Holmgren’s name quietly emerges as potential Raiders coach

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Back in July, former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren sounded like a guy who’d be interested in coaching again at age 66.  Mark Davis ultimately could be interested in Holmgren coaching the team Davis owns.

Strong and persistent chatter has emerged in recent days linking Holmgren to the job.  It’s a fairly obvious connection, given that former Holmgren lieutenant Reggie McKenzie serves as the General Manager in Oakland.  McKenzie, who could be the next guy out the door in Oakland, has said he’ll hire the next coach.  If McKenzie does, Holmgren could be the optimal Hail Mary option, especially since Holmgren likely would not be inclined to replace McKenzie — unlike other big-name coaches Davis may pursue.

While unconfirmed, multiple sources tell PFT that Holmgren visited the team’s facility this week.  Hardly a precursor to getting the job, it could be an indication that Holmgren is in the mix, if Davis ultimately can’t catch a coach who cachè born more recently than 1948.

Most recently, Holmgren worked as president of the Browns, serving as the surrogate owner for Randy Lerner, who had no desire to do the things most owners do.

For his career as a coach, Holmgren has a record of 161-111 in the regular season and 13-11 in the postseason.  During his three years in Cleveland, the Browns were 14-34.

63 responses to “Holmgren’s name quietly emerges as potential Raiders coach

  1. I’d rather bring back Hue or Gruden or see if Harbaugh becomes available, but I guess Holmgren would be an OK option. Good track record as a coach. Based on his Seattle and Cleveland front office roles, just don’t let him pick the players.

  2. My first thought was “Noooooooo” but then I thought, “we could do worse, much worse.” Go Raider Nation! The ONLY sports nation!

  3. Raider fans remember Hue so fondly. I remember Hue having a 7-4 team implode and loose 5 in a row to miss the playoffs. Sadly this team will be bad until Davis sells the team (however long that takes) which sucks because the bay area is a lot better when both the teams are good.

  4. This won’t happen but if it did it would be a big mistake. Holmgren has no “fire in the belly” anymore. Any interest he has would only be in the paycheck.

  5. Get rid of Reggie please. The Raiders need a strong leader not some guy who mumbles and wants to hire some old one-hit-wonder

  6. When does a head coach get to replace the GM?

    Someone in the organization has to realize that the lack of talent on the roster is the reason for the lack of success. Oakland is where players go to die.

  7. If I’m the Raiders, this is a no brainer. Hire the guy. Pay him whatever. Let it be known to them only, that both (Holmgren and McKenzie) have a 5 year window to get Oakland back in the playoff mix.

  8. Besides the fact that the game has passed him by, he has no clue how to pick players or identify quality players. Rumor has it that he took the Browns owner for 50 million, didn’t show up to work until 10 and left by noon. The Raiders can do much better than Holmgren. If I was Oakland, I would look at a guy like Norv Turner. As bad as he supposedly was as a HC, he would have a chance to redeem himself and implement a passing game that fits Carr’s strong arm.

  9. I am the Walrus, coo coo ka choo.

    Anyone is doom to fail in Oakland from the start. It’s a bad team organized by a bad front office owned by a guy with a bad hair cut.
    Bad all the way around

  10. there will be a lot of smoke for the next few months. Time will tell, but for now the raiders are on a bye week, and they have a coach for the next 12 games.

    Go Raiders!

  11. no quality hc would work for davies unless he has complete control.

    I can see holmgren coaching the Santa Clara 49ers after they don’t resign harbaugh

  12. Terrific head coach, crummy personnel man. Would he be happy working under a GM, and at age 66, would he want to undertake a major rebuilding effort?

  13. Well, let’s see. The Raiders (who should be focused on rebuilding what’s left of that franchise) started the year with the oldest roster in the league. Why not hire the oldest Head Coach you can find as well.

  14. You sure he wouldnt choose the Arlington Cowboys?
    Or maybe the East Rutherford Giants?
    Foxborough Patriots might be interested.

    Nah – I say he goes to the Miami Gardens Dolphins.

  15. Regardless of who the next coach of the Raiders will be, they will suck for eternity. Which makes us very happy 🙂
    signed, Broncos Nation

  16. No one is going to take this team to any level unless they get some players….#1 (QB) and an offensive line to start with. Will be hard to obtain any quality free agents so I guess draft is the way. Should be #1 pick this year.

  17. Disagree with Broncos fan who would be happy if the Raiders suck for eternity. The rivalry among the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders when all teams are strong is great for the division and great for the league. Screw the Chargers, though. Least passionate fanbase in the NFL.

  18. My only question is WHY?!! You saw what he did to the Browns organization and how his tenure ended in Seattle. Holmgren just isn’t good enough to coach and/or make personnel decisions for any NFL team anymore. If you want a coach who will keep you competitive, rehire John Gruden or Hue Jackson.

  19. It would be the best choice by far of their options. If he can get Scott McCloughan, who he is a huge fan of, as his personnel point man, then the Raiders will be on their way back very soon.

  20. A coach in Oakland with an entire offensive philosophy built on the short to intermediate passing game that rarely goes over the top and a team identity of finesse? Doesn’t seem likely…

  21. I’d like Holmgren to come to the Raiders provided that it’s strictly as HC and not with GM responsibilities.

    When Holmgren focused on being a HC he was successful in both Green Bay and Seattle. And I think he’d be a much better choice than Jon Gruden.

  22. ROFL

    So Reggie McKenzie’s big plan… besides getting rid of better players to pay more to crappier players… that is when they don’t pull the offer, is to tap his Green Bay organizational ties to bring back Holmgren?

    Does Reggie remember that Holmgren likes to be both a GM and HC?

    Holmgren would be alot better GM then clueless McKenzie, but he wouldn’t be a good choice if McKenzie is picking the players.

    But it should also be noted that both Seattle and Green Bay have since won Superbowls since he left.

    Anyways a coach has to work with what a GM gives him, and Reggie, you don’t give your coaches squat to win with.

  23. I think it is more likely that Holmgren is the next 49ers HC. Harbaugh may go to the Raiders or he could be traded to the highest bidder

  24. Stay away from that sewer of a town Mike. Wait a while longer, and then you can take over ‘Frisco. Harbaugh will be gone by January 1st, if not before.

  25. 1590t says:
    Oct 5, 2014 10:54 AM
    Figures. Lets go out and hire the most over-rated coach in the history of the NFL. The Raiders being the Raiders.

    34 44
    Report commen

    Exactly how many coaches have taken TWO teams to the Super Bowl?

    Coach of Packers: 75-37
    Coach of Hawks: 86-74

    Combined Record: 161-111 .592 winning percentage.

    Career 60% winning record, and multiple franchises to the Super Bowl.

    Yep, I’d call that overrated. SMH

  26. I don’t care how much they pay you — it’s not enough if the toilets at the facility don’t flush.

    Raiders should build themselves a new stadium on Treasure Island and become SF’s new hometown team.

  27. The Browns suck regardless of who the Coach and GM are.

    Holmgren made Seattle Relevant – he brought the Packers out of the dumpster and made them relevant (left way too soon thou, he had Favre in his prime).

    But let’s judge him for not accomplishing the impossible (something even Bilichick couldn’t do).

  28. People ripping on Reggie – the dude has the task of cleaning up the Raider’s horrific cap situation – has to improve the roster…

    Khalil Mack and Derek Carr look good.

    Give the dude time – or be like the browns and clean house every 2-3 years… idiots.

  29. As a Seahawks fan, I love Mike Holmgren and I think he’d be great for the Raiders. You couldn’t ask for better guy to teach Derrick Carr how to be an NFL QB. And believe it or not as I’ve listened to him on sports radio here in Seattle over last couple of years, I think he’s learned a lot from watching Pete Carroll coach the Seahawks.

  30. Don’t do it Mike! You’ve secured your greatness. Spend time with your beautiful family my friend. Plus, Seattle doesn’t want it poppa bear leaving town.♡

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