Led by Wilson, Seahawks overcome mistakes, hold off Washington


On a night in which they weren’t always razor-sharp, the Seahawks had more than enough to fend off underdog Washington.

Quarterback Russell Wilson threw for two touchdowns and rushed for another as Seattle slugged its way to a 27-17 victory on Monday night at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

Wilson vexed Washington with his arm and his feet. He rushed for 122 yards on just 11 carries, with his rushing score giving Seattle a 17-0 second-quarter lead. But Washington (1-4) would battle back, and it even had a chance to get the ball back down seven points with around two minutes left.

Then, on a 3rd-and-4 play at midfield, Wilson made a magical, game-clinching play.

With Washington outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan bearing in, Wilson ran all the way back to beyond his 35-yard-line, managed to keep the rush at bay and flipped a short pass to tailback Marshawn Lynch, who rumbled for a first down. The Seahawks (3-1) would add an insurance field goal with 21 seconds left for the final margin of victory.

Though Washington showed some grit in defeat, Seattle missed several chances to blow the game open. Three — yes, three — Percy Harvin touchdowns were nullified by penalty, including scores on back-to-back plays in the second quarter. The first and third TDs were zeroed out on penalties by left guard James Carpenter, while Harvin’s false start nullified his second touchdown. Overall, Seattle was penalized 13 times for 90 yards.

Washington got a blue-chip performance from wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who racked up 157 receiving yards against one of the game’s best secondaries. His 60-yard second-quarter TD catch put Washington on the board for the first time and gave the home team a little hope entering the second half. And in the third quarter, Washington stood in and gave Seattle a game. The Seahawks gained just 28 yards in the third period, and Washington drew to within 17-10.

But then Seattle countered with 12-play, 53-yard drive extended by a five-yard run by punter Jon Ryan on a fake field goal and capped by Wilson’s nine-yard TD pass to Lynch with 6:31 left. Now, the Seahawks had a little more cushion. Washington made one last real run, with quarterback Kirk Cousins (283 yards, two TDs) hitting Andre Roberts for a six-yard score with 3:35 left to cut the lead to 24-17. But in the end, Washington couldn’t get the third-down stop it needed, and Seattle pulled through.

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  1. I would like to thank the Washington Racial Slurs for actually making this a decent game, despite forgetting how to tackle or spy a mobile QB correctly for most of the night.

  2. LOL @ HTTR..

    The only people on the planet who didn’t see that fake FG coming were the geniuses in maroon. Every one had a good laugh tonight, R*dskin Nation. We thank you for being everything we have come to expect from whatever you call what you do.

  3. Ugly. Ugly win in what should have been a blowout. Can’t hope to win against good teams self destructing like that.

  4. Washington is lucky this game wasn’t uglier. Excited for the annual redskins fan’s week 5 “Refs stole the season from us, so lets start being ironic about how good we are, and next year is the year” mindset.

    Enjoy the terrible new name for your terrible team that will be forced upon you this offseason…terribly.

  5. Russell Wilson has got to be the best scrambler in the league. Over and over since this dude came in the league we’ve seen him respond to pressure by scrambling all over the backfield with ridiculous elusiveness and as soon as a receiver gets open he just kills the opposing defense with a big completion. Without a doubt this guy is the best at making defenses pay dearly for pressuring him. As a Niner fan you won’t see me giving rave reviews of Seahawks players very often but I gotta call it like I see it on this one.

  6. That sure was an interesting game for a variety of reasons to say the least, and another typical highlight reel for Russell. Although that incredible late play he made was partially possible because of an obvious hold that Seattle got away with which was correctly pointed out by Jon Gruden as a play that technically should have been called off due to offsetting penalties when you also add in the tackling of Percy Harvin. Any way you slice it it was Seattle’s game to win and they got the job done.

  7. Im sure 31 other teams are sick of seeing the Seattle seahawks get away with multiple holding calls every game on defense and offense. I seen this all last year. They are a good team and its tough enough. Seriously those DB’s and that O line consistantly hold 3 or 4 times a drive. That being said Seattle is a great team at home and a slightly above average team away. Homefield advantage means everything to them, kind of like the saints.
    It was suprising how close this game was especially with how bad the redskins are with all those injuries.

  8. The Seahawks haven’t played a complete game yet and they’re still 3-1. They really haven’t even put together a full half of a game yet. When they get firing on all cylinders, they’ll be unstoppable.

  9. Can’t stand the Seahawks but you can’t Deny that there’s somthing speacial about Wilson. Havnt watched them much this year but this is not the dominant team I saw last year

  10. Great road victory. Very obvious disproportionate referring against the Hawks, so hopefully the NFL will address this before it gets totally out of control.
    Hits to the head and late hits, with no calls, when the NFL is already losing money with brain trauma injuries, Percy Harvin getting three touchdowns called back, making his stats crap, when he played phenomenally a case he can make of institutionalized subjugation, leading to less pay and HOF consideration when he retires if this continues…this is really serious issues, the league needs to address, because there are consequences for obvious discrimination and health issues, a Peyton Manning is not subjected too. NFL, get your house in order before this gets bigger than you.

  11. Bbbut…we kept it close with the reigning champ, that means we aren’t that bad, right? LOL….Sports talk radio in DC for the rest of the week. At least until the Nats choke tomorrow.

    1-4 HAIL!

  12. Good primetime game finally. Fan of neither team, Cousins redeemed himself a little there, I don’t care for Seattle not one bit or the 12th bandwagon, but any honest fan will admit they’re dang tough. Powerhouse in all phases. How can a guy not like Russel Wilson?

  13. No one even going to mention the super late face mask fouls by Garcon? Officiating was bad on both sides of the ball, but that was ridiculous. Three touchdowns called back? And one for a play we see every week where a lineman lays on somebody? Plenty of calls were in the Seahawks favor too, but not three touchdowns and 2 face mask penalties worth. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but with all the blowouts so far it wouldn’t surprise me at all to here ol’ Rog’ had a hand in this one.

  14. funny how sherman backs up, dances a little jitterbug and waits for everyone else to try and tackle… Legion of Whom? Certainly not boom

  15. Refs tried as hard as they could to do vegas a solid and keep the lead to 7 but could only call so many penalties on Seattle while ‘missing’ several helmet to helmet hits and face masks by washington’s defense.

    Seattle made plenty of mistakes to hurt themselves, but add yet another poorly officiated game to the massive list of games this season so far that are less than replacement ref quality.

    NFL needs to spend less time worrying about roger goodell’s reputation and more time figuring out a way to not have so many poorly officiated games.

  16. Please, someone with some power, PFT, anyone? Stop this endless incredible number of commercials. Between terrible officiating and the ads football has become boring even when rooting for my home team.

  17. I wish that I didn’t have to hear, again, how proud that Wilson is in beating Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Brady etc.

    Think that the rest of the team might give you a slight advantage. Hell, Gino can win with that defense.

  18. It’s time for Jeff Triplette to be removed from his position.

    Pathetic officiating. The penalties on Carpenter and Harvin negating TD’s were awful- as was the no call against EITHER team on Wilson’s unreal 3rd down pass.

  19. Seattle got away with a lot of holds on the line. And I still don’t see how Sherman is the best CB !! DJax roasted him. Good game. REDSKINS were in it til the end. Hope Seattle crushes Dallas Sunday !!

  20. Great news Washington fans! The Rams are about to land and another top two in the next draft. Great idea, trade then all your future draft picks for another injury prone bust.

  21. Before their fake field goal attempt (while the measurement was still being done), I told my roommate that I will not understand it at all if Seattle does NOT run a normal play here.

  22. Wow! If there is ever a team I feel for it has to be the Skins … talk about a team who’s record is no indication of it’s ability. It’s a tough time to be a Skins fan …. here’s wishing you guys luck for the rest of the season.

  23. The game was a lot closer than I was expecting. Even if Seattle took a lot of stupid penalties that negated TD’s. I don’t see why Washington didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 inside Seattle’s 10 yard line early in the 3rd quarter though. If you can’t get a first down in that situation at home. You don’t deserve to win the game.

    That being said. Not only do Seattle have a great defense and and very good offense. They have one of the best field goal kickers in the league. And probably the best punter in Jon Ryan. That guy is incredible.

  24. The worst part of watching Russell Wilson beat us is knowing that we could have drafted him … and kept the change.

  25. A magical game changing play?? You’ve got to be joking. Orakpo was blatantly held on that play and that is the only reason it was successful. And at the end of the play, 68, Olineman on the Seahawks blasted some DB with Lynch on already on the ground.

    Captain cardboard cutout is such a phony it’s repulsive and the aid that this team receives is a total sham. Then everyone pretends it didn’t happen. Like what planet are we on?

  26. Wilson simply does some amazing things with the football–those backhanded throws rolling left under pressure chief among them. Count me as skeptical early on when “elite” or “HOF” were floated about, but he is indeed improving, and might quiet the skeptics with more games like this. He’s not conventionally great like Luck, but great nonetheless.

  27. Wasn’t pretty. Stupid, reckless mistakes allowed Washington to hang around all game long. Absolutely ridiculous.

    I’ll take the W though…and the 38 fantasy points from RW3 that I needed to win this week. Whoda thunk he’d put up the same number of points as Peyton?

  28. That was a horrible game. A bunch of non calls on blatant penalties, and a bunch of blatant calls on non penalties.

    Way to sell that product in prime time nfl. Way to keep a 1-4 team in a close game so people wouldn’t shut it off.

  29. Wow it sure seems as though the seabags would have gotten there arses handed to them if they had played in Denver. .. but oh well let the new fans of football act like they know what they are talking about… Wew you barely skated by that back up qb in DC newcomers. … #winwithdignity #actlikeyoubeentherebefore

  30. Seattle did win but they wont make it to SB without home field advantage. They are very average on the road so every road win to them in the regular season is important if they want a successful postseason run.

  31. Gotta give Cousins some credit, he hung in there against the league’s best defense and kept the Washington Team close. I know he is 0-6 as a starter now but aside from one game, he’s looked every bit better than Bob. Hopefully he can put together some wins.

  32. Love it when a superior team beats the hometown cookin’ of a lesser opponent. Reminded me of all the other great dynasties in NFL history– dominant. #GoHawks

  33. It was rather funny to to watch Wilson tease the landover,md crowd with his play showing them what they had hoped they were getting with the drafting of Bob. Russell is legit,what a dynamic QB to watch.

    Cousins has shown he can be a good back-up Qb in this league for a few weeks at any given time for a non contending team. The crew in Ashburn had better rethink their plan and figure a way to get a veteran QB that gruden wants and get some defensive players with heart who who have the ability to improve their tackling skills.

  34. Terrible night for the O-Line across the board. Need to clean up bad play before we play a team that doesnt suck or we’re gonna get whooped.

  35. I wonder if the Redskins could use all of the first rounders they gave up for their 3rd string quarterback.

  36. Wasn’t Russell Wilson still on the board when Washington mortgaged the future for Griffin?

  37. I love skins fans saying we were in this game. please……get those 3 tds that were called and 2 were horrible calls and you lose by 24 points. Love skins fans………coulda, woulda and shoulda only to secure the cellar again for the 30th year in a row……….FTTR

  38. Props to Russell Wilson, that dude is just flat out a great player — and clearly the reason they won.

    Washington did a nice job rebounding from that horrible Thursday night loss. The team has lots of problems but at least they showed heart and hung in there against a superior opponent.

  39. There are only three pocket passers in the NFL that I would rather have than Russell Wilson and all three are first ballot Hall of Famers. That kid isn’t the future; he is NOW.

    – Titans Fan

  40. Oh, you mean that game winning third down play that was clearly aided by some blatant offensive holding. Yeah, Wilson was magical. (yes, I realize Harvin was held as well, doesn’t change the fact that Wilson would have been eating turf had there not been holding by the SEA D)– Oh well.

  41. Bad calls on both ends. Multiple holds by Seattle, tons of helmet to helmet hits by Washington. Good fought game though. Glad a prime time game was actually fun to watch till the final minutes.

  42. The official in charge last night (Jeff Triplette) has had a number of articles written over the years about his bad officiating and high visibility mistakes. The NFL needs to get a handle on it.

    Washington played with heart. Cousins has the makings of a starter if he gets his consistency going or more support from his team.

    Jon Ryan just might be NFL special teams player two months in a row. Also very good to hear Wilson finally getting some well earned recognition. Go Hawks!

  43. For those who say “this isn’t the dominant team we saw last year” I’d like to remind you that it wasn’t all roses and blowouts last year either. Other than the Saints games, first Niners game, Giants and Superbowl, the Hawks had to fight for most of their wins.

    Examples: Overtime comeback win at home in week 9 agains the BUCs where they were down 21-0 going into the half… or the week 4 comeback agianst the Texans.

  44. Seattle’s ST were an unsung hero keeping Washington deep in their own territory in the 2nd half, even if Sea. couldn’t put the game away pinning any offense that deep in their own territory against that defense, you’ll take your chances. As a skins fan its just gonna be frustrating seeing RW scramble and constantly displaying his competence when he protects him when he gets hit. Hawk fans aren’t holding onto their butts when he scrambles while its panic city when Rg3 runs.. SMH..

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