Greg Olsen leads Panthers back to win over Bears


Former Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo admitted this week that trading Greg Olsen to the Panthers in 2011 was a mistake.

And just as Steve Smith did to the Panthers last week, Olsen made his old team pay for it Sunday.

The Panthers tight end caught a pair of touchdown passes as they came back from a two-touchdown deficit for a 31-24 win over the Bears.

The Panthers tightened up on defense after a ridiculous first half (which followed a ridiculous two weeks), and created a pair of fourth-quarter turnovers to help swing the game.

The Bears seemed in control but Jay Cutler’s interception and Matt Forte’s fumble late allowed the Panthers to take the lead, then sealed the game when Kawann Short sacked Cutler and forced a fumble on fourth down late.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was 19-of-35 for 255 yards, as they broke a two-game losing streak to improve to 3-2.

32 responses to “Greg Olsen leads Panthers back to win over Bears

  1. A Crippled Cam with no receivers, no oline, and no halfbacks.

    A crappy secondary and the bears still couldn’t beat the friggin’ panthers.

  2. So frustrating to be a Bears fan right now. The Bears have the physical talent to compete but they are a mental mess… continuing to find new and creative ways to lose.

    It’s pretty clear that nobody in that organization from Trestman on down has any answers right now, but whatever they are doing they need to reverse course cause they are heading in the wrong direction fast.

    What makes this especially bitter is that the guy we essentially traded Olsen for — Brandon Marhsall — was a total zero today.

  3. Atrocious playcalling today. Kuechly was clearly dialed in on Forte the 2nd half, yet Forte was the one who kept getting the touches.

    Hard to believe Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett could be essentially shut out by that very average D-Backfield, but it happened.

  4. After Robbie Gould missed that FG, it was a different game. Instead of it being 24 to 7, they cut it do 21-14. The wheels fell off and we just got beat plain and simple.

  5. Greg Olsen? I think you meant Cam Newton. Oh, it’s Gantt. Never mind. You’d never write that Julius Thomas led the Broncos back or Dwayne Allen led the Colts to victory, but it’s Olsen over Cam.

    OK, gotcha.

  6. Actually the wheels fell off one play before Gould missed the FG, when we had a very makeable 3rd-and-short and for whatever reason Cutler and Martellus Bennett misfired.

    Cutler looked far worse than his final stats for this game will indicate. The INTs were killer, the high completion percentage came from throwing checkdowns all day, and most of his passing yardage was gained after the catch. He has played extremely poorly in the 2nd half of both of these last two games and you get the feeling the rest of the team is starting to lose confidence in him when the chips are down

  7. rustbelt and bassplucker, if you’d seriously keep Olsen instead of the injured so yes struggling at the moment Marshall, then you either need a drug test or a primer on the game of football. C’mon, man…

  8. Hey Bears fans, remember when Julius Peppers was washed up and signing Jared Allen was such an upgrade? Remember laughing at the Packers for that move?

    Peppers: 15 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Return TD, 1 FF, 3 PD.

    Allen: 17 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 INT, 1 FF, 1 PD.

    Man, what an upgrade!

  9. The Bears have a long history of ex-Bears coming back to haunt them so Olsen’s game wasn’t a huge surprise.

    Up next… the Falcons with Devin Hester. That should be fun.

  10. • With only 5 games gone it’s pretty clear. Not much has changed from the Lovie era. Plenty of silly bone-head plays, a really porous defense, and Jay” Doc Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, combine to look bad against both good teams and average ones. Already looking to the Chicago draft and 2015 bu t we could still get Tebow for 2 cents on the dollar and have something interesting to talk about after each Chicago loss this year.

  11. You should see some of the message boards lighting up today from Bears fans wondering why Trestman was the hire and not Arians. I’m not one of them… yet… but it sure looks like Phil Emery’s gamble on the Trestman/Cutler combo is coming up snake eyes.

  12. gioreeko says: Oct 5, 2014 4:22 PM

    May as well give the division title to the Packers now, lol!!!!!

    Yeah, I love watching the Pack getting stomped in the playoffs.

  13. Fantasy owners love the Bears because their skill players put up big numbers. In the real world though, the Bears are at best about the 20th best team in the league right now. They have problems all over and aren’t really trending positive in any area… although the forced turnovers and pass knockdowns by the D were nice to see.

  14. I started trying to figure out Jay Cutler, got a headache, gave up, and went back to reading about yet another arrest for my team.

  15. Jay is not the reason. We invested in our offense but not as much on defense. I se gets getting rid of Mel Tucker and Joe decamillas for starters. Find a proven defensive coordinator and ST coach for next year. We have the makings to have a good team.

  16. We invested plenty on our defense too. Our first three picks of the draft this year — who are paying nice returns — as well as Houston and Allen, who are not. There is plenty of talent on both sides of the ball for the Bears… the problem is that they are either not being put in positions to succeed, or are not being properly motivated.

    What worries me is that Fuller, Ferguson and Sutton are all going to be ruined by Tucker’s terrible teaching and Trestman’s passive loser mentality if they stay in this environment for another season or two.

  17. with the Raiders and the Jets in the NFL calling the Bears the biggest joke is a bit of a stretch. There is plenty of action in the humor section though. Just a shame that tickets cost as much there as at the Broncos or Seahawks.

  18. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 5, 2014 4:24 PM

    Maybe… Chicago shouldn’t have gotten rid of Olsen.


    Maybe…..Chicago should’ve steered completely clear of this mess they call Cutler.

    And the way Forte was running the ball, why are they letting Cutler “Favre the team” into a loss every week? Trestman forgets who he has throwing the ball to this Dream Receiving Team apparently.

  19. Bearfan54 says:
    Oct 5, 2014 9:48 PM

    Jay is not the reason. We invested in our offense but not as much on defense. I se gets getting rid of Mel Tucker and Joe decamillas for starters. Find a proven defensive coordinator and ST coach for next year. We have the makings to have a good team.

    You sir, are in some serious denial. Just like Packer fans were when Favre started stinking it up late in games. Who is that throwing into triple coverage and over shooting and undershooting his receivers?? The Bears best defense in the last 2 decades would have trouble protecting leads with that dope behind the wheel.

  20. jcbadger34 – I think you have to give Allen a pass for now. He just had pneumonia, and he looked like an under-sized DB out there yesterday.

    thepftpoetisacrossdresser – Forte got shut down in the second half. We made an adjustment and put Kuechly on him, and that was pretty much that. After 9 years of John Fox, it is such a joy to be a Panthers fan now that we have a coaching staff that actually makes halftime adjustments.

    And Olsen – yeah, Smitty, take note. Olsen just caught the winning TD, then raced to the sideline and kissed the tight ends coach. No historionics toward the old team.

    OK, enough looking back. We’re on to Cincinnati. 🙂

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