Patriots cut Kenbrell Thompkins


One of the many disappointing players on the Patriots’ offense has been released.

Kenbrell Thompkins, a wide receiver who showed promise as a rookie last year but hasn’t done much this year, has been waived. Thompkins has just six catches for 53 yards this season after catching 32 passes for 466 yards last year.

The Patriots also promoted linebacker Ja’Gared Davis from the practice squad, meaning he’ll be eligible to play on Sunday night against the Bengals. New England may need Davis for depth on both defense and special teams.

Those were the only moves the Patriots made today. There was some talk that the team might activate cornerback Brandon Browner and receiver Brian Tyms for Sunday night’s game, but that hasn’t happened and neither will play.

96 responses to “Patriots cut Kenbrell Thompkins

  1. Why havnt they activated browner? Hus suspension was 4 games and its not like they dont need it. A high school jv squad could throw for 600 yards against that secondary

  2. No chance he clears waivers. id LOVE to see him as an Eagle. make it happen Chip! As for the Pats, I don’t think that cutting a talented young WR is the answer to their depeleted WR core. questionable decision to say the least

  3. Wow that’s a stunner. I really thought Thompkins would turn out to be a decent outside receiver.

  4. haha it is like bill belichick is trying to really annoy Tom Brady…. so who will he throw to now? because amendola cant even create separation from his jersey after the game…lol

  5. Tompkins is gone for two reasons: too many drops, and zero seperation in his pass patterns. Simple as that. “Looking” like a good receiver doesn’t make you one.

  6. DUMB. Someone is going to get a steal off the waiver wire. All Thompkins has done since coming to New England is work hard and completely out shine their second round pick. Stupid and pointless leaving the team with even less options catching the ball.

  7. It seem like Josh McDaniels has problems.

    A while back it was Brandon Marshall. Recently reported issues between him and Aaron Dobson. And now this with Thompkins.

  8. Seems like a message to Aaron Dobson more than anything to me. Or maybe someone got confused with their “report” and Thompkins was actually the one mouthing off to Josh McDaniels.

  9. Bill Belichick has entered the Andy Reid & Mike Holmgren territory, nice coaches but gradually screwing up personnel decisions which affected their team’s roster.

  10. The Patriots start a WR that Brady won’t throw to (Amendola) and cut a WR that is their only deep threat. Belichick may need to be committed.

  11. Lots of first time Cincy trolls poppin off. Male and female. Classy bunch out there

    This is nod to Lafell.

    Put AJ green with anyone but the noodle arm Red water pistol and you have Randy Moss and Jerry Rice combined…

  12. Listen to all the haters……you wish you had the run the pats did or the coach. Very laughable

  13. Mark Davis….. HEADS UP !!!!!!!!!!!

    This is how you send a message to a team. You don’t need to fire the head coach. The coach cuts the fat off the roster for players who will show up on game day, that sends a message to the team.

    LaMarr Woodley, Justin Tuck, and Tarell Brown would be a great start. Get someone players in that are willing to do more then stand on the field and watch the game.

  14. But let’s keep Amendola. Who knows, he might end up with more than 10 catches by the end of the year… if he makes it through 16 games healthy.

    Belichick’s personnel decisions are quickly turning into a punchline.

  15. Q: How many Patriots fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: None. They just leave the old one there and talk about how great it USED to be.

    Also applies to the Steelers.

  16. Used to have faith in everything this organization did. That was until last week. Now, I feel like a jets fan. Absolutely hopeless.

  17. Tyms will be taking Tompkins place after the Cinn. game. Tyms is bigger than Tompkins and Tompkins just couldn’t get past LaFell and Amendola. I’m not really sure how he was behind Amendola, but he somehow managed it.

    Collins and Hightower are fighting injuries so that is why Davis is brought up for Sunday but will be back down to the practice team on Monday morning.

  18. I thought he would be the one to succeed of the three they picked up that year.

    Guess not.

    Dobson might be next week if he doesn’t show up soon.

  19. as a pats fan, this makes no sense at all.
    who is tom suppose to throw the ball to? himself. no one gets open, they can’t pass block or run block. lol
    tom is doomed and the sick is belichick won’t get any of the blame. brady is the sacrificial lamb.

  20. *****

    erik40133 says: Oct 4, 2014 6:08 PM

    Listen to all the haters……you wish you had the run the pats did or the coach. Very laughable

    which “run?” the last pair of SB losses to the Giants?

  21. restorativejusticeprogram says:
    Oct 4, 2014 5:34 PM
    BB is trying to make Brady tougher and more resilient by taking away one of his weapons. This will be good for Tom in the long run.
    So wrong. But funny.

  22. I must admit I’m surprised by this move but not shocked…
    Just thought it would be Amendola… He’s not impressed at all this year

  23. denverwally says:
    Oct 4, 2014 5:33 PM
    Tompkins is gone for two reasons: too many drops, and zero seperation in his pass patterns.

    Not like old Sure-Hands Dobson who thus far in 2014 has yet to separate from the bench.

  24. If you think Kenbrell is talented I have some ocean front property in Idaho for sale. Real cheap, if you’re interested.

  25. Patriots win totals since 2001 : 11, 9, 14, 14, 10, 12, 16, 11, 10, 14, 13, 12, 12.

    Amazing feat for a guy, who can’t draft, can’t coach, can’t handle personnel, and can’t handle the salary cap.

  26. Is this supposed to light a fire underneath the team??

    How about finding plays that get down field and coaching the o-line better??

  27. i guess the only receivers left on the pats are those little pygmies….tomorrow is gonna be another blowout loss for the pats but this time it’ll be the worst loss in the brady-belichick era…i would suggest pats be flexed out of national tv from now on

  28. Someone said BB is taking Brady’s weapons away to make him a better QB? What this looks like to me is a coach setting his QB up for failure and that O-line might send Brady into early retirement. Hope I’m wrong, but we might see Brady wearing different colors next year. Thinking red and white…

  29. erik40133 says: Oct 4, 2014 6:08 PM

    Listen to all the haters……you wish you had the run the pats did or the coach. Very laughable


    Let us not forget the ” * “, Patriots*.

  30. My high school JV team could have a winning season every year with a great QB and a division including BUF, MIA and the NYJs.

    Only one of those 3 has had back-to-back winning seasons in this century.

    Yup- b/w the cheating and the weak division NE can’t help but win..

  31. Are you a free agent?

    Come to New England where the weather is cold and the shoulders are even colder.

  32. Was he too tall ? They don’t seem to like WRs taller than 5’9 anymore. Maybe they feel their offense is performing at such a high level that they can cut a WR and not replace him.

  33. OMG!!!! How could they ever cut him?

    He had 6 catches for 53 yards. In 4 games. He also dropped at least three.

    You guys are like chicken little.

    As for BB, what’s it, 11 straight years with double digit wins? Yeah, he has no idea what he’s doing. All of you wish your teams had that string of success. And you know it.

  34. Sounds like they have been using Browner’s suspension as an extra roster spot. In effect extends training camp competition between LaFell, Dobson and Thompkins. One was planned to be cut all along.

  35. Belichick’s arrogance is catching up to him more and more while spilling out of control.

  36. Tom Brady is the reason why the patriots had all those winning seasons and for them too cut or trade player’s that he trust. Says a lot about what the patriots think of him. I just think back to all those number one picks they traded away and when they did pick it was mostly defenses.

  37. He wasn’t that good to be honest. Tom Brady made him look better than he was. Out of all their wrs, he was the least talented. They needa quit being cheap and go get a playmaker. They have 0 guys on offense who demands double teams or game planning against.

  38. Its now the beginning of Patriots fans telling us how good they used to be with their regular season win stats. This is what happens when your present and future looks bleak and have no answers for people putting down your team.

  39. I think it’s time to bring Scott Pioli back. He built a nice Chiefs team for another man’s pleasure and the Pats haven’t picked many winners since his departure.

  40. Let’s see Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are in the twilight of their careers, maybe 2-3yrs left for each at most. Denver spends every possible dollar to put weapons around Manning to win now. New England does the exact opposite to Brady trying to save money. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  41. I love how a large majority of Pats fans actually think that getting a new Left Guard to replace Mankins is the sole reason they Suck! This team has holes everywhere and week after week good teams and bad are exposing them for the next game. Tyms is a decent player and deserves a shot. I’m sure Belichik will get this figured out… After all he is a Genius 😉

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