NFL announces extension of DirecTV Sunday Ticket deal

NFL Sunday Ticket is staying on DirecTV.

The league announced on Wednesday that it has extended its agreement with DirecTV to give the satellite provider the rights to show out-of-market games. Darren Rovell of ESPN reports that it’s an eight-year deal that will see DirecTV paying the NFL $1.5 billion a year, a 50 percent increase over the $1 billion a year DirecTV was paying under its previous deal with the league.

The NFL’s announcement also said DirecTV will continue with added features beyond the live Sunday games, including the Red Zone Channel, Game Mix with eight games on one screen and the new Fantasy Zone channel. DirecTV will also continue carrying NFL Network on satellite and make it available to subscribers to watch on mobile devices.

Some fans who have cable and can’t get DirecTV will be disappointed that Sunday Ticket isn’t going to be available to cable subscribers. But DirecTV is increasingly promoting the ability of Sunday Ticket subscribers to watch games on tablets and phones, which means you no longer need a satellite dish on your roof to have Sunday Ticket. You just need to pay DirecTV for access, which millions of fans will do. Sunday Ticket is one of the most valuable properties on American television, because the NFL is the most popular programming on American television.

57 responses to “NFL announces extension of DirecTV Sunday Ticket deal

  1. AWESOME, beause there was some real sorry games on regular TV!!! Even the almighty London game was not available on regular TV not that I watched it on direct Tv anyway!!! BOYOTT ALL LONDON GAMES TELL GOODELL YOU DON’T WANT THE TEAMS TO GO THERE!!! They love their soccer not American football that’s why 2 leagues have failed there!!!

  2. Wonderful so let’s take TV’s most popular program and isolate it from the fans out of market. NFL is HUGE now, but I predict it will fade because of crap like this. You can watch pretty much EVERY college game on TV, and it’s more entertaining.

  3. The NFL would make more money by creating and marketing their own streaming option that ACTUALLY works every Sunday.

  4. This is unacceptable but also the only reason Direct TV will not go out of business but also not make any money. The NFL basically has its own TV service provider.

  5. DirecTV is absolute garbage. Pay for NFL Sunday Ticket? Oh, you can watch any game you want.

    You only want the redzone channel? Tough luck. You will still need to buy Sunday ticket and upgrade it to MAX for an extra 90 dollars on top of the 250 or whatever youre paying for Sunday Ticket. Meanwhile Time Warner Cable has the red zone package as part of their sports pass for like 15 dollars a month.

    New customer? We will give you a free year of redzone before we jack up the rates and make you pay a ridiculous amount for all these games you have no interest in watching. There is absolutely no loyalty to customer’s who have been there.

    Do yourself a favor people. Get TWC, or something equivalent and you will be able to watch redzone on their sports package without having to pay 350 dollars a year to have the ability to watch the bills vs jaguars.

  6. I LOVE Directv. The Sunday ticket is the thing. I won’t even consider another television provider. Must. Have. NFL.

  7. This is garbage. You make it sound like you can just go sign up and stream NFL games without a dish. Try it. Their web page specifically says you can only buy their online package if you are a student at 10 select college campuses or fans in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco.

    So thats about .000001 % of the population. Woohoo! I cant get a signal where i live because of tree cover but also cant buy their online package because i dont live in one of those cities.

    Cant wait until G$$dell is fired.

  8. The games I can get on CBS and Fox, plus NFL Red Zone on a nice big HD television…
    …paying to watch an out-of-market game on a screen smaller than a standard sheet of paper.

    As a cable subscriber who can’t get satellite due to immediate terrain, I’ll take what I have and not strain my eyes.

  9. “You might be eligible for NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV if you live in a select apartment building, attend one of the 10 select universities, or live in select areas in one of the following metro cities: New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. To check, please enter your information below.” Per

    So no, millions of fans will not have access to this service.

  10. So if Directv is paying fifty percent more for the rights, we consumers will likewise be charged fifty percent more. Which means the full package will soon cost close to $500 bucks.

  11. Listen I agree NFL Sunday Ticket is expensive and I hate that it’s only through DirecTv. Unless you want to buy it on a PS4 or Mobile Device.

    However someone on here always compares “Cables Redzone Channel” to “Sunday Ticket’s Redzone Channel”.

    THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You may not value Sunday Ticket’s Redzone channel but it’s 10000x better than Cables’ Redzone Channel.

    Stop trying to act like they are the same thing because it’s not even close.

  12. For those that always ask, “Why won’t the NFL put this on Comcast, TWC, etc?”. Here’s why:

    DirecTV pays the NFL 2x or more than what they actually get in return from customers for Sunday Ticket. They are paying more to bring or keep subscribers.

    The NFL gets guaranteed money and only has to deal with one company. If they open it up to everyone they have to deal with negotiating, supporting, and administrating the product for several more companies. Additionally these companies would demand a cut of the profit, probably in the neighborhood of 25-30%.

    So in a completely open scenario, the NFL would probably have to bring in 3.5x to 4x the current number of US customers to make as much money as they do with DirecTV. That money would also not be guaranteed like it is with DirecTV.

  13. I’ve had DirecTv for almost 13 years and have had hardly any issues with signal or customer service. Sounds like I’m in the minority there so I will count my blessings, but what I’ve found through all the years of having the Sunday ticket is to cancel it before DirecTv puts it on auto-renew in August. I cancel mine every July and every year have gotten a call from them wondering why I didn’t auto-renew. There is always a deal to be had. This year I got the Sunday Ticket Max with all the trimmings for $120 (1/2 price) plus 3 months of HBO and Showtime for free.

    Just saying that there is more than one way to get around the high costs and I hope this can help someone out there who loves having the Ticket, but hates paying the exorbitant dollars.

  14. Direct TV haters: 8. MORE. YEARS. Comcast can blow all the smoke they want. Direct TV has the real prize that everyone wanted a piece of. Get over it.

  15. I agree with previous commenters. Sunday Ticket isn’t available to the majority of folks, even those who want to pay for it. I tried! And failed.

    You’d think DirectTV would be interested in making money, but they seem to be more interested in pushing unlucky potential customers to illegal streams instead. I don’t get it at all.

  16. If you really want to do something about it, contact your member of congress. This is something they might actually listen to. The reason is, the NFL is listed as a non-profit. Yet they are specifically doing this to make a profit. Tell congress to investigate the NFL’s non-profit status. Can’t be a non-profit and attempt to make a profit.

  17. IMO Other than your local game, RedZone is all you need:

    1) No commercials, (so not subjected to the same 7 commercials for 6 hrs)

    2)It switches to other games for you so you don’t miss great games/scoring plays

    But most of all,

    3)only $5 more per month from my cable provider, (I’m sure other cable providers have the same low cost option)

    Never had a dish….will never get a dish. $350 is WAY TOO MUCH

  18. Of course DirecTV paid up. They know they’re working with inferior technology and the only way they can keep subscribers is if they are holding the ST package hostage.

    Back when they were still owned by Hughes, it was awesome. Ever since Murdoch took over and instituted the mandatory two-year contract, it’s been the biggest ripoff in entertainment.

    Glad I live in a place where my favorite team’s games are broadcast OTA.

  19. So $1.5 billion per year, divided by an avg of $200 per subscriber, comes to 7.5 million subscribers they would need to break even.

    Obviously this doesn’t include advertising revenue on the channels.

  20. Dont anyone say its $300.

    Most people that have directv can call & get it free or at least a great $$ discount.

  21. We just called DirecTV before we re-upped for Sunday ticket and asked for a discount. They gave us Sunday Max for half off $165. $27.50/mo or about $7/Sunday for more NFL football than my wife will let me watch seems fair. If I had to go to my local sports bar I’d spend more than that on beer in the first quarter. It pays to ask for a discount.

  22. the loser in this is the fans… as the price will go up, and it’s available to the masses… crazy that the NHL has a better option for watching games than the NFL does…

  23. Inferior product says a poster? I have Verizon Fios! Internet and phone. When the installer was here; he told me he has DirecTv! Not for Sunday Ticket, but the picture quality! I’ve had DTV since they launched their first bird! 1995. As a loyal customer of almost 20 years; I get ST for free!! Have been for the last 7 years! So yeah; I like them. Liked them before the price for ST skyrocketed and more now….

  24. I was one of the first subscribers to DirecTV when it was with Hughes Electronics, via Thomson Consumer Electronics using equipment from RCA. I remember them calling themselves Hughes/Thomson when I talked to them on the phone. This was in 1994. I’d have been a 20 year customer now except I moved, and rather than just move the service, my now ex wife cancelled it, and I lost my discount. They jacked the price on me another $100. I told them we just moved, and my wife cancelled because she doesn’t understand how it works. They said “too bad.” I did this within days of her cancelling. Long story short I swore off of them and have saved well over $300 per season. My team was on prime time a lot anyway. What hurt was I also lost my east and west coast feeds of major networks which had my team so often that I only needed DirecTV for 4-5 games. I ended up watching those at the bar/restaurant and still saved money.

  25. It’s not that hard to find free internet streams for any game. Just saying. Any opposition to the notion is clearly just paid propaganda protecting these billion dollar corporations who have no real regard for us consumers.

  26. Screw subscribing to direct tv, it gives me a good reason to hit the local sports bar and watch all the games at once!

  27. Slime Goodell had this deal in his back pocket all along and just used it as his trump card to quell scuttlebutt about himself getting canned.

  28. No problem, I’ll keep subscribing to the NFL’s far superior and less expensive international package.

  29. I had DirectTV for years and had to move to where it is not available. ITs by far much better than cable, more HD channels, better signal, clearer sound and picture. Sunday Ticket is a no brainer, a bargain at 300 bucs, I’ll spend that at the sports bar in easily

  30. DirecTV offers me:
    – every NFL game
    – every NBA game
    – almost every MLB game (except for Dodgers)
    – most college football and basketball games (no Pac-12 Network, which I actually want)

    Time Warner offers me:
    – a fraction of the above
    – the Pac-12 Network
    – the Dodgers’ regular season games

    If you’re a big sports fan on the West Coast, the choice is clearly DirectTV, regardless of cost. Especially true when I consider that my average bar/food tab is at least $50 if I were to go to a bar to watch the games.

  31. Hey, DirecTV haters, maybe the NFL should show all their games everywhere for free? Stick to your day job, business transactions aint your thing.

  32. As a homeowner in a heavily wooded neighborhood I am excluded from even having the option to buy NFL Package.

    No satellite reception? Get over it! People who live in forests should stop whining and move out, or cut down all the trees. FINE
    Thats the message I’m getting from the NFL, FCC and Interstate Commerce tools.

  33. 8 more years of illegal streaming I guess! Another Goodell blunder. The NFL should allow all provider s the games to sell, especially a la carte games out of market. They’d make way more every year. So shortsighted and stupid! I’d love to put Goodell in the elevator with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson to pay for his stupidity!!!

  34. All I want is to be able to buy the Red Zone channel as a stand alone product like aother cable providers do. I get stuck on the Red Zone Channel and never leave it on Sunday! C’mon Man!

  35. Without the Sunday Ticket there would be no Directv. The NFL is the only reason Directv can stay solvent.
    Everyone would drop Directv in the blink of an eye if they did not have the Sunday Ticket.
    Think about it has someone ever said I love Directv for the great programming deals? No!

  36. This is great news, DirecTV has better service than the cable providers anyhow and now we can get football at the same time with them too. I can’t wait until my foolish decision to switch back to a cable contract expires so I can get back on the dish and hopefully never having to switch around again!

  37. Direct TV gives u redzone for free w every game in 1080P HD has redzone Ch & game mix w 8 games on screen at once where u can change volume to any of 8 games u watch. But not a huge fan of that as even on my 63″ HD TV it’s a lil too busy for me. Direct TV also gives u NBA & NFL Ch for free while my boys here in CT dint get to see last 8 or so Thursday night game on Comcast w/o an up charge abd miss all those games.

  38. My 7 yr old son got PS4 fir birthday last weekend and PS3 4 Xbox360 & 1 all also offer u the NFL ticket so if u wanted it u could get it. I’m on CT so many snow storms w multiple ones over 2′ last yr abd I never lose reception on my TV although rumors war way different. Got new DVR for free which 1 DVR works in living room bedroom & my man cave w only 1 DVR Box. Direct TV gives u most ch’s hook internet up to it gives all same On-Demand every Sport & Sports Ch& again 2 redzone ch’s night and day & I couldn’t make it thru 1 season of the Xfinity/Comcast garbage they out out. When Bye weeks kick in w 2 or 3 4:00 games they spend all their time on the 1 fan who country gets for free no matter where in the field they r

  39. Only way u miss 1 TD or 1 FG on Redzone thru Driect TV is if it’s a turnover big play or big return & again if multiple teams in redzone screen splits to 2 3 abd show all live. W Comcast I’m better off watching Game Center on this app & would know bout Raiders TD from like the 10 way before they leave Cowboys on own side of field to show quick highlight & back to Cowboys. And can’t say it enuff Andrew Siciliano million times better than scrub running Comcast Redzine which maybe cheap but not worth that.

  40. Lived in CT entire life where we have not 1 pro sports team unless u count WNBA which I don’t. I love Raiders passed down from my father & entire family Oakland Fans so I can’t go a w/I watching my teams game & cause they stink lucky if ESPN shows 2 minute highlight if game at very end if SportCenter. But if ur like rest of my friends who like NJ Jets or Giants & c every game on local tv Durect TV is must have. U can put ur and weekly opponent fantasy teams in weekly where u get updates in bottom of ur screen every bug okay or TD they get in the spot it has it’s own fantasy Ch but I don’t watch it. Fir me it’s entire Raiders game thru every losing season. & 0-4 start abd him just leave in Redzone ch for other time slot which makes Xfunity/Comcast Redzone look like a joke. Or if ur just casual fan do u and cheap out & settle fir lil but if national games they show but I’m a die hard Raiders fan since birth so DirectTV is must have for me w 1 quick &m phone call have never paid full price. Comcast makes u pay for inferior IMO str8 trash redzone & also make u past for NFLTV so u miss last 7 Thursday night games & w playoffs implications on the line. I rate NFL Ticket a 10 Redzone a 10 and Xfinity/Comcast redzone a. 3 maybe 4 tops. Then pay extra for NFL Network which my friends don’t get. I also get NFL Ticket w RedZone in phone w entire TV streamed free to phone & they also stream my NBA League Pass for free on my phone & i get NBA TV. H free while where I live maybe different other places Comcast diesnt have NBATV Ch abd u can’t even pay extra to get it.

  41. So if ur a true NFL fan who’s favorite team is outta ur market Direct TV & NFL Ticket only way to go. If too exoensive abd u can’t afford it get a better job go back to school abd stop crying & blaming NFL & Commish. I’m 33 w wife 2 kids own a house & to c every single play live on my 63″ 1080P HD TV is price list & not counting family best thin to happen to me. 8 yrs with it 8 TERRIBLE months w/o & only fake a$$ Comcast garbage ripoff RedZone. Biggest mistake if my life & even if Raiders suck another 10 yrs and dint win a game I will NEVER EVER go w/o it again.

  42. Like i said if u just don’t want Direct TV or too superficial to have a dish on ur house u don’t need the PS4 of XBox1 u can get ticket str8 thru last generation game units PS3 & Xbox360 as well. I was gonna buy PS4 precious week w my $ but sin wants new Skylanders game. & Kids in his school & r all into skylanders on 369 but I’ve akways been a Playstation guy abd refuse to buy him a new game system on it’s way to be obsolete as soon won’t have new games produced. He had Wii which got big off it’s controller to the non gamer but Xbox all about computer side w Facebook Twittter & Internet as it’s big point while PS4 haas all that while internet 100% free so need need for extra Xbox live bill and Sony out all their time into gaming which is what game fans want.

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