Woman who falsely accused Marshawn Lynch may face charges

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At a time when the NFL’s new sensitivity to domestic violence and sexual assault may tempt some to make false claims against NFL players, such actions have potential consequences.

The woman who falsely accused Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch of assault could soon be facing those consequences.

Via SeattlePI.com, the Bellevue Police Department released a statement on Thursday night confirming that Lynch had “no involvement” in the case, and that probable cause exists to believe that the alleged victim violated Washington law that prohibits “making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.”  A criminal summons has been sent to the Bellevue city attorney, who will make the final decision on whether to prosecute.

If charged, the person who made the false charge against Lynch will face up to 364 days in prison and a fine of $5,000.

45 responses to “Woman who falsely accused Marshawn Lynch may face charges

  1. The penalty needs to be stiffer. If you have audacity to attempt to ruin someone’s career or life by forcing an unearned scarlet letter in them…you should face very stiff penalties. I’m talking 5 + years in prison. Those people are despicable.

  2. As well she should. The only thing worse than violence against another individual is bearing false witness. She tried to get paid at the expense of ruining that mans life.

  3. If indeed she falsely accused him she should be charged. All to often there are no consequences for using Law Enforcement for personal gain.

    In Texas an arrest for even a misdemeanor for a claim of domestic violence stays on your record for 10 years, no matter the outcome and that includes not guilty. It is a tool I have seen used over and over in divorce cases and child custody cases, yet in 10 years I have never seen a claimant who fasified abuse claims for personal gain reprimanded or held accountable by a Judge or Law Enforcement.

    When we as a society create a system that has no consequence for false claims, there is no reason to give pause before doing it. All that does is diminish the issue of endemic Family Violence, and in the long run hurts the true victims that exists in cyclical violence at the hands of a family member.

    Sadly, if this was Joe Lynch accountant rather than M. Lynch NFL I doubt any resorces would be used to punish the victimizer, which in this case was the one claiming to be the victim.

  4. What she might have to pay is next to NOTHING compared to what he would have had to pay, not economically, legally or socially. We all know how much he’d have suffered had her bs been taken more seriously. Career? Gone. Money? Gone. Respect? Gone. FREEDOM?! Gone.

    I think her potential penalties should be higher just for deterrence’s sake on all those other gold diggers out there.

  5. Wait, people actually lie about assault? Hold that pitchfork. Now that throws a wrench in the narrative.

    Guess we can’t condemn every person who is accused.

  6. I feel like the punishment for a false accusation should be as harsh, or harsher than the penalty for the crime the innocent was accused of committing. We all want the league and the authorities to move swiftly in their punishments of players for these kind of acts, but it’s worthless women like this that proves you have to wait for the legal process to run it’s course. Women who have been abused should be the first to want to rake this idiot through the coals – all this does is rob real victims of their credibility.

  7. I hate the seahawks like everyone else does, but what i hate more, is women lying on these professional men for personal gain.

  8. This should occur every time an individual wrongfully accuses someone of a crime. The damage to the reputation one faces when wrongfully accused is life shattering and extremely difficult to overcome. This should be the precedent.

  9. Of course the accusations were fake, you’re not talking about the miners here. She should be thrown in jail. Falsely accusing someone of rape is a serious accusation that should come with serious consequences if the person is lying.

    Other teams fans envy our teams talent while other teams players envy our fan base.
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  10. “Woman who falsely accused Marshawn Lynch MAY face charges”???


    What? No question — a person absolutely SHOULD face charges for trying to frame someone for a felony.

    How easy it would be for any guy to get hung with a rape charge after fully consensual sex — if the woman merely lied to authorities that she was raped, and possibly even tried to extort the athlete.

    We need to dissuade nutbags from “falsely accusing” people of felonies. You can ruin a person’s life for something they didn’t do.

  11. And this is why you wait for the police to conclude their investigations and decide whether or not they will be filing charges before breaking out the pitchforks and torches.

  12. Any woman who fasley accuses a man of a sexual crime should be thrown in jail. An accustaion of rape or sexual assault will haunt a man’s name for years even if the man didn’t do it. It’s time to throw the book at her and make an example. Sexual assault crimes are serious and making false accusations is just as serious.

  13. it would be ironic if she served any jail time because of this being that Marshawn has never done so himself for his various crimes…thus is life in the NFL…

  14. What’s ironic is that the Seahawks helped the police clear this up in less than 2 weeks. What has Santa Clara done?

  15. The only problem I have with this is that the woman probably will spend time in jail (which I am ok with) but had Lynch been found guilty of sexual assault, he would’ve got his hands slapped and at most put on probation. Lynch already has multiple offenses from his Buffalo days, even when on probation, but hasn’t spent a single night in jail.

  16. I hope they make an example of this case. What this woman did is not only illegal, Lynch’s attorneys should file a civil suit against her for slander and defamation.

    Hopefully they also investigate any communications she may have tried to initiate with Lynch to see if there is evidence of extortion.

    Her actions were insulting and defamatory to Lynch, the authorities, and one more group that hasn’t yet been mentioned: actual rape victims. The trauma rape survivors must endure their whole lives is essentially being mocked by this woman who would pretend to have suffered similarly just for profit or self-aggrandizement.

    Also, don’t rule out the possibility that this woman was obsessed with him and thought this false accusation would be a quick and easy way to get to meet him. A legal conflict may not be the ideal way to get in the same room with someone, but it’s still more of a relationship than watching him on TV.

  17. Women who fake assault claims for personal gain make it much more difficult for actual victims to be believed and get justice. And that’s in addition to the damage they do to their victims–the falsely accused and his family, as well as the taxpayers who must foot the bill for the police investigation, court costs, and imprisonment of an innocent man if it gets that far.

    Lock her up and throw away the key.

  18. Slipper slope the NFL has created for itself. The world is filled with those who feel no guilt in pulling of a good scam.

  19. number1hawkfan says: Oct 3, 2014 6:48 AM

    Prosecute this &$@&$!!!!


    Maybe they should. But didn’t Marshawn Lynch commit some kind of crime when he was playing with the Bills. And got away with it?

  20. not a seattle fan, but… The penalty should be much higher for these bimbo’s looking to extort from professional athletes. It’s kind of a low risk/high reward considering how much they could potentially get from these professional athletes. She needs to be made as an example. I agree ML should file some sort of civil lawsuit and bury her

  21. @regishawk…….. some of us are human beings first and fans second. I hope they throw the book at her.

  22. As a woman, I say throw her UNDER the jail! Many of you have already commented on the fact that women like this hurt those women who have been truly assaulted. Every time a bimbo does this, it encourages those who don’t believe women anyway and makes it much more difficult for a true rape survivor to come forward.

  23. Oh wait…maybe that is the reason for Due Process.

    Hmmm…maybe we should use this Due Process thing for every situation instead of suspending first and asking questions later. (AP, MacDonald, etc.)

    And talk about double standards. Nobody cares about women on men crime (ex: Hope Solo). I don’t hear domestic violence groups pining for her head.

    Just a thought.

  24. 364 Days? Not a year?

    Correct. This is a misdemeanor. In most states, that’s an offense punishable less than a year. A felony is punishable one year or more.

  25. Some women know how society and the law is. They will always give the woman the benefit of the doubt. The man is always guilty even after proven innocent. Some people are still trying to lessen the plight of Marshawn Lynch by mentioning his past which has nothing to do with what this woman did. It’s easier to vilify the man. bet you would think differently if it happen to you. My question is where is (NOW and the Women Senators)? Would love to hear there take on this. Get some laws change to punish equally. The way I see it Feminists generally don’t consider male victimhood as serious an issue as female victim. Oh, but it’s okay they are still for gender equality!

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