Richard Sherman on Garçon: “Pierre doesn’t matter in this league”

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Did Pierre Garçon tug on Richard Sherman’s hair on Monday night?

The video evidence, as shown by USA Today, suggests it could have happened. Also, Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Garçon, the Washington wide receiver, twice pulled the hair of Sherman, Seattle’s star cornerback, in the Seahawks’ 27-17 victory.

“Pierre did a few things,” Sherman said after the game, according to JP Finlay of CSN Washington. “When you can’t get open, you got to do whatever you can. The crowd is acting like I’m holding him. Obviously the TV copy you can see what happened.”

One of Washington’s starting receivers, Garçon had two catches for 23 yards against Seattle. He was targeted just three times.

Sherman made it clear he wasn’t impressed by Garçon.

“Pierre doesn’t matter in this league,” Sherman said, per CSN Washington.

Per multiple reports, Sherman was given a chance to clarify what he said. And for some, it might have been a chance to make a last-ditch effort to soften the remarks, to perhaps rephrase them.

But Sherman stood pat, as CSN Washington noted.

“I mean exactly what I said,” Sherman said.

And there you have it.

228 responses to “Richard Sherman on Garçon: “Pierre doesn’t matter in this league”

  1. This guy again???

    I thought his Crabtree rant was just spur of the moment ‘passion’ huh Seahawks fans?

    So why does he keep ranting on people?

  2. I hate this guy with such a freaking passion its not even funny anymore. Hate is such a strong word, but this dude just runs his mouth consistently, and yeah that secondary is overrated. I understand trash talk, but his is just downright disrespectful.

  3. “You know, when a guy wants his name in the paper, he’s gotta say something crazy,”

    – Richard Sherman

    “But I don’t go home and say, ‘Oh my god, what are they saying about me?'”

    – Richard Sherman

  4. He’s right. Garcon couldn’t get open so he had to pull hair like a little girl and pull Sherman down by the facemask after the whistle. Good on Sherman for not losing his cool even though the refs kept the flags in their pockets no matter how blatant it was. But I’m glad they threw the flag on the “I don’t know what the Seahawks did wrong on that play, but we needed to flag them for something because they made a great play… Oh yeah, the center bobbed his head. That’s it.”

  5. Gosh this guy is such a clown. What Garcon did on the field was stupid. But can Sherman shut up already? I lost all respect for the guy after the Chargers game. He rips everyone he faces when a mic is in front of him after a W. But when he doesn’t live up to the ego and his teams get beat he ducks the media. Dude is a fake tough guy.

  6. Umm well the tape clearly shows you had your hands on him at the very least just as much as he did you. It also showed you leave DJax to try to cover Paul instead in which you and Kam both got toasted. It was your assignment yet Kam gets the blame. Guess when you can’t hold every play you are a mediocre corner.

  7. I hear a lot about how intelligent this guy is supposed to be, but every time he opens his big mouth he just makes himself look like an even bigger idiot than we thought before.

  8. There’s no excusing Pierre grabbing his hair, you just can’t let this guy get into your head even though you are frustrated.

    Pierre also led the NFL in receptions last year, so I think he kinda does kinda matter.

    Your team won, Sherman. Try being a little more humble in victory… I know it’s difficult.

  9. Everybody else can’t be the problem with this guy.
    Reminds me of an immature child, maybe a stripper even….

  10. Let the hate birds chirp away about what an awful person Richard Sherman is but i love it. “I meant what i said” hahaha i bet that drove Bill Oreilly nuts.

  11. You have to admire a guy who tells it like he sees it (sometimes loudly), doesn’t back away from his comments and backs it all up with his play.

  12. It becomes more and more clear with each Seahawks game that passes, that Russel Wilson makes the defense (read: Richard Sherman) look good, NOT the other way around.

    Against my Chargers, the Seahawks defense was HORRIBLE, but the Wilson-led offense kept their hearts beating throughout the game.

    Same was true against the Washington Racial Slurs’ game last night… Desean Jackson made the Seahawks secondary look below-average, but Wilson was killing it.

    @RichardSherman was #EXPOSED by @SanDiegoChargers !!

  13. What a clown, only speaks when they win. Refuses to say anything when they lose. Chump, I hope more players do this. Keep pulling that females hair. No foul for that in the NFL. Want to have hair like a woman in a mans game you will be treated as such.

  14. I didn’t see any hair pulling in the game, but obviously you don’t see everything on TV. What I did see was Garcon grabbing Shermans face mask and pulling it toward him after a play and the refs doing nothng about it. Several questionable calls against the Seahawks this game, it just felt like the refs had to help the Redskins in order for the game to be anywhere close. The TD that got called back on the “illegal motion” was complete bs. The “head bob” by the center was complete BS. Almost got to a point where it was just humorous. I also saw on the msn frontpage saying there is no room in the NFL for Shermans trash talking, but there is a ton of room for domestic violence and criminal records LOL. Too funny.

  15. Sherman…. really bro… be quiet. Marshawn got a dread pulled out and he just straight up walked over and picked it up like he dropped a pencil or somethin. Learn from Beast Mode, be a boss, not a pain.

  16. Translation: He tried some bs he thought he could get away with and we won anyway.

    Every team the Seahawks face this season will be doing the same, especially if they think the refs will let them do it in their own stadium.

  17. Sherman is a good corner, and he’s kinda funny too. The Crabtree comments last year were hilarious. He may be a little narcissistic though. Kinda reminds me of Predator with the hair.

  18. What do you mean might have pulled his hair. One time was blatantly obvious he pulled his hair, another time he drug him down by the face mask. It is legal to tackle someone by the hair, but not to pull them by the hair when they are guarding you. Late in the game, when they got into a tussle, he pulled him down by the mask, then pulled it again when they were down. If you did not see it, you are an obvious homer, or just don’t want to see it, because you don’t like him.

    Garcon played like a little girl, out there pulling hair. I would hope the NFL fines him for that, and the face mask the officials could not see. They took a TD from harvin for a false start, which is a dead ball penalty, when he went into motion. They huddled for a bit, and came back with that. When there is a false start, first the play becomes dead. The offender has to make a motion simulating the snap, or move towards the LOS. Harvin went into motion, awkwardly yes, but still legally, caught the pass and ran for a TD. When a player goes in motion, it does not say how far or long they have to go. He took a couple steps, and then jogged in place, all perfectly legal. Seattle did enough stupid things tonight, they did not need stupid calls from the officials, Like Carp blocking a guy on the ground who is starting to get up. When was that rule put into the rule book? I guess he could have helped him up, then knocked him down instead of not letting him back up. Maybe in the softer nicer NFL they have changed this rule, but I have never seen it called.

  19. For such a star corner why were you on Garcone and not Jackson? Shut your mouth already. I like all football but I do have a few teams I cannot watch, Seattle is creeping towards the top of that list of unwatchable teams.

  20. The Sherman Buffoonery Show Continues lol Meanwhile, we know a REAL corner when we see one, when Revis Shuts Down A.J. Green. Ha!

  21. No one has beaten Richard Sherman and until someone does, he can talk all he wants. Besides, that’s the reason he has so many haters; jealousy.

  22. I wonder sometimes if this is some kind of show that he is putting on. Surely their have been enough good role models to show how to accept wins or loss with class. When he was on Fox Sports last week he didn’t seem this bad. Maybe reporters just need to stop asking him questions when he is still amped up from the game. Otherwise he seems quite intelligent (if you don’t believe me…just ask Sherm, he’ll tell ya)

  23. If you don’t like your hair getting occasionally yanked on, then I’d suggest cutting it. It’s part of the uniform if you wear it that way.

  24. Thank you for speaking the truth, Brother Sherman! Garçon has remained a punk his entire career. Great job shutting him down then shutting him up.

  25. If Sherman keeps flappin’ his jaws about this player isn’t special and that player is only average, it’s gonna make the rest of the league figure out that maybe he isn’t as great as he thinks he is if he’s only defending so good of players. I get sick of him flappin’ his jaws week in and week out, start showing some respect or some day it’s really come back at you and bite you in the rearend

  26. 1st time they mentioned Garcon puling his hair, Sherman got away with illegal contact. Not sure if Garcon pulled his hair after or they just got tangled up.

    Later Sherman was lying on top of Garcon and refused to get up. Sherman’s a great player but the Skins did not shy away from him and had success.

  27. Way to go Sherman, shut down your man. Any coincidence that the Redskins lined up garçon on you instead of jackson? Learn to cover the best reciever, not just one half of the field. Or would that hurt your image too much, jackson did burn you afterall.

  28. Oh, they won, so he’s talking to the media today? Good for him. Don’t forget Richard, when your diaper is full, ask an adult to change it.

  29. Hahaha. This is where I draw the line with this clown. Pierre garçon doesn’t mater in this league? Hahah. I know 31 other teams that would love to have him matter to their team, including the Seahawks. Now he a just sounding like a baby.

  30. Pierre did the equivalent of the Tyson ear bite. I’m curious to see if he gets fined.

  31. Richard, when you can play decent corner and keep your mouth shut without breaking your arm patting yourself on the back like say Chatles Tillman then I’ll give you respect.

  32. Richard, when you can play decent corner and keep your mouth shut without breaking your arm patting yourself on the back like say Charles Tillman then I’ll give you respect.

  33. Sherman is a good player. Maybe 2nd best on a good Seahawks team. His problem is in that he has now become a Chad Johnson type of motormouth who does nothing but build himself up and tear others down. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but if he can’t keep up his level of play and gets knocked down a peg or two, I sure will enjoy watching him plummet.

  34. I don’t know when or against whom, but one of these days Sherman is gonna get absolutely LIT UP by some WR, and when that happens, I’ll bet he won’t have a single word to say about it.

  35. That’s awful if he really did pull on his hair. But Sherman needs to stop acting like he doesn’t use dirty moves. Does that mean he’s just desperate cause he can’t cover guys?

  36. Just watched the video. I don’t know… could have just been going for his shoulder

    I always wonder why you’d have long hair while playing football. It’s a hazard.

  37. Congrats Sherman, you stone-walled yet another 2nd WR and probably had help doing it. Here’s your cookie son.

    Signed, Darrelle Revis and Patrick Peterson.

  38. Get a life, Richard. You got burned by DeSean Jackson last night and it’s still frosting you.

    In fact, I don’t think little Richard ever got over being toasted by Christian Ponder last year. Yes, Christian Ponder.

  39. Sherman is annoying, but what’s more annoying is when someone says something they obviously mean and backtrack later. Atleast Sherman sticks to his guns, even when he’s annoying.

  40. Did anyone ask him about getting burned in coverage by D.Jackson for a touchdown? Then again, no one is perfect and that was a heck of a throw and catch..

  41. Anyone that finds this stuff from Richard entertaining needs to get out more. Richard is the most narcissistic person I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait until his skills fall off and some young guy starts making comments like these about him.

  42. So now Dick Sherman is talking again. Did the game day juice not wear off at the right time?

  43. Don’t like getting your fake hair pulled, get rid of the dreads!
    What happened to the rule that hair cannot cover name or number? Time for that rule to come back and be enforced.

  44. Dude had well over 100 catches last year… Whatever Dick Sherman. Djax made u look silly on that bomb td. Sherman is good but he’s not that good. His whole team is good on D makes him look better than he is.

  45. Sherman is nothing without his teammates. Put him in any other defense, and he all of a sudden he “doesn’t matter in this league”.

    I’m not a Seahawks fan, but I love watching that D play. Sherman should credit his team more before he pounds his chest.

  46. I love Sherman, but on two occasions he dropped out of his coverage on Desean and that bad bad man lit it up. Washington has something special in that dude. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Hawks jersey at all.

  47. You were holding him. Sherman always holds a little past the Mel Blount line. And as a Saints fan I salivate at the idea of having Pierre Garcon for Drew Brees. But I dont get excited about having Richard Sherman, you couldnt save our defense.
    Pierre Garcon gets paid millions to play the position you were a failure at brah.
    Haiti Stand Up!!!

  48. Note to Richard Sherman: Russell Wilson won this game for your team — YOU didn’t.

    YOU were watching Desean Jackson’s backside as he went into the end zone.

    Props to Seattle for a hard fought win. But to say Garcon “doesn’t matter” when he lead the league in receptions last year and is obviously a decent WR — he’s just trash.

    Watching that game I was impressed with Seattle’s defense but NOT but Sherman specifically. He’s a good player no doubt, but WAY overhyped in his own mind.

  49. most overrated bully in the league. keep talking Sherman, Dez Bryant is gonna light your sorry azz up this week, guaranteed. this guy sure likes talking trash when he has the best safety in the league covering up all his mistakes behind him. must be nice.

    Sherman…how about be a man and work both sides of the field to cover the best receiver on the team? oh that’s right, your a system CB that can only cover your small area on your side of the field. I saw him get burned a lot last night but the QB wasn’t good and didn’t have enough time.

    Love how Sherman always credits his front 7 for the pressure and his HOF safety…oh wait, no, its about ME ME ME ME ME

    His commercials are a total joke.

  50. 1 catch for 5 yards before that final drive with 27 seconds left. Is he wrong?? Talk is cheap until you back it up.

    Having said that, easy solution for the hair pulling.. CUT IT!

  51. Richard Sherman is an ass. Respect the game. He’s just a punk. He never does anything wrong and when opponents retaliate for the stuff he’s doing. he just talks trash. I’d like to see how much you matter to the game without Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor…

  52. He also had a terrible face mask, yet the refs, fast with the flags on the Hawks, didn’t notice any of it.

    If the NFL wants to massage scores, why don’t they just be honest, spot the dog and let me them play.

    Glad Hawks don’t have many prime time games for the NFL and Goodell to massage.


  53. Sherman’s not wrong…he doesn’t matter in the NFL. He’s not a special player in any way. He talks more trash than Sherman, and yet has a tenth of Sherman’s ability.
    In his frustration at being completely dominated, he took Sherman down by his hair not once, but twice, BLATANTLY, and the officials who threw 13 flags against Seattle, (many of them completely bogus)?…nothing….not a flag.

    I knew the Seahawks were in for a screw ball type of game the moment I saw Triplette was the official.
    The Triplette twins are the answer to the trivia question, who are the all time worst officials in the history of the NFL?

  54. Sherman’s correct. Garcon and the Redskins are irrelevant at best. offensive at worst and consistently the joke of the NFL.

  55. Qui Qui! Pierre a été arrêté deux fois dans une nuit.

    Sherman gave him the business on and off the field. Garcon needs to respond with a good game.

  56. Apparently D-Jax DOES matter in this league, cause he burned Sherman multiple times last night. But you’ll never hear that from Sherman.

  57. Uhh. He led the NFL last year…

    New coach.
    Back up QB..
    Childhood friend smokes you all day..
    The 1 penalty the refs didn’t call against you covering Garcon…

    I think I like you better when you got beat and said nothing….

  58. I don’t know whether I would say Garcon disappears, I would say that Cousins doesn’t like throwing to him nearly as much as other targets. I am not sure why that is.

    Sherman is all talk, he talks about how he only covers 1 side, well the long TD play came on that side, because Sherman decided to take the lesser WR. It is quite easy to talk about how good you are when you aren’t covering the top WR.

  59. As a colts fan, Pierre definitely had a tendency to disappear in big games. So, not surprising here to me at all. Sherman is a great defender, Pierre is a solid receiver at times. Advantage Sherman as shown.

  60. “Wait until _____ gets to play Sherman. He’s going to get torched!”

    Except he never does.

    Hope all you want, but you’ll be waiting for a very long time to see that. Dez Bryant? — The only guarantee is that he’ll line up on the right 60 times this Sunday. Like everyone else, they’ll go away from him.

  61. Technically, he’s wrong because it’s the Skins who don’t matter, not Garcon. And the Seahawks, while still good, aren’t as impressive in away games. At the moment I would not bet on them winning the SB.

    But Sherman needs to learn to let his do more of the talking. He did get toasted morethan once. Against a more capable opponent, that will cost his team.

  62. Yeah, Garcon exposed Sherman with a whopping 2 catches. Wow, what an amazing job he did. I’m sure RS feels just like Cromartie right now…

  63. Sherman actually played pretty good against the Skins. That Jackson touchdown was more of a coverage thing. At least he respects Jackson on and off the field, which is odd because the diva WR seems douchey to me.

  64. While Richard Sherman screams “Look at ME! I’m the greatest!”, Russell Wilson quietly goes about his business making Houdini-like escapes, taking real hits and basically winning the ballgame for Seattle.

    Kudos to Washington for playing hard and making a game of it after most “experts” said they would get blown out by 30 points.

  65. Better keep the tissue box handy Richard. You’re going to need it on Sunday when Dez Bryant shows the world just how average you really are…..if you decide to actually cover the best receiver on the field. Guess that’s up to which side of the field he’s on since your lack of versatility won’t allow you to travel to the other side.

  66. It’s going to be great watching how Sherman tales retirement.

    He’ll be the guy mumbling oh it’s Richard Sherman to get attention.

  67. The NFL is so worried about image yet we see all the sloppy untucked uniforms as well as all the hair hanging out of thier helmets… Looks kinda bush league.. What ever happened to UNIFORM??

  68. Pierre did the equivalent of the Tyson ear bite. I’m curious to see if he gets fined.
    Countless examples of dreads getting pulled in the league and not once was it called or fined. There were several examples of what looked like horse collar tackles but were deemed legal. Put it on sportscenter from time to time.

  69. “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. That’s not mine. It belongs to Irvin Himmel. Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game. If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this: Don’t attack anybody.”
    _ _ _ _

    That’s what Sherman said last year when he was trying to mop up his mess created by his Crabtree rant. He obviously doen’t believe this, it’s just words.

  70. How classless can you be? I thought sports were supposed to be about teamwork and sportsmanship. Clearly Sherman hasn’t gotten that memo. It’s all about ME and throwing everyone under the bus. What an absolute cancer.

  71. This is silly thread. Garcon intentionally grabbed Sherman’s hair in a very intentional effort to create separation and/or get in Sherman’s head.

    The play I saw–replayed–had nothing to do with the NFL’s stance on tackling with hair, this was clearly unsportsmanlike behavior not to mention endangering the opposition by inviting a whiplash type of environment. League should most certainly take action against Garcon–this is no different than a late spearing foul on an a receiver.

  72. NFL considers any hair sticking out your helmet an extension of your jersey.

    sooo…..technically he’s not doing anything Sherman doesn’t do to everyone he covers. = tugging/grabbing/pulling on jerseys.

  73. What the video shows me is Sherman dogging him 9 and 15 yards off the line of scrimmage, which should have been a flag for illegal use of the hands. Look back through the play log and you’ll find no such call against Seattle the entire game.

    Why is that? I thought this was a point of emphasis this year in the NFL? Sure appears the rumor about Seahawk defenders not getting called on these is true…

  74. He is playing the villain and loving it. I don’t ike how he down talks his opponents (Deion said he never did that) but he is good. He has problems with smaller shifty receivers like Antonio Brown, but will dominate most receiversin the league.

  75. The NFL considers hair like any other body part. So technically Garcon was committing a penalty, much like pushing off the defender. Since Sherman clearly hand checked after 15 yds on the play before Garcon grabbed his hair, that would be offsetting penalties.

    Shut your mouth and go play football.

  76. sweetnlow44 says: Oct 7, 2014 2:08 AM

    “I don’t know what the Seahawks did wrong on that play, but we needed to flag them for something because they made a great play… Oh yeah, the center bobbed his head. That’s it.”
    The Seahawks definitely got a lot of ticky-tack calls that game, but that was not the one for Gruden to trash. False starts may be the trickiest play to observe and call, but you definitely can’t do it from the booth. A side view of the left tackle is not a valid subsitute for what the officials can see on the field. And yeah, it’s easy to make a great play after the play is blown dead.

  77. Shutup Sherman, I didn’t hear you talk trash after the Denver game when DT caught that 2 point conversion on you with a bad ankle to send it to OT.

  78. “When you can’t cover someone, you got to do whatever you can. That’s why I’m always holding receivers. Obviously the TV copy you can see what happened.”

    There, fixed that quote for you, Sherman. BTW – do you have any comments on Jackson? I didn’t think so. That’s because he EXPOSED you yet again. E-X-P-O-S-E-D.

  79. “Your weave is part of the uniform. It’s fair game.”

    Exactly. Which means that if he has the ball, you can tackle him by pulling it. Also means that a receiver can’t (legally) pull it, i.e. that would be no different than pulling his jersey and that would be a penalty.

  80. I don’t expect anyone but Skins and Hawks fans to know this, but these two have a history. Browner did too when he was with Seattle, he bodyslammed little Pierre and almost broke his back. Garcon kind of doesnt matter to be honest, at least based on his fantasy production. He is getting splinters on my team.

  81. I see that being a chump is the least of Sherman’s flaws. Having hair like a woman and playing with it exposed does present a perfectly legal and ethical additional tackling situation.

    If Sherman does not want his hair pulled, he needs to grow up, act like a man, cut off his womanly locks and shut the heck up. This is a problem he can solve very easily.

    Until he mans up, his locks are fair game and they should be yanked and yanked until they are separated from his big head.

    I am surprised that more female players don’t have their locks yanked – I’d do it if they are so stupid as to play with hair like that.

    The NFL needs to make a rule – no hair outside of the helmet and it cannot cover your name on your jersey. Either cut the hair or find a way to stuff it into your helmet.

  82. OK – so the hair is part of the uni and fair game.

    What do you call it when a reciever pulls a defender down by his uniform?

  83. Why does anyone pay attention to Sherman the cheat? He claims he only plays the left side for a reason…..Garcon mainly lined up on other side of field and guess who lined up with the self-proclaimed best shut down (shut up would be better), yes, it was DJax who toasted Sherman over and over to the tune of 5 for 157 yds and a TD. If Sherman the Cheat was any kind of man he would address the beat down that DJax put on him.

  84. I can’t imagine Seattle fans are loving Sherman as the face of the Franchise. It’s kind of an ugly face, if I do say.

    He’s not even the best player on the team, but his ego provides enough shadow that we don’t see anyone else. Russel Wilson is a great football player to watch for people who love football. Sherman would be better off in the WWF

  85. Dick Sherman living up to his name again. Don’t want your hair pulled? Get a friggin haircut, you Stanfurd moron.

  86. Sherman is such a clown. Its funny that he is so eager to talk trash after every win yet he runs and hides after the losses. He wasn’t so eager to talk trash after San Diego treated walked past them with ease.

  87. Orcahawk says:
    Oct 7, 2014 1:08 PM

    “OK – so the hair is part of the uni and fair game.

    What do you call it when a receiver pulls a defender down by his uniform?”

    You would call it the same thing if a DEFENDER pulls a RECEIVER down by his Uniform… That being said .. you can look up the rules for people letting their hair hang out of the helmet… It’s states VERY clearly that it is the players choice if they want to let their hair hang out of their helmet.. but if it gets pulled or yanked .. it will NOT be a penalty. I think the reasoning is that this is a preventable issue… all the player has to do is either tuck his hair into his helmet or get a hair cut..

  88. You can tell that Garcon is like, “Well, if you’re going to keep grabbing me all the way down the field in order to stay close, I’m going to grab you by your girly hair, too..”

  89. You better worry about whether Dez Bryant or Terrence Williams matters Sherman. Don’t wait until after a game to talk, that’s what punks do. Say it THEN play it.

  90. This thread of hater comments is hilarious. All of the clicks on it and the avalanche of comments on it has rocketed it to the top of the “PFT Most Commented” list, thus guaranteeing that more microphones will be directed at Sherman and more articles will be written about his words to garner clicks and comments.

    Richard Sherman is better at life than you are.

  91. I would like to see Sherman’s transcripts from Stanford. I’m sure they are located next to the our fearless leaders transcripts and his admission to the school had nothing to do with his ability to play football.

  92. Of course Pierre doesn’t matter, he’s a Redskin. Enjoy that high draft pick, Maryland!

  93. Yeah, Richard Sherman magically got a degree from Stanford but somehow speaks like an illiterate bum. His SAT wouldn’t have gotten him into a state barber college but somehow Stanford takes him. Not to mention all the Stanford alumni that think he’s a disgrace that was fudged through school by tutors and GAs. Of course he was, Stanford is just as dirty as anywhere else

  94. geniusesq….great point, Dez lit him up when it mattered most. How about Sherman’s “great” effort trying to tackle D. Murray on the game winning TD…Murray dragged him for five yards. Or…the time he actually left the right side of the field and got smoke on a drag route. This guy is a one trick pony with a bigger mouth. Granted, he is really good, but he talks better than he plays.

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