Jake Locker upset with “cheap shot” from Browns linebacker


The Tiny Titan made an adult-sized hit on Jake Locker.

And the Titans quarterback thought it was dirty.

Locker was upset with the forearm to the helmet he took from Browns linebacker Chris Kirksey (who was previously best known for being a computer glitch in Madden 15) during a touchdown run.

“I thought I was clearly in the end zone,” Locker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I wasn’t expecting to get hit. I kind of thought that was a cheap shot.”

Locker was checked for a concussion but returned to the game, and later injured his right thumb , knocking him out of the game. He was playing fearlessly, saying he was ready to run.

“It was a conscious effort on my part,” he said. “I’d gotten away from that type of football that I’d always played. … I knew we needed to get back to it.”

The thumb injury ended a promising day for Locker and the Titans, who blew a 25-point lead. Now, they have to await the results of Locker’s MRI today to know how much time he might miss with his latest injury.

20 responses to “Jake Locker upset with “cheap shot” from Browns linebacker

  1. It was dirty, he was about 5 yards into the endzone & it was a blatant headshot with his forearm. No need for that.

    That said, I knew he was going to find a way to get hurt in this game.

    It’s the same old story with Locker, shows he can be a good QB in this league & then immediately gets hurt. His toughness is not up for debate, but his durability isn’t even a debate anymore. It’s non-existent.

  2. When you’re really good you can get years of slack for being injured a lot. Matthew Stafford was hurt a lot early in his career and turned things around. I had expected Locker might have a chance of doing something similar but even when healthy his play has been just ok, not great, and he continues to battle injuries.

    Unless he gets healthy fast and has a really good second half of the season I think he’s probably done as a Titan and better brush up on his clipboard skills until some desperate team gives him another shot.

  3. Prima-donna millionaire QB crying in public. Please don’t hurt me, I’m valuable.

    Truth is you already get too much special treatment. Quit your whining’.

  4. Ironically, the injury that knocked him out of the game occurred as he was passing in the pocket. … As did his earlier wrist injury a couple weeks ago. What is it with this guy? I’ve never seen a QB so aggressive who found the most unexpected ways to get injured.

  5. Browns have to play dirty now days. With the Rat Birds, Ben-gals and Squellers all in the same division you don’t wanna feel left out.

  6. You’re lucky you don’t get a fresh one. You didn’t expect to get hit? Your teammates should toughen you up a bit.

  7. Bring your A-game next week, Steelers won’t put up with those cheating, weak tactics. Ben would’ve had Blount punch Girlsey in the mouth if he tried that on him.

  8. Brownie fans whined and cried about Antonio Brown. Now the shoe’s on the other foot and it’s shoulder-shrugging “so what?” time. Ha ha! The hypocrisy is simply hilarious.

    And yeah, it was a cheap shot.

  9. yeah it was cheap but it cost the titans their composure and they choked away a 25 pt lead. as far as next week…payback is a fine thing and the steelers are due for a whooping.

  10. Well, maybe next time he runs for a first down he won’t spike the ball and run his mouth. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s about time the Browns are the bad guys.

  11. Hey Jacki, this is football. (Wait…this is still football right?)

    Yes, I just checked and it is, in spite of Goodell’s best efforts to pansify the game, still football.

    So, can you try not to act like a whining little girl? Seriously. It’s embarrassing.

    Plus, your own guy shoved Kirksey into you, so, go cry into your pillow.

  12. It was a dirty hit, and Kirksey should be ashamed of himself. I thought that Locker might’ve gotten a concussion from it, so it was odd to see him come back in the game only to get knocked out by a fluke mishap.

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