Jim Schwartz doesn’t care how Lions fans welcome him


Former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz will probably be booed at Ford Field on Sunday when he visits in his new capacity as the Bills’ defensive coordinator. Schwartz says he’s not concerned with that.

Asked how he expects to be greeted by the crowd in Detroit, Schwartz downplayed the matter.

It doesn’t matter,” he said, via the Buffalo News. “It’s about the game. That’s certainly not important.”

Schwartz said that as far as he’s concerned, it’s business as usual.

“It’s about the same as any week,” Schwartz said. “I’ve been a visitor there before, so I know where the visitor’s locker room is, in addition to the home locker room. . . . It is an important game for us. It’s a road game and we’re coming off a two-game skid. And we need to be able to get it back, whether it’s the Lions, whether it’s any other team. Everybody has connections in this league. Every coach has coached somewhere else. Everything else doesn’t play into the game.”

Schwartz may not feel any differently this week. Lions fans will probably boo the visiting coach this week a little more than usual.

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  1. As a lifelong Lions fan, I give the man credit for making the franchise respectable again. He inherited an 0-16 team and managed to get them to the playoffs.

    He was the right guy at the time, but didn’t have the demeanor or the depth to get them to the next level. I hope Lions fans remember that and respond accordingly.

  2. I doubt he’ll hear many boos. Schwartz is remembered for taking an awful team (0-16) and turning it into a playoff team before backsliding. He made the Lions respectable once again. He was feisty. Lions fans liked that. There will be a smattering of boos but also a lot of applause for Schwartzie.

  3. “Asked how he expects to be greeted by the crowd in Detroit, Schwartz downplayed the matter.”

    The real issue is not what Schwartz thinks. The real issue is that someone thought this was a pertinent question to ask. It’s quite juvenile if you think about it.

    But, we don’t direct our scorn to the genius who asked the question. Instead we’re thinking about and opining on petty boo-ers and whether or not someone’s feeling will be hurt.

    This is how it happened. This is how our sensibilities as a society have been lowered to the level of school yard gossip. Focus on the petty.

    We are so used to the misdirection that we don’t even notice anymore.

  4. Last season with him, we were 3-1 too and then 6-3. In 2012, we started 1-3. 2011, we started 5-0 with a 9 game win streak continued from 2010.

    So, we’ve been here before and been here with Schwartz. I just can’t forgive the implosion at the end of last season.

  5. It’s interesting that a guy who doesn’t care how the fan base of him reaching the pinnacle of his profession greets him — yet he flew into a wild rage when Jim Harbaugh’s post-game greeting wasn’t “respectful” enough for him.

  6. bigmikeatl has it right. i am also a life long Lions fan and Schwartz did make us a good team again. i will never fault him for that. he just didnt have the extra stuff to push us over the edge.

  7. The one thing I recall mostly about Schwartz was the incredible lack of discipline the team had. Always tons of penalties, at bad times. A hot-headed coach who lacks discipline will always yield the same results with his team.

    Nice to see the Lions 1st in the NFL in least penalties per game.

  8. That man is not a good Head Coach. Most coaches can make the playoffs once, especially if you have exceptional talent on the roster.

    Is he a good motivator? Probably. However, the team was much too undisciplined and never seemed to live up to their potential under him.

  9. News flash to you morons who are still talking about the handshake: Harbaugh was the instigator of that situation. He admitted so much in the post game press conference amd apologized. I sometimes wonder if a lot of you are even football fans who actually pay attention to what goes on or if you’re just middle school trolls.

  10. Someone said that he went from one terrible franchise to another one…

    Let’s check and see…

    Lions record all time is 517 wins and 620 losses and 32 ties. More than 100 games below .500

    All time post season record is below .500

    Won titles before the Super Bowl era, but none in the Super Bowl era.

    Buffalo Bills all time record is 376 wins and 436 losses with 8 ties.

    All time post season record is below .500

    So, BOTH teams are well below .500 overall and below .500 in post season all time.

    Neither has won a Super Bowl either.

  11. Brought that team back to a respectable level.

    Also, even though we hadn’t seen it much yet at the time of that incident, its been pretty clear since, how much of a whining spaz Harbaugh is. Schwartz calling him out on that in that game has my respect.

  12. It’s hilarious how a lot of you people who make comments like “two terrible franchises” and “bring back the blackout rule” take the time to come to the comments section and comment about the game that you find so terrible. It obviously either has some relevance to you or you’re just a really negative, hateful person. Not sure how your teams doing this season but I can tell you my Lions are 3-1 and on top of their division. I doubt your teams doing quite that well.

  13. I could be wrong but I don’t think there will be much boos at all, I liked Schwartz, he brought the lions back from the dead essentially and had a nice year in 2011. I thank him for this but it was just time for a change.

  14. People even take the time to research the two franchises records to attempt to support their argument. Great job regurgitating facts that you found on the internet. Why did you take the valuable time from your day to research such terrible, irrelevant franchises? Is your team 3-1 this year?

  15. johnelwayishorsefaced says: Oct 4, 2014 11:26 AM

    It’s hilarious how a lot of you people who make comments like “two terrible franchises” and “bring back the blackout rule” take the time to come to the comments section and comment about the game that you find so terrible. It obviously either has some relevance to you or you’re just a really negative, hateful person. Not sure how your teams doing this season but I can tell you my Lions are 3-1 and on top of their division. I doubt your teams doing quite that well.


    As we know with the Lions and Bills, it’s what their record is when the season ends that matters. Not after 4 games. The Lions look good right now and have a good chance, but historically they have gotten worse as the season goes on… The Bills just sat their starter in favor of a mediocre QB that can win a game or two as a back up but has proven he can’t win as a starter. Doesn’t bode well for them.

  16. My hat goes off to Schwartz.

    As a long time suffering Lions fan, he brought them back from an 0-16 season and made them competitive again. Almost the entire roster had to be replaced and that was specifically on the new regime.

    It’s early, and hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen as last year. However, last year the team just stopped playing for the coaches. You could tell they didn’t want to play for them. It was time for a change. That’s nothing against Schwartz, it’s simply the reality.

    He’s a good coach and he’ll move on to continue to be a good coach. I would suspect there are more cheers tomorrow than boos.

  17. Schwartz has no need to get worked up over returning to Ford field to play against his old team… He brought the Lions from an 0-16 team to a respectful organization in only a few short years… He was demoted to DC and will eventually work his way back up to a Head Coaching position like many career rollercoaster riding Coaches do… He is doing a very good job with Buffalo’s Defense right now and I would expect him to get better every week that goes by. The treatment of former coaches and players by their past teams and fans is a bit fluffed up… A job is a job, and there will always be people out there that dislike you, regardless what has been done in the past.

  18. Yeah I think you missed my point which was that I don’t understand why people go to such lengths to comment on things that they find so terrible and irrelevant. They’re either very insecure or very hateful people or they’re just lying and the game is somehow relevant to them. And obviously what counts is their record at the end of the year. That kind of goes without saying. Since they’ve only played 4 games though that’s all I have to go by this year and I’m real happy to be siting at 3-1 atop the division.

  19. More time spent booing is less time to focus on being excited about the players and coaches who are a part of this team. Thinking about Jim Schwartz doesn’t need to fit into the time budget, there are too many more important things to think about right now.

  20. Trying to figure out why people think the NFL got rid of the blackout rule when the FCC did. you realize there’s still blackouts because the NFL has the choice to still blackout games. ANYWAYS the Bills are no good this year and are gonna get rick rolled by the lions HOOAH!

  21. The Lions were hurting before he got their, he got them back to being a competitive franchise. It might now have worked out but Detroit fans should not be upset with Jim.

  22. Schwartz took over an 0-16 team and got them to the playoffs. I think he started off accepting nothing less than improvement every day. As the team got better and finally got to the playoffs he made the mistake of thinking the players could be treated as adults and not need continual prodding and pushing.

    He did not know the history of this town. The common theme has been after a little bit of success the players think they have arrived and lose the edge that gave them that succcess. The fans are enablers, so desperate for a winner they are delusional about their team. Anyone remember “Another one Bites the Dust”? Start 4-0 and players start singing that song, then have the losses and that same song crammed back down their throats. Other teams starting 6-2 or 6-3 and ending up under .500 with long losing streaks.

    I hope Caldwell in his subtle way keeps his foot on the players’ necks and never lets up. That is the only way this team will ever play a full season

  23. Schwartz is a good D coordinator however as HC the team took on his personality which unfortunately led to consistent 15 yd personal fouls every game. That will hurt his chances of being an HC again. With Caldwell those have more or less disappeared.

    A lot of people criticized the caldwell hire. But right now he looks like a guy who knows how to be a leader of men. Desperately needed that in Detroit.

  24. We don’t hate you Jimbo, we are just glad we have a better coach now. No Lions fan I know really dislikes Schwartz. He put the disgrace created by the worst GM in the history of professional sports-Matt Millen-behind him and got the team to a level where they had a decent shot of winning every week. Now he had his chance and probably the talent to do better, and couldn’t do it, but he did OK in his first Head Coaching job. I think he will get another shot someday, and I hope he does well.

  25. I’ll be disappointed if my fellow Lions fans boo The Schwartz. I was among the vocal majority last year clamoring for his ouster, but, in retrospect, Gym Shorts turned a moribund franchise into one that could at least compete in the league.

    Be classy, Detroit. Give the man a hand.

  26. Schwartz will always be loved for bringing the Lions out of the darkness that was the Matt Millen era. I don’t expect fans to boo Schwartz. This is Detroit. We’ll happily cheer for the villain if he’s more authentic than the hero.

    If you want to hear boos, put Millen’s face on the jumbotron. Then again, that might cause a riot. Best not to mention his name or show his ugly mug.

  27. Schwartz should just run out doing a hybrid Grammatica spinning leap while mincing his fingers in Johnny Manziel “rubbing the money” fashion. Who knows, they may not even let him back on the plane to Buffalo.

  28. Lions fans will be happy as long as he holds to form and plays his defense in the 2nd half the same way he did in his time in Detroit.

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