TO PLAY….

  63. @r502 “That is not Mark, Al or Reggie’s fault. It is the fault of a flat lining coach who is going through the motions and has no motivational skills.”

    Q: Then who hired Dennis Allen as head coach instead of someone who has proven head coaching and motivational skills? A: The Oakland braintrust did. They picked a 40 year old coordinator with no experience as a head coach and just ONE year as a coordinator (college or pro) over how many experienced coaches? Who’s fault was THAT? Football is the ultimate top-down business… ownership > management > hc > staff > players > results. Teams with smart ownership hire and support good management. Management makes mostly good decisions and fixes bad ones. They hire good scouts and coaches. They draft well and sign the right free agents. That’s where it’s up to the coach, but it still goes back to a choice by management, which goes back to a choice by ownership. It starts at the top and Oakland’s top is clueless. No vision, no direction. Bill Parcells couldn’t do any better in this situation.

  64. One way to find out if Mark Davis is different from his lunatic father is will they pay Dennis Allen the rest of his contract or try to screw him out of his money like they’ve repeatedly done in the past?

  65. The reasons you list in the article aren’t the reasons he was fired. He doesn’t bare the blame for Flynn or Schaubb (assuming he doesn’t pan out). Then again, those guys cost a combined $14 mil over two years out of a combined $280 mil salary cap pool. By most standards, that’s not all that much. Nothing even close to the contracts the Raiders used to be strapped with.

    The truth is, this franchise was cash poor in every possible way, when Al died. He left them in worse condition, than if they were an expansion team.

    Here’s what he left in his wake
    1. One of the oldest rosters
    2. Least talented rosters
    3. Highest salary rosters (virtually no cap space for a couple of year)
    4. No first round draft picks (although the Palmer trade occurred after his passing)

    McKenzie and Allen had no resources whatsoever with which to rebuild and one of the worst rosters in the league.

    I think McKenzie just getting them out of that mess, deserves a lot of credit. You can’t judge either of those guys by wins and losses yet on account of the atrocious mess they were both handed.

  66. annes22 says:
    Sep 30, 2014 9:31 AM
    Just wait until they make Tony Sparano interim coach. Get ready for field goals, and a lot of ra ra like the Dolphins had to put up with. 8/28 he deserved firing sooner, that’s a terrible record for 3 years.


    He is the only coach in the last decade to get the Dolphins to the playoffs, have some respect…..

  67. For the last 10 years, my Raider dream is for the team to be sold to an owner who will do anything to win, build his own stadium, keep the uniforms, and fire all the losers.

    Dreams are free.

  68. I agree…RM definitely should be fired as well. He has done an AWFUL job. But I will say this to the people who think there is no talent on this team and that’s why they lost so many game with DA, there is twice as much talent on this team as there was for Hue Jackson and especially Tom Cable. The majority of the players on those teams from 3 years ago are not even in the league anymore. If they land a good coach, he will win instantly, believe that.

  69. How about Bronco Mendenhall from BYU. Not bad coach but heck of a football name. lol
    Just imagine Gruden’s confusion when he does a Denver-Oakland game

  70. Stop calling for Hue Jackson. The reason he and Tom Cable went 8-8 is because of Al Saunders calling the offense. Allen demoted him and brought in Greg Oslen, who tends to under utilize our best players. That and Mark Davis letting guys like Rashard Jennings walk because he was due a raise. I’m sure if McKensie had check-writing powers, we’d have better players Andwe’d still have Jennings on the squad.. Al Davis was generous to very BAD players and let the good ones walk. Mark Davis is CHEAP with everyone and will let ANY talent walk. You can’t win if you don’t spend. Most of you thought Schaub was a good pick-up seeing that he had only 1 bad year coming off an injury. He was worth a shot. We thought Matt Flynn was a good pick-up too at the time.. Both flamed out. WHO KNEW??? NO ONE.
    next draft, Mark needs to crack open the vault and spend on both lines. beginning with the pass-rush and ending with the o-line. We’re getting pushed around too much. A good coaching staff is also priority. We need fresh defensive schemes and better footbal minds leading our players.
    Bottom line, SPEND THE MONEY.

  71. Viking fans everywhere appreciate the Oakland Raiders for the hot mess that they are. When you consistently finish in last place like both organizations have, its good to have someone that is even below your sorry state of a franchise.

  72. This nightmare all started with the firing of Hue Jackson. We fired a .500 coach that had one of the worst defenses in the entire league. But he still managed to win 8 games. Dennis Allen should have never been hired. Hue got one year and was unfairly fired. The Raiders basically let him be the fall guy for the Palmer trade without giving him the opportunity to having Palmer for an offseason. Hue should be brought back and given the opportunity to finish what he started.

  73. If you’ve watched the last 10 games you have no questions at all about this firing. ESPN reporter tweeted last night she spoke with several players who confirmed that the players had stopped listening to DA.
    Reggie can’t be feeling too secure today either. Maybe next time Marky Mark will interview more than 1 GM candidate.

  74. Seriously the comments about no coach can win with this roster are pathletic. Allen won 8 games in 3 years ZERO wins against teams with a winning record … now that’s a joke. The two previous coaches won 8 games in one year and were fired … one even had JaMarcus as QB so please don’t mention no talent can not win games you sound like idiots.
    The Cards and Raiders were both bad teams when Mckenzie traded Palmer to the Cards who just signed Adrian as coach. The Cards went from 5 wins to 10 in one year and they are undefeated this year … how many ex Raiders are on the Cards roster that Reggie got rid of?

  75. Viking fans everywhere appreciate the Oakland Raiders for the hot mess that they are. When you consistently finish in last place like both organizations have, its good to have someone that is even below your sorry state of a franchise.

    And yet they have they same record as the Packers…

  76. Allen doesn’t deserve all the blame for that mess, but things happened during that Dolphin game that defied explanation. Miami sending three receivers in a bunch wide right, with one or two defenders going over to cover. Carr getting hurt and not having enough sense to stay on the ground should have generated a time out from the side line. Letting him hop off the field unassisted after the following play was inexcusable. The guy had to go.

  77. Yea blame Al Davis for getting the Raiders to two 8-8 seasons . How dare he, right.

    It was McKenzie who said we had no talent and wanted a complete over haul to fix what wasn’t broken.

    Let Mr. Davis rest in peace, he was a great man!

  78. Who cares about who is deserving blame.

    1) There aren’t enough guys to be interim GM.

    2) Dennis Allen was the worst head coach in football without this record. If you say there’s worse than Allen, there’s a man named Whisenhunt stealing millions from Tennessee.

    Also, why does Al have to be blamed when he had his best back-to-back seasons since the Super Bowl and before McKenzie ruined the team even more???

    Can’t stats matter?? Why does reputation always have to determine how good you are and not the proof??

  79. Sorry, but Al Davis was the man who engineered this demise. His son may be a chip off the old block, but there’s little doubt that Al was running the show while he was alive.

    Who was it that passed on Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson in favor of JaMarcus Russell? Numerous mistakes just like that one are why the Raiders find themselves in their current bind.

    Al Davis led a proud organization for 40 years. But since their 2002 Super Bowl appearance, they have been the worst franchise in professional sports.

  80. DA & Reggie are both incompetent and should have never been hired. Bring in a proven winner to mold this team, but first get rid of all of these worthless, over the hill free agents like MJD, Woodley, Tuck, Penn, Howard, Smith, Schaub, Rogers, Brown and Ross. There is a decent nucleus of young guys starting with Carr so build around them. If the Whiners don’t want Harbaugh then get him. Either way get a respected proven winner the players will respect, fear and play for. DA & Reggie were NEVER respected much less feared. Move on and lets build around our young guys.

  81. It surprises me that no one talks about the critical mistakes that Allen has repeatedly made since becoming coach.

    He inherited the 10th ranked offense in the league with the coordinator still on staff. This gave him a unique opportunity in which he could put his efforts into rebuilding a defense, which is his supposed strength. Instead, he completely deconstructs the offense and now he has to rebuild an entire team at once. You bring in an Offensive Coordinator that has already been fired 3 times and once by the new team your coaching.

    In 2 seasons and 4 games, Allen has gone thru 6 Quarterbacks. That’s right, 6!! Players are not being developed. Offensive strategy is elementary at best and the defense is non existent.

    The players are there. They have to be “coached” and it’s obvious they aren’t. This roster is much better than what Hue Jackson had and he was a game from the playoffs!

    The team lacks preparation, execution, focus and a desire to play. These are all elements of coaching regardless of talent. They can’t run nor pass. Can’t play defense.

    McKenzie has “righted” the ship fiscally which is why he goes nowhere right now. Bad contracts…gone. Salary cap issues…gone. Having no draft picks…gone. The next hire will determine McKenzie’s fate.

    This team is perfect to build on for a coach who knows’ what he’s doing. They have no restrictions on player acquisitions!

  82. Not seeing Reggie hiring the next full time head coach . He will be gone at seasons end I would have to think .

  83. Not a fan of this post.

    Anyone who follows the Raiders knows that Mark Davis just wanted to see IMPROVEMENT. That’s all.

    The roster was improved greatly by the draft and by the addition of veterans who have character and a history of winning. Yes there was a misstep or two (Veldheer), but RM did his part.

    Anyone who follows that Raiders looked at the easiest stretch of the schedule as the first four weeks. Improvement would have seen us go 2-2. We did not. This is unacceptable.

    Dennis Allen wanted to win, and he gave his best. There are lots of great coordinators who go on to head coaching success. There are even more who aren’t successful and go back to being coordinators. Add DA to that list.

    I am probably the only guy who supports RM, but he is following the plan we all knew about- blowing up the roster and re-building. This roster is MUCH better than last year. End of story.

  84. “If Allen deserves to go, so does G.M. Reggie McKenzie.”

    You mean the guy stuck with the mess that Al Davis left?

    Yeah – He’s still trying to clean up that mess and add some young players.

    He’s found a decent QB in Derek Carr and a pretty good linebacker in Mack…

    Give the guy some time to rebuild the Raiders, or do what the browns ALWAYS do and fire the GM every 2-3 years and start over – AGAIN.

  85. Nothing better than watching this franchise continue to be the joke of the NFL with no end in sight.

    The entire organization starting at the top is in shambles and the results are what you see on sundays.

    Just suck faders!!


  86. Will he follow his father’s lead and try to weasel out of paying the rest of Allen’s contract?

  87. San Antonio will happily provide a new home for this trainwreck of a franchise. It’s only a matter of time California Raider fans. Only a matter of time.

  88. Dennis Allen is a fine coach that was in an untenable situation…

    Horrible personnel decisions and subsequent salary cap implications are what have hamstrung this team…

    Not that he’s necessarily a better coach, but it will take some like a Jon Gruden, who’s got more NFL leverage that comes from outside that organization to neutralize the interference and poor management skills of that owner/management team that is in place…

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