Seahawks punter Jon Ryan wins player of month honors


Jon Ryan might not work as much as some other punters.

But when he does, he’s very good at it.

The Seahawks punter was named NFC special teams player of the month for September, after doing solid work in his rare appearances.

He dropped seven of his 12 punts inside the 20 yard line, and had four punts of at least 60 yards. His 48.3 gross average is good, but his net average of 43.3 is a testament to good coverage around him.

He also drilled a free kick after a safety 79 yards to the Denver 1-yard line, showing impressive strength.

21 responses to “Seahawks punter Jon Ryan wins player of month honors

  1. …and he did it all in shorts and a Tilley hat. The helmet musses his hair something awful, so he doesn’t put it on anymore, and it can get so uncomfortable standing aroud for three hours with those tight football pants on.

  2. If Ryan played for any other team he would be All-Pro every year. For the most dominant team in the history of the NFL? Enjoys life sitting in the sideline watching the Hawks dominate.

  3. This is how offensive lineman for winning teams make the Pro Bowl. There’s a lot of subjectivity involved. And winning sways opinion because there’s no way to really prove anything.

  4. I didn’t even know they had a punter! I was under the impression that #3, aka the son of GOD, scored a gold plated touchdown every time his magic fingers touched the pigskin!

  5. Congrats Jon!

    If Sproles won, you I don’t think you’d see Seattle fans complaining that it should’ve gone to Jon Ryan. Sproles was great last month, to be sure, but y’all clearly aven’t been watching Jon Ryan! The guy was one return away from setting a new record for least return yardage last year in week 17. He’s looked even better this year, kicking punts even higher (and longer, to boot!).

    He’s integral in Seattle’s field position game. His punting was key in Seattle’s win over Denver. Plus that 80 yard free kick against the Broncos was a megablast. I’ve never seen anyone kick that far.

  6. You can tell lots of people on this site only watch highlights. After that Bronco’s game where you could mention half a dozen players Pete Carroll said Jon Ryan was the MVP of the game. That 80 yard kick after the safety I honestly don’t know how many times I have seen that before.

    They are letting Jon Ryan boom it because we have excellent gunners and is it ever paying of for Seattle special teams.

  7. He is a very big reason the Seahawks are as successful as they are. He is very good and consistant at pinning their opponants deep and making them drive the length of the field to score. Which is very difficult to do against that defense so it doesn’t happen very often.

  8. Chargers dominated so soundly the Hawks were down a whopping 6 points as they had the ball with 3 minutes left.The same game Sherman was exposed for 35 yds,no TD’s and no big plays as the Chargers had what will be the biggest win of their season and their most important win in nearly 2 decades!

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