Rob Gronkowski: We made Tom Brady look like Tom Brady again

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The Patriots rebounded from a week of criticism and scrutiny by overwhelming the Bengals on Sunday night in a win that saw quarterback Tom Brady play his best game of the season.

Better blocking by the offensive line made a big difference for the Pats as did tight end Rob Gronkowski’s first 100-yard receiving game since last December 1. Gronkowski had six catches for 100 yards and a touchdown and said after the game that he was inspired by the opportunity to quiet the criticism that Brady faced after the team was routed by the Chiefs in Week Four.

“I told my brother before I came to the game, ‘I’m gonna make 12 look like Tom Brady again, baby,'” Gronkowski said, via the Boston Globe. “And I went out there with my teammates and we made Tom Brady look like Tom Brady after you guys were criticizing him all week. The fans, everything. And it feels so good and he’s such a leader and he went over 50,000 yards today. He’s an unbelievable player and I’m so glad to play with him.”

Gronkowski saw more snaps Sunday than he had in the first four games and showed no sign of being limited physically, a pair of developments that bode well for the continued success of the Patriots offense.

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  1. Meanwhile Gronkowski acted like a 12 year old on the field. I for one am tired of this kids act. He’s a fantastic football player but acting like a punk, slamming his forearm into a defenders head after a play and screaming like a mad man after every small catch, is tired.

    Face it, when your QB needs a week of well deserved questioning to get angry enough to play well, his time is almost up. I give all the credit in the world to Tom and Bill on their past success but between Bill’s childish press conferences, Gronk’s childish outbursts and the media’s obsession, I think we all would benefit from the Patriots face planting.

  2. My favorite part of the whole game was that TD scamper where the safety decided in a split second that there was no way he was going to try to tackle Gronk. The resulting “bad angle/how did I miss?” performance was like something out of Masterpiece Theater.

  3. although im sure fans were panicking.. pats fans i talked to at work wernt worried and chalked it up as a bad was def more heat towards bellichick from fans from moving picks and trades than brady..also def media driven (like always)

    most of the time media gives fans a bad name bc players think its coming from fans when in reality 75% of the time most issues are media driven.

  4. Gronk looked like a child? I’m sorry that football is an intense game filled with momentum. Oh, I’m sorry that a man was reacting to having another man in his face, and that a foolish penalty pushed us back but still didn’t stop us.

    Don’t talk about another teams qb, coach or organization when yours is Romo and Jerruh.

  5. Brady plays well only when his O-Line, Defense, and special teams play great. What else is new??

    Peyton played with terrible o-line and defense for a decade but he always lifted them to 12 wins. He always took 2-14 level talent to the playoffs and 2 Superbowls. Brady takes 11-5 level talent and coaching and makes it to Superbowls.

    Stop complaining about Brady’s “lack of help”. They gave him Brandon Lloyd, Ochocinco, and Amendola all coming off great years and they tanked when they got with Brady. Orton can make Brandon lloyd look good, and Sam Bradford can make Amendola look good, but Brady cant??? Stop with the excuses. He is a good QB who is completely dependent on a complete team to play well.

  6. It’s week 5…I really wasn’t all that worried to begin with…Brady & BB are a force to be reckoned with & always will be…they are finding themselves as a team still with all the new moving parts…LOVED seeing Wright getting utilized in the 2 TE set!!!
    also nice to see Dobson out there even for just a little bit….the pieces are starting to fit together well & with 3 home games after Buffalo next week I’m really excited to watch them gel even more!!!
    Gronk is looking like his ole self too so that’s awesome to see….be nice to see what Browner adds in a few weeks when he’s up to speed…I’m also real excited to see TYMES back & what he can do to help stretch the field…he looked really good in pre-season….just need the guys to stay healthy!!

    GO PATS!!!

  7. The play of Tim Wright in last night’s win has been overlooked. The Mankin’s trade has been portrayed as a naked salary dump. But, you had to give the Bucs something of value for a 2nd year TE who caught over 50 passes as a rookie. I can think of 30 other teams who could have used a move TE with good speed and hands. .

  8. I love the “experts” in the media. One week the New England Patriots are implementing their disaster plan and replacing one of the all-time greats and this morning Tom Brady is back to being great and Bill Belichick is the mastermind again.

    The NFL is competitive and it’s not going to be easy to win every week. The season is filled with ups-and-downs and you need to ride the waves.

  9. this from a person who believes a 2nd-rate QB at best is a god…

    please…i know YOU’LL benefit from a patriots face-plant, but the MIGHTY PATS are not going to cooperate. i’d say i can’t wait for them to ‘udderly’ destroy the cowgirls, but there is O chance of them playing them this year. that would mean the cowgirls make it to the SB, and we all know that ain’t gonna happen, ‘cuz your god can’t even hold the ball properly for a FG.

  10. It’s hard to keep running the ball when you go down big. The only TD the Bengals got was when Revis went out briefly with hamstring injury.

    Overlooked was how well the Pats ran the ball last night.

    However, the best thing to happen was when the Patriot cheerleaders came out in Devon Still jerseys. For all of the grief that the the Krafts and the organization has taken over the past few weeks (some deservedly so), it was a classy thing to do.

  11. Rob Gronkowski, best skill position player in the NFL. No player has the impact he has on an offense. And he’s not even fully healthy yet.


  12. One of the best Patriot wins in recent years. This is an elite team with an elite QB and coached by the best Coach in the game.
    The terrible game in KC meant that all players and coaches were focused on addressing the problems. The sleeping giant has woken up and all other NFL teams are on notice that the Patriots are back and set for another Super Bowl charge.
    Brady is hungry, Gronk is healthy and back to his best. Maybe the KC game was a blessing in that the shock made everyone in the organization serious.
    In Bill we trust.

  13. Gronk is looking more like the Gronk of old with each passing week.

    That’s what I saw, and this offense will roll if he can stay on the field. The two tight end attack might be back.

  14. Stop complaining about Brady’s “lack of help”. They gave him Brandon Lloyd, Ochocinco, and Amendola all coming off great years and they tanked when they got with Brady. Orton can make Brandon lloyd look good, and Sam Bradford can make Amendola look good, but Brady cant??? Stop with the excuses. He is a good QB who is completely dependent on a complete team to play well.


    Ochocinco was no longer an NFL caliber player, which is why he didn’t catch on elsewhere.

    Amendola’s injuries have worn on him — he was a very solid receiver but it’s obvious he lost a step.

  15. Congrats on the win last night Pats fans! Well deserved. I was not one to fall for the Brady and BB are washed up, time to throw in the towel thing. Especially after the beating they took from KC. I knew they’d come out strong, but I wasn’t prepared for my Bengals to flop like that on defense. When you look at the yards they gave up on the ground and then add in all of the other mistakes. Well, the same thing happened to my Bengals that happened to the Pats last week. It was a bad game! Hopefully they bounce back this Sunday!

  16. I was especially proud of the Pats cheerleaders in their Devon Still jersey’s as well as Mr. Kraft’s gernerous donation! Very classy act by this organization. I brought a tear to Devon’s eye on the sideline as well! Nice Job!

  17. I know im gonna get bashed on this and I also know a lot of people cant stand Manning and the Broncos but watch out for the Broncos D. They are coming on. The pass rush was all over the Cardinals O line and the Cardinals were the leagues number 5 in defense and Manning and company got them for 41 points and had one TD called back. they totaled over 500 hundred yards on offense. I believe Denvers D is a lot stronger than last years.

  18. At chevyss69:

    Since this is not a general forum and instead pertaining to a game in which the Denver Broncos didn’t play, yes, you will probably get based.

  19. Was not impressed by NE win… The Bengals played to not lose versus playing to win… I have to see another game like that to see if the are for real… they have the Bills Sunday and the Bills has the Patriots offense’s number…Indeed…

  20. “RomoIsGod”
    Nobody gives your credit any merit anyways or has any interest in hearing anything from you. Patriots will always roll with or without your peasant thoughts.

  21. Did you see number 20 of the Begals, Reggie Nelson, try to take out Gronk’s injured knee at the goal line on his touchdown? Thankfully, he grazed off of him. The Bengals were the team that took him out at his knees last year, in a season-ending injury. I am surprised this did not get more mention. Dirty, dirty, dirty football by the Bengals secondary two years in a row. They can’t play Gronk man to man so they play to injure.

  22. p8riotdynastylives says:

    what a difference a week makes with a win…..awfully quiet in these parts this am ……hahahaha
    Yeah, last week one could hardly find a pat fans comment on PFT, now their all back with their usual domination predictions. Climbing back on the band wagon for now.

  23. I invite all Patriot fans to read the comments from the article titled…

    “Belichick bears the blame for current Patriots’ mess”

    … Wow it is amazing how people come to conclusions so fast. Just ride the wave of the NFL season. Ups and downs are going to happen.

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