Jay Glazer sees “no way” Jim Harbaugh remains with 49ers beyond this year

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Last Sunday brought Deion Sanders’s report that players in the 49ers locker room wanted coach Jim Harbaugh out, a report that the coach called “a bunch of crap.”

This Sunday brings another report that casts doubt on Harbaugh’s future in San Francisco.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that he sees “no way” that Harbaugh remains the coach of the 49ers in 2015 even if the team were to win the Super Bowl in January. Per Glazer, Harbaugh’s style has “worn thin” in the organization and the situation isn’t one that will hold beyond this season. How the 49ers and Harbaugh might part ways with a year left on his contract wasn’t addressed.

If Harbaugh were to become available, there would be no shortage of suitors for his services. One can’t ignore the sheer number of reports about issues with his personality in the 49ers organization, but Harbaugh has won a lot of games with the team and that will matter more to pro and college teams looking for their next coach. The Raiders will definitely be in the market for a coach and perhaps more if Harbaugh is looking for more control on the personnel side, while his alma mater lost at Rutgers on Sunday in the latest death blow to the Brady Hoke era.

Harbaugh will likely be asked about this report as well, so we’ll see what if he says anything about whatever fire is creating all this smoke.

71 responses to “Jay Glazer sees “no way” Jim Harbaugh remains with 49ers beyond this year

  1. “Keep saying it and maybe they will get so fed up it actually happens. Then we can say we were right all along” – The Media

  2. All of these negative reports are coming from the 49ers organization, including these “mystery” players. Those reports were either fabricated or the players were put up to it. I don’t believe there are any issues from the players to Harbaugh, they’re just trying to sabotage JH so the fans will be happy when he’s gone.

    The majority of the NFL should be considering Harbaugh for their team in 2015.

  3. The witch hunt continues.

    Will he remain after this year? That’s all speculation. Are they still a playoff team with him there? Yes. Will they be better off without him? No. Without him they go downhill.

  4. The Ohio State University Football Team coached by Jim Tressel was the shovel that buried michigan football.

    When michigan fired/retired Lloyd Carr and hired low character Big East coach rich rodriguez is was too apparent that michigan football was expiring.

    Reaching with another low character hiring (low character jim harbaugh of the low character harbaugh family) would doom michigan to another 10 pathetic seasons.

  5. Perhaps he doesn’t have a personality that meshes with the rest of the organization. But at least he’s not stupid enough to make personnel decisions that will negatively impact the team (unlike Bill Belickik).

  6. BTW, has anyone ever heard of Josh Alper either?

    Funny how no local 49ers beat reporter with constant contact with the team reports this stuff, it all comes from the east coast.

  7. You have to wonder if he were to go if Vic fangio and the rest of his staff goes. 49ers fans don’t like greg roman but without fangio that defense isn’t as good as it is.

  8. Raiders new coach, been thinking this move all along

    I think the firing of Dennis Allen is more due to conversation between the 2 franchise ownerships up in NorCal

    Jim gets more control, more money, and gets to poach an entire fanbase that will turn on the 49’ers ownership as they fall back into mediocrity.

    And I think John Gruden comes to San Fran

  9. Niners fan since 1970. Jimmy is a good coach. Jimmy helped turn around the franchise. Jimmy is a pain the butt. Jimmy grates everyone around him. Jimmy can’t manage the clock. Jimmy melts down in crucial situations. There are other coaches who could do as well or better than Jimmy with the Niners talent. It’s funny how upset some people get about these negative Jimmy stories. Smart fans won’t miss Jimmy as much as you think.

  10. 7-9
    Harbaugh arrives
    13-3 NFC Championship
    11-4-1 Superbowl
    12-4 NFC Championship
    They would be fools to let this guy go. I like Jed a lot more then “mom n dad” York but I’ve no faith they could continue Harbaugh’s success with this team.

  11. Is Jay lying too like Dion? Where are the attacks against Jay. Why does his report have more credibility than Dion’s from a player’s perspective. Jay is only giving you the management’s view of situation. There is a reason the 49ers are not breaking the bank for the coach and the discussion is a good one. Why sugar coat it. He’s gone. The reality is that the exit road is being paved for Harbaugh and we are only getting snippets of the locker room and management situation.

  12. York and Baalke will pay the price for forcing him out. Like him or not, the players love the guy and he gets a team to play together. He will be a success wherever he goes, and the Niners will get right back to mediocrity without him.

  13. Fox should fire glazier sick of his nonsense every week me glazier has no knowledge of football at all fox should fire this dope

  14. When the season gets to the point where it becomes obvious that ‘Frisco won’t make the playoffs this season, (and they won’t) then Harbaugh will be sacked.
    Of course no player currently on the team will admit to saying anything publicly, they still have to deal with the moron while he’s there.

  15. I highly doubt Harbaugh interacts with ownership on the daily basis. In the end its about making money for them. A Superbowl win would result in more money being made. But the logical thing is to fire the coach that just won you the Superbowl?

    If the beef is between Harbaugh and Baalke. It should be Harbaugh over Baalke. How’s Scott Pioli doing with the Chiefs. People raved about him being the mastermind for the Pats. Oh that’s right the Chiefs sucked like hell.

    If the player(s) still have beef after a superbowl win, then you might as well cut the guy. If you’re not happy with the coach even after just winning a superbowl, then you’re more interested in something other than the game’s ultimate prize.

  16. He has ties to the Raiders, he can move across the Bay. You can’t tell me living by Ann Harbor is better than living in the Bay Area. Hell, he doesn’t even have to move.

  17. As a Packer fan this is music to my ears. Get rid of that winning coach. If you think you will get a better one the next time you are going against the odds.

  18. Well, San Francisco, if you want to go back to 6-10, the choice is all yours.

    Michigan can’t wait and I wouldn’t discard the Giants if he stays in the NFL, better go to a good franchise with the oldest coach right now than go to Oakhelland.

  19. Jay Glazer is a two-bit hack that has been reporting that Harbaugh is leaving…. for two years now.

    Keep repeating it, Jay. Eventually you’ll be right.


  20. I am so sick of this crap. Funny how Sundays they look for
    Something to say against the niners. Give it up tool bags.
    Anyone read what the CEO JED YORK HAD TO SAY TODAY?!

    “JedYork: Jim is my coach. We are trying to win a SB, not a personality or popularity contest. Any more questions?”

    So glazer, fraud (Deion) and everyone else keep hating. Funny
    How a team goes to the NFC Championship three years in a row
    And now all of a sudden all the media wants them to not make it.
    This is music to the players ears. Keep talkin losers

  21. zinn22 says:
    Oct 5, 2014 1:45 PM

    Rex Ryan to SF and Harbaugh to the Jets. The 49ers get the best of this deal.

    Yeah. Because the Jets have done so well the last three years under Ryan. LOL

  22. One word, Jim – Michigan. You’d be a savior on a practically Saban level if you could turn the Wolverines back into perennial national title contenders.

  23. I am.at a loss as to why some of you are in doubt.

    This has nothing to do with the
    players and everything to do with the front office.

    We all read a year ago that his fellow employees cannot stomach the guy.

    It appears that the way he is on the sideline is the way he is in the front office.

    Maybe some don’t care quite so much about a.SB win if it comes with an ulcer

    Beside.that, he inherited the team. Just before he arrived, SF had a boatload of picks and a ton of cash built up.
    He has slowly eroded the team.
    Sorry. It is what it is.

  24. The Champs might hire him. Waterboy interviews start end of season. Job may include= Cleaning cleats, handwashing jock straps, polishing trophy, refilling skittle dispenser and coaches chewing gum bowl. Must show positive attitude and follow instructions accordingly.

  25. The 9ers THRIVE on controversy and will use all this negative drama to driver them to success–it’s what they do! Harbaugh, like him or not (and I believe he prefers to be unliked) is one of the most successful football minds in the game. He built the Stanford program and has continuually taken the 9ers to the playoffs, recruited some exceptional players and knows how to “work” the system. Gotta admire an antihero that can do that. Glazer and Sanders are nothing more than gossipy old ladies who make their living spreading rumors and trying to stir the pot.

  26. har-blow = arrogant POS……

    the thing I hate most about this POS….is the way he’s always in the referee’s face to try to control the game…..and those sideline rants….VERY obnoxious….

  27. More crap. They just won’t stop coming. 31 other NFL coaches will get fired before Harbaugh is. 31 other NFL coaches will resign before Harbaugh does.

  28. If the 49ers can get a first rd pick from the Raiders, i’d do it. With the first pick, in the first round, “the 49ers select?”

  29. Jim Harbaugh is like Harrison Bergeron, utterly brilliant but held down constantly by idiotic bureaucrats like the 49ers organization or sports media in general. This is a coach who wins 3/4 times in the 21st century NFL. He deserves to be a jerk!

  30. More and more liars come crawling out of all kinds of holes to spread the same legless rumor. Is it a coincidence or is it too much of a coincidence?

  31. My anonymous sources have reported that after this NFL season, Jay Glazier will accept an offer to become publishing editor of the National Enquirer’s sports division. Deion Sanders will then have a new place to land when his disproved reports dry up.

    “Standing by my sources”

  32. Here is the problem I have with Jay Glazier putting this out there on my favorite Sunday show. Why? What is he trying to accomplish? Everybody knows he can get inside dirt already. So why put out such negativity on a Sunday morning? I look at this the way Howie Long would. Why not take the high road? This will cast a shadow over the 49ers for the rest of the season. I can see him wanting to take on a challenge like the Raiders because it would really inflate his ego when he turns that team around. But I can’t think of one guy who could follow him in San Francisco and be as successful. However, I think he is going to live and die with Greg Roman and that is why we won’t be hoisting the Lombardi.

  33. Michigan, please DON’T hire this guy. He’s no Michigan man; he should be, but he isn’t. After he went pro, he was quoted as rooting against U-M in a bowl game because his girlfriend was an alum of the other school. Come on, you were the face of Michigan football, if you have any class you say “Honey, I love you, but I gotta be true to my team.”

    I’d have more faith that brother John, with no ties to U-M, “gets it” more than Jim does.

  34. niners would be stupid to oust Harbaugh. the fans care about winning, and when they don’t win, nobody is going to pay the overpriced tickets to the new stadium.

    Let Baalke walk and draft AJ Jenkins and Lamichael’s somewhere else.

  35. Who is this Jay Glazer clown? Where did he “earn his bones”? What was he a buddy of some successful athlete that introduced him to some schlep in management at some tv/radio corp.???
    The TurdSpotter says… “Jay Glazer, YOU’VE been SPOTTED!!!”

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