Jeff Fisher names Austin Davis starting quarterback in St. Louis


The Rams have taken their time naming a starting quarterback for their last two games, but they’re returning from the bye week with a new approach.

Coach Jeff Fisher announced on Wednesday that Austin Davis will make his third straight start against the Eagles this Sunday. Fisher actually went a bit further than that and said that Davis is the team’s starter moving forward.

Even though Fisher has said in the past that Shaun Hill was the team’s starter once he’d recovered from the quad injury that knocked him out of the season opener, it’s not a surprising decision from Fisher. Davis has completed over 72 percent of his passes since taking over the job while throwing three touchdowns and three interceptions, numbers that merit more of a look to see what kind of quarterback he can be over a longer term for a team that will probably be looking for a new starter come the offseason.

That starter could be Davis, he could be a backup or he could be a placeholder for a rookie, but there’s more to learn about Davis than there is about Hill no matter how things might play out in 2015.

33 responses to “Jeff Fisher names Austin Davis starting quarterback in St. Louis

  1. Wise choice. Find out what the kid can do. Maybe he’s a long term backup or possibly even a starter. At this point Rams aren’t losing anything letting him audition this year.

  2. i called this last week fisher has a don’t lose your job to injury philosophy, but bradford was the 1st stringer and hill was a back up davis has more upside and hill will never be more than a backup so he maintains that position. heres hoping the rams have found the future in davis (who has been with the team off and on for about 3 yrs) or at least establish if he can be a backup next yr at worst to either bradford or the high draft pick at qb from the 2015 draft.

  3. Never has a #1 First Round choice been given the benefit of doubt that Sam Bradford has been given! 2nd year QB’s with better stats are called bust.

  4. Fisher getting paid big money, got high draft picks, they still suck. Bradford, or no, this has got to be his last year unless they figure it out. He never was and never will be a top echelon coach but they paid him like it. Knew that as soon as they inked the deal. Stupid.

  5. To everyone’s surprise, the problem hasn’t been quarterback or the offense more generally, rather the supposed strength of the team – the DL – is getting killed against the run.

  6. I don’t think Fisher is as bad as a coach people make him out to be. He needs to definitely put more of an emphasis on discipline because they get called for WAY too many stupid penalties, but he’s also not had a chance to watch Sam Bradford develop. The picks they got in the Griffin trade will pan out and some have already. Tavon Austin and Greg Robinson are the only two question marks. Fisher’s job shouldn’t rely on how Austin Davis does. He’s an undrafted QB so there’s really a win-win situation here. If Davis wins and continues to move the ball and show chemistry with Quick and others then you give him an extended look next year and don’t need to waste a high pick on a QB. If he falters his undrafted status will help explain why and Fisher can draft the QB he wants.

  7. So far in almost every preseason and regular season Ausin Davis has looked good. Sure he made some rookies mistakes his first start, but so far he has shown signs of possibly becoming a really good starting QB.

    That being said, I am glad the Rams brought him up slowly and give Fisher props for the way he has handled yet another disappoint injury to SB.

    And enough of this Rams suck talk. A few mistakes and some really bad calls against vs Dallas cost us a win. We can fix that and will! NFL Beware!

    GO RAMS!

  8. For all of you saying the Rams suck…they are 1-2!!! They beat a Bucs team who beat the Steelers and was walloping the Cowboys and should have won the game and the Cowboys just smashed the Saints. Point being is anything can happen on any given Sunday. If the Eagles dare overlook this game they just might be in for a rude awakening.

  9. But, but, but…

    A 20 yr coach like Fisher said Hill was his starting QB even after he returned…

    Uh, coach you’ve been around long enough to not say things like… you should know better…

    6 winning seasons in your career… maybe you don’t know this yet…

  10. It’s not that Fisher is a bad coach–it’s that he’s overrated, and has been pretty much ever since he made the Super Bowl with the Titans. He took the Rams from 2 wins the year before he was hired to 7, but has been stuck on that for two straight years. He hasn’t had a winning record in 4 seasons dating back to the Titans. The QB injuries haven’t been his fault but he still needs to get them over the hump or risk losing his job.

  11. Sometimes all you need is a chance. Nobody expected anything from Kurt Warner in ’99. And although Austin Davis is likely no Kurt Warner, the Rams had a third-string QB a few years back from a non-traditional football school that we never expected to see on the field, but who has turned into at least a serviceable and regular starting QB now for a few other teams for the last 4 or 5 years…Ryan Fitzpatrick. If Austin plays regularly and develops some confidence and game savvy, who knows?

  12. trade the bum Bradford…keep Davis for the starting job and draft another back up…move forward with out Bradford is the best for the team!! Don’t need QB controversy!!

  13. The Eagles will lose, Dallas will win and PFT will have Philly 6 spots higher in the power rankings again.

  14. Best news I’ve heard this season!!!! Bout damn time!!!! As official president of the Austin Davis fan club, (not Marshall Faulk) I would like 2 congratulate mr Davis on finally forcing the coaches 2 give him a decent shot!!!!

  15. Sam Bradford is still getting paid, right? Dude was in the right place at the right time. How much guaranteed money did he get again? Like $60 million?

  16. All of this mess means the Rams will lose to the Eagles and keep positioning themselves for the number one pick in next year’s draft. So far only the Jags and Raiders are racing neck in neck to earn the first pick. May the crummiest team win!!!

  17. YES !!!

    Fifteen years ago everyone wondered Kurt Who? Now HE’s headed for Canton. If Davis beats Niners TWICE this season will be a success. GO AUSTIN DAVIS !!!

  18. sam bradford got 50 mil guaranteed through last year this year was not guaranteed but he was on the team when the year started when he was hurt so he will indeed get the 15mil or so he had coming this year. as for next year his contract calls for like 16 mil NOT guaranteed and the cap hit is like 3-4 mil if they cut him so expect him to be let go or renegotiate a much more team friendly contract. which i think happens and if davis does well the two go after it in preseason 2015 if they have already made up their mind to cut bradford expect a trade up to get a top flight qb that is if they play so-so and don’t wind up with a top 5 pick on their own!!

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