Drew Stanton hurt, rookie Logan Thomas enters for Cardinals


If the Cardinals are going to come back and beat the Broncos in Denver, they’ll need their rookie third-string quarterback to do it.

Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton, starting in place of the injured Carson Palmer, left today’s game to get evaluated with a concussion. That meant it was time for Logan Thomas to enter the game.

Thomas looked overwhelmed on his first series, a three-and-out on which he was sacked both times he dropped back to pass.

The Cardinals also lost one of their best defensive players, Calais Campbell, when he suffered a leg injury on an illegal chop block. The Cardinals’ Twitter made a point of complaining about that illegal block:

[tweet https://twitter.com/AZCardinals/status/518885615543132161%5D

Campbell was a big loss, but Stanton may be a bigger loss.

25 responses to “Drew Stanton hurt, rookie Logan Thomas enters for Cardinals

  1. Most clutch qbs
    1. Logan Thomas
    2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
    3. Phil Dawson (have to include him on the list since he scores more than kaepernick does)
    4. Teddy bridgewater
    5. Big game joe flacco

  2. Dirty play vs CC. Totally intentional. CC maybe should have run straight through Manning on his INT.

  3. If Daniel Thomas tears his MCL or ACL during a game, everyone who saw today’s Calais Campbell chop block will nod and think, “You sow what you reap.” If this were baseball, the next Bronco up would be taking a fastball to the back.

  4. — I must agree with the Seahawk fan, Arizona goes down swinging. NFC West football baby —

    Maybe so, but AFC West football is beating NFC West football.

  5. Neither is my team but sorry CC got injured, it sux big time. Unfortunately the Broncos have had a rep for this type of block for a long time.
    I do like the attitude coming out of the Cardinals camp these days. They come to play ball.

  6. @ Whereyaat: That is really funny. Thanks. In other funny news, right after I posted about the Cards “come to play ball” Peyton dropped another TD on them and Logan threw a pick. Duh on me.

  7. Tom Brady has to throw the ball to Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, and Gronk coming off knee surgery all behind an awful O-Line.

    Meanwhile in Arizona they have a decent line to go with Ellington, Fitz, Floyd, and Brown but they have a concussed Drew Stanton and a rookie QB who originally went to Virgina Tech to play tight end.

    Haha, just doesn’t seem right.

  8. briscocountyjr says: Oct 5, 2014 7:05 PM

    – I must agree with the Seahawk fan, Arizona goes down swinging. NFC West football baby —

    Maybe so, but AFC West football is beating NFC West football.


    And then comes the post season ….

  9. So this is the Cards whose fans say will play at home in the Superbowl?





    This is an extremely banged up Cardinals team who lost multiple starters throughout the game and are down to a rookie project QB on offense.

    A healthy Cards team beats Denver today.

  10. The Donkeys have regularly used the Chop Block to cripple and end players’ careers for DECADES!!! When will the fans demand the NFL and Goodell hold the evil Donkeys organization responsible?

    If BountyGate was worthy of banning and firing coaches and holding players responsible, the NFL must do more and cut the Donkeys off at the knees for their constant and systemic use of the Chop Block to cripple opposing players and illegally win games.

    This is far more important than the Liberals’ distaste for the Redskins name and BountyGate. So NFL, watcha gonna do against the evil bad guys?

  11. Wow. Everybody complaining about the chop block call here are ridiculous. I guess you need to deflect the embarrassment of getting blown out by 21, so you cry about a “dirty” hit that actually helped your team out because it negated another Bronco touchdown. Yeah, you have injuries, blah blah blah. Even fully healthy, your team wasn’t winning today. Good team. But definitely not great.

  12. well i always liked Logan Thomas and think he has potential….now he needs to show it if he has to start…he has an easy Redskins defense next if he has to start, though if i were an Arizona fan i would want Carson or Stanton in it.

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