Dolphins suspend Derrick Shelby after arrest


The Dolphins have become the latest NFL team to banish a player following an arrest.

Dolphins defensive lineman Derrick Shelby, who was booked for trespassing and resisting arrest during the Dolphins’ bye weekend, has been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

“We were disappointed to learn about Derrick’s arrest,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said in a statement. “Everyone in this organization is held to high standards of conduct and professionalism. Based on my conversations with Derrick and the information we have thus far, Derrick will be placed on Indefinite Club Suspension. When we have completed all of the necessary diligence, we will make a final determination on his discipline.”

The Ft. Lauderdale Police Department says it arrested Shelby because he was “touching females” without their permission at a nightclub, and when a police officer asked him to leave, Shelby took a threatening stance. Police say they had to use a taser on Shelby three times to get him under control; Shelby’s lawyer counters that police used excessive force, causing bruises to his face.

Amid a plague of negative attention on the NFL for players’ off-field misconduct, several teams have removed players accused of crimes from the field. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy were placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, while Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was placed on the non-football illness list. Colts receiver Da’Rick Rogers was cut moments after his DUI arrest was reported. Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely by the league and released by the Ravens the day the infamous elevator video became public.

But not every team is on board with the approach of taking immediate action: The 49ers say they will not act against defensive lineman Ray McDonald, who was arrested after a domestic violence accusation, as long as the police investigation is ongoing. The action the Dolphins took today has become the norm in the NFL, but it’s by no means the only approach. Teams remain inconsistent in how they respond when a player is arrested.

44 responses to “Dolphins suspend Derrick Shelby after arrest

  1. Fidel Goodell statement: “We have not seen the video
    in the Derrick Shelby arrest. No one in my office, to my knowledge, has seen the video either.”

  2. He should know better

    As a Dolphin fan, I don’t believe athletes are role models, but common sense needs to be applied. Serve your suspension, learn from this, and move forward man

  3. Man disappointing. Guy can get after the qb. Woke up yesterday saying hey we can’t win but we can’t lose with us having a bye. I can actually enjoy some football ,yet we still manage to lose without get a win Sunday vs gb and I’ll feel better. Phins up

  4. Shelby must have the iq of a piece of wood to go out sexually harassing women in public after what’s been happening the last few weeks. Holy crap he must be stupid.

    And finally a team used conduct detrimental and didn’t wait for anything else.

  5. Are we sure that Tannehill and Philbin weren’t with him? Just to be safe maybe they should be suspended too.

  6. Don’t forget to add Jerry Jones to the list of people who are accused of sexual violence and not suspended.

    To your knowledge has anyone sought public comment from the NFL on why this is so? I recognize that he has not been charged, but if owners are supposedly held to a higher standard, why no action (or even comment) on Jones?

  7. Cut him. Make an example of him.

    EVERY NFL player must know that he is expendable and replaceable.

    NFL players make $400k + in their 1st year out of college, THAT is why your NFL player status is a privilege, NOT a right.
    Good luck working at McDonald’s Mr. Shelby.

  8. As a Dolphins fan, I am sad to see Shelby get Suspended (even sadder to learn of this idiotic behavoir), but on the other hand; I am proud of the Dolphins Front Office for taking initiative and doing the right thing without the Goodell Mafia making them. This organization has been through enough and the only way to get these guys to understand the Rules are meant for them… Is to enforce them. Having said that, my guess is Suspended with Pay like most of the others -some lesson!?

  9. De Smith comment – “The NFLPA will represent Mr. Shelby regardless of whether he’s guilty or not, he has union protection so we’ll fight to keep his union dues payments coming…er…fight to keep his job”.

  10. dannymac17 what you fail to recognize is that Shelby is a contracted employee of the Miami Dolphins. Therefore, his actions in his private life, positive or negative, may or may not reflect positively or negatively on his employer.
    The Dolphins franchise must protect its brand/image at all costs. What players fail to think about is that if they screw up on their own time, the media will be all over it, and it makes their employer look bad.

    Moral of the story: NEVER make your current employer look bad in public.

  11. Fins made the right decision.
    DONT wait on Goodell or any league officials. Avoid the press sticking a fork in you with social commentary. Just suspend the guy right out the gate first and figure out the punishment later.

  12. When is Joe Philbum going to be held accountable for impersonating a head coach? His coaching isn’t detrimental to the team? I think he is a nice guy just not head coaching material.

  13. If Shelby’s around next year when Harbaugh gets there, that pesky suspension won’t be a problem any more…

  14. This time last year Derrick wouldn’t have missed a practice.

    These boys better wise up, the tipping point has tipped. Any kind of event that involves Police is going to be met with quick harsh reactions from the media and the NFL teams and offices.

    Personally i do think the players should be held to a standard higher than they were, but in light of what players used to get away with the penalties that are currently being dished out are harsh.

  15. Canetic a stupid remark, but I guess that’s the extent of your brain.
    Hope your team is full of wonderful people, who don’t do anything stupid.
    At least the Dolphins have done something, which is more than the 49ers wife beater who continues to play.

  16. lol trespassing hardly constitutes for a suspension and is in no way comparable to beating your wife or kids.

    No, but it is assault. And touching “females” means more than one…who — based on the police being called — obviously didn’t want or encourage it. Also, considering the type of “touching” that occurs in nightclubs that gets ladies pissed off enough to incur police involvement, it was likely sexual assault. He’s lucky he only facing a trespassing charge, rather than assault or sexual assault.

    You probably think AP wasn’t wrong in what he did either.

  17. “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Dean Wormer “Animal House”

    Shelby, you should’ve known better…
    With the spotlight on EVERY NFL player – why act the fool in the Off The Hookah Club VIP????

    Booty or boobies are never worth your job!!

    Yeah we got DL depth, but could use that these next few weeks!

  18. Seems he got in more trouble for resisting arrest than for whatever he did or didn’t do in the club. These players have to learn to abide by standards, especially with the current culture going on in the NFL. Behavior has to be exemplary…that said, I don’t think he should have been tasered in the face.

  19. Anyone else finding that “Dryzzt” guy to be annoying? lol he’s responded like 12 times on this single post, like anyone gives a **** what he thinks. lol

  20. am i the only one who seen his mugshot? he went into the police car without a scratch from witness reports and his mug shot has his jacked up..police beat the brakes off him

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