Sammy Watkins: Ball comes out faster with Kyle Orton

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The Bills handed the keys to the offense to quarterback Kyle Orton this week and it hasn’t taken long for Orton’s teammates to notice the differences from the way things ran with EJ Manuel.

Wide receivers Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins have both picked up on the new things that Orton brings to the table. Woods noted Orton’s “directness” and the way he tells the other members of the offense what to look for when they break the huddle and line up for the play. Watkins has noticed that as well and also pointed out some other ways that Orton’s experience has revealed itself during recent practices.

“We just had a different approach to practice. [Orton] demands what he wants out of us,” Watkins said, via “He’s more of a veteran guy. The way he talked, the way he handles business, the way he looks at plays and breaks down defenses, it’s kind of different than EJ. He reads it quicker, the ball is coming out faster. That’s just some things that we have to adjust to.”

Orton wasn’t taking the bait when it came to questions about what he will do better than Manuel, but the comments from the wide receivers suggest that Orton’s going to be more advanced when it comes to reading defenses and more able to direct his younger teammates in the offense. Both should benefit the Bills as long as Orton’s physical abilities are up to snuff.

38 responses to “Sammy Watkins: Ball comes out faster with Kyle Orton

  1. Man please ! Orton is NOT the answer ! Manuel is a bust. Back to the draft in 2015 for a new QB

  2. Why is this even news? Orton is a 10(?) year vet and Manuel has played 14 games so you would expect Orton to be more mature and more directive in the huddle.

  3. Dumbest decision ever unless they truly believe that Manuel can never be the guy, because now they’ve ruined Manuel. Orton might get them to 8-8. That’s at most. The Bills officially have no future at QB yet again.

  4. With the neckbeard no longer weighing heavy on Kyle’s heart and soul, I see nothing but great things for him. If it wasn’t for the “Tebow Experience”, Orton would have continued to start for Denver. Until we got Manning of course.

  5. As a guy who needs Sammy to get #’s, I’m very happy to see Orton take the snaps.

    Didn’t EJ say he wanted to mentor Jameis Winston a few weeks ago?
    Does EJ own a mirror?

    Be it Jeff George or Akili Smith, some of the most talented QB’s in NFL history have been failures because they never grasped the 50 or 60 hours a week of work they must put in YEAR around.
    Certainly at the stage where that is the question with EJ.

  6. What a disfunctional franchise. Draft a QB in the top 20, let him play 8-10 games, then bench him? They are gonna miss the playoffs for another 15 years.

  7. Orton played a great game week 17 last year vs Philly for Dallas, save for the game sealing pick on the potential go ahead drive. The offense for Dallas in that game geled and performed at a high level, no different than it would have under Romo. When he through the crucial playoff barring pick, it really might as well have been Romo out there.

    Conclusion, Orton is more than capable.

  8. His career’s come full circle. I remember when he was on the other end of this when Bear fans and players were clamoring for the great Rex Grossman. Muhsin Mohammed even confronted him on the sidelines about not getting rid of the ball quick enough or something along those lines. Good for him that he’s lasted long enough to get the last laugh.

  9. Now that Brady is in the final stages of his career and the Jets and Dolphins continue to suck, this division belongs to the Bills. It was a nice ride for the Pats, but it’s over. Grab your stuff on the way out, cause this is the Bills house now.

  10. This is all we needed…..just decent QB play. The talent is all around it. The defense will be good enough to win 10 games, the offense will by default, score better. Turnovers & injuries are the only thing that could derail winning this weak division. Jets need to make the same move if they want to hang around

  11. Whichever QB is the best at making decisions of when and where to throw it is most often going to be the better performing QB. This could be a short-term solution for the Bills to get on better track while giving the young guy more time to develop to the point that his potential can break through to the next level on the field, when he’s ready.

  12. For this season at this time, he is our best chance to win doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out….Go Bills

  13. Manuel wasn’t drafted to automatically start. Remember Kevin Kolb was brought in last yr but got hurt. Manuel can benefit from sitting, watching. Used to be, rookie qb’s didn’t start right away and were given time to mature & improve. That is no longer the NFL.

    It’s up to the Bills coaches to win games now AND develop Manuel into an NFL starting caliber qb. By all accounts, he’s a good kid, a football junkie and coachable. Put in the work and Manuel can have success down the road. Ortons a good move for now. Bills have too much talent to squander games like the Houston game that was there for the taking.

  14. They have damaged Manuel’s confidence for……Kyle Orton???? A 10 year vet will naturally have a greater command presence than a guy in his 2nd year with 14 starts. Furthermore, what type of QB development has Buffalo shown us over the years, or specifically with Doug Marrone??? Ryan Fitzpatrick busted out in Buffalo but is 3-1 with Bill O’Brien… do the math. Manuel may have been a bust, or he may have been just a serviceable QB for a great defense and can win in a post-Brady AFC East. But now we will never know – they destroyed Manuel’s confidence and progress in exchange for a 7-9 season.

  15. Lol, you guys are funny. “This division is ours now!” Yeah, I don’t think so boys…. You’re more likely to be second to last for the next 5 years….

  16. Orton is most effective passing the ball with a beer in one hand. He’s the first player to come to the NFL directly from a grass parking lot at a Phish concert.

  17. The Bills are back on track as the plan was to develop EJ while a veteran QB started. No one is saying the division is ours. EJ took a step back and was going to get the receivers killed. I have heard some pundits say that EJ is done now due to the benching. I also heard even more pundits disagree. People believe what they want to believe. The Detroit Cats are tough so Orton may not win the game Sunday but now, this week, he gives them a better chance.

  18. Manuel’s confidence shouldn’t be damaged or ruined by him being benched. If anything, his confidence would be damaged by watching game films.

  19. I’m sure all the Bills receivers are excited about this. Orton is one of the best practice field quarterbacks in the league. He always great in try-outs. He’s usually very good during the first half of games too. He mainly stinks in the fourth quarter of close games.

    He’s the polar opposite of Tebow, who sucks in try-outs, practice and the first three-quarters of games, but somehow manages to turn it on when the game is on the line.

  20. He’s the polar opposite of Tebow, who sucks in try-outs, practice and the first three-quarters of games, but somehow manages to turn it on when the game is on the line.
    LOL It’s funny that you mention that because I used to always wonder why my Broncos didn’t just play Orton for the first three quarters and let Tebow come in for the fourth.

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