Pollard dubs first quarter of Titans’ season “piss poor horrible”

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Titans safety Bernard Pollard has a way with words.  Especially when using those words to describe the way his team is playing.  Especially when it’s not playing well.

Piss poor horrible,” Pollard said Wednesday regarding the team’s first four games.

He elaborated on that point, explaining that the team has a culture of losing.

“We work, but it’s not translating over to the football field on Sunday,” Pollard said, via Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com.  “We have to understand that we have to be better. It’s a must.  I come from an organization where the mentality, the culture is just totally different.  Yeah, you might lose some games, but it’s a different culture.  That needs to be changed here . . . .

“I’m gonna try to piss some people off and I couldn’t care less about what I’m saying.  We have talent.  We have guys that can take the roof off and guys that can be stars in this league.  It’s time for us to do that.  The first quarter was piss poor horrible.  We sucked butt.  I say that again.  We were horrible.  But we have a shot at being a very good football team, and I’m gonna try and pull that out for all of us.”

At least they’re consistent.  In April, Pollard said after his first season with the franchise that the Titans “sucked butt.”

The season started off with considerable promise, given that they went to Kansas City and beat the Chiefs, a playoff team from 2013, in their own building.  Since then, the Titans have lost three games in a row, by 16 points, 26 points, and 24 points.

“Right now, we’re doormats to a lot of people around the league,” Pollard said.

Or, as the case may be, piss poor horrible.

8 responses to “Pollard dubs first quarter of Titans’ season “piss poor horrible”

  1. Never cared much for him, although he does seem to have a penchant for causing injuries to Patriots players. Brady, Welker, Gronk, Ridley.

  2. “I come from an organization where the mentality, the culture is just totally different…”

    Which organization’s culture would that be? Kansas City’s? Houston’s? Baltimore’s? You’re on your FOURTH team, dude.

    I try to see what so much of the Titans fan base does in Pollard, but mostly he just bugs me with condescending quotes like this.

  3. I agree that they are piss poor horrible right now.

    Wish the games would have been alot closer than they were and we still suck bad, Im just happy we lost to 3 teams who are highly likely to be in the playoffs.

  4. As we here in AZ learned, unless a Hall of Fame quarterback emerges out of nowhere to rescue Whisenhunt, get used to being piss poor.

  5. One of the dirtiest no talent players in the league. Obviously has a dirty mouth as well.

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