Kelvin Benjamin named NFL offensive rookie of month

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The Panthers are minus one short, angry, bridge-napalming wide receiver.

But they have a young, tall, happy one who is off to a good start.

The NFL announced that Kelvin Benjamin was the league’s offensive rookie of the month for September.

He has 21 catches for 329 yards and three touchdowns, with at least 75 receiving yards in three of his games.

He’s the first Panther to win the award since Cam Newton in 2011, and it’s no accident those two have formed a quick bond.

Benjamin still struggles with routine catches sometimes, but has shown a knack for making big plays.

15 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin named NFL offensive rookie of month

  1. And KB is definitely the bright spot for the Panthers thus far this year! Im happy they got him!!! He may not be #89, but he’s not 35 either!

  2. I gotta admit, when they took him I didn’t see much more than Big Mike Williams 2.0. But he has delivered big-time for a team that badly needed a stud at WR. Props to him and the Panthers GM for taking a chance.

  3. Potential star but not there yet. Not quite as “raw” as some of the draft experts proclaimed. Absolutely a good fit and a great low first round pick.

  4. It really wasn’t much of a chance taking him. Anybody with some actual evaluation ability could see he was a legitimate 1st round talent.

    It’s time we stop giving glorified fans like Pete Prisco the title of “expert,” and stop treating their “analysis” as such

  5. Very nice player. I predicted he’ll be the offensive ROY and Kyle Fuller will get defensive ROY.

  6. A lot of people bashed him before the drafting using the usual lazy stereotypes of about his IQ and his “motor” and that he deserved to fall out of the first round.

    Looks like he’s far and away the best WR in this class, and it was a very deep class. He’s making a lot of “experts” look very stupid.

  7. Look, KB is a great Rookie reciver, But– he should thank Cam for this award!! Why do I say that?? Well I’m going to bring knowledge to those of you who thinks Cam is not an elite QB. Cam took a no body by the name of Ted Ginn, and made him look like a real reciver!! He got paid, and now look at his body of work in AZ. Then there’s Brandon Lafell, he made him look like an ok reciver, look at his body of work in NE with exception to the last game vs KC (Which most of his receiving yards came after the game was way outta reach). Cam just makes receivers look like amazing receivers. Look at Brenton Bersin, and Philly Brown. These guys, I believe, would not be the same guys on another team that they are with Cam. He’s a great QB!

  8. Could be the Alshon Jeffery of this year’s WR class if he keeps performing and keeps his head on straight.

  9. Benjamin should thank Anderson for the award! Cam looks hurt… maybe Anderson should get a couple more starts and Benajmin repeats the award next month.

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