Marc Trestman to team: Don’t respond to Twitter terrorists

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The Bears blew a big lead against the Panthers last weekend and that led some Bears fans to take to Twitter to air their grievances directly at members of the team.

One of their targets fired back. Defensive end LaMarr Houston told fans complaining about the team that they could “eat dirt” as part of a lengthy sermon castigating those who were expressing their negative feelings about the team in the wake of the loss.

We’ve seen far worse than Houston’s comment since social media became part of the picture, but Bears coach Marc Trestman would still prefer that Houston and his teammates not make such suggestions in the future by avoiding the low-hanging fruit provided by peeved fans.

“We talk about it all the time, making sure they take a deep breath, making sure they understand that they’re representing the team,” Trestman said, via the Chicago Tribune. “We talk about it in terms of not being responsive to the Twitter terrorists, so to speak, that are out there.”

The unfettered access to players provided by things like Twitter is inevitably going to lead to fans lambasting players. If that’s the sort of thing that’s going to get under your skin, it’s probably better to put the phone or tablet aside after a tough loss and stick with the low-tech kinds of human interactions that don’t lead to rants directed at anonymous strangers.

46 responses to “Marc Trestman to team: Don’t respond to Twitter terrorists

  1. At first I thought bringing in a super-cerebral, touchy-feely offensive mastermind like Trestmand was brilliant out-of-the-box thinking. Now it’s just looking more and more like a bad fit.

  2. Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me’?

    He really just compared dopey twitter people using ‘words’ to ‘terrorists’ who kill people? Really?!

    People are way to sensitive these days, especially big bad football players who are bigger, faster, stronger than most people on earth. Ridiculous.

  3. “Twitter Terrorists”? Seriously? Ugh. How about pissed-off fans who continue to watch their team suck week after week? How about passionate fans who live and die with their team?

    How long until the apology is sent by Trestman??

  4. If you’re a fan that “lives and dies” with the team, then the problem isn’t twitter (although why would an adult even have an account), it isn’t the NFL… its YOU! Get a life, defining yourself as being the best at cheering other on isn’t the way to go through life.

  5. As a Bears fan I was hoping Rex would’ve gotten axed last year and come over to Chicago to run the D. He’s a blowhard but has been successful on that side of the ball with far less talent.

    It’s borderline infuriating that the Bears can never have a good offense and defense. Maybe after Rex gets fired this year he will come to where his dad became famous.

  6. It’s starting to look a lot less like a “contention” year for the Bears and a lot more like rebuilding. They have a good young core from their last three draft classes, but pretty much everyone on that team with more than 4 years of experience has been ineffective, whether from injuries or simply not getting it done on the field.

    The Bears desperately need a bye week to get healthy and get their heads straight but unfortunately that’s not coming for 3 more games yet.

  7. I thought this was supposed to be the “City of Big Shoulders?” You have to be a soft team to let people on Twitter get into your head.

  8. Maybe Bears fans wouldn’t be on him so bad if our prize free agent DE had more than 5 tackles in 5 games… This isn’t the Raiders. Fans in Chicago have expectations

  9. Watching the Bears in the 2nd half of that Panthers game was like watching the NFL circa 1982. Boring, dink-and-dunk West Coast offense when the Bears had the ball, and Tampa-2 when they were on the D… and neither side executing well.

  10. It would be difficult to not respond when tweets are extremely personal. More of a reason to not have Twitter at all. Of course bassplucker, having already turned on the team after the first loss, now hedges his bets against the head coach over a Twitter comment. SMH.

  11. You have to accept taking the good with the bad. Fans are fanatics who spend thousands on tickets and merchandise and tune into games driving up ad revenue which all adds up to jaw dropping billions of dollars in profits for the NFL.

    If nobody cared whether you won or lost then you would be playing for free in front of zero people just for the fun of it. Or more likely pushing a broom somewhere. So either terminate your Twitter account or post a note on it saying “Please only say nice things about me that stroke my ego. I am a very sensitive millionaire.”

  12. Of all the terms he can use to describe twitter users he uses a term that is downright wrong

  13. I saw Houston’s twitter tantrum, as did many Raider fans. Laughed out loud at some of his “commentary”. Guy got pretty much punk’d and made a fool of himself. His replies were straight out of elementary school.
    BTW – Trestman is a great OC but does not have the fire to lead the team. Gannon used to get in his face regularly when he was in Oaktown and Marc would just stare at his playsheet.

  14. Sometimes I just don’t get the players point of view.They cry when the fans don’t show up to home games or make enough noise but than they have the nerve to cry when long suffering & passionate fans make comments about the teams lack of performance. It’s especially annoying when it’s coming from a player who’s been here for 5 games and hasn’t come close to earning his contract on the field. I’m also disappointed in Trestman in his “terrorism” comment. He’s too bright to make that type of blunder in the press.
    How about instead of worrying about what us fans think of your unsatisfactory performance you start to play all four quarters and close out games you have every reason to win. How about the D making a big stop in the forth quarter to preserve a win.

  15. Trestman’s choice of words was poor, but I’m getting sick and tired of the constant demands for an apology any time someone says something even slightly controversial.

  16. Social media is a cancer; best thing for players is to stay off Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t expose yourself then you don’t have to put up with ignorance!

  17. Twitter terrorists = anyone unhappy with Chicago Bears performance. I suppose one act of terrorism is to quit going to games and getting coaches fired. You can be edgy and controversial, but it’s a stupid move when you start insulting the fans and losing them.

  18. How dare fans have an opinion.

    Don’t they know these players and coaches do this out of the goodness of their hearts for our entertainment?

    Don’t they know fans don’t have anything to do with footing the bill?

    Classy Bears. Classy.

  19. I don’t get why anyone except a self- absorbed narcissist would even be interested in Twitter

  20. When you look how the Seahawks have moved forward in the last 5 years and how the Bears have gone backwards it makes all this “Twitter” stuff seem just like the twitter it really is.

    However Chicago fans are fairly tired of the “no emotion from the the coaches” look we got with Lovie and now we getting even more of from Trestman.

  21. Maybe I am the only Bears fan left in the world who isn’t ripping his hair out and wailing and gnashing his teeth and ready to make dramatic swan-dive off the bandwagon.

    Savvy Bears fans all knew that this brand new, hodge-podge Special Teams unit would cost us at least one game. And just as expected, there it was.

    Now it’s time to man up, Bear down, move on.

    We know what this offense is capable of when it fires on all cylinders and the line does its job protecting and Jay makes good choices. And now we’re seeing much-improved play from the d-line and impact from the rookies.

    I won’t call the Bears “rebuilding” by any stretch, because they have the pieces in place, talent-wise, RIGHT NOW, to make a run into the playoffs. But we are in transition, and coping with key injuries, and need to be consistent and put 4 quarters together – to play 60 minute games.

    It’s still a long season – Bears have only played and lost one divisional game, and the latter half/home stretch of the schedule is heavily in their favor.

    The rest of you will just have to tell me what that dirt tastes like – because I still believe the Bears can and will put it all together by season’s end.

  22. well written but so off base as to the last 5 years. We have seen this “early season not worry issue” – things will get better time and time again over the last 5 years and I’m not talking about winning the Super Bowl better either.

    Just intelligent play calling and very few self- inflicted wounds. If that isn’t from last Sunday’s game more of the same I don’t know what is and how many yards Cutler throws for or how many angry Twitter responses are not posted really means zilch.

    Is asking for decent football too much?

  23. Trestman is looking more and more like Dick Jauron with his demeanor and many times , lack of comon sense when it comes to explaining the Bears shortcomings. Both, no doubt are good men, but the only difference between the two is, one is still employed here…………:-(

  24. This is the definition of hypocrite.

    jetto69 says: Oct 7, 2014 10:12 AM

    Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me’?

    He really just compared dopey twitter people using ‘words’ to ‘terrorists’ who kill people? Really?!

    People are way to sensitive these days, especially big bad football players who are bigger, faster, stronger than most people on earth. Ridiculous.

    If your point is to not be so sensitive to a word, how about not being sensitive to a word.

  25. The words “terrorists” and “terror” are so overused now, it’s pathetic. Twitter gives a national platform to what used to be said in living rooms and bars far away from players collective ears.

  26. Lamarr shut up and go cash your game check before someone realizes you are stealing from the Bears with your avg. of 1 tackle per game. Take some advice new guy in town, this isn’t Oakland, fans in Chicago have expectations for players who make a lot of money, the last guy who was here and made a ton and did nothing was Peppers, and he’s gone because of it. Way to get paid and do nothing. You learn that blueprint from Jamarcus Russel before you got there??

  27. Houston was dumb to respond, as is any player who even goes on Twitter for any reason. I have no problem with what Trestman said, as many fans on Twitter and other comment sites are idiots hidind behind a keyboard. And ‘Twitter terrorists’ sums up many of them, those who see nothing wrong with personal insults, racial slurs, and other stuff that goes beyond “Hey, you guys played like crap.”

    There’s a big difference between passionate and loyal, and irate and psychotic.

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