Calais Campbell: Blocks like that have ended careers


Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell, who suffered a knee injury on a chop block from Broncos tight end Julius Thomas on Sunday, says there’s a reason defensive linemen hate those blocks.

“I feel like if my foot had got stuck in the ground, it could have been a lot worse,” Campbell told the Cardinals’ website.
It’s ended careers before. If my foot was stuck in the ground it could have put me out for a couple of years and this game is not about that kind of stuff. It’s not about getting injured. You want the best players on the field so we can perform, and play the game we love at a high level for the fans who pay their hard-earned money to watch. It kind of sucks I get taken off the field and have to miss a couple weeks on a play that could have been easily avoided. If I get chipped on that play, he still does a good job limiting my ability to rush the passer. We come back the next play and compete again.”

But while Campbell is disappointed to miss a few games with a sprained MCL, he didn’t express the same level of anger toward Thomas that Cardinals coach Bruce Arians showed. Arians called Thomas’s hit the dirtiest he’s ever seen and called for the NFL to suspend Thomas, but Campbell said he’s not interested in getting involved in that argument.

“I’ll let everyone else debate whether it was illegal or not,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he expects to deal with knee pain for the rest of the season, but he hopes to be back in plenty of time to help the Cardinals make a run to the playoffs. For now, however, the Cardinals are going to struggle without one of their best players.

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  1. I’ll never forget how the Broncos did this to Maa Tanuvasa. Was watching that game live and that was the dirtiest chop block I have ever seen. Just blatantly dove into the back of the man’s leg. Same with Jamaal Williams the next year, both against the Bolts. Not surprisingly.

  2. Cardinals will make it to the playoffs?
    Didnt they just give up lile 450 yards in the air????

    And what about that qb situation?

  3. Dirty play, and clearly intentional. NFL should sit both ambushing Denver players until the Arizona player is back playing–this wouldn’t happen again.

  4. 1. It looked pretty bad to me.
    2. I never thought of Julius Thomas as dirty and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and that it was an abnormal error in judgment. And I hope this is not acceptable in Denver.
    3. As far as a fan goes, I get the feeling of loss and violation by losing a marquee player on a team. I get that. But is it just me or are we acting as if this was the single most egregious and flagrant attempt to injure an opponent that has ever been? Arians sure is hissing about it and I don’t know what his purpose for it is. I don’t know, something about this seems a little too sensitive and dramatic for my taste.

  5. This is still going on?? It sucks CC, everyone gets that, but you make MILLIONS to play a dangerous game. You want to go teach for $30k/year? go for it, it’s nice and safe there.

    People are upset that the play was “dirty”, but it wasn’t. It was sloppy and lazy and again sucks but enough of the boo hoo already. Enjoy your millions and go heal up in your mansion.

  6. No more chop blocks. So many changes to the game in recent years, this is a relative drop in the bucket and it will actually prevent injuries.

  7. You got blocked while you weren’t looking. I have no sympathy. Keep your head on a swivel. Its a contact sport.

  8. julius is a dirty player. first off he can’t block to save his life, so he resorts to dirty tactics and tries to destroy campbell’s knee. so disgusting to witness.

  9. This story is so over blown now I can’t stand seeing headlines pop up about it now. Didn’t care to even read about it just came to say this isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time this happens even this year. Get over it already Cardnails it’s not like you had a chance with him still in the game you got punked and this is your outlet

  10. Should be outlawed but it is a main part of the ravens offense so the commish wont do anything.

  11. AHHHHHH! I’m so sick of this. For the last time…. The Denver Broncos have NOT BEEN FLAGGED for a chop block since 2010. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that is 4 years ago. They are NOT a dirty team. And if you insist on bringing up the Shanahan era, just make sure you understand that they designed their running game and blocking schemes based on what the rules were at that time. Oh and by the way, plenty of other teams employed the exact same blocking scheme.

    Furthermore Julius Thomas has NEVER been flagged for a personal foul in his career. He is NOT a dirty player

    Finally, cut blocks are LEGAL in the NFL. Should they be banned? That is up to the NFL. There’s enough people that hate them so maybe the players union should get off their butts and insist that something is done about it.

    Can we please put this stupid topic to bed now? He was penalized for a chop block, which I think is still debatable, it nullified a 77 yard touchdown, and unfortunately someone got hurt. That happens in the NFL from time to time, I hardly think he was trying to “injure” anyone.

  12. The Cards are quick city becoming the biggest whiners in the NFL. It was an illegal block. Get over it. It doesn’t even compare to the kind of chops that used to happen all the time, nor the leg whipping once embraced by the Niners in their dynasty years. You got hit illegally and are moderately injured. It sucks, but shut up already.

  13. Cardinal fan, Bronco Fan, Cowboy fan, saint fan… doesn’t matter…

    Everybody should want to see this type of block banned.

    If you don’t, you aren’t very bright.

    Defense gets NOTHING in this league, and they have to contend with this as well ????

    The way it’s going….the defense is going to be forced to play without pads.

  14. The guy hit him in mid-thigh. Guess what? When you’re 6’7″ that’s gonna happen. By accident.

  15. Yes, his foot COULD have been stuck in the ground, if it were actually a chop block in which he was engaged with Clady. But it was a cut block where he was not engaged and did not have his leg in the ground. That’s why chop blocks are illegal but cut blocks are not. Perfect illustration of the difference based on Campbell’s words.

  16. The NFL is about to suspend 40% of Denver’s roster. Its just a matter of time when their # gets called for HGH testing. That chop block was roid-rage, pure and simple.

  17. OSIRIS,

    You are exactly right, the hit was to the thigh. Look at the placement of Campbells right foot at almost a 70 degree angle to his knee, he could have blown out his knee whether he was hit or not…that alone is what caused the injury. I have watched it over and over 100 times and Thomas was attempting to hit his hip…I think the flag is bogus since it was not a low block until the dudes knee buckled.

  18. sweetnlow44 says:
    Oct 7, 2014 6:01 PM
    Sorry dude, if you were the Payton Manning of your position, the league might care and pay attention to your tears. Unfortunately, you’re not.

    I knew some idiot could not resist taking a shot at Manning as soon as I saw it was a post about DEN/AZ. I don’t think that Campbell going out of the game was the reason the cards got bombed. I am also surprised that there have been no mentions about how Manning rolled Peterson’s ankle causing him to come out off the game. Curse you Broncos!!!
    P.S I feel sorry for the next target after Manning retires

  19. it’s ok Calais. just nurture your injury man. when you come back, lay him down when you have a chance!

  20. denver i hope manning gets whacked and put out of a game and then lets hear you not whine. yeah right.

  21. It was an illegal block ONLY because the guy was engaged (just barely) during the block. But fact is, the only way to avoid the danger of a cut block is to outlaw them entirely. But if you do that, you might want to find another way to lean the favoritism back towards the offense, because without cut blocks the zone running game is history.

  22. stop all the whining! anyone can see that this is an attempt by arians & co. to deflect from the story that the “fierce” cardinals defense got torched for 600 plus yds!

  23. How can the league penalize someone for something that wasn’t illegal in the first place? Instead of blasting Thomas, Arians should work with the league to change the rule. Thomas conducted a completely legal move that’s lots of players on lots of teams do every week. Sadly, the league is only worried about hits to the head because the former players sued them. Maybe all the players Campbell is referring to who’s careers were ruined by blocks like these should sue. If successful I guarantee the rule would change.

  24. Just another way for the league to try to getting Megahead another ring…take out all the pass rushers. Next it will be “no teams can blitz on him”

  25. I have no dog in this fight, but from all accounts, Campbell is a total class act. Thomas needs to be fined, and suspended to teach him a lesson not to threaten careers, but unfortunately he’s on Golden boy manning’s donkey team…nothing will happen..and even if it did, manning would get him back just like he got welker back. It’s a broken record…. dude runs the league, gets whatever he wants, he’s the rule changer. If the shoe were on the other foot, and someone did it to megahead, they’d be run out of the league with no chance to return. Different rules for different players.

  26. For crying out loud, you’re a defensive end, I’m pretty sure you’ve whacked QBs in the head a few times and that leads to brain injuries, maybe permanent. Are you a dirty player?

    And as for your coach Cardinal fans, what a joke, worst he’s seen in 37 years? Give me a break. Guess he never saw defense in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. That’s why there are so many rules to protect players today. What was he watching?

  27. Fortunately, the Cards and their HC have this one play incident to deflect attention away from the total manhandling they received from Denver. Scoreboards dont lie.

  28. So all you whiners will still be whining when your RB gets called for going low when pass protecting too? I’m starting to miss all the PC bandwagoneers crying about Washingtons name. Try having a original thought or anything besides Polly want a cracker?

  29. It’s ridiculous. You can’t block below the waist on kickoffs or punts, yet you can dive at a guy’s knees on the line of scrimmage as long as he isn’t engaged with another lineman.
    They need to implement a rule making it illegal to dive at a guy’s legs anywhere, any time.
    Denver has always been a dirty team in doing this type of thing on the line of scrimmage. So, it didn’t surprise me when I saw it.
    What the heck, they’ve put in all kinds of rules to protect the offensive players, how about putting in one to protect the defensive players?

  30. You can’t ban a block/hit. You can make it illegal in the game and flag and fine for it. Face masks are illegal but they happen often. There’s no doubt that this particular hit was illegal and Thomas was rightfully flagged. Wouldn’t there need to be more than one instance of him doing this to suggest he is a “dirty” player?

  31. All these Bronco fans defending Thomas. Lets see how they feel when some safety blows up Thomas’ knee later this season. Karma will come back and get him.

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