Antoine Cason learned how to punch out the ball from Charles Tillman

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When the Bears lament the Matt Forte fumble that resulted in the game-winning touchdown for the Panthers, they can blame a lot of it on cornerback Charles Tillman.

Panthers cornerback Antoine Cason explained on Monday’s PFT Live that he learned how to punch out the ball while working out with Tillman during the 2011 lockout.  And it’s currently working for Cason; after four forced fumble in his first six NFL seasons, Cason has forced three fumbles in five games.

For more from Cason regarding the Panthers’ ability to turn a 21-7 start into a 31-24 win, click the thing in the thing below.

10 responses to “Antoine Cason learned how to punch out the ball from Charles Tillman

  1. I have to admit, as a Bears fan, I was impressed and surprised by how good the Panthers DBs are. They basically took not only Brandon Marshall, but Martellus Bennett completely out of the equation yesterday. Hats off to them for a strong effort.

  2. Glad to see Cason stepping up, improving. Things did not work out for him in San Diego, too bad, he gave it his best effort. He’s a good guy, happy he’s still in the league.

  3. Sean McDermott puts creating turnovers ahead of other aspects of playing defense, such as good sound fundamental tackling.

    One of these days, that philosophy will become a problem for this defense.

  4. I thought punching the ball was illegal:

    “A player may not bat or punch:

    (a) A loose ball (in field of play) toward his opponent’s goal line or in any direction in either end zone.

    (b) A ball in player possession.

    Note: If there is any question as to whether a defender is stripping or batting a ball in player possession, the official(s) will rule the action as a legal act (stripping the ball). ”

    Right …… it was a strip ……

  5. Ouch – that’s salt in the wound for Bears fans. Live by the Peanut punch, die by…

    But really, this game was won and lost by Special Teams. A lot of Bears fans knew heading into the season that our young, inexperienced slapdash ST unit would cost us at LEAST one game – and there it was, to the tune of 10 points (7 on the early muff/fumble return, 3 on Gould’s missed FG).

    Bears need another “come to Jesus” kind of player meeting (like before the San Fran game), and need to refocus in order to put 4 quarters together.

    Until then, the rollercoaster ride won’t be over.

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