Geno Smith fined $12,000 for Sunday “F” bombs

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The NFL has spoken regarding the things spoken by Jets quarterback Geno Smith to the fan base on Sunday against the Falcons.  The NFL also will be taking some cash out of Smith’s pocket.

PFT has confirmed that Smith was fined $12,000 for shouting “f–k you” twice toward the stands at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Lions.

It’s the same fine that was imposed on Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in the preseason for flashing a middle finger at the Washington sideline.  While the intended recipients were different, the reasoning for the penalty is the same — ensuring that players treat everyone with respect.

It’s not often that quarterbacks find themselves in this type of situation.  Eight years ago, Mike Vick fired off a middle finger to the home crowd in Atlanta following a loss.  He was fined $10,000 and made a $10,000 donation to charity.  Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer was fined $5,000 for a nonchalant, no-look middle finger to a heckler in 2004.

And then there’s this.  And, well, this.

19 responses to “Geno Smith fined $12,000 for Sunday “F” bombs

  1. when Geno owns a team, he can flip off whoever he wants ..right now, he doesn’t even own a firm grasp on the starting QB job

  2. I dropped an f-bomb on my mom when I was 17. $12000 would have been better than what my dad dished out.

  3. This kid is way too fragile mentally to ever make it as a starting QB. The Scout that wrote the scathing review of him before the draft was correct.

    I’d never, ever want to be in a fox-hole with this guy.

  4. Yet Tom Brady on National TV chases a ref down uses the F word and he gets away with the lame excuse free speech by the NFL.

  5. “Go be mean, suffer multiple concussions in a brutally violent game to make us all billions while putting your long term health in jeopardy. Oh but by the way make sure to say please and thanks or you get in trouble” — NFL

  6. With the Cam Heyward fine at $22,050, it’s clear the ding for cursing an official is $10k more than for cursing a fan.

    What a country!

  7. While not a big fan of boorish behavior by athletes, I also don’t think they should have to swallow the garbage thrown at them by idiots who would never have the balls to say those things in an alley face to face.

    I hate weasels more than words.

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