Broncos release Matt Prater before suspension ends


The Broncos apparently figured they could live without Matt Prater.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Broncos have released their dangerous-at-elevation kicker Friday.

That leaves the job in the hands of Brandon McManus, who has hit all three of his field goal attempts and is perfect on eight extra points.

Prater was suspended four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, but barring any further punishment, ought to find work quickly.

He’s been one of the top kickers in the league, missing just one field goal last year and leading the league in touchbacks.

So while Jesus might pray to Prater, John Elway apparently doesn’t any more.

59 responses to “Broncos release Matt Prater before suspension ends

  1. wowwwwww. i thought he’d be the next jason elam in terms of tenure with the broncos. Guy was a HUGE reason they were able to win some of those tebow time games. Things can change so quickly

  2. He was erratic this preseason. Some of his kickoffs were very short and he had some easy misses. Maybe it was because he knew a suspension was coming but something was very wrong with him. If you’re the broncos do you really want to be starring down the barrel at the one year suspension for your kicker when you are going for a Super Bowl or the guy that is hopefully good enough but will stay in his lane and be there?
    They weren’t going to keep both of them and the one they cut they were going to lose so good move.

  3. Can he sign now because it’s Week 5 and 4 weeks have expired on the NFL season or because the Broncos were on bye last week does he still have to sit 1 more game?

  4. mataug says:
    Oct 3, 2014 1:57 PM
    What’s the impact on the salary cap ?

    Matt Prater will count $4.1 million against Denver’s cap next season. Prater was scheduled to make $2.5 million this year.

    From Schefter on twitter.

  5. Looks like Elway isn’t the god all denver fans claim him to be. Broncos will be lucky to make it back to the AFC championship game.

    Other teams fans envy our teams talent while other teams players envy our fan base.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #wilsoniselite

  6. goldbloodedindfw says:
    Oct 3, 2014 2:13 PM
    This is very surprising. I wish my Niners would pick him up. PHIL DAWSON has looked shaky at times this year.

    Really? As a niners fan your biggest worry is phil dawson? I’d be more worried about my QB if I were you.

  7. Somebody better pick him up. His suspension was DUI-related anyways.

    The real reason for Tebow’s success is too good to not consider.

  8. As a Seahawks fan its ok by me, but from a Denver standpoint it just doesn’t quite pass the smell test. This guy has done wonders for the Bronco’s org! There has got to be another agenda at work here as his playing ability demonstrates he’s a keeper. One thing for sure, he won’t be unemployed for long.

  9. Welker barely served HALF his suspension for molly cut with amphetamines and he was back for the big game….everyone else is still serving their suspensions. That’s what doesn’t pass the smell test. 4 games down to two….”oh Rog, Peytie on line one.”

  10. Wow, what a dumb move. This will def cost the Broncos down the road. Browns need to sign this guy asap! Cundiff can’t hit a 50 yarder to save his life!

  11. Wow. I get that this is the safe move stability wise, but I hope the Broncos know some behind the scenes stuff that we don’t.

    Otherwise, McManus hasn’t had a chance yet to show how he does in a clutch / ultra-long range / game winning type situation. smh

  12. He was fat and out of shape this year if you paid attention to preseason. Plus with Peyton Manning as your QB you should be scoring TD’s not kicking FG’s. If you need to rely on 55 yarders, odds are your team is trash.

  13. He’s one screw up away from having a year long suspension. Probably way more to this story than the general public (us) knows.

  14. McManus, the rookie, leads the league in touchback %, and hasn’t missed a FG or XP.

    The Bronco’s are snug on salary cap.

    It wasn’t Prater’s first time at the DUI rodeo.

    It does add up for the Bronco’s and Prater will have plenty of offers.

  15. The Broncos spent so much money in the off season trying to build a Super Bowl revenge team, they had to make some cuts somewhere. A $4 mil kicker fit the bill.

  16. Something is going to come out in the next few weeks about Prater that could call for him to be released. If that happens, Elway suddenly looks like the most prepared and in touch GM.

    If nothing happens and McManus chokes, welcome to Pratergate Elway.

  17. The Browns better call this dude up quick. They may have to outbid, but we have a kicker on the roster who can’t hit a FG longer than 49 yards on a perfect day, I feel bad for him trying when the gales of November come steaming.

  18. Prater only served three games so far. I guess whoever picks him would have to sit him for at least one game unless the NFL counts this week even if he doesn’t have a team.

    Agreed that he will get another chance soon.

  19. *Disclaimer: I know of no current or former NFL players personally, this post is simply some various opinions on non-specific subjects. I have relatively good knowledge on PEDs, specifically steroids. I am not claiming or supporting the idea that any specific person or persons is on PEDs. The side notes section is simply a hypothetical situation that has no relevance to this situation.*

    -When Josh Gordon got suspended, he claims that the several random substance-tests afterwards were “harassing” (this is an article on PFT). Josh Gordon was suspended for marijuana, but they weren’t just testing him for marijuana afterwards, they were testing for PEDs, of course a freak of nature like him does not need PEDs and I could guarantee he’s not on any.

    -Having looked through images and stats of Prater from his college career to later in his NFL career, you can notice, for one, that he’s gotten huge, and significantly stronger since entering the NFL, and for two, his hair line has receded a lot. Also he made just 67% of his field goals in college, and over 80% in the NFL.

    Side notes (*unrelated to previous text*):

    -Many NFL athletes cycle trenbolone acetate, as it blows trenbolone enanthate out of the water in terms of performance (and trenbolone is a far better performance enhancing steroid than any other steroid), however HgH injections are required during the first cycle as tren is not a testosterone based steroid. HgH is also used during post cycle therapy. This is why the NFL thinks an HgH ban should slow down PED use in the NFL.

    -Trenbolone steroids are known to cause sever increase in performance, and are known to cause baldness, gyno, masculine features in women, deepened voice, and a more pronounce, sculpted jaw.

    -Personally, if I were a GM, and had a player that displayed side effects of substance abuse, and was prone to frequent testing by the NFL due to a prior substance abuse suspension, I’d be hesitant to keep him around. I’d be worried that the player would either drop in performance, or fail a PED test and be suspended for a full season.

  20. scw1993 says: Oct 3, 2014 3:02 PM

    Welker barely served HALF his suspension for molly cut with amphetamines and he was back for the big game….everyone else is still serving their suspensions. That’s what doesn’t pass the smell test.
    Scandrick got back early as well.

  21. scw1993 says: Oct 3, 2014 3:02 PM

    Welker barely served HALF his suspension for molly cut with amphetamines and he was back for the big game….everyone else is still serving their suspensions. That’s what doesn’t pass the smell test.
    Scandrick got back early as well.

    Welker said himself, he got a committee together to get the rules changed and by golly he did it! I guess those before him weren’t as clever as the Welker

  22. The Chiefs do not need Prater! Plus, if someone does bring him in won’t they be on the hook for his salary?? I mean, as of now?! We don’t need him nor will we bring him to KC unless there is an injury.

  23. I understand the reasoning behind the decision but damn, Denver just lost a major weapon. Danger Will Robinson, for the first time the salary cap is about to hammer Elway and Fox.

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