Report: Brady “uncomfortable” with changes to Patriots personnel and coaching staff


The dismal state of the Patriots offense has been a big topic of conversation this week after they crashed and burned against the Chiefs on Monday night.

Quarterback Tom Brady has been in the middle of that discussion as people wonder whether he’s close to the end of his long run as the main man in New England. According to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Brady isn’t thrilled with the direction the team has taken recently.

Per Mortensen, Brady is “uncomfortable” with some of the changes to personnel and the coaching staff and that he has seen his level of input into the offense — things like game planning, pre-snap adjustments and personnel packages — drop of late. There’s no question that the Patriots have failed to find receivers talented enough to help Brady over the last couple of years and their offensive line, which saw guard Logan Mankins depart in a trade just before the start of the season, has been a mess this year, the first without the now-retired Dante Scarnecchia coaching the group. The shortcomings in those two groups come after the Pats used a second-round pick to take a backup quarterback a few years after doing the same with a third-round selection.

Former Patriot Tommy Kelly has raised the question of whether the Patriots are making decisions based on what’s best for football or what’s best for the pocketbook, something that could be read into Mortensen’s report as well. That trajectory could mean that Brady will follow in the footsteps of Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Joe Montana and end his career somewhere else, something that probably should have never seemed as impossible as it did for most of Brady’s career.

69 responses to “Report: Brady “uncomfortable” with changes to Patriots personnel and coaching staff

  1. But wait… He’s Tom Brady! And wait.. They’re the New England Patriots! Change and failure aren’t allowed to happen!!!

  2. Its sad to say that bb is killing the best organization in football,he thinks that every street player will become a legend..he s stupid mentality to trade 1st picks is unexcusable..speend money,that means you have a GOOD players..its really sad and sick to say this..but bb lost the team and thanks to him..Brady is in his last days as a Patriot…

  3. I get the sense that in New England its no longer about wins, losses, etc, only about how “the patriot way” in regards to the roster gets executed each year.

    If you get rid of anybody who might have possibly complained about anything, find an undrafted player from a D2 school, and don’t pay anybody but Brady higher then the vet minimum, the season was a complete success.

  4. Mike Lombardi appears…wack crap right along with him. The Mankins “trade” reeks of his insanity

  5. wait, so you’re telling me that an “elite” quarterback needs actual NFL caliber players around him to be “elite”? That’s just crazy talk.

  6. Peyton Manning moved on because a major injury took him out for a season and set up Indie to draft “the best qb to come out of the draft since manning, in Luck… If the injury never happens Manning is still a colt

    Brett Farve ended his career elsewhere because he was a waffling diva that went back and forth so many times about retirement that Green Bay had to plan for his departure and moved on… If Farve never pulls his diva act he probably retires a packer.

    Joe Montana had a future Hall of Famer in his own right in Steve Young backing him up… if it is just an average “Joe” behind him the 49ers don’t let him go.

    None of these circumstances apply to the Patriots.

    Were any of these teams about 10 mill under the cap in their hall of fame qb’s final season with them?

    Pats don’t strike me as being “all in”… If Brady leaves, as of now, its on the Pats, and hope he goes to a place that goes for it and gives him some weapons.

  7. Me too Tom, me too.

    Cutting team captain Lawyer Milloy before the 2003 season was a head scratcher but the Patriots had Rodney Harrison as a replacement and a strong leadership core to deal with the backlash.

    Fast forward to 2014 and the Patriots trade team captain and perennial pro bowler Logan Mankins 2 weeks before the season. With an aging QB trying to win a 4th super bowl, no viable replacement on the offensive line, and one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. I just don’t get it.

  8. And next season the stupid of bb will see the possibilitie of trading gronk cause of his injuries and hes contract..maybe for a 5th and a 7th round pick…fy bellichick,im a hard patriots fan,but now you are like a cancer for us,your killing us quietly…Mr. Kraft,please pull the trigger and bring URBAN MEYER!!

  9. Pretty sad that the only thing fans of irrelevant teams can do to make themselves feel good is make spygate comments years after its over. Especially since sideline taping was not illegal before 2006.


  10. Low character bill belichick cut Kenbrell Thompkins as weak gimmick to attempt to induce stronger performance by his declining team.

  11. Booo hook Tom Brady, he must really be upset about not knowing the defensive signals before each snap.

  12. I like Brady….his form of quarterback is a dying breed. Favre, Rodgers, Manning, Brady bring excitement that this game needs. Die hard Packer fan.

  13. if it wasn’t for brady, belichick would be a defensive assistant on another team. all qb’s decline as they get older but it looks worse when brady can’t be protected. even last year tom was average by his HOF standards but the protection for the most part was decent, not great. now, both guards/tackles are getting beat every play…
    think the days of the pocket passer are dead. qb’s are going to have to be able to move.

  14. Brady was never elite, the coaching and defense were superior to the rest of the league during his early years.
    Cassle came in and had the same success….all system in NE.
    But the coach has lost it in the last decade….stupid play calling vs Colts, horrible personnel decisions,,bad drafts and offseasons.
    Brady is a tool, but almost feel for the guy.

    Most fans are smart and realistic and know this truth.

  15. Why do people still refer to Spygate? What the Pats did was not illegal when they did it. When they got caught doing it against the rules, they were punished and haven’t done it sense.

    The downfall of the Patriots has been coming for a few years. They still had enough to compete with previous pieces, but it doesn’t look that way anymore. They do have a young, solid D that will be GREAT in a year or two, but can’t rely on one man to make the offense work. Brady may be in decline, but, given the proper protection and talent, I would still take him over any other QB. The sad thing is, he does not have the proper protection and talent. He looks mediocre because he is surrounded by mediocrity. If I am Kraft, I hire a proper GM and bring Charlie Weiss back ASAP. Give Brady the off season to get talent surrounding him via the draft AND free agency, and he can have is last hurrah next year, the way he is supposed to.

  16. I gotta be thinking this guy is looking in the mirror a lot these days and saying to himself, maybe this is my clue to give it up. No way I would see him coming back next year if this one is a cluster f.
    He is way to old to want to live through a rebuild.

  17. The Patriots are the elite team in the NFL for the past decade with the best QB, best Head Coach and one of the best owners in the NFL. However, if the Bengals whoop them tonight like Miami and KC have done, then don’t be surprised if some big changes are made.
    Brady doesn’t have the O-line to protect him now that Dante Scarnecchia has retired (his replacement, DeGuglielmo hasn’t got a clue and was previously fired by the Dolphins and the Jets) and the WRs are very ordinary. Tom doesn’t deserve this in the twilight of his incredible career. He is worth over $100M. He is married to a supermodel and is allegedly a great father. He doesn’t need this mess in Foxboro.

  18. We all know Tommy doesn’t like getting hit, and he’s taken a pile of hits this season.
    They look terrible even against the Raiders, lets see what happens today against the Bengals.

  19. Don’t know what the Patriots are doing, but the players will be with Brady, so if this is going on I can see why the whole team played uninspired.

  20. Little Bill’s ego will get the best of him . it happened in Cleveland when he dumped Kosar mid season .

    what a tyrant

  21. I have a feeling Brady isn’t happy he took a pay cut in his latest extension. I would think he assumed the extra money would be spent on the players around him, and not just into the owner’s pocket. I could certainly see him going to another team, but I have a feeling New England may ask way too much in a trade, so he may not get free to leave.

  22. Patriots need to bring in a GM. They also need to replace offensive, defensive coordinator. O-line coach, wide receiver coach. Hopefully they stop trading back in the draft

  23. To see the root of the Patriots offensive problems, look no futher than the OC, Josh McDaniels. Analyze his body of work, Denver….blew up the #2 offense in the league the year before(Cutler, Marshall, Hillis)….Kansas City (how did they perform?). Now there are rumblings of a similar blow-up in New England.
    Bench a player for mouthing off to him, Brady being shut out of game planning. The little man’s ego is getting the best of the team again. How hard is he pushing to get rid of Brady?

  24. I am sure there are many QBs who are uncomfortable with roster moves and coach changes yet somehow it isn’t news then and somehow it isn’t the excuse for why the QB goes and stinks it up.

    It’s interesting Josh implies the offense surrounding Brady is garbage when I believe he picked this team to get to the superbowl a mere 6-7 weeks ago….so either Josh has no clue how to judge a team thereby any analysis of his is not worth much or he is now trying to find an excuse for why this team and especially Brady is under-performing.

    The fact is the offense surrounding him isn’t so bad to explain why right now he is in the bottom 5 or 6 of starting QBs. Yes you can expect a drop in his numbers and play based on talent around him but not that big a drop. That big a drop is accounted for because he himself is….struggling.

    I would like to see him go to a new team that can trade for AJ Green, Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant along with Graham and Gronk so I can possibly not hear the yearly excuses of how he has nobody to throw to whenever he struggles, especially when he misses wide open guys which he does a lot of these days. I am sure that even if he were on a team like that and under-performed that the same people would still blame the receivers rather than admit Tom isn’t perfect like they think he is.

  25. Here is Brady’s perfect revenge against Kraft and Belichick:

    Once the trade is announced, he should refuse to report to the new team and instead retire. That nullifies the trade and the Patriots not only lose Brady but they get nothing in return for him.

    Talk about getting the last laugh!

  26. About 5 years ago a renown psychic said Tom Brady would win one more super Bowl.

    However, she added it would be with a different team than the Patriots.

    I’m beginning to wonder…

  27. Come to Arizona Tom. Kurt Warner 2.0, except this time with a top NFL defense, an O-line, and great coaching by Arians and Tom Moore.

    300+ days of sunshine per year Tom.

  28. Belichick cut Thompkins like he cuts bottom of the roster players continually through the season every year. He may bring him back if he isn’t picked up by another team. He does not fear losing these players. It is how he manages his roster every year. Why Thompkins? He is the last receiver on the depth chart who has not added much value to the roster on offense nor special teams. Tyms is about to return from his suspension and has more talent on the outside where the Patriots need help. It was a football decision.

  29. The Patriots and Bill Belichick are victims of their own success.

    You had a perfect storm of a great QB, a great coach, and some lucky/very good drafting. So you have a dominaint team that could do no wrong.

    The minute that Kraft and Belichick began to believe their hype as to Belichick being a “Coaching God” that can win with “the next man up” was when their decline started.

    No matter how good of a coach you are, when you start believing you have all the answers and do not listen to anyone else, you will fail.

  30. I’m curious what everyone’s position is on…

    Is Bellechick a better head coach that Brady is a quarterback (assuming both retired right now)?

  31. Brady needs to go the Jets.

    1. Rex loves Brady. He has publicly praised Brady for years and declared anyone can win with Brady.
    2. Brady lives in NY.
    3. NY will be a great spot to end his career and work on his post carer advertising.
    4. Brady owes the Jets for all the wins they have given him and for starting his career with the Mo Lewis hit on Bledsoe.
    5. It would be so weird and ironic seeing Jet fans struggle to root for Brady it would be worth watching. Sort of like if Curt Schilling ever had went to the Yankees.

    All that being said the Pats would never trade him to the Jets. But how about the Giants?

  32. To correct the incorrect post a few above, Pats were not the elite team of the past decade. That implies multiple Super Bowl wins, and the Pats have none in that timeframe, sorry.

    I know it’s difficult, but Pats fans have to accept spygate* was real and while covered up by Goodell, it clearly shows how NE won their early bowls, and struggled mightily without relying on cheating.
    As reported by ESPN, USA Today, WSJ, and many credible journalists.

  33. R-E-L-A-X

    Brady is still Brady, and Belichick is still Belichick. There is a lot of football yet to play this season.

    What does ‘uncomfortable’ mean – that Brady doesn’t like the changes, or he has not yet mastered the changes?

    What is the source of this report?

    Brady and Belichick are the winningest QB/coach combo in the history of the game. The team has issues. Frankly, the offense has not looked good so far. But if anyone can pull it together it is these guys.

    But IMHO Josh needs to go. If Brady is not as involved in game planning, that would have to be Josh’s influence.

  34. You can only treat your franchise QB like crap for so long before something gives. BB and McDaniels are playing with a lot more fire than Harbaugh in SF. Don’t cry when you finally get burned.

  35. No losing seasons this century.

    Yeah, Bill has obviously lost it.

    Brady needs to start making some throws or we’ll see if Jimmy can.

  36. Why do patriot fans always refer to stats after 2001?

    Ok skippy, they’ve been to a Super Bowl in 4 straight decades.

    How many other teams have done that?

  37. Raiders and pats fans now have a lot in common. You know…..bragging about how good they “used” to be.

  38. Patriots fans should stop going to games as a protest against this corrupt ownership. Disgusting how the Kraft’s are wasting the twilight of Brady’s career. Weren’t they watching in 2007 when the Patriots were unstoppable when they had a receiver that could stretch the field like Randy Moss? Apparently they’re too cheap to spend money anymore. I’ll never forget all the good years but the Patriots are dead to me now until they decide they’re not a small market team like the KC Royals and actually spend money again.

  39. Kagey7 you’re right it’s been a long time since the patriots were good. They have however been to the last three afc championship games, so I guess they can’t be that bad.

  40. Upstate..appreciate your response but let’s be honest…the pats have been in a very weak division so should have made the playoffs. That division has been yours for the taking for many years.

  41. To the poster who said this…

    “Peyton Manning moved on because a major injury took him out for a season and set up Indie to draft “the best qb to come out of the draft since manning, in Luck… If the injury never happens Manning is still a colt

    Brett Farve ended his career elsewhere because he was a waffling diva that went back and forth so many times about retirement that Green Bay had to plan for his departure and moved on… If Farve never pulls his diva act he probably retires a packer.

    Joe Montana had a future Hall of Famer in his own right in Steve Young backing him up… if it is just an average “Joe” behind him the 49ers don’t let him go.

    None of these circumstances apply to the Patriots.”

    The writer of this article wasn’t trying to say any of those circumstances apply to the Pats.

    He was simply saying that Brady, like Montana, Peyton and Favre could play for another team at the end of his career.

    YES, the reason(s) would be different than why the others did, but the thing that is the same among those three and possible Brady soon is that they all played for another team.

    Yes, how they got there is important, but that wasn’t the point of him saying this.

    Forget the HOW and focus on the fact that Peyton, Favre and Montana played for different teams at the end of their careers.

  42. @harrisonhits2: Get ready buddy! Your team is about to become less than relevant very soon.

    Stop being a typical patriot blowhard and sit down, shut up, then brace for impact.

    It’s going to be beautiful.

    No franchise/fanbase deserves it more…

  43. I think the Arizona Cardinals would be perfect for Brady. He’s better than Palmer, and would have Larry Fitzgerald plus a really good defense.

  44. have been in a very weak division

    That’s been disproven about 150 times over the last year here by quite a few posters.

    You’re either new, or not very bright.

  45. The worst thing that ever happened to the Patriots was finding Tom Brady so low in the draft. Not because they got Tom Brady (duh) but because Genius Bellehick things that’s where you find all your great players.

  46. TheWizard says:
    Oct 5, 2014 5:08 PM

    have been in a very weak division

    That’s been disproven about 150 times over the last year here by quite a few posters.

    You’re either new, or not very bright.
    Actually it hasn’t been disproven and every time I rebut it with FACTS, it gets deleted.

  47. Brady to the……Jets?!!!! LOL! OMG…..just a thought! There’s mayhem in New England!

  48. There’s two aspects to this report – one in which Brady is justified and one in which the coaches are justified

    #1 – in recent years Brady, as primary play caller from the line of scrimmage – has become INCREDIBLY predictable honing in on just one or two receivers. This works ok in the regular season but results in playoff losses.

    Belichick/McDaniels correctly want Brady to return to a scheme where he spreads the ball to multiple receivers. Brady doesn’t like this – but it’s for his own good.

    #2 – Belichick as GM doesn’t invest a lot of money in WRs. There’s a good reason for this – and he also (somewhat correctly) did not feel Mankins was worth his salary. But Brady is justified being frustrated with the lack of offensive talent and protection around him.

    So they’re both right and they’re both wrong.

  49. Tom knows he is on the way out. When you are a leader, you can feel it when you are no longer the leader. He’s going to be renting, and playing for the Raiders.

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