Browns coach insists Chris Kirksey is “not a dirty player”

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Even though me made a dirty play, Browns coach Mike Pettine insisted that rookie linebacker Chris Kirksey was “not a dirty player.”

The Titans might beg to differ, after the forearm shiver to the head of quarterback Jake Locker as he slid in the end zone Sunday.

It was definitely a personal foul, there’s no doubt about that,” Pettine said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “And I think it was a situation where Chris was coming off a block and maybe didn’t know exactly where he was and just instinctively went to attack him. Anybody that knows Chris and Chris’ history knows that he’s not a dirty player. I thought the flag was well-deserved and whatever action comes from the league, well-deserved.”

The personal foul on the play was offset by an unnecessary roughness penalty on the Titans, but Locker said after the game he thought it was a “cheap shot.”

“To me, you don’t have to [talk to him] that much,” Pettine said of Kirksey. “He knows. The kid knew right away and felt bad about it. Like I said, if you know the kid and what high character he is, you’d know that there was no intent to harm there.”

Kirksey’s best known (so far) for being the video game glitch “Tiny Titan” in Madden 15.

But he’s going to have to reach into an adult-sized wallet to pay the fine which is surely coming.

17 responses to “Browns coach insists Chris Kirksey is “not a dirty player”

  1. Why isn’t Wisenhut calling for suspension? Oh, that’s right; he isn’t coaching in the NFC West, home of the whining coaches: Harbaugh, Arians, Carroll.

  2. That shot was as dirty as it gets. An intentional shot to the head after he was already in the end zone and the play was over.

    Everyone knows headhunting when they see it. The fact that it was also a late hit just makes it double dirty.

  3. Kirksey obviously should have changed his path while he was airborne. He definitely should have deployed flaps.

  4. I love all the Browns fans talking about the ‘speed of the game’ or sarcastically making jokes about ‘changing direction mid-flight’ but when Harrison knocked out 2 Browns in one game (both of which the offensive players lowered their own heads into Harrison’s) it was the other way around.

    Can’t have it both ways. I guess when your owner is a felon it all just trickles down.

  5. Yeah, that Harrison- now he was a dirty player! That’s the only way he could compete.

  6. Jake can go cry into his pillow. His own guy shoved Kirksey into him. Watch the video.

    Plus, this is football. If you’re gonna cry about getting hit, maybe you should take up sewing. Go buy yourself a bedazzler and gossip it up with the rest of the girls.

  7. I’m somewhat hesitant to say it was “dirty” because I hate trying to judge intent. But Locker was 5 yards into the endzone & it was a DIRECT forearm to the head of a player who was already going down. It certainly didn’t look good. You cannot argue that he didn’t mean to hit him, which he had no reason to do as the play was well over at that point. But you could make the argument either way as to whether he did or did not intend to hit him in the head.

  8. PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison states his objective matter-of-factly: He’s out to hurt any opposing player who roams into his vicinity.

    If he sees players down on the turf — as he did Sunday when he sidelined Browns wide receivers Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi with concussion-causing hits only minutes apart — he knows he has done his job.

    “I don’t want to injure anybody,” Harrison said following Pittsburgh’s 28-10 victory. “There’s a big difference between being hurt and being injured. You get hurt, you shake it off and come back the next series or the next game. I try to hurt people.”

  9. Thank you for posting that bluecat, I for one appreciate Harrison’s honesty. I would think most defensive players try to tackle a guy so hard that he needs to sit out for a play or two. Nature of the game.

  10. Crown, I didn’t post that because I agreed with it. I posted it because it points to the fact that players DO try to hurt other players, rather than just playing the game well.

    It was just after this episode that the NFL started cracking down on helmet to helmet hits and concussions re-emerged as a major issue. What with Bountygate and Harrison saying he tries to hurt people, I think the NFL started to pay more attention to player safety.

    Frankly, I think purposely trying to injure (or hurt) other players sucks. Yes, it’s a violent game, but it doesn’t have to be any more violent than necessary. Learn how to tackle cleanly rather than just hitting to hurt. When players intentionally TRY to hurt other players, that’s bad for the game.

  11. If Browns are going to play dirty on purpose, then they better bring that against the Steelers. No one outside the Burgh (except a handful of Yinzer wanna-bees) will cry if Big Ben or Antonio Brown gets a game ending late hit.

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