Patriots add CB Brandon Browner, WR Brian Tyms to roster


Cornerback Brandon Browner and wide receiver Brian Tyms are back on the Patriots’ roster.

The club removed roster exemptions for Browner and Tyms on Monday, the team said. Both players now count against the Patriots’ roster limit.

The 30-year-old Browner adds to the Patriots’ options at cornerback. The 6-foot-4, 221-pound Browner started 36 games in the previous three seasons for Seattle, intercepting 10 passes. He served a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy to begin the season.

Tyms, 25, served a four-game suspension under the NFL’s PED polcy. A second-year pro from Florida A&M, Tyms appeared in seven games for the Browns a season ago, catching two passes. Tyms (6-3, 204) figures as a reserve for New England (3-2).

To clear roster spots for Browner and Tyms, the Patriots placed defensive lineman Michael Buchanan on injured reserve and waived defensive lineman Joe Vellano.

Vellano started eight games as a rookie in 2013, notching 54 tackles for New England. He also started the 2014 opener vs. Miami before moving into a reserve role.

19 responses to “Patriots add CB Brandon Browner, WR Brian Tyms to roster

  1. Belichick turns the roster throughout the season every year. It is likely that he did not see enough upside in Kembrell Thomkins and Joe Vellano to keep them on the roster despite the fact both made key contributions to the team in 2013. Opening up spots for two physical players with size at their respective positions (Tyms 6-3, 210 lbs and Browner 6-4, 221 lbs) fits Bill’s desire to get tougher on both sides of the ball.

  2. Thompkins out, Tyms in.

    Vellano is a bit of a head scratcher. No doubt they’ll put him on the practice squad if he clears waivers. Not counting on that after Thompkins though.

  3. I feel bad for the dumpster that is buffalo. They will be utterly thrashed and humiliated come Sunday.

    Adding Browner means absolutely nothing. He’s a bully DB from Seattle with no type of finesse unlike Revis who can still cover while making minimal contact. Watkins will really embarrass him if he tries to cover him one on one. Now of course there is a good chance the refs keep the flags in their pockets while he mugs every WR on the field, but it’s something the Bills have come accustomed to, especially against the Pats. Tom will start crying once Dareus sits on his helmet and get about 4 unsportsmanlike’s. Buffalo always play the Pats tough but usually come out with a ref induced loss. Bills are much improved against the run (#1 last I checked).

    BTW: that dumpster you refer to is in 1st place in the division and might just extend their lead on Sunday. Go Bills!

  4. Huge game VS the Bills…. Fore sole possession of first place in the East….should be a dog fight!!!
    Bills D is good up front for sure… Looking forward to a tight divisional game…. BB & Brady know how important this game is so I expect the Pats to win a battle royal!!
    Go Pats!!!

  5. @billsbackto81,

    realnflmaster is a jets fan. I expect a good game and hopefully the emotion of the news Bills new ownership will not effect the Patriots as the decibel record did.

  6. Roster changes seem to occur every year for the Pats this is no different. To be honest I wasn’t that high on Vellano and Buchanan although I wish them luck for their future. That being said I expect a close game against Buffalo their defense is pretty good and their run game is top notch. Go Pats!!

  7. It will be loud for sure but probably won’t reach the level of the home opener to honor Ralph Wilson and celebrate new ownership.
    Should be a tight game for sure. I expect the Bills to be the only real competition to the Pats in the AFC East. Winning this game would definitely make a statement.

    Jets….lol… Maybe they should consider trying to score points instead of talking trash.

  8. Jets fans like realnflmaster may be disrespecting Buffalo but you can bet no one in New England – not the fans or the team or coaches – is going to disrespect them after their last win

    Of course that’s why the Jets are the Jets

  9. @billsbackto81

    “Tom will start crying once Dareus sits on his helmet and get about 4 unsportsmanlike’s. Buffalo always play the Pats tough but usually come out with a ref induced loss.”

    Maybe it’s because you’re reacting to the guy who called Buffalo a dumpster, in which case, this Pats fan says screw that Pats fan. But if you want your comments to be taken seriously, just say yeah, I know the Pats have gotten the better of us many more times than not in recent years, but we have a legit team this year and could surprise people this Sunday (which is perfectly reasonable). Not, “Well, all of the W’s by the Pats have been TEH REFS, whereas our wins here and here have been legit.” That just sounds like someone who can’t act like an adult and acknowledge losses (granted, that’s ~ 94% of PFT commenters). But be better than that, man! Own the W’s and the L’s! My Pats got blown out last Monday…it wasn’t teh refs, or teh conspiracies, they simply got outplayed. See how easy that is?

  10. Offensive speedster and defensive bull dowser type corner that hits like a strong safety with a 15 yd running start (Rodney Harrison), I’m looking forward to seeing if they can do as well as preseason reps.
    Going to MISS Velano!!! He’ll never clear waivers!!!

  11. You guys are mainly wong about Browner. He is the ultimate tone setter. He is VICIOUS out there. Wait until he absolutley destroy’s some reciever on an opening drive. Then you get to watch alligator arms for the rest of the game. He was a big part of the “BOOM” from LoB. If you like physical football you will LOVE Brandon Browner. He leaves it all on the field. He will overpower smaller recievers (By smaller, i mean 6’2 and below). The only thing he cant do is blanket elite tall wideouts. PUT HIM ON SPECIAL TEAMS. This guy lives for the types of hits that make you cringe. He is nasty.

    You can make all the comments you want about dirty, mean, bully whatever. The bottom line is he sets the tone with bone-jarring hits. Recievers will be afraid of getting hit by him. How is that a bad thing?

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