NFL details efforts to get Rice tape

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Just when the Ray Rice controversy was beginning to recede from view, it’s back.

It’s back because the NFL has decided to provide more details to ABC News regarding the efforts to get the controversial Ray Rice elevator video.

“We reached out to multiple law enforcement agencies and a court, but were unable to come up with the video,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ABC News.  “With each of these efforts it was ‘give us everything.’”

McCarthy explained that the effort to acquire information began on February 19, four days after Rice knocked out his then-fiancée, now wife.  NFL security representative Jim Buckley contacted the Atlantic City Police Department to request a copy of the incident report.  Buckley was told to file a request under the “open records” law.  Buckley also was informed that publicly-available documents weren’t likely to elaborate on the details of the assault.

Buckley’s effort to gather information included a call to the Atlantic County Solicitor’s Office, in an unsuccessful effort to reach the deputy solicitor.  The league also asked the New Jersey State Police to assist, but they couldn’t because they had no involvement in the investigation.

Finally, the league attempted on June 6 to get the video from Jill Houck, the pre-trial intervention director at the Atlantic County Superior Court.  She told the NFL the police report was not available.

The ABC News report, like so many other articles regarding this case, omits reference to any efforts to get the video from Rice or Rice’s lawyer, Michael Diamondstein.  Diamondstein had the video, and the Ravens have acknowledged that, if they’d simply insisted that Rice direct Diamondstein to give the team the video, the team would have had it.

Earlier today, we directly asked the NFL whether Rice or his lawyer were asked to produce the video.  The league has not yet responded.

Then there’s the question of whether the NFL legally could have gotten the video from the casino where the assault occurred.  The league has insisted that the casino couldn’t have legally disclosed it.  The director of communications for the New Jersey Attorney General has said that the casino would not have violated any laws by giving the NFL the video.

Perhaps the biggest question is the timing of the NFL’s decision to address an issue that currently is dormant, and that likely would have remained that way until the release of Robert Mueller’s report.  The potential answer is obvious; with the NFL’s owners gathering for the first time since the Rice video emerged 29 days ago, the league office wanted to publicize its version of the attempts to get the video in advance of the gathering of the 32 people who eventually will scrutinize the situation and determine whether “accountability” will include consequences.

25 responses to “NFL details efforts to get Rice tape

  1. NFL Security and individual team security are staffed with former law enforcement officials (on purpose) who create and maintain many relationships with local law enforcement agencies from the tiny surrounding towns on up to the state agencies.

    This is a farce. Luckily for Roger Goodell and the Ravens brass, the public has Attention Deficit Disorder and severe fatigue from all the legal volleyball.

    At this point, most people just don’t care anymore. Happy now Roger?

  2. Blah blah blah. Then explain NFL how TMZ was able to get the tape with one call.

    Stop making up your lies. It took you 2 months to come up with this nonsense. If thats what you did, which we all know you didnt, then where was this “statement” 2 months ago?

  3. Does it really matter??? I am so bored with football right now, every game is exactly the same… No big hits, flags everywhere, no consistency from one game to the next… Yawn… Next question…

  4. NFL’s request for the Ray Rice video tape is turning into the Holy Roller. First they fumbled. Now their kicking it all over the place but they won’t have a happy ending.

  5. Title should have been “NFL spews more lies about how they covered up the Rice elevator video”

    Goodell must go.

  6. This is still a thing?

    Remember when Goodell admitted his mistake and suspended Rice indefinitely? That was him fixing his mistake and putting this to bed. Goodell has done nothing else wrong.

  7. That explanation is weak tea. The NFL can cajole and badger state legislatures out of hundreds of millions of dollars to finance stadiums, but they can’t pry a video tape of a felonious assault from a casino?

    “Oh, we made a couple calls and sent a few emails, but they just wouldn’t give it to us.”

    That’s like a kicker telling the coach he tried really hard to tackle Devin Hester before he scored.

  8. Roger Goodell hasn’t satisfactorily explained why he didn’t follow the six game suspension punishment prescribed in the policy he himself created in an effort to, “get it right”?

    Give us everything, NFL. Including the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  9. This whole thing sounds lame again. Tried to contact someone and like they weren’t in so we never tried again?
    Sounds to me like maybe there security guy is making up some of this.
    I mean please. You can make a phone list of possible contacts and in 15 minutes know whether your getting that video, who has the video and who hasn’t have the video and if legally anyone can release the video. Just how hard can that be?

  10. I’m more interested in the NFL detailing how they can improve anything and everything that is possible to improve for the “NFL of the future”. That would be an enlightening read. Hey that could be a neat book title!

  11. I still don’t know why they needed a tape to suspend him indefinitely. Rice knocked a woman unconscious. Isn’t that enough?

  12. At this point, it’s just lying out of habit. They’re playing a game of how many times you can say “meow”.

    The NFL offices are laughing at us all. Their thinking being “what can anyone do about it?” Like sheep, we all just keep marching forward, eating crap all the way to Super Bowl Sunday!!!

    The new wrestlemania of sports, without the honesty of wrestling admitting they’re fake.

  13. “Ravens have acknowledged that, if they’d simply insisted that Rice direct Diamondstein to give the team the video, the team would have had it.”

    Really? The lawyer would have handed over a tape that made his client look worse? Really?

  14. One thing we learned from this article; who will be the fallguy in the investigation. NFL Security Rep Jim Buckley

  15. “Really? The lawyer would have handed over a tape that made his client look worse? Really?”

    They would have turned over the tape pdq as soon as the league said, “Each day we don’t get the tape, we add another game to the suspension”.

  16. Let’s just fast forward to the foregone conclusion Mueller’s investigation will reach:

    The NFL did nothing wrong in its handling of Ray Rice’s suspension.

  17. since goodell refused to respond to questions citing the mueller investigation, the nfl has now issued statements regarding the two main questions. how hard did the league try to get the video, and whether the ap report regarding a video sent unsoliticited was true.

    since they hired an insider to investigate, i think we see the outline of the report emerging even prior to interviewing ray rice.

  18. One thing everyone seems to overlook: The casino did not have the tape, the cops did while investigating.
    I am sure the cops did not say”could we have a COPY of the tape”. They took the only copy the casino had. and possibly the computer it was stored on,

  19. The NFL keeps talking about the ‘tape’, which I assume means the entire tape inside the elevator footage released on Sept 8th. What I have yet to hear anyone ask the NFL is if they seen the ‘outside’ the elevator tape that was made readily available to the public on Feb 19th via TMZ. Its entirely harder to believe that someone in the NFL office didnt see the first video in a 6 month time frame.

  20. willycents says:
    Oct 7, 2014 1:50 PM
    One thing everyone seems to overlook: The casino did not have the tape, the cops did while investigating.
    I am sure the cops did not say”could we have a COPY of the tape”. They took the only copy the casino had. and possibly the computer it was stored on,
    Yes, because there are any security systems besides the nickel special that actually uses VHS tapes instead of digital copies. And because digital copies are almost impossible to make multiple copies of with a couple of mouse clicks. And because of course the casino clearly didn’t keep a copy since TMZ got a copy from a former employee of that casino. And of course it would be totally any courts would block access when the state attorney general said point blank it would have been completely legal to get a copy from anyone who had one. And of course would never ignore the fact that they could have gotten a copy from multiple other sources, including Ray Rice himself.

    Dear Cthulhu, why on Earth would ANYONE believe a single thing the NFL says anymore? Lie to me once, shame on you. Lie to me six hundred and twenty-five times, then I need some serious professional help.

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