Lions’ kicker melts down, Bills’ kicker wins the game


For most of Sunday’s game in Detroit, the Lions appeared to be in control. In the end, the difference was that the Bills had a kicker who could make a field goal, and the Lions did not.

On a day when Lions kicker Alex Henery went 0-for-3 on field goals, Bills kicker Dan Carpenter hit a 58-yarder with four seconds to play to win the game for Buffalo, 17-14.

The Lions’ kicking this season has been nothing short of pathetic. Henery is their second kicker this season after rookie seventh-round draft pick Nate Freese was cut, and both kickers have been terrible. On the season, the Lions are now 1-for-9 on field goals longer than 30 yards.

Bills quarterback Kyle Orton, who was handed the starting job after the benching of EJ Manuel, started badly with a first-quarter pick-six but came on strong. Orton hit rookie Sammy Watkins on a pass over the middle to set up Carpenter’s game winner. Orton completed 30 of 43 passes for 308 yards and one touchdown.

For the Lions, Matthew Stafford was a disappointment, with several inaccurate passes including one interception. But Stafford was hobbled by an injury that knocked Calvin Johnson out of the game after he caught just one pass, and Stafford also gets some credit for the Lions getting into field goal range three times, even if they missed them all.

Detroit’s top priority this week will be finding a kicker, with Matt Prater, released last week by the Broncos, the most likely option. Buffalo is feeling good about itself with a road win — the first of what the Bills hope will be many this year with Orton at the helm.

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  1. If the Lions don’t sign Matt Prater tomorrow, then Mayhew should be fired. This is like the most no-brainer personnel move in recent memory.

  2. Welcome to the unemployment line, Henery. You’d probably mess up being a Wal Mart greeter.

  3. Good game Bills. Never thought it would come down like that. When your kicker misses 3 FG and the other team makes a 58 yarder to win the game it’s extremely demoralizing. Going with Orton was the right move… Good luck the rest of the season.

  4. Matt Stafford was horrible. Orton came out of retirement and managed to throw short range passes with accuracy to receivers he’s had weeks to practice with. Stafford couldn’t throw short passes with any accuracy, and it’s what cost the Lions. He’s making $20M/yr and can’t throw a slant that’s not 3ft behind the receiver.

    Also, Martin Mayhew, Matt Millen’s former top assistant, should shoulder a lot of the blame as well. He’s the one who seems to think defensive backs and kickers aren’t important.

  5. Way to go Bills. Keep it rolling just like that. We taking our division back. Cant wait to see the cheaters Patriots with a big ol (L) tonight…. #gobills

  6. chip kelly and every eagle fan could have told you this was gonna happen….

    and they better get to prater fast because he’s better than about 50% of the incumbents if not more….

  7. Well at least my Bears weren’t the only team that choked away a win today.

    And sorry to say, but have you seen some of the kickers playing D1 college ball this year? They are horrible. That might at least partially explain why these new kickers coming into the NFL aren’t getting it done

  8. As a Bills fan i would to thank Miami for cutting Carpenter, not sure why they did but i’am glad.

    Patriots are going down next Sunday at the Ralph.

  9. The Bills traded their 1st next year to Cleveland, who then chose bust Justin Gil”burnt” this year. So many 1st round busts.

    Buffalo rolls the dice and landed a bonafied STUD in Watkins.
    I would do that trade 1,000 times over..
    Solidify the QB, let the rookies on the “O” line grow..
    Looking good ….

  10. teamnorsecore says:
    Oct 5, 2014 4:39 PM
    Im interested in seeing Packer “fans” comments on here.


    “we’re onto Miami”

  11. Good news is Lions are still in first with a win over the Packers meanwhile Da Bears are 2-3 and gave up a 20 point lead and lost by a TD

  12. teamnorsecore says: Oct 5, 2014 4:39 PM

    Im interested in seeing Packer “fans” comments on here.


    Why are you so obsessed with the Packers that you go into random comment sections hoping to find comments from us?

    Seek help, dude. Seriously. Or just stop living in denial and admit you’re a Packers fan.

  13. Man, Green Bay has to be feeling real good about themselves right now while the rest of the division is stumbling over itself. This is what it must feel like in the AFC East where the Patriots sleep walk into the playoffs every year.

  14. I won’t say that Orton was a beast….but Manuel is not capable of making some of the throws that Orton made today. Statistically, Orton played pretty well today.

    Overall, I thought the Bills O-Line was terrible until Suh started to get tired later in the game. I was pissed about the called pass-interference call that just seemed to get thrown away. The Bills would have lost this game if the Lions had a kicker who could actually kick. I hope this serves as a very lucky win that the Bills grow from.

  15. Patriots are going down next Sunday at the Ralph.

    A discombobulated New England team will be more trouble for you than the Lions.

    Good luck with that prediction.

  16. Jay Geeky is available and he was great for the Arizona Cardinals only reason they got rid of him is they didn’t like his kickoff distance.

  17. Was anyone else sick of watching Tate do a stupid celebration after each catch he made. Act like you have caught a pass before. You can’t slam dunk the goal post but can celebrate every catch, that doesn’t make sense.

  18. chiefpontiac57 says:
    Oct 5, 2014 4:44 PM

    The lions were in control most of the game thamkls to those goofballs in the striped jerseys..

    Watch you talking bout Willis? Your team got beat by the better team. And the refs called more penalties on the Bills while letting Detroit’s dirty players go several times…..

  19. Lions should give Kickalicious or whatever his nickname was a shot. I know he didn’t pan out when given and NFL tryout before, but he can’t be any worse than what they’ve got now, can he ?

  20. Just can’t figure this team out. World beaters one week and lose to the Bills with Orton the next? I still see them going 10-6 or 9-7 and making the playoffs.

  21. Looks like the Packers are the only team in the NFC North with a QB that can be trusted at all.

  22. “Im interested in seeing Packer “fans” comments on here.”
    ok,here goes,first of all we would like to say great win Buffalo and thanks a lot,second we will say that the Lions should really have kept Giorgio Tavechio as their kicker,he was everything the Lions were looking for in a kicker but were too blind to see what they had in him and cut him for a now released rookie kicker who is out of the NFL.third the Packers are now starting to jell as a team and soon the Lions will be in their rear view mirror in the NFC North standings.fourth losing to the lowly Bills at home shows that the Lions are just what we thought they were.

  23. jcbadger34 says:
    Oct 5, 2014 4:43 PM
    teamnorsecore says: Oct 5, 2014 4:39 PM

    Im interested in seeing Packer “fans” comments on here.


    Why are you so obsessed with the Packers that you go into random comment sections hoping to find comments from us?

    Seek help, dude. Seriously. Or just stop living in denial and admit you’re a Packers fan.
    Look in the mirror….then look on all the Viking threads to see yourself again.

  24. Some of the worst officiating I have ever seen.

    They were throwing flags when there weren’t penalties and picking up flags when there were.

  25. Packer fan here,
    Happy to be back in 1st again although the tie breaker favors Detroit, but that’s not relevant this early in the season.
    Just another crazy day in the NFL. There’s no taking “any” team lightly. I look forward to the Lions – Packers game at Lambeau on week 17.
    Maybe it’s for all the NFC North div marbles, that would be fun.

  26. Lions kickers are 1 for 9 on the season w kicks longer than a whoppin 30 yards. Has that ever happened in the NFL? Its a miracle this was the first game it cost them in.

  27. Rule changes for next season I would like to see:

    one completed FG per team per quarter. No FG attempts at all in first overtime. It’s a violent, brainy, intricate, athletic spectacle of a great game. Its outcomes shouldn’t be determined by 58 yd FGs for crying out loud. That defeats the purpose of playing the game in all its aspects.

  28. Why even play Calvin in this game?

    Also, Matt Prater, pick up your complimentary flight ticket to Detroit at the will-call window

  29. The Bills made the right choice going with the better QB.

    Now they have to draft their future starter to learn behind Orton, before Orton is done.

  30. Tomorrow is a read all about, kicker fired. They probably told him to clean out his locker, the last checks in the mail. Thanks for nuttin

  31. Again the Bills beat a good NFC North team and the officials. I am sick to my stomach with how poorly Bills games are officiated. This bias has got to stop!!

  32. Appreciate the kind words by Lions fans.

    Go Bills!

    This game is dedicated to Ralph Wilson.

    Thank you for all you have done for Buffalo, and what your charity will continue to due in your honor!!

    Woo Hoo!!!!!

  33. Had two separate teasers going (total of 16 picks) and went real big this week. Needed the lions to win by two. The only pick I missed out of all 16 was the lions game. Henery cost me 6 grand. Thanks Alex. Thanks. A. Lot.

  34. leatherface2012 says:
    Oct 5, 2014 1:59 PM
    detroit up 14-0. poor old 5-0 green bay just cant get into 1st place

    13 thumbs down…am i wrong? gb still cant get into first place…fact

    Where are you now???? Crickets

  35. Mayhew better have the Ford Family private jet gassed up on the runway with a kitchen full of steak and $1,000 a bottle wine and booze ready to wine and dine Matt Prater. While you’re at it hire him a personal limo for the season so he doesn’t get another DUI either.

    At every turn the Lions find new and exciting ways to beat themselves and be a disappointment. The OL let Stafford get clobbered, once again he doesn’t look accurate or confident, and the kicking was ridiculous.


  36. Take away the easy points on pick six and let all field goalsbe made and you still lose. As far as officiating, how can there be no fowl on the play when your db had both of Sammys arms tied up before the ball got there. Hate to say it, dut todays stats don’favor lions on either side of the ball

  37. I think the refs need to be docked pay for horrible calls. And for the love of God… Stop being so damn liberal with defensive holding… I love offense as much as the next guy but def players can’t touch anybody unless it’s a tackle…

    And for the record, when a cb is holding both wr arms in a hug … That’s not the time to decide to pick up the flag.. They are worse this year then ever…..

  38. It now looks like the NFCN can be won with a 9-7 record, and yes, I’m fully aware it won’t be my team.

  39. “As a Bills fan all I can say is thank you Miami for Dan Carpenter!!!!”
    He was signed and cut by both the Card’s and jets after being cut by Miami. Try to get your facts straight, it’s not that hard these days with google.

  40. Boy, wouldn’t it be great if Jason Hansen helped out the Lions for the rest of the year in the hopes they could draft a good kicker in the draft. Hansen would be a hero, without any long term commitment.

  41. Did not think the Bills had a chance with a new QB against a tough Detroit team at home. Really stunk at first but got better quick, unBillievable! Win or lose I don’t see any quit in this team which is the essence of Bills football.
    “Finally, Bills fans can claim the neckbeard is in style. The men too.”
    So what if our women are hairy… it gets cold up here!

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