More fines from Washington-Philly fracas

Getty Images

Two weeks ago, a mess unfolded in the Washington-Philadelphia game.  And the league is still in the process of cleaning it up.

Recently, three more players received fines for their roles in the brawl.  Per a league source, Washington cornerback David Amerson and linebacker Adam Hayward will fork over $8,268 for violating Rule 12-2-12 of the official rules, which prohibits striking an opponent with fists, kicking or kneeing an opponent, or striking, swinging at, or clubbing an opponent with the wrists, arms, elbows, or hands.  Eagles defensive end Trent Cole received a fine of $8,268 for the same infraction.

All players have the right to appeal.  They join Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker and Eagles left tackle Jason Peters, who were fined $8,268 and $10,000, respectively.

The fines seem light, and the universe of fined players seems limited, in the wake of the disruption that occurred during the game.  Also, the rules apparently don’t distinguish between conduct occurring before and after the whistle.  It seems that the consequences should be greater for misbehavior happening after the play has ended.