Bill Belichick: Aaron Dobson inactive for football reasons only


Earlier this week, there was a report that the Patriots have left wide receiver Aaron Dobson on the inactive list for the last two weeks because he “mouthed off” to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked about that report on Friday, specifically whether Dobson was held out of the games for disciplinary reasons. Belichick said that “football” reasons were the only ones to explain why Dobson has been out of the lineup. Belichick was then asked whether the receiver and McDaniels had any confrontation.

“No and I’ll have a comment on that later,” Belichick said, via Mike Petraglia of WEEI.

We’ll see if the comment extends beyond “on to Cincinnati” because the Patriots only dressed three wide receivers against the Chiefs on Monday night and the team has had a need all year for receivers who can play on the outside of the offense. If Dobson is healthy — he had foot surgery in the offseason — and not able to do that, Dobson doesn’t have much value to the Pats.

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  1. This underscores the REALITY of the NFL and life in general.

    Valued employees receive more latitude on transgressions than marginally valuable employees.

    Tom Brady was videotaped on the sideline mixing it up with then-OC Bill O’Brien — and he never missed a snap. Thing is, Brady is a very deserved first ballot Hall of Famer — and Dobson’s resume falls far short of that standard.

    It’s the same way for all of us too. For example, a salesperson who cranks mega-numbers and wear his hair long, arrive late, leave early, dress cas, etc. And a salesperson who is not meeting quotas or eking at the quota limit has a very short leash.

  2. You think with all those second round picks that Bill likes to stockpile, they would be unstoppable, but Bill is horrific at drafting, especially in round 2. Dobson, Tavon Wilson, Ras I Dowling, Shane Vereen, Jermaine Cunningham, Ron Brace, Darius Butler, Terrance Wheatley…

  3. Dobson has shown us nothing so far. Zero.

    I doubt that’s going to change this far in to his career.

    When a guy has “it”, he usually has it from day one.

  4. As a Pats fan I can say this year’s draft was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I think Jimmy G has the potential to be a good QB, but unless you plan on starting him over Brady the next couple of years, wasting a 2nd rd pick on a QB is horrible when you need OL, WR, LB help.

  5. At 1Point, leave Vereen off of that list. The guy is a beast, and is a good 3rd down back. I believe he will continue to get better as the season goes on.

    As for everyone else, you’re spot on. Belichick has more misses than hits, it’s frustrating as a Pats fan but belichick loves to build depth.

    It’s going downhill for Dobson but he still has time to improve and show up this season.

  6. McDaniels is A cancer. I do not blame Aaron Dobson for doing so.

    Belichick should just bring Charlie Weis back onto the staff as a “consultant” and then have a guy in place to take over McDaniels in case McDaniels needs to go. Frankly, McDaniels should’ve been fired after 2012. I say this because he wanted it Danny Amendola over Wes welker.

  7. and the football reason is this: he’s terrible

    way to trade away the pick that became Cordarrelle Patterson..

  8. I’m a Pats fan, and I routinely refer to Dobson as “Droptimus Prime.” Other better options are available — if we’re willing to look.

  9. I am not buying this.

    Heard on the local sports talk this morning from a realiable source that Wes Welker had it out with McDaniels a few times as well.

    Patriots have proven time and time again that the system is valued more than the player and if you speak out of turn you will be dealt with. Which is OK when you have an elite QB leading your team. But when the elite QB ages and his abilities slip and then he himself starts speaking out about the system? Trouble is abound in New England.

  10. Why is everyone bashing the patriots this year? Everyone should be bashing the refs that gave them so many calls in the past are the ones really slacking this year.

  11. You can debate the details all you want. Yet, at the end of the day, the Patriots are still going to win the AFC East.

  12. @brobroski: Actually, the plan IS to start Garoppolo next year. The Pats are many things, but they aren’t stupid. They know that they can’t keep playing in today’s NFL without a QB who can throw an accurate long pass.

  13. Aaron Dobson has a lot of talent. He may not realize it but he is very lucky to be playing for the greatest coach of all time and with the greatest QB of all time. They both want Aaron to succeed but some players have to learn discipline and respect authority.
    This is probably a little tough love from a very strong leader who expects perfection. Just part of the Patriot Way.

    In Bill we trust.

  14. The Patriots are 2-2. There are 12 games left and the Pats play 7 of those at home. Green Bay looked horrid to start the season and they have turned it around as have the Giants. The fools slamming the Patriots organization, Belichick and Brady are mostly fans of other teams that are engaging in wishful thinking. Patriots fans, in the words of Aaron Rogers, should “relax”.

  15. Belichick positioning for the ultimate scenario with these crazy moves and play calling … get 2 first round picks for Brady, and move on.

    Heck, Oakland gave 2 for Carlson Palmer.

  16. You think with all those second round picks that Bill likes to stockpile, they would be unstoppable, but Bill is horrific at drafting, especially in round 2. Dobson, Tavon Wilson, Ras I Dowling, Shane Vereen, Jermaine Cunningham, Ron Brace, Darius Butler, Terrance Wheatley…

    Yeah, leave out the ones that don’t fit your narrative. How about MLight, DBranch, EWilson, SVollmer, BSpikes, Gronk, Vereen(worth a 2nd rnder), JCollins. The batting ave for BB’s 2nd rnd pks are about 50/50. Should be better, but not horrific, Dobson had a decent rookie season before he got hurt, and he’s 4 gms into his 2nd season coming off surgery. Not prepared to call him a bust yet. This team had enough talent, despite injuries to key people, to get to 3 straight AFCC games and a SB. No small feat. I think the main difference is coaching, and not being able to find the kind of FAs they got during the SBowl run. I also think Brady’s had enough of what they give him to work with, as well as slightly diminishing skills. Never seen him check out like he did in the 2nd half at KC.

  17. I don’t think the Patriots are in as deep trouble as it seems, though I have no idea what they think they’re doing on offense. If Amendola was supposed to replace Welker, then why aren’t they running him in those plays/positions? If Wright was supposed to be the next Hernandez, then why aren’t they running him in those plays/positions? Why is Brady’s accuracy so erratic? Why keep guys like Dobson and Thompkins on your roster if they suck and you’re not going to activate them on game days? Matthew Slater – special teams ace – is technically a WR, too so why not throw him out there on offense now and then? Perhaps he’d be just as badass as he is on ST. There are a LOT of questions around this offense and none of them are being answered.

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