Geno Smith blames time-zone confusion for missing meeting

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So why did Jets quarterback Geno Smith miss a meeting on Saturday night?  According to Rich Cimini of, Smith got confused by the whole Eastern/Pacific time-zone thing.

Smith and a few teammates opted to go to a movie, and they were “messed up” by the three-hour difference between New York and San Diego.

Per Cimini, coach Rex Ryan always keeps the team on Eastern time when playing on the West Coast.  But Smith’s cell phone automatically adjusted to its location, as most cell phones do.  And so it’s fairly common for at least one Jets players to show up late for something when playing in the Pacific time zone.

So here’s the easy solution — don’t schedule meetings and other events on a time zone that the team isn’t in.  Anyone who has been on the West Coast while trying to operate on East Coast time knows how confusing it can be.  So embrace everything about the road trip, including the hours and minutes shown on all clocks, and on all phones.

71 responses to “Geno Smith blames time-zone confusion for missing meeting

  1. How pathetic is that, you don’t know what the time is. Go back to school and learn basic time.
    Rex should take the blame for leaving them on Eastern time, how stupid is that. Where is everyone’s brain in that organization??? Obviously not where it should be. They stunk the place out yesterday, and should pay the fans to go and watch that rubbish.

  2. Wow. I knew Geno Smith wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he can’t tell time???

    The Jets are one of the laughing stocks of the NFL. It starts with their inept owner, then filters down to their lousy GM John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan — the self proclaimed “great coach”.

    I watched that game yesterday and Ryan was doing absolutely nothing to try to make adjustments or get his team fired up. He just stood there with his sun glasses on staring out at the field with a sad look on his face.

    How Ryan has kept his job as HC of the Jets so long is a mystery to me. He and his brother are the two most over rated coaches in football. They are both living off the reputation of their father, who was lousy as a HC, too.

    The worst part is, as soon as he gets fired, he’ll probably end up on one of the networks as a studio analyst. They love him because he has the qualifications they love — he’s arrogant, loud, crude, and isn’t afraid to look stupid.

  3. Uhhhhh…… so how was he on time for the movie if he was thinking in the wrong time zone ?
    Obviously he knew the proper time, in the proper time zone, to be at the theater.
    Doesn’t pass the smell test.
    On a side note…..anyone else notice Rex laughing with Charger players as he shook hands and crossed the field at the end of the game ? TV cameras caught it just before they cut away.
    Looks like Rexy was really bothered by the loss.

  4. Funny I traveled literally around the world this summer doing the lighting on a concert tour and was never late once even though we were constantly changing time zones and must have done shows in literally a dozen if not 15 different time zones.

    What a lame excuse. Not enough awareness of the world around him translates to not enough awareness on the field.

  5. Rex won’t need to worry about it next year when he is a DC somewhere. But no doubt the new HC will be smart enough to go with local time.

  6. That is not a good excuse, but it is silly that Rex schedules everything using EST when they are on the west coast.

  7. Dude’s attempting to make this seem like it’s the Pythagorean theorem or something, maybe the last digit of pi. C’mon man, it’s time, not rocket science.

  8. i won’t kill him for that and while i don’t think Geno’s a great quarterback, i can’t put all the blame on him and same with Rex. they both are trying hard, but it’s hard to polish trash and that’s what they have been given. Rex needs better cornerbacks to make his defense work and he doesn’t have it thanks to his GM and in order for a Quarterback to develop, he needs a few weapons around him he can trust and he can’t trust who he has around him. Decker is good, but he was hurt yesterday. Kerley is ok, Nelson isn’t that good and after that i don’t even know who the Jets WRs are. they have a TE in Cumberland who can block and he’s a decent pass catcher and they have a young guy in Amaro, but they aren’t great TEs. the Jets need more weapons.

    now, i am not excusing Geno missing the meeting, that was dumb and he needs to not miss them again. there’s no excuse, make the meeting.

  9. Geno Smith may be a little better than Christian Ponder but I’m not completely sure at this point.

  10. Yet he knew what time to show up for the movie?
    Funny, but I’m sure he just got lucky because they run all day. Doesn’t really matter what time you show up!

    I think this little snafu really sums up his overall intelligence and leadership abilities…..

  11. Time Zone, Red Zone, none of it makes any sense to poor Geno. Twilight Zone, maybe.

  12. Geno Smith and EJ Manuel suffer from the same condition. It’s a common one. It’s called “being thrown in as the starter way before you are ready.” Looks like Manziel will be able to avoid this but not Bortles.

  13. Pretty sure the entire Jets team forgot they had a game yesterday. J E T S suck suck suck!!!!!!!

  14. Here’s an easier solution — how about making the players act like adults and use their brains to make the adjustment?

  15. Well hat explains everything if you can’t understand the different time zones …. there is no way you will able to understand the different defenses.
    When will the bad NFL teams learn … your QB needs a brain.

  16. Anyone not smart enough to figure something as simple as time zone difference, would NEVER be a leader in my Professional Anything.

    If this is truely the reason, Geno needs to be just let go…..he is a grown man who shouldn’t need a babysitter.

  17. The Jets can’t blame lack of talent for their failure to be productive against the Chargers. The Jaguars at least scored against the Chargers and were able to cross the 50 yard line before the 4ht quarter. It’s as simple as this: Geno Smith was overdrafted. This was one case where the pundits got it right.

  18. Some people you can just look at and know they are not the sharpest pencil in the box and I thought that of Geno the first time I saw a picture of him. The guy is quite simply dumber than a box of rocks and if Rexy supports his stupid excuse for missing the meeting, well then Rexy doesn’t mind looking like the fool to America.

  19. Geno’s as dumb as a box of rocks. All the reports of him texting distractedly during his pre draft team visits, his lack of dedication to preparation and his inability to cope with adversity on draft day all should have served as red flags for the Jets. The GM bought the groceries expecting the Head Coach to turn chickencrap into chicken salad. Good luck with that.

  20. This has the makings of my all time favorite Jesters season. Gets better every week.

  21. He did go to college didn’t?
    They did play college games in different time zones didn’t they ?
    He went to class on time…..maybe?

    The jets will NEVER win anything as long as this dimwit is the QB.

    He should be bagging groceries….at least he knows what a sack is

  22. What a lame excuse I live on the East Coast even I know that San Diego is 3 hours behind. This man graduated college and he doesn’t know the difference in time. If thats the case I wonder what he scored on his wonder lick test. I’am with you above West Virgina played games on the West Coast. This should label him as a bust. I’am live in the Jets territory and Boomer came up with a great point. His O line is a lot better then advertised its just a ball of confusion with him under center he lacks communication is snap counts are off his lineman can’t hear him when he is calling signals its a mess. Vick is not going to make the Jets any better he is injury prone and his accuracy stinks. Hopefully the Jets break into the top 3 to 5 in the draft to get the best QB Jacksonville or Oakland drafted there guys of the future St Louis and Houston need a QB

  23. I’ve been to the West coast many times. For work and pleasure.

    If the Cirque du Coliel Love show starts at 7pm…That means 7pm Vegas time.

    If Rex planes West Coast meetings around Eastern time, he should be fired yesterday.

  24. no worries, with sexy Rexy and Ms Vicky (the dog killing sicky) at the helm, Jets gonna win the SB yall. You heard it here first!!!

  25. Apparently Geno’s skills were 3 hours late to qualComm stadium too.

    Paid millions of dollars to understand play books and read defenses.
    Can’t comprehend when to show up to a meeting.

    There’s your warning sign…

  26. Unbelieveable that the Jets STILL keep Geno as the starting QB. He has to be one of the most undertalented starters in NFL history.

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