McKenzie announces that Allen has been fired


It’s not entirely Dennis Allen’s fault that the Raiders stink.  And so it was fitting that the guy who shares in the blame for the current state of the team made the official announcement that Allen has taken the fall for the team’s predictable 0-4 start.

“After thorough evaluation, we have determined to move in another direction,” G.M. Reggie McKenzie said in a statement released by the team.  “We appreciate Dennis Allen’s dedication to the organization and wish him and his family nothing but the best in the future.”

The different direction, at least for now, will be offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who took the Dolphins to a 29-33 record over four years before being fired after the 2011 season.  It’s hard to imagine the outcome being any different with Sparano than with Allen, given the lack of talent and other issues with the franchise.

But Sparano will have a far more extended opportunity to earn the job on an ongoing basis, given that 12 games remain on the schedule.  That’s actually better for the Raiders; it makes an artificial improvement in performance from players who prefer to keep the current staff less likely.  Far too often, the interim coach has success in the last 2-3 games of the year, secures the job, and then the wheels come off.

The Raiders have scheduled a press conference for 5:00 p.m. ET.  Even though the press release didn’t include any quotes from owner Mark Davis, he presumably will be there.  There’s even a slim chance we’ll see an overhead projector.

That last part is a joke.  I think.  It nevertheless will be interesting to see whether Mark Davis continues his father’s habit of trying to find ways to stiff fired coaches out of the balance of their remaining salary.

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  1. You gotta love the Al Davis-like mismanagement the past few years.

    At least the old man gave the fans an 8 – 8 record with one foot in the grave.

  2. Reggie is toast. He went into a dire situation, yes, and while they are much better off financially you really can’t say they have more talent now than when he came onboard, and that’s really the crux of the matter.

  3. GM’s and coaches with franchise QB’s are considered genius’s (see Belichick, Bill). Those without are usually looking for new jobs every few years. RM has mishandled the QB situation in OAK horribly. It shows. He must go too.

  4. Sparano is the O-Line coach not the coordinator. His team in Miami was infinitely more talented than what they have in Oakland. How will his results be any different? Oakland is the real factory of sadness nowadays.

  5. I think one thing people have forgotten is the injuries at linebacker and safety and also wide receiver but still the offense is really not good and I don’t blame the line, I blame the scheme and the coddling of Derek Carr, we have a couple of receivers and tight ends that can go down field and we hardly try, all the other team has to do is stack the line and man cover and we would do nothing to test them not even with our tight ends, what is up with that ? I don’ t know i’m no expert but when an offensive coordinator is not helping his rookie quarterback with tight end quick slants and fullback outlets then i don’t think he is doing a good job and he should be the first to go in the offseason.

  6. Reggie needs to be next. When you compare the roster he inherited to the roster they have now, he had add a useful guard and two linebackers.

    Every other position is equal or worse.

  7. It’s laughable what McKenzie did when he got to Oakland.. Going on a power trip and firing and releasing anybody that had potential (regardless of what you think about Carson Palmer he is better than what they have now and Hue Jackson definitely was better than they have now) just to show you are in town doesn’t make the football team any better. McKenzie set this team backwards by 5 years before he even entered the building. Working with Hue Jackson and going with Carson Palmer, while building around those pieces, would have given the Raiders the immediate gratification the fan base is looking for.

  8. Reggie is building this the right way. I don’t want another band-aid fix like we’ve seen the past 15 years. I may be in the minority but I find it refreshing that he doesn’t hang onto his mistakes. If you can’t play then you are out. No more dead weight on this team.

  9. This mess is the fruit from a tree Davis planted with horrible micromanagement and lousy personnel decisions. When he fostered locker room distrust between staff and players, and rewarded tattle tales, it could lead to bigger problems. The don’t draft for future, and when they do, it blows up in their faces, ala Russell. So sit back and take a swig of purple drank, Raider nation…it’s going to get worse before better.

  10. Having the right people in the FO makes a huge difference. Look what the Cardinals have accomplished since cleaning house last season and getting the right people in the right spot. 10-6 in their first season and 3-0 so far this season after a lot of key injuries. This is because they signed the right players, they drafted the right players and the coaches have done a good job coaching them up and playing about their abilities. What Im trying to say is, the Raiders need to start over and not just at the coaching level.

  11. In the last 15 years only three of their #1 draft picks are still on the roster. When you whiff on your 1st rounder that much, it doesn’t matter who the coach is.

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