Cowboys irked by their sudden home field disadvantage


It’s happening enough that it’s becoming a trend, and the Cowboys want it to stop.

Having a big, fancy stadium isn’t nearly as cool when it fills with visiting fans, and their offense has to go to a silent count because of the noise.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo joked about buying more tickets himself, but make no mistake, he wasn’t

Yeah, we’ve had interesting home games this year,” head coach Jason Garrett said, via Calvin Watkins of “Each of those teams have brought a lot of people to the game. That’s something we encounter a lot on the road ourselves. We have a really good national following.

“One of the things we have to do as a team is we have to give our fans reason to cheer. There are a lot of Cowboys fans there yesterday. When we do things the right way and give our fans reason to cheer and be loud, typically things work out well for us. We felt that the other night when we played New Orleans and we certainly felt that a lot in yesterday’s game.”

Using noise machines in practice is one way to prepare. Another would be to start quicker, rather than the 3-0 halftime start that made the visiting Texans fans feel right at home.

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  1. I find it hard to believe there would actually be more fans of other teams in the stadium from teams that are further away. I can’t explain the 49ers crowd noise other than they probably threatened to beat anyone up who cheered for the Cowboys while they were in the bathroom at halftime.

  2. It was probably a 50/50 split of fans at the Saints/Cowboys game. You wouldn’t have known it though as the Cowboys actually came to play and gave us Saints fans nothing to cheer about.

  3. That’s what happens when you’re bad for so long. If he’s upset now, he should have played better over the last 7 years.

  4. Your team is garbage and keeps getting lucky. You have not been “americas team” since the 70s. Most overrated team year in year out your DaLOLas Cowgirls. #Goniners #wearetheWORLD”sTEAM #Nobodyhasitbetter

  5. While it appears more obvious with a bigger stadium, atmosphere has always been a problem at Cowboys games even when they played at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys, so called America’s Team, have the most fans in the country, but they have always had one of the least rowdy atmospheres at their home games. It is a very laid back crowd which is interesting considering how wild fans get into Texas high school football games and the University of Texas. There is a far better atmosphere at Houston Texans games as well.

  6. Because 95% of the dallas fan base is front runners from the 90s that are either looking for a new team to front run with or aren’t fan enough to go to the games.

  7. Leave it to the Cryboys to find something to whimper about. They are almost as big a ball babies as the donkeys in Denver.

  8. Fans selling their tickets is much more an indictment of Jerry Jones than anything else. Parking costs, food costs and a GM who has done a pathetic job of building a team for two decades have finally taken their toll. I know that many of the fans I used to see at games on a regular basis now only show up two or three times per year. We’re forced to buy that total crap that is called pre-season, pay outrageous parking prices and over-priced tickets (I won’t even mention food and beverages. For season ticket holders, the new car smell is off the stadium. AT&T stadium is a fantastic facility, but when you’ve been there four or five times it’s nothing special anymore. Many season ticket holders sell the tickets to four or five home games and make enough to pay for their ticket package for the year. This isn’t about anything other than the fact that fans have finally reached the end of their rope with Jerry. It doesn’t make us bad fans. In fact, I think it makes us pretty smart.

  9. this is what happens when you give your tickets away to corporations.. all those lower level seats filled with Texan fans are corporate seats.. All the Cowboy fans are in the upper decks cause they can not afford to get low level seating. Im a huge Cowboy fan and I am irked to see the team putting this on the fans.

  10. Proves what millions have been saying about the Dallas fanbase for 20 years. Biggest collection of frontrunners on the planet.

  11. Stop going 8-8, losing in December, make the playoffs and your fans might come back. Better yet, get rid of Jerry, draft better players and get a real coach.

  12. With 5 of their last 7 games on the road, this year’s Cowboys collapse should be epic.

  13. When you start the year knowing you have a QB who has absolutely no chance of holding it together for the 3-4 big games you have to win to win the Super Bowl your interest in the game starts to diminish.

    I now understand how it must feel to be a Browns and Lions fan.

  14. This is so ridiculous. They are 4-1 and they are already smelling themselves. Jesus H Christ.

    At the bye, they should actually be 8-2…they lose in Seattle and then will be favored home against Giants/Redskins/Cardinals then the London game vs Jags.

    So at 8-2 we will get 2 weeks of “Dallas is one of the top teams in football.” “Are they SB contenders”?

    Then they lose to Philly twice, at NYG, at Chi, and home vs Indy and go into the last game 8-7 maybe with a chance to squeeze into a WC, where they choke once again and lose at Washington.

    Then next year, the cycle continues once again until JJ hires a real football person to be GM.

  15. Oh, give me a break. That’s what happens when you have 80,000 seats and play an in-state rival.

    At each Arizona Cardinals game at least 40-60% of the fans in attendance are cheering for the other team. They’ve been terrible for years and you don’t hear them complaining about “home field disadvantage.”

  16. I love the “Cowboy fans are frontrunner fans”.

    If you are still a Cowboys fan after the last 20 years, you aren’t a frontrunner fan.

  17. I was at the game. $30 standing room ticket and nearby $15 parking. Of course the SRO crowd was more like 90-10 Texans fans. If Cowboy fans wanted to go to the game, they could have.

    I priced seats and the asking price for crap upper deck seats was outrageous. $200+.

    Seems like a situation where people are investing in season tickets to resell.

    They are a laid back crowd, all the way up until they hit the winning FG in OT. Then it was 1995 all over again. #eyeroll

  18. Gorilladunk, you nailed it!

    I’m sooooooooo sick of athletes and their senses of entitlement. They care not one wit for the fans, like the owners, yet demand total loyalty, or the people are “fair-weather fans,” or “bandwagoners.” These athletes are incapable of understanding that we have better things to do than throw our money after a bunch apathetic losers.

    Besides, the best fans in the country are obviously Browns fans. You have to admire those people for supporting that train wreck of an organization year after year and getting nothing in return. Well at least there’s a little hope for you Clevelanders, you might just have the best team in the NBA, and since the Lakers aren’t going to win the championship, I hope your guys do.

  19. I beleive the reason opposing team fans are filling up the stadium is the local Dallas Cowboy fans have already been to the stadium and would rather watch the game on TV or tailgate at the stadium and watch it on TV while tailgating. If you go to the stadium and see how many cowboy fans are outside the stadium you would be amazed. Nobody in their right mind would pay $300 or more for a seat and $8.50 a beer. On average a family of four will spend $1000 on seats, a drink, snack and a souvenir. I am a die hard Cowboy fan and live in Arlington, TX and I will not go to another game because of the cost. I would rather spend $300 and buy everyone drinks at BWW that go to a game at the stadium.

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