Bears growing concerned about Chris Conte’s concussions

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Bears safety Chris Conte suffered his second concussion of the season on Sunday, and coach Marc Trestman is getting concerned.

“You do have concerns when Chris has a history,” Trestman said., via ESPN “Certainly that’s relevant. When we put him back in the game, he had no lingering signs at all. He went through all the sideline protocol and went back out there, and then he came back out obviously because he did have some. So we’re hoping for the best.”

Conte left the game after suffering his concussion but then re-entered the game for one play before he came out for good. That is not supposed to be how the league’s concussion protocol works — a player who has suffered a concussion is supposed to be held out for the rest of the game. Trestman acknowledged he’s not sure where the breakdown happened.

“That I can’t answer,” Trestman said. “I know that he came out of the game. He was clearly checked out. I asked to make sure that he was cleared convincingly and he went back in. . . . I wish I could answer that. I can’t.”

Conte has started every game this year and last year for the Bears. His streak will almost certainly come to an end on Sunday against the Falcons, as two concussions in one season would seem certain to cause him to miss a game. Maybe many games.

19 responses to “Bears growing concerned about Chris Conte’s concussions

  1. After the way they have played these last two games, they have a lot bigger issues to be concerned about than that.

  2. Shame to see, they need to maybe shut him down for a while…Still remember Hunter Hillenmayer’s career ended due to multiple concussions.

  3. Wasn’t Conte drafted to target Calvin Johnson and deliver helmet to helmet hits? You get what you pay for.

  4. derekgorgonstar says:

    Oct 6, 2014 10:58 PM
    They should also be concerned because he’s a stiff-arm magnet.


    derekgorgonstar…and how many professional football games have you started in your career ?

    Obviously Conte is prone to concussions. A good idea would be to reconsider his football career, I would hate to hear one day that he suffered from CTE.

  5. Lions fans are so full of themselves…Wasn’t Calvin drafted to help Detroit have more than one or two winning seasons per decade?

  6. And the Bears safety jinx continues. They havent had a really good one since Mike Brown, and I don’t see anyone in their pipeline to get excited about. If Brock Vereen were all that, he would have nailed down a starting spot by now.

  7. @2dishoe

    I’ve started just as many NFL games as you have.

    Doesn’t mean Conte isn’t getting stiff-armed.

  8. I think he’s a terrible player, but don’t wish this on the guy. Hope he’s okay, and that they’re really cautious with him. It’s great to get to this level and play, but a bigger deal that he has a working, healthy brain for the next 40 years of his life.

  9. He needs to retire immediately, and that is not sarcasm. Why risk your long term health?

    On another note this is the same guy that could not chase down an aging Fred Jackson in the opener which basically ended the game. The Bears need better play from the position.

  10. You would think they would be more concerned about his very poor coverage skills and absolutely horrible tackling…hmm..

  11. tell him the money won’t do any good if he’s living with mush between his ears when he is 50. I don’t think he’s as bad as most here think but his health is 10 times more important than how the Bears do or don’t do. Take a break and be sure before you play again.

    20 years from now you’ll be glad you played it safe.

  12. danind says: Oct 7, 2014 8:44 AM

    “You would think they would be more concerned about his very poor coverage skills and absolutely horrible tackling…hmm…”

    Right, because this whole healthy-brain-when-you’re-older deal doesn’t mean squat, just use him and kick him aside when the time comes.

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