Mike Pouncey may play guard in return to Dolphins lineup


It looks like the Dolphins will get Mike Pouncey back on their offensive line for this week’s game against the Packers, but he may not be returning to center.

Pouncey, who has missed the first four games while recovering from hip surgery, said Monday that he split practice time between center and right guard. Pouncey played guard at Florida before taking over for his brother Maurkice at center in his final collegiate season and said he’s comfortable moving back to that spot if the team thinks that gets the five best offensive linemen on the field.

“Guard’s my position,” Pouncey said, via the Miami Herald. “I was kind of forced to play center when I got drafted. Guard’s been the position I’ve played my whole life. … Whatever position I’m playing, I’ll help the team. It’s coach [Joe] Philbin’s decision.”

Samson Satele has done a solid job filling in for Pouncey thus far this season while the Dolphins have turned to Dallas Thomas at right guard after losing Shelley Smith to a knee injury. Smith has resumed practicing, but Pouncey’s comfort level at guard may relegate him to backup duty.

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  1. After last year – I am happy to be in a position to be able to have our regular center play in a position he seems to be better suited for…….Satele has been great, more than adequate and having Pouncey at a position he prefers will help to shore up a little bit of a weakness.

    The line is coming together and Moreno is coming back……Phins will be running’!

  2. Pouncey was an All American guard at Florida. He didn’t play center because he All American brother was playing that position. He played center for a year, and was then drafted. Satele on the other hand, has never played guard. This really is a no brainer…. but then again with this team since Johnson was the coach, when has logic ever prevailed?

    I believe you play your five best on the OL. The Phins will at least be competitive. Just have to survive through November above .500.

  3. Satele has really exceeded expectations, especially as a run blocker. Whether Pouncey plays center or guard, this O-line (which has as a group exceeded expectations) gets its best player back.

    With the way Pouncey is able to pull from the center position, I can only imagine what he could do on the second level as a guard. If Philbin thinks Satele’s play at C is way ahead of Dallas Thomas at G, then make the change. Alternatively, plunking Pouncey in at center and continuing to invest in Dallas Thomas at guard could pay dividends down the road. Either way, this o-line, improbably, could be one of the league’s best by year’s end. How crazy is that?

  4. I almost thought Satele would get traded after all of the OL injuries occurring. This development is even better. Poncey pulling will open up awesome wholes for a running game already over achieving.

    Oh yeah, Knowshon’s gonna be back in the line up, too! Run. run and run, it will open up the passing game and allow the team to not have to rely on Tannehill to win games.

  5. Just for the record, in the Dolphins scheme they don’t typically pull many lineman. They are more of a zone run team. Meaning it is more important to gauge Pouncy’s second level blocking…which is excellent. But hey, what do I know.

  6. I put Pouncy at G in Madden and WOW in Miami new offence zone blocking schemes with Pouncy pulling with all the WR screens and HB screens and he makes running the ball that much better…He will be a beast at guard!!!

  7. I’m kinda torn with this news. As big of a bone head he is at times there’s no denying he’s a top 5 center in the NFL. Do the Fins really want to take a probowl player and move him to a different position where realistically he might be top 15-20 in the league?

    From playing football I was always taught aside from the tackle position (whichever is the blindside blocker) center is the second most important position on the line with LG coming in third. Samson has done an ok job but there’s no doubt Pouncey is the superior center hands down. Time will tell but it might come back to bite the Fins in the butt.

  8. Interchangeable. Talented. Offensive Line.
    We are lucky Pouncey is that good and comfortable at RG.
    Pouncey > Dallas Thomas.

    Not ready to declare playoffs, but gotta hand it to Hickey for picking up guys like Shelly Smith, Samson Satele and Darryn Colledge.

    For once we have OL depth without always relying on Nate Garner…

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