Jets’ Demario Davis doesn’t see enough effort from his teammates


The Jets are coming off an ugly 31-0 loss on Sunday against the Chargers, and at least one player says the problem is poor work habits.

Jets linebacker Demario Davis told reporters after the game that he doesn’t think players are trying hard enough on the practice field and in the meeting rooms. That translates to the kind of butt-kicking we saw on Sunday.

“Right now we’re not practicing like a championship team,” Davis said, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t see a lot of guys putting a lot of effort into the film study.”

The Jets’ problems appear to go well beyond Geno Smith missing a meeting.

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  1. Geno Smith missing a meeting is a non issue. It was his first west coast game ever (ever as in including college) and Rex kept the team on east cost time for the road trip. It happens. Probably none of the commenters here have ever missed a meeting.

    THIS, however, is an issue.

  2. Demario, with that attitude and your talent I know another team in the northeast that would be happy to have you.

    (Hint: It’s not the Bills)

  3. “Right now we’re not practicing like a championship team,” Duh!

    the juts are not a championship team. their one lone moment in the spotlight was prior to man walking on the moon. Get with reality there Demario.

  4. What team is looking for a new Defensive Coordinator next year because Rex will be available.

  5. How does anyone on the jets know anything about the practice habits of a championship football team?

  6. . The Broncos are favored by 9 1/2 pts at the Jets on Sunday. After the Jets debacle in San Diego, one would think the line would be higher with Peyton Manning vs the Jets secondary being a major mismatch. However, the odds makers are seldom off target.

  7. What you see as a lack of effort is others seeing a hopeless cause and have thrown in the towel. Their mission now is to remain as healthy as possible before this team gets blown up and they are all looking for new jobs. It’s not about effort, it is about guys that have no faith in their coach or the guys around them. They threw in the towel.

  8. Jets game tickets are being reprinted with the words “Rex Ryan Farewell Tour 2014”

  9. I can’t shake the feeling that Jets players just follow Giants players around and try to copy them in hopes they learn something.

    “They were in this meeting room for an hour — but why?”
    “Dunno…try sitting in that chair while I flick the lights on and off.”
    “…I think it’s working!”

  10. I wish it could be possible to simply demote Rex to DC and hire a capable head coach and GM. Unfortunately, that’s not the way this business works.

  11. You have a great defense who is tired of caring the team… but it’s what you get when the defense is prioritized and the offense is a step child… The Jets have to make some type of effort to become offensive minded team to compete and if that means getting rid of Rex or investing in a offensive minded OC than so be it…Indeed…

  12. B-but… I thought it was all Geno’s fault!!! No, he must be tranquilizing players during film sessions.
    Let me clear it up:
    Horrible QB play, Geno’s fault.
    watching movies while most of the rest of the team is at work, Geno’s fault.

    Leading by example as the team’s starting QB, Geno’s responsibility.

  13. it’s nothing short of shocking that tens of thousands of people pay hundreds of legitimate American dollars for the privilege of watching this train wreck take the field

  14. The Jets are so predictable. It is fun to watch each year, but I wish they would come up with some new material.
    One jet saying that the other jets aren’t working hard is ALWAYS how their tailspin starts!

  15. I look at it this way: the Dolphins get buried by the Chiefs so they then clobber the Raiders; the Pats get clobbered by the Chiefs so they then clobber the Bengals. Could the Jets, having gotten clobbered by the Chargers, now go out and clobber the Broncos?

    Not likely, but who knows?

  16. There is horrible QB play because it is an horrible environment for a QB… The only QB who would be successful with a offense like this would be Peyton because he calls his own plays… other than that I dont see anyone really doing well at QB for this team… I guarantee you, if you put Geno on the Colts he would do the same if not better than Andrew Luck with all that first round talent around him on Offense…I’m just saying the Jets need to invest on offense…Indeed…

  17. If the Jets put as much effort into film study and practice as they do at running their mouths they might be a good team.

    As long as spouting off with their pie holes is their primary activity they are doomed to suck.

  18. Titans fans could have told you all about “me me me” CJ.


  19. Sounds like the Jets and their fans are not patient enough to develop a young quarterback. Marty’s play calling has become very vanilla and predictable and as a result no one is getting open. He’s afraid to crank up the complexity because of Geno’s past mistakes but he has to realize that is what you are going to get when you have a 2nd year QB who didn’t play in a pro style offense. The only way he’s going to learn is to make mistakes….

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