Ndamukong Suh won’t talk about 2015

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Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh can become a free agent after the season and a report last weekend indicated that Suh was unlikely to remain with the Lions once the offseason does arrive.

That report had New York, Chicago and Dallas listed as preferred destinations, but Suh didn’t stick around to answer any questions about it or anything else after Detroit’s victory over the Jets. Suh reportedly was in such a hurry that he wore the same undershirt he wore during the game onto the team bus, but Suh said that wasn’t true when he met the media on Wednesday.

Suh said he that he “always” takes a shower after games and that it would be “bad hygiene” to do anything else. Attempts to turn the discussion toward his 2015 plans were less successful, however. Suh said he was happy to answer questions about this week’s matchup with the Bills, but only about the matchup with the Bills.

“I cannot address that [report] just from the simple fact that I have not spoken to any reporter about it or any reporters about supposedly what has come out,” Suh said, via the Detroit Free Press.

Suh and the Lions have tabled talks on a new deal until after the season, which doesn’t leave Suh much to talk about on the 2015 front at the moment. That won’t stop speculation or questions from bubbling to the surface, but it does seem they’ll go unanswered for a few more months.

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  1. If Mark Davis truly has lots of money and cap space.

    If Mark Davis truly wants to restore the greatness of the Raiders.

    If Mark Davis truly wants a signature player on the roster.

    If Mark Davis truly wants to take a step to keep the Raider faithful from taking up golf.

    Mark Davis will have a boy named Suh in silver and black.

  2. Keep poking the bear, this is only the beginning that crazy person that you see on the field is in there. If you guys watched that interview you can see it, I for one can’t wait for him to get out of Detroit. We don’t want him here anymore.

    If the Lions play their hands right they can get a boatload of picks and unload a huge salary off of our hands. Objectively he is a great player but I cannot justify 15+ Million for a DT. Not in today’s NFL just too much money.

  3. No win situation for him, best course it to try to diffuse it. Some of these stories make me think of the Family Guy episode where Peter decided to be a paparazzi.

  4. I can’t wait till all the “Suh’s the dirtiest player in the league” idiots start clamoring for their team to sign him when he becomes a free agent in January. #doubleteamedeverytime

  5. Leave him alone. He has said numerous times that he will not talk contracts during the season. That’s OK for every other athlete except Suh. Just because some irresponsible reporter writes an article suggesting he wants to play in New York does not mean he needs to answer your questions. We want him focused on THIS season.

  6. Whatever Geno Atkins makes minus a million or two would be fair for Suh. Suh might be better right now, but remember Atkins’ deal came before his injury, when he was pretty clearly the best interior DL in football.

  7. Well next year at least we will have a better offseason storyline. It beats manziel partying, the redskins name non-controversy, and endless stories about a 7th rd pick who’s name I cant even remember anymore.

  8. Back around April or so Suh said that he wouldn’t publicly discuss his contract or future plans. He hired an agent to handle those kind of things. Must be another slow news day.

  9. At least the dude picks on people his own size that’s more than i can say about some other players in the NFL.

  10. Suh will get his big contract and then he’ll pull the same baloney that the others do…he will stop performing at a high level in order not to get injured and keep those big paychecks coming….

  11. I want him to stay and if he plays up to his salary request this season, he stays and they pay him.

    If not… see Fairley… they won’t put up with it, and I’m glad for that.

  12. As a Lions fan I would love to see Suh stay in Detroit, but only for the right price. Jim Caldwell and his staff are building a winner in Detroit. Non-Lion fans probably don’t see how the culture of this team is slowly being transformed.If Suh really want to win he should seriously consider staying where he is. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence……

  13. nfldtw you are nuts if you want him out of Detroit or your favorite team is in the NFC and isn’t the Lions. Speak for yourself and not us fans.
    Suh is tired of the media asking him about 2015. He has said that over and over, so back TFO already.

  14. Suh will never go to Oakland. You can get that out of your head. Or Arlington. Who thinks Deyroit doesnt FTag him. None of you commentors ever thought of that yet have ya??

  15. It’s all about potential so some team will take a risk and overpay him. He is a dominant player beyond doubt but has a high risk as well. If he can be signed without breaking the salary cap bank ok. If not pass on him.

  16. For about the same price I think I would rather have Avril, Bennett, and Williams….

    Go Hawks

  17. Can’t tag him, mazenblue – at least, not unless they’re willing to take a 36 million dollar cap hit.

  18. In yesteryears:

    Young reporter: Uh, Mr. Butkus, is that the same shirt that you wore in the game.

    Dick Butkus: Yeah, and it’s the same one I’m going to strangle you with. Now, do you have a football related question.

    Young reporter: Not really.

    Dick Butkus: Then shut up.

  19. J.J. Watt at defensive end, King Kong Suh tackle, and Clowney at linebacker. I know the Texans could never afford that, but it would be fun to watch.

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