Billick bashes Falcons defensive talent

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On the surface, recent remarks from coach-turned-commentator Brian Billick about the quality of the Falcons’ defensive talent will raise no eyebrows.  Billick was doing what commentators do, commentating with commentary about topics worthy of comment.

But Billick and Falcons coach Mike Smith are family, in the Walter White/Uncle Hank sense.  Married to sisters, that relationship has in the past ruffled feathers at other franchises when Billick was working Falcons games for FOX.  Now, the feathers could be ruffled within Falconland.

“I can’t think of another team in the league that has less quantifiable talent on it defensively,” Billick told 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Billick added that Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has been working with “smoke and mirrors” for awhile, and that he’s now merely dealing with “smoke.”

Given the relationship between Billick and Smith and, separately, the relationship between Billick and Nolan (who spent four years with Billick in Baltimore), Billick’s words easily could be viewed not as his own thoughts but as a recitation of complaints he has heard from either or both men.  Which could be interpreted as evidence of a growing disconnect between the coaching staff and the front office.

Which perhaps cries out for some sort of joint effort by the coaching staff and the front office to demonstrate that they’re on the same page, and that they’re not not pointing fingers at each other in the event that the season unfolds more like Week Two and Week Four and less like Week One and Week Three.

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  1. Billick is easily one of the most annoying figures associated with the NFL in the past 20 years.

  2. Looks more like he’s bashing the GM for providing an endless supply of chicken sh!t and expecting them to make delicious chicken salad…

  3. Or perhaps Brian “The Brain” Billick is trying to get his name back into the spotlight with a hopes of catching Mark Davis eye…..

    The Brain senses that there is a job opening in Oakland.

  4. Billick made these comments in order to defend the coaches, in particular, his brother in law, Mike Smith. He was blaming the talent and suggesting that the head coach’s hands were tied. Problem is, Mike Smith was just as instrumental in selecting these players as Dimitroff.

  5. Aren’t there plenty of Issues to discuss without conjecture and theorizing…? There is simply nothing in this Article that could fairly call into question the objectivity of Brian Billick. If anything, one would expect him to be softer on the Falcons than any other Team, not more critical. I mean, Walter White would have been in even more trouble with his Wife had he publicly criticized Hank’s DEA ‘Team’!

  6. Wow, you guys have extraordinary reach stringing together four hypotheticals into a story. How about this? He reads the stats and sees the Falcons on pace to give up 8000 yards with zero sacks.

    Simpler is always better.

  7. Dimitroff has done a poor job as a General Manager. Like Ted Thompson, gets too much credit because they have drafted well at the offensive skill positions, but the reality is they are poor evaluators of defensive talent.

  8. As a Jag fan in exile in ATL, I have season tix to the Falcons. I’ve never seen a Falcon team get plowed over in the trenches like this since the mid-90s with the June Jones teams.

    You could see it coming in Hard Knocks. Hiring Bryan Cox hasn’t helped at all.

  9. Like or hate, the guy’s a former Super Bowl Winning coach so he knows a little what he’s talking about.
    And he just pointed out something that’s pretty easy to see. Even to the untrained eye.

  10. No defensive lineman or LB except for Sean Weatherspoon (1st rounder out for the season) drafted under Mike Smith or Bobby Petrino has panned out. The last 2 years really shows that fact. Luckily OT Jake Matthews fell to #6 this past draft.

  11. They had an old defense 2 years ago when they went to the AFC Championship game, the defense let them down at the end, that same off-season they blew up the defense and went younger, the defense wasn’t going to be rebuilt in a day, they have some nice players on their defense they are just young, some might not develop a few will but they will get it fixed and get more talent in the next few years and improve.

    Even with the bad defense they have the division is winnable for them, and if you get to the dance with a good offense you have a chance to make a run, even if they likely won’t win it all just getting another deep run into the playoffs could be enough to also attract some guys to help build up their defense to go with the young talent they have.

  12. Saw it against the Vikings. Forget the atrocious run defense. They ran simple crossing routes all day and they were wide open all day. It was unbelievable. It looked like a college team.

  13. I can’t believe Pioli hasn’t shored up that pathetic defense yet.

    (sarcasm off)

    LOL @ signing Tyson Jackson. He does make a good speed bump though.

  14. As a past, present and future Falcons fan. Our defense is not good or talented at all. I believe you have to take a chance on people that may have had some problems in the past. If you don’t other teams will, and they will beat the brakes off you. We need ballers (plural) plain and simple.

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