Washington tight ends return to practice

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As Washington prepares to host Seattle, the home team got some good news, in the form of a pair of tight ends returning to practice.

Jordan Reed, who suffered a hamstring injury in Week One, and Niles Paul, who suffered a concussion last Thursday on an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit, both returned on a limited basis.

Paul will need to eventually receive clearance from the independent neurologist to play on Monday.  Reed simply needs to have a healthy hamstring.

5 responses to “Washington tight ends return to practice

  1. Not even close to “illegal” hit…Paul caught the ball, ran a couple three strides with it and initiated the contact with the defenders by lowering his helmet into them…he created the contact…that’s not an illegal act by the defenders in any way

  2. It’s the perfect set-up for classic Redskins football. They’ll contribute on the way to a solid win over Seattle; then they’ll be injured again in a loss to Tennessee; and then return when the Redskins get blown out by the Rams. Because that’s what Redskins football is all about– showing flashes of incredible talent, getting their fans all hyped up, and then ripping the rug right out from under their feet as they choke the rest of the season away.
    Crabcakes and soul-crushing football– that’s what Maryland does!

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