49ers climb above .500, defeat Chiefs

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With a series of long offensive marches, stout defensive play and vital special teams contributions, the 49ers wore down the visiting Chiefs on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium, powering to a 22-17 victory in Santa Clara.

After falling behind 17-13 early in the third quarter on Chiefs rookie tailback De’Anthony Thomas’ 17-yard TD catch, the 49ers dug in. First, the Niners cut into the lead with a 52-yard field goal by Phil Dawson, who connected on all five of this three-point attempts on the day.

Then, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the 49ers rolled the dice, calling a fake punt on their own 29-yard line. Needing one yard for a first down, they short-snapped to safety Craig Dahl. He plunged ahead for three yards, moving the chains. The gamble was the catalyst for a 13-play, 71 yard drive taking nearly seven minutes and ending a 27-yard Dawson field goal to give San Francisco the lead for good at 19-17 with 8:42 left in regulation.

From here, the 49ers’ defense closed with a flourish. It first forced a three-and-out, giving the ball back to the offense. From there, the Niners went on another of their long, grinding, clock-eating marches, getting a big assist when the Chiefs committed a too-many-players-on-the-field penalty as Dawson lined up for a 54-yard field goal with around four minutes left. This gave the Niners another first down, and they would run six more plays and take another two minutes off the clock before Dawson added a 30-yard field goal with 2:12 left.

The Chiefs (2-3) had one final shot on offense, but quarterback Alex Smith overthrew his intended target down the seam on a second-down play, and cornerback Perrish Cox made the interception with two minutes left. From there, San Francisco kneeled out the clock.

The 49ers held the ball for more than 36 minutes and got 171 yards from their ground game, including 107 from Frank Gore. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick hit on just 14-of-26 passes and missed a potential game-clinching pass to Anquan Boldin before Dawson’s last field goal, but he didn’t turn the ball over, kept the 49ers’ first scoring drive alive with a key scramble and made a key fourth-quarter throw to Brandon Lloyd resulting in a leaping 29-yard third down gain for the veteran receiver. Overall, Kaepernick threw for 201 yards, including a nine-yard second-quarter score to Stevie Johnson.

Smith started fast against his old team, leading two scoring drives right off the bat. But the Chiefs’ offense found the going tougher thereafter, and the 49ers’ defense held Kansas City off the board for the final 26:56 of regulation.

Tailback Jamaal Charles racked up 80 yards on 15 carries for the Chiefs, who are now two games behind San Diego in the AFC West. Kansas City has its bye next week.

The 49ers visit the Rams next Monday night, the first of four road games in a five-game, one-bye stretch for San Francisco. But at least the Niners begin that journey with a little bit of a cushion after winning their second in a row.

35 responses to “49ers climb above .500, defeat Chiefs

  1. The common narrative in these comment boards: “The Niners should’ve kept Alex Smith cause Kaep is a late game choker.”

    Alex Smith then proceeds to choke late in the game with an interception on a bad overthrow. Couldn’t have a more appropriate ending than that considering the commonly stated garbage quoted above.

    Niners kept the right qb.

  2. Niners kept the right QB. Alex Smith is still a BUM and cant handle the spotlight. Great win and Jed York says Jims the coach so you all can stop hating

    A: THE SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i guess the demise of the 49ers was greatly exaggerated. haters are speechless.

  5. seatrolls are lurking around… by tuesday they will be mediocre at 2-2

  6. We were watching this on the plane back to Pitt. Good news: we were able to get a solid sample of Jacksonville tears for experimentation. We are trying to figure out what keeps these guys going. Though, there were only about 7 Jaguars fans in the stadium, they provided buckets. Mental illness?

  7. Now that was a game. Hard fought for every inch with the outcome coming down to the wire.

    Chief fans can keep their heads up as they have one hell of a defense and an efficient offense led by Smith.

    For the Faithful, our red zone play needs to improve but once again our secondary comes up big with the deciding play. Until next Sunday we got the Giants smacking down the gnats!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. I will tell what it was very refreshing today the way the officials called the game (walt garrison crew). It had flow did and did not drag. There were only 6 accepted penalties I believe. Take note NFL office this was way better without all the stupid interruptions, and let the player determine the outcome.

  9. Yup, the 49ers are in complete melt down mode. The scary part is this is as bad as the team will play this year (barring injuries) yet can still compete with and beat any of the top teams. The offense and defense are only going to improve with more time together and the all pros that are returning. The NFC west has historically belonged to SF and still will going forward.

  10. Several ridiculous negative posts about Alex Smith. 12 men on the field penalty. Reids spineless punt on 9ers 36 yard line. Extremely generous spot on kaps sideline play, and Lloyds great catch were the reason we squeaked this one out. Smith had no timeouts and had to take chances, he just missed. If Smith had the wide receiver talent we have, good chance that we would be the ones with a 2 and 3 record.

  11. Got the all important W. Can’t hate on Alex. 9ers need a stronger pass rush and need to score more in the second half to have a chance at the big game…can’t wait till Bowman and Smith get back

  12. garyridgway says:
    Oct 5, 2014 8:42 PM
    ctiggs says:
    Oct 5, 2014 7:48 PM


    This would be a true statement should the Seasterisk PEDHawks continue using PEDs.

  13. Cue the pedhawk fans coming in with their same old we won one SB

    Exactly how many years has it been since the 49ers won a Super Bowl?

    Super Bowl Champs

    Go Hawks

  14. The Niners are beating good teams while missing their all pro TE and right tackle. The passing game isn’t pretty, but it’s enough the way they run the ball. When Vernon and Anthony are back in the lineup the passing game will be stronger than ever. Vernon requires double coverage and is a punishing blocker.

    Remember the problems TE Gates gave the seahawks defense???

    The defense is already playing great. And that’s without Aldon and Navarro. The Seahawks should be very very concerned. By the time we play the ‘Hawks our two best defensive players will be in the lineup.

    Niners sweep the Seahawks this year. Count on it.

  15. If Alex actually had a true #1 WR instead of #2(Bowe) and a bunch of #3s, he might have won that game. He doesn’t, they didn’t.
    Good, hard fought win 9ers.

  16. Yeah, we beat a bad team at home by 5 points! We’re the best in the world and this will definitely shut up the doubters. Who cares if the Chiefs lost the game themselves with their horrible coaching and stupid 12 men on the field penalty! This game totally proves everybody wrong about the 49ers and we’re untouchable!!

  17. Two points. Firstly, I’d like to apologize to Eagles fans everywhere. Andy Reid is exactly who you said he was, a clueless, bumbling half ass play caller who refuses to play to his teams strengths. Instead of putting it in the hands of the best player in the league, or even Knile Davis, he decides it’s best for Alex Smith to shoulder the load.

    Second point. I have no idea why people argue over who’s better in Smith or Kap. Neither one of them are more than average, and neither team is going to win anything meaningful with them at the helm.

    Kansas City is a more talented team, and a decent head coach would have had them cruising past a very overrated 9er team today. I’m already sick and tired of watching “Herm Edwards Revisited” Hopefully Andy has a short stay in KC. I can’t handle any more fools on the loose in this city. I thought Ned Yost was enough already.

  18. This is what happens when Alex Smith doesn’t have lots of time on the clock to throw his 5 yard passes.

    When he HAS to throw the ball downfield, he can’t do it, he doesn’t have the arm.

  19. None of that matters if the refs make the right spot! That being said, 12 men on the field for a field goal…….I thought Toub was the best special teams coach in the NFL.

  20. It is ridiculous reading the foolishness on these forums. The Alex Smith versus Colin Kaepernick debate should be over. Alex is a good quarterback who makes few mistakes and really has talent in reading a defensive front and adjusting the blocking to get the most out of his running backs. He’s not a gunslinger but he is a talented quarterback. Colin Kaepernick has different strengths. He is an incredibly fast runner with a gun for an arm and can extend / make some crazy plays. His downside is that he over-relies on these abilities and it tends to get him in trouble. As he learns the game more and settles down he’ll have the chance to show what he’s truly capable of. But right now, his ceiling is high but he still also makes mistakes trying to do too much.

    At the end of the day, I wish the fans would have half the class that the players showed at the end of this one. Literally every player went and had kind words for Alex Smith and you can tell that there is a respect there for a teammate and fellow warrior. Even Kaepernick waited patiently to be able to talk with the guy who once mentored him. How many have forgotten how classy Alex Smith was when Kaepernick was named the starter and Alex continued to support Kaepernick even when his job was taken away due to injury. He continued to mentor Kaep, relay plays to him, and help him read coverages and progress in his learning. Quite honestly, there are a lot of teams who would be luck to have either of these quarterbacks. I was grateful for Alex when we had him as a niner and I’m happy to see him success at KC. Best of luck to him!

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