Holmgren confirms Oakland visit, doesn’t rule out coaching Raiders

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On Sunday, we reported that former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren visited the Raiders last week, and that he could end up being the next coach of the team.  Appearing Monday on KJR radio’s Mitch in the Morning show in Seattle, Holmgren confirmed both aspects of the report.

“Yeah, I did go down there,” Holmgren told Mitch Levy.  “A couple of years ago, I had met with [owner] Mark [Davis] about possibly working with the Raiders, and it didn’t work out. . . .  And [G.M.] Reggie McKenzie did work with me in Green Bay for many, many years.  So I do have a relationship with him, those are all true.  So they phoned me up, I went down there for a day and looked at some film.  They had the bye after the London game.  And just to float some ideas, and get another opinion of the team and what was going on.  No jobs were discussed.  Nothing like that, it was more just a pop in and pop out, and that’s what I did.”

No jobs were discussed last week, but the fact that they called upon Holmgren to visit the team in the aftermath of the firing of coach Dennis Allen shows that the organization holds Holmgren in a certain type of esteem.  When asked by host Levy whether Holmgren definitely won’t be the coach of the Raiders, Holmgren was far from unequivocal.

“Well, you know what?” Holmgren said.  “Now we’re gonna start something else again.”

He then measured his words carefully:  “Probably not.  Probably not.”

Which also means possibly so.

Asked generally about the possibility of coaching any team, the 66-year-old Holmgren likewise didn’t slam the door.

“Every once in a while, you get a phone call or some little itch there,” Holmgren said.  “And I don’t know if that’ll ever go away.”

The Raiders may not ultimately be Holmgren’s only Bay Area option.  If/when Jim Harbaugh leaves the 49ers, Holmgren could be interested in returning to his hometown as coach of the franchise where he rose to prominence as an offensive coordinator.  However, the 49ers would have to also be interested in him, which may be unlikely.

Either outcome isn’t likely, but it’s clear that Holmgren remains in play — at least a little bit — to return to coaching.

70 responses to “Holmgren confirms Oakland visit, doesn’t rule out coaching Raiders

  1. Holmgren’s first priority in spring 2015 will be acquiring a QB he believes can run his system.

    “Raiders sign free agent Matt Hasselbeck to 3-year, multi-million dollar deal.”

  2. Can’t help but wonder if it would be for giving Reggie the boot and making Holmgren the GM. That could also possibly reinforce going after Jon Gruden for HC because of the strong relationship that Gruden and Holmgren have.

  3. Holmgren has said that the Browns job is the only job he was ever fired from in his life and that it bothers him. Also that his biggest regret was not coaching the Browns and only working in the front office. I think he has one more short stint in him for the opportunity to go out on his own terms

  4. And here we go….. Mike Holmgren is quite possibly the most over rated coach of all time. The only guys that may challenge him for that title are Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid. What little time he did have in the sun is over and his legacy confirmed by the debalce he had in Cleveland. For the life of me, I will never get the obsession over this guy. Stick to Gruden or Harbaugh.

  5. Couple of things:
    1. Who is carrying the walrus on their shoulders? They should be commended for their strength or girth. Methinks it would have to been Andy Reid.
    2. Who is Holmgren pointing at? Also Andy Reid?
    3. Harbaugh to Raiders, Holmgren to Niners? Sounds good in theory.
    4. Harbaugh is the source about all of the problems Harbaugh is having in the lockeroom and 49ers management.

  6. If the walrus is in that means Reggie will be out. Holmgren has always wanted complete control. Even in Seattle he lasted until current Packer GM Ted Thompson came in, took over the reins and put the superbowl roster together.

  7. This makes no fn sense. Am I mistaken? Wasn’t he the guy who absolutely wanted to be both coach and Gm both and run the entire Op at two different org’s, and now he is all of a sudden willing to be just a coach again?

    Maybe his money ran out?

  8. I think it was more of an advisory visit. He came in to consult with Mark about the current state of the team and provide some insight and/or suggestions on how to move forward. Was probably compensated for his efforts and was told his services may be needed again in the near future. He’s respected by Reggie and seems like a logical guy to reach out to. May have also given his 2 cents on HC candidates but doubt he included himself on that list.

  9. Smartest thing the Raiders could do is sign him to a one year contract to coach the team.

    If it works out, great. If not, start looking for your next coach ASAP.

    Super Bowl winning coach. Should have won two, but the NFL sent The Assassin (Triplett) in to make sure Rooney and Florio were given one they didn’t deserve.

    The guy is really smart and a very good coach. Just don’t hire him to be your GM or Team President.

  10. Is he brining a 28 year old Brett Favre with him? If not, he is a terrible hire…

    I will randomly throw the name Rex Ryan out there. When he gets dumped by the Jets, he would be an ideal Oakland candidate

  11. Holmgren must be really desperate to get back in the league to consider coaching that team. He sucked in Seattle, and he’ll suck in Oakland too!

  12. He wasted a lot of good coaching years trying to be a GM which was never his true talent. That being said, I don’t think he’s the answer for the Raiders and I don’t see what kind of special insight he’d have to offer if he was just advising them.

  13. “Terrible hire”

    Man, I don’t get you people.

    I’m sure he would do terrible things to Derek Carr’s development. Just like he did to Montana, Young, Favre, etc…

    How many rings does he have?

    Yea, Sparano’s the answer. geez…

  14. ariani1985 says:
    Oct 6, 2014 1:24 PM

    Don’t bring that packer stench of losing!

    He and the stack of his successors have been pretty good at blowing out your lowly and hapless Vikings most years since he’s left. In fact, you should give Mike some cred…his boy Favre may have quite possible kept your dark pink team from moving to out of town to greener and better pastures.

    Reggie was director of player personnel with Holmgren in Green Bay under Wolf and Harlan. This may just be window dressing or maybe he’s grasping at straws…..either way, Holmgren’s there in some capacity next year, I bet…maybe sooner.

  15. Well.. as a long suffering Raider fan, I can unequivocally say that I do not want Holmgrem… nor do I want Gruden part deux… and I wish the lunacy of both would just disappear. That said, I must include on the list of overrated coaches the name Mike Shanahan, who did nothing his entire career without Elway and Bowlen cheating the salary cap. That said, for those that say Holmgrem did nothing in Seattle, don’t forget, he did lead them to a Superbowl to have it taken from them by terrible officiating… and did so with Matt Hasselbeck as his starting QB. That said, I just think like with most coaches, his time has come and gone. Likewise with Gruden.. who personally, I never thought deserved the credit he got…..

  16. Desperation anyone?This guy is always sniffing around for a job.That retirement sendoff in Seattle was embarrassing.

  17. If the coaching job is part-time, say, 11-3 each day and the buffet line is open during the same hours, then yes, he would be a good fit. That was pretty much what he did in Cleveland a few years ago. This guy is a fraud and a smooth-talkin’ buffoon…

  18. As a Chiefs fan I say , PLEASE , PLEEEEZE come back and coach the Raiders. That would set them back another 4-5 years. Hope this happens !

  19. And when this happens the hiring never happens.

    He is a HOF coach (and a better hire than Whisenhunt) and can turn around teams as a coach.

    Get someone who wants to be there.

  20. Holmgren did nothing in Seattle?
    He took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl … remember the refs handled the trophy to Jerome.

  21. Typical of the Oakland Raiders to reach into the past. How about Madden as assistant. Bring in Howie Long to run the defense. Nothing like continuing to go backwards. Hey, Joe Gibbs is out there.

  22. He’s 66 and has a shot (50-50??) at making the HOF some day (3 SB appearances, one win, impressive W-L record overall). If he takes another coaching gig, that pushes the window further out another five years under NFL rules (at least). He needs the next few years to look at the voting results to see if he has any chance at all. With his age, time is of the essence. If he takes a job, maybe he’s already concluded he has no chance. Interesting.

  23. The headline make it sound like there was something to report. Then I read the article. What a lame attempt to make something out of nothing. Must be a slow news day. Nothing on the Redskins changing their name today?

  24. I want to get back to power running and vertical Air Coryell passing.

    I wouldn’t mind Holmgren as a Head Coach though. We’ll have a A1 coaching staff and good player development. Plus Gruden couldn’t make some more money from ESPN for a few years then take over the Raiders when Holmgren retires. Sounds like a plan.

  25. I am amazed by some of these comments. Who else should be the Raiders coach? Another overrated defensive assistant on an overrated team?

    Frankly, I’d prefer Gruden over Holmgren, but Gruden likes his kush job on MNF. Holmgren appears to be chomping at the bit. If he really wants to be the coach, and work with McKenzie, it might be worth a shot. Could it get worse?

    I think we need some kind of established offensive, QB developmental guy this time around. And bring in a young defensive assistant on a good team to be the defensive coordinator.

    I’m tired of hearing the Raiders have no players, we have some young players that can play, and a few Champion vet leaders like Woodson and Tuck. We just have no direction, no plan, no aggression, no fire, no true identity.

    Like it or not, Holmgren would bring some of that, and demand accountability.

  26. The Walrus did good things in Seattle. 86-74 is nothing to sneeze at.

    People must have short memories. Seattle is dominant, NOW. However, before Holmgren, Seattle hadn’t had a winning season in 10 years. They had 8 winnings seasons in first 23 years, 7 under Holmgren in 10 years thereafter.

  27. The Walrus’ time has passed, there are qualified coaches out there, keep looking. Also don’t consider him for the front office in any capacity.

  28. Couldn’t help but notice that one of Holmgren’s better draft selections, Trent Richardson, had another monster game yesterday. Darn near got 50 yards! And his career YPC is now nearly 3.0! The Raiders definitely need this guy. And with any kind of luck he can trade for WE DONE or maybe even Peg Leg (aka RG III)!

  29. RomoIsGod says:
    Oct 6, 2014 1:30 PM
    And here we go….. Mike Holmgren is quite possibly the most over rated coach of all time. The only guys that may challenge him for that title are Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid. What little time he did have in the sun is over and his legacy confirmed by the debalce he had in Cleveland. For the life of me, I will never get the obsession over this guy. Stick to Gruden or Harbaugh
    George Siefert is the most overrated coach ever.

  30. I don’t think the Holmgren as HC talk is serious. He is smart enough to know what the grind of being a HC entails, and what 66 year-old with plenty of money wants to do that? I’m sure he was just brought in for a meeting because he is friends with Mark Davis. Harbaugh is the guy who I think the Raiders will pursue. He is the perfect HC for the Raiders and will turn them around like he did Stanford and the 49ers.

  31. This would be a laughably bad hire. He’s terrible plus he’s been out of coaching for too long. The game passed him by years ago. Young Favre isn’t going to come share a Xanax with him and solve the offensive woes. If the Raiders think a re-re-retread will solve their problems, they are truly worse off than all of us thought.

  32. Don’t do it, Raiders! This guy hasn’t done squat in years! And if the Rams fire Jeff Fisher, don’t hire him either! (Wait for Harbaugh…)

  33. Holmgren is better then what they had and better then the intern coach. I would love to see Gruden come back. I’am not Raiders fan by any means but they have more talent then what there record is.I think Holmgren would make the Raiders competitive and maybe even get them in the playoffs. This team drafts always in the top 5 the last2 or 3 drafts have been somewhat of a success. So why not bring in a coach that has been proven vs these guys like Hugh and Allen that have been pretty bad along with Kiffin. You need a good coach to be successful

  34. Real Hungry. Will work for food!
    M. Holmgren

    Nation, go for Harbaugh. All indications are he wont be back with the 49ers next year and his wife is adamant about staying in the Bay area. Might be a great fit.

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