NFL hasn’t asked FXFL to adopt certain rules

The FXFL launches its inaugural season this week, and it’s trying to create ties to the NFL.  It’s possibly trying a little too hard to do that.

In an item in the Omaha World-Herald, Omaha Mammoths coach Sandy Buda says the NFL asked the FXFL to utilize certain rules.

“When they’re asking us to do something, that’s a good sign,” Buda said.

But there’s a catch.  Per a league source, the NFL hasn’t asked the FXFL to implement any rules, of any kind.

The FXFL will be trying extra points from the 17-yard line, implementing a variety of new rules on kickoffs, attempting all field goals from a hash mark, in order to make the attempt more difficult, and permitting defense to use only four looks against punt teams.

While some of those rules may catch the NFL’s eye (the league experimented for two weeks of the preseason with kickoffs from the 15), the NFL hasn’t requested any of these rules.

8 responses to “NFL hasn’t asked FXFL to adopt certain rules

  1. FXFL can be the Samsung of the NFL, just throw out every idea they can think of and do it poorly, then when the NFL does it they can claim they’ve been doing it for years.

  2. Im kinda thinking this isn’t even really a story. It’s not like thr commissioner of the league said it. And there is obviously a budding relationship of sorts as there will be officials from the nfl officiating academy working these games. I live in the omaha market and it seems they are doing things better then the last league that tried pro football here. I encourage all football fans to give it a shot.

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